Electronic Music Taking Lebanon By Storm! Brand New Etyen EP Release & Loopstache Music Video
This week saw two wildly-anticipated releases in the Lebanese electronic music scene. Producer and songwriter Etyen launched the EP “Happy New Year” and Beirut’s favorite indie-pop electro duo Loopstache released a music video for a cove... more
Support Syrian Women Refugees With Music & Donations @ Yukunkun
By now the Syrian civil war has raged for years. It pervades almost every news source as the devastating, bloody conflict and humanitarian crisis it is. Let’s put some “current” key facts in place: ... more
My Inner Dialogue (Freakout) During Our Radio Show is Normal But This Time Celebs & Legends Put Me Over the Edge
Our weekly radio show has never been something I just coast through, despite what it might sound like with the awkward silences or music mess ups or fumbling with content. That all happens with my trying REALLY hard.... more
Adrian's Obsessions Lebanese Music Edition
People all over the globe are secretly messaging me to send them awesome music coming out of Lebanon and now that I’ve gathered tons of juicy fresh tunes I’m ready to publish them here! Of course you can always check out the latest in local music on our Radio Show as well. Now let’s get to it. 1. This is one of the bands I’m most excited about. Loopst... more

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