Matias Nordahl Carlsen

Matias is a professional global adventurer, and is one of the two founders of 2famous.TV. He has lived in Lebanon since 2009. You can find him on twitter at @mrmatias, on Instagram at @mrmatiasnc, or you can snap to him at Mr.Matias on Snapchat.

In addition to Walk of Causes Matias has also published a series called "Oh, Places you'll probably never go", where he shares his experiences of going to places that you'll probably won't go, such as the South Pole, in his beautiful photo stories.

Matias is the video editor of 2famous.TV
Jørgen & Matias Interviewed On Norwegian Extreme Sports Channel About Beirut Rooftop Workout Vids

Looks like Fatstone.TV, Norway’s first Extreme Sports TV Channel, was in need of hilarious ways to work out so they featured our very own Matias and Jorgen and their Beirut Rooftop Workout Workshop videos on their website!

Fatstone.TV conducted a hilarious interview with the guys about everything from staying sexy in Beirut to what they’re up in Norway now. The full interview is below the video:

F: Your workout tips are fantastic and locations are just as awesome! Why did you choose to make rooftops part of your workout videos?

M & J: We were on a mission to become famous in the Middle East, so we had to work out all the time to stay fit! And in order to give something back to our dedicated fans, we decided to give away some... [more]

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In-Depth With Example On Making Positive Music The Branding of EDM & His New Album

– Full-length interview with the producer of this summer’s biggest hits.
– BONUS VIDEO! Crowd Cam from Example’s performance at Hove!!!

Today marks the UK release of Live Life Living, the fifth album of Brit musician Example. Sure we had never heard of him before despite his whopping 2 million followers on Twitter and 25 million listens on Spotify, but Example already knows that.

“In Norway people know my songs more than my name, when I tell them I’m Example they’re like ‘Who?’ and then I sing 3-4 songs and they’re like ‘Oh! I love that song!,” Example told 2famous.TV in an interview at the Hove Festival.

It’s true, some of his hits we find ourselves humming while we pack our pusas (Norwegian for plastic bag) at the grocery store. Hits like Changed the Way You Kissed Me (from 2011), Kids Again, All the Wrong Places, and We’ll Be Coming Back. However, 2famous can instantly spot a superstar in real life and this guy topped the ranks.

That being said, it is always a bummer when a superstar calls... [more]

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– Catch the show tonight so he doesn’t have to

“We’ll be stage diving and shit, so hopefully I won’t break my knee or neck, I don’t want to die. Ok, If I could choose to die I’d rather die on stage then somewhere else…” Rapper Arif told 2famous.TV, as we discussed being a local superstar, what festivals like HOVE mean to Norwegian artists and what we should expect from his show tonight.

Yesterday, Dagbladet reported that ‘aspiring Norwegian artists were playing several songs with almost no audience in front of the stage before some of the passersby was lured by the sound.’

Arif will be playing on the Kasino stage tonight at 22:15. Be there to to catch the show…and the rapper. He’s too young and talented to die.

Check out our playlist from Hove here:

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Highlight from Hove, Bastille crowd camera video

– The kids went mental!

Some of the artists at the Hove festival OWNED the audience, and Bastille was definitely one of the highlights. With complete crowd control they moved thousands of Norwegian teenagers to synchronized madness. It was one of those experiences that will live for ever on hundreds of Instagram accounts. (Most of the kids here says that they don’t remember the festival from day to day).

We at 2famous.TV joined the audience in this point of view crowd camera video.(Check out our playlist from Hove):

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HOVE goes hardcore when L.A. rapper hits the stage

Earl Sweatshirt, who hails from my hometown adjacent city of Los Angeles (well, as you’ll see in the video, even if L.A. is the easiest point of reference on the international scene, if you grew up in the ‘burbs, never tell people who are actually from L.A. that you’re from there, because they will call your Orange County ass out so fast), shook the AMFI stage with some hard-as-fuck beats yesterday.

Small-scale hip hop shows are rarely good. When you’re just a guy with a mic and a DJ behind you, it’s hard to carry a show. It gets repetitive and boring unless you’re a fan or a live band is involved. When you’re a just a guy with a mic and a DJ behind you and you’re performing in front of a bunch of clueless drunken Scandi kids, it gets awkward. As I watched, I thought Earl was feeling the same way…that the audience was disconnected, despite his amped up performance.

As we tried to get backstage to interview MIA (I... [more]

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As the 2famous crew sat on the beach, contemplating life and looking out onto the horizon, distant tribal beats were calling our names. We had to get to where ever that music was coming from. The 20-minute journey from the beach to the stage was playing was dramatic…we were walking fast in fear that The Busy Twist would finish their set and we would miss out on an epic dance party. There were distractions and pit stops along the way, but the music was still playing, so we were hopeful. Fuck, we’re almost there! One more corner and we made it! Hurry, hurry! And, in an ultra anti-climax, just as we turned the corner toward the stage the music stopped and we looked onto an completely empty dance floor. The huge dance party we imagined we were missing out on turned out to be a small crowd of 20 music lovers. It was as if we stepped into the twilight zone. What the fuck happened?

The Busy Twist... [more]

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Horny Dudes, Awkward Dancers, and Huge Headliners The HOVE Festival Has it All!

We’ve made it our mission to see what party people around the world are up to at music festivals — from Lebanon to Nepal, but it has taken 2famous.TV until now to see how Norwegian youth party their summers away.

On days 1 and 2 of the 5-day fest we’ve run into extremely horny boys, pretty awkward dancers, and fans feverishly awaiting big headliners like MIA! Check out the video

Currently we are reporting from Hove Festival, Norway’s 5-day international music and camping extravaganza on an island off the country’s southern coast. It is by far the youngest crowd we have partied with but that only means their energy is higher than we’ve ever seen.

M.I.A., Bastille, Foster the People, the 1975, Ellie Goulding, Azaelia Banks, SBTRKT, and Bleachers are among the bands playing at 3 stages to a crowd of up to 53,000. Norwegian bands we’re looking forward to are Highasakite, Lars Valular, and Admiral P but th... [more]

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2famous.TV highlights of 2013

– see our best stories, videos and podcasts, and read about our personal experiences from the year that passed.

As we’re reaching the end of the most exciting and most productive year in 2famous.TV’s two-year-old history, we figured it was about time for a little roundup of our most glorious moments of the year.

Overview We went to Nepal, we covered the Beirut party scene for the summer of 2013 with the most epic videos, we started our own cooking show AND we hosted our very own radio show in collaboration with Radio Beirut where well-established indie bands, as well as some of the most exciting up-and-coming sounds from Lebanon and Syria, could express themselves to our audience in small intimate concerts, broadcasted live.

Here’s a playlist of 25 intimate musical performances for 2famous.TV RadioShow

It’s been a great year. The website has ... [more]

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Merry Christmas from 2Famous! Here Are Some Exclusive Never-Before-Seen Music Videos!!

-From Jadal, Charlie Rayne, Tanjeret Daghet and Zeid Hamdan!

While it’s still important to focus on news of our neighbors in the region, we at 2famous.TV want to brighten your holiday season with beautiful music. Merry Christmas everyone!

Our Christmas gifts to you are these never before seen videos (that Matias makes!) of superstar musicians performing on our weekly Radio Show.

Here is Charlie Rayne, young singer-songwriter, covering the poignant song I no Longer Hear the Music by The Libertines.

A few shows ago, we were blessed with an impromptu performance by world-famous Arabic rock band, Jadal. They literally touched down in Beirut and on their way to catch up with friends and grab a beer, gave us the gift of their raw beautiful music. Thing song is called Salma.

This song Jazira, by Zeid Hamdan was dedicated to all of the refugees. Thank you Zeid for your beautiful music and your touching lyrics. Not to mention the energy and love you brought to our show!

Syrian Rock star... [more]

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Xriss Jor Singing At Last by Etta James For the 2Famous.TV Radio

After winning Dubai Music Week, Xriss Jor and her brand new puppy Molly, rushed straight to the 2Famous.TV Radio Studio to announce that not only has she signed a deal with Quincy Jones to produce her first single, but to also drop the news that she was just signed with a management company! Not to mention she’s on a first name basis with Will.I.Am, who was one of her judges.

Xriss Jor started her career at 19 as a karaoke hostess and was encouraged to take part in different singing competitions by her friends and co-workers. With her charm and powerful voice she took the audience and competitions by storm reaching the quarter finals of the Lebanese Voice before she won the Dubai Contest some weeks ago.

In addition to the interview, which you can hear soon, she performed her favorite go-to cover, At Last by Etta James, acapella.

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Lebanese Chiptune Artist Rhea Dally Performs A Song on her Gameboy

In a brand new Avant-Gard-one-take music video!

Rhea Dally graced our 2Famous.TV Radio show on Friday for an interview and the kind of performance we weren’t expecting.

She was born and raised in Lebanon but currently resides in South Africa where she is making more chiptune/8-bit connections and collaborations. Chiptune she says, is a type of electronic music made from old gaming consoles. In fact she requires hardly any equipment to produce super fun, super dancey music that makes the floor feel like a videogame world.

Wearing a pixelated Space Invaders hoodie, Dally only had to stand up from the bar and walk onto the stage to get ready. She began the song with her head down and fingers moving fast and stayed that way for the whole performance, all the while creating widly upbeat dance music. “I played video games my whole life like Mario Cart, Space Invaders, and RPG games like World of Warcraft,” she said and progressed... [more]

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Episode 14: Lovefools – Wake Island and Hamed Sinno in-studio

What happens when Lebanese-grown but Montreal’s own psychedelic indie pop band WakeIsland are accompanied by Mashrou’ Leila’s Hamed Sinno in the studio! An amazing live performance, that’s what!

This week, The Outpost magazine’s Ibrahim Nehme and Raafat Majzoub are also popped by to talk about their new ‘Tear Down This Wall’ campaign!

And, as usual, Adrian and I will chat about this, that and everything in between! On the agenda this week, we discuss a new rent-a-wife service, the starter girlfriend... [more]

By 2famousTV All you Need to Know about the Assassination of Assad the Assassin

– new website launched by 2famous.TV

I’m not going to talk too much about Syria now, as I kind of think that there is way too much talk about Syria anyways. Newspapers all over the world has been pouring out tons of truth, assumptions, and lies about what’s going on – and what’s going to happen. France and the UK are just dying to kill, while the UN is begging them to “give peace and diplomacy a chance”. All they are waiting for is to get a GO from the US, and they will be back in a battlefield their grandparents have medals from.

Whatever happens it’s going to be chaotic – basically because it’s already chaotic. That’s why we figured we should try to help you navigate in the information out there, so we put together a little aggregator that will bring you tweets and articles about #Syria and #Assad.

We’re also putting together a list of bloggers to put on this s... [more]

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Uruguay Prez Mujico LEGALIZES Marijuana

The beginning of global drug legalization?

—We are doing this for the young people, because the traditional approach hasn’t worked.

It’s not every day you get to read good news, like say, political decisions that will lead to less violence and suffering. There aren’t many of those days around at all, it seems. BUT TODAY IS ONE OF THOSE DAYS!

Good morning world and be pleased to meet José “Pepe” Mujica (74)—a man who will be remembered by civilization for centuries, whose face will iconically decorate t-shirts, and whose last name will become the trending first name for newborns hipisters before the end of the decade. His name is Mujica, and he’s the president of the first country in the world to make marijuana completely legal.

Yes, the rumors are true: Uruguayan President José Mujica is about to become the biggest pot-dealer in the country, and picks up the ... [more]

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Best Club in Beirut Summer 2013 The Gärten by Überhaus

Finally we made it!

On our third try, 2famous.TV finally managed to capture an epic night at Uberhaus’ The Garten and partied until the sun came up. Every Saturday night throughout the summer, some of the world’s best house DJ’s will play in the club’s massive open-air dome while you chill out on some lounge chairs, dance your heart out, or drink yourself silly..just like we did!

Check out their schedule on Facebook.

This is a follow up story from when we tried to make a video two weeks ago, but got too wasted to film, and had to leave before the party started.

... [more]
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Episode 7 – Stargazing in the studio

This week, we welcome two local superstars in the studio! First we have Gino from, the #1 blog in Lebanon, to sit in on the local news segment. We talk about political corruption in Lebanon, a man getting his penis cutting but his wife’s angry family, and how a man (Gino) got hired to blog for a tampon company!

We also welcome the smooth baritones of Tres Colacion, copywriter by day, Beirut scenester by night, into our humble studio. Listen in as he gives us his top picks for things to do on Beirut nights! Maybe we should stop giving our guests alcohol, because he eventually turns on our sweet Adrian and starts criticizing her Beirut-famous tacos! Treason will not be tolerated in our studio!

... [more]
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Episode 6 – Cutting through the bullshit

In this episode, we plan to fire our sound engineer after having to delay our show for two hours due to ‘technical difficulties’. The disaster doesn’t stop there as we try to play our jingle and experience some potentially career-ending ‘dead-air’. Eventually, we spare our sound engineer from being fired for another week, mostly because of his good looks.

After recovering from a faulty start, we get into the shocking story of the theft of Layal’s car, a suspiciously coincidental car bomb the following day, and the potential loss of Adrian’s oven by a friend who unexpectedly back in town.

In this jam-packed episode, we also have Phillip Issa from Executive magazine in the studio to discuss his recent article on the controversial Fouad Boutros Highway designed to cut through the heart of Beirut, taking historical buildings down in its path.

... [more]
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Episode 5 – Pushers and Peddlers

In case you missed the live stream, you have another chance to listen! This week, we discuss having to pay for the extravagance of rich people, Catholic schoolgirls taking it up the backdoor, and so much more!

In this episode, we also welcome local radio superstar Olga Habre, co-host of Radio One’s ‘Gavin in the Morning’, to co-host the show! Tune in to hear her play a celebrity gossip game and pipe in on the in-studio conversation.

And, if you’re into stargazing, you should come by Radio Beirut on Friday’s from 4-6pm to watch Adrian and Layal in action. You never know, you might even get a shout out on the show! #radiofame

... [more]
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The making of: Überhaus THE GÄRTEN - Next Level Party Scene in Beirut

– We joined them build the Dome!
– See exclusive video here!!!

When we first came here in 2010 we didn’t really know much about Beirut. Well, we had some distorted ideas from the images that our TV screens had washed our brains with from early childhood, but that shit was just too fucked up to believe – so we suppressed those memories.

Apart from all that, one thing managed to penetrate the twisted image that the international media has created of this city: we knew it was the party capital of the Middle East. And on that level Beirut has not failed us. Over the years we’ve been to tons of house parties, pool parties, beach parties, rooftop parties, river parties, raves, and random street parties, but we have never EVER been to a dome party here.

And that’s a pretty good idea as the summer is about to hit this city on full blast, meaning that you’re going to like spending your summer nights outdoors and not in someones AC’d basement (thank God (or the government) for the smoke ban). <... [more]

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Layal & Adrian's Live Radio Show This Friday, June 28

-You do not want to miss it!

You’ve been following these two starlets from the beginning and their trajectory has shot really far really fast. Now Layal and Adrian have their own LIVE show on the internet waves broadcasting from none other than our favorite Radio/Bar: Radio Beirut

This Friday and every Friday they will have a 2-hour show! Tune in to hear these ladies chat uncensored about every topic under sun LIVE from Beirut city.

Listen Here!

Lebanon: Fri, 4-6 PM (16:00-18:00) Europe: Fri, 3-5 PM (15:00-17:00) East Coast USA: Fri, 9-11 AM West Coast USA: Fri, 6-8 AM

... [more]
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Gunshots and Call to Prayer Deadly Clashes in Saida!

Lebanese Army moves to crush Sheikh Assir in Saida.

Deadly clashes that have cost the lives of more than 17 soldiers and 25 gunmen have been going on in Saida the last few days. And it seems like the fighting is still going on right now.

Our friend Gihda from Saida tweeted and posted facebook updates during the clashes.

Facebook Update: Clashes have been going on for 19 hours straight NONSTOP.. We have to electricity. No Tv. No phone lines. Snipers are everywhere on top of buildings shooting whoever moves on the streets.. People are stuck in their buildings crying for help or a way to get out. I live in Hilaliyye and it’s pretty intense here. However, this has spread to all of Saida. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. Not sure what can be done.

Gunshots and Prayers. Gihda also recorded this ironic soundclip of gunshots and prayers… [soundcloud url=” [more]

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Geitawi’s Beloved Public Park Is Being Demolished And They Don’t Want You to Know

“Another Istanbul not likely” — Jorgo, Prominent artist featured in Turkey

One of the very green few parks in Beirut, this one in the heart of Geitawi, is supposedly being demolished and turned into a paid parking lot. After the trouble that started in Turkey over their park, we went to the Jesuit park to find out what is going down.

We were soon told by an army official not to film anything in the Park, so we went on to ask the locals for their thoughts on the upcoming parking lot taking over their only public green space and playground. They didn´t want to comment on the case because it was too political. Reportedly there will be demonstrations both for and against the parking lot.

The protest will take place in the park at 16:00 we will be there, and hope you come out too!

Listen to a sound clip of the officer telling us we must have permission from the mayor to film in the public space.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=&rdq... [more]

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Jørgo and Stereo Club Nights Kicks off the Party Season!

— “OMG I am so happy to be back in Beirut!” ~ Jørgen Evil Ekvoll

After a month in Nepal Jørgo realised he missed Beirut and the Lebanese girls just too much!

To make a long story short: He went back to Lebanon just in time to get wasted before the season opening at the Sterio Club Nights at Solea V, and showed Beirut how cool he was 😉

Next Party This Saturday (8th of June)!!! Join us!

... [more]
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- I did NOT have sexual relations with Justin Bieber

– Says Swedish Mom

Alleged Mother of Bieber’s Child Denies any Connection to the Pop Star.

Normally teenage girls go crazy In Justin Bieber’s presence, but the Canadian Teenage Super Star is not that popular in Sweden. Recently news outlets in Scandinavia spread a rumor that Justin Bieber has a lovechild with a Swedish woman, making Cecilia Forsblom (29) FAMOUS.

Cecilia, however, denies ever having had contact with Bieber, a claim that goes against the grain of Bieber’s previous falsely rumored pregnancies. For example, the teen dream once gave a DNA test to prove his innocence a few years back when Mariah Yeater claimed she had slept with him and bore their baby.

Scandinavian news sources say Cecilia hooked up with Bieber in Florida of 2010 supposedly spending a night with him and thus creating the baby in question. In Sweden it is a bit embarrassing for grown women to have relationships with younger boys so Cecilia went directly to the newspaper denying the c... [more]

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Nepali Girl Power!

Probably the strongest women in the World!

We spent two months in Nepal but it didn’t take more than a couple days to notice so many women of all ages performing insanely difficult hard labor, as their male counterparts stood by and supervised. These women actually carry loads their same size. To us, its as if they harbor the strength of superheros.

On our last day we wanted to highlight and honor the girls and women, who are undoubtedly second class citizens without many rights or respect, in the only way we could – through art.

When they are young they are trained to carry massive loads on their backs with a strap around their head. Sometimes they carry loads bigger than themselvs.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in Asia and the women are very oppressed. A quick look into the country, and you will see that the women are the m... [more]
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Episode 4 – Censored - Again!

A park in Beirut is beeing turned into a parking lot. We went to check it out, but were not allowed to film there. This is what the Soldier told us!

... [more]
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Pokhara, Nepal: The Mecca of Paragliding Flying above The Himalayas

– “I guess today is as good as any day to die.”

With the same consistency we hear construction blaring from our Beirut apartment every morning, we found that Pokhara also had something in the mornings for us to look forward to. This hippie/trekker heaven in Nepal attracts one more group of people: paragliders. In fact, Pokhara is one of the world’s most prominent spots to fly in the sky due to its prime thermal winds coming from the picture-perfect hills and the vast, flat valleys that make landings a breeze.

From our balcony we gazed toward the sky and saw tons of colorful parachutes gliding over the lake and valleys like eagles. There was NO way we were not going to do it, so we researched a bit to find the best, most famous company to take us up. It just so happens we were renting the apartment of the owner of Pokhara’s oldest paragliding company, Blue Sky, so we called up our landlord to strike a deal.

The next day we were up at 8 in the morning and strapping ourselves to some Nepali paragl... [more]

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Motorcycle Madness: Learning How to Drive In the Mountains of Nepal

Once we finally touched down in Nepal we managed to crash a traditional festival, surf on the roof of a bus, and party at a Rave in the Himalayas. However, the preferred way of Roadtriping around here seems to be by motorcycle. So when we decided to do a Nepali Road trip we had to learn how to ride first.

Other Videos from Nepal:

Here is our first video where we get wasted on the local rice beer before Jorgen blows all his cash on the Love Goddess:<... [more]

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Win 2 Tickets To Underrated's Kickoff Party

“I might be in Nepal on Friday, but I’m sure as FUCK in Beirut on Saturday” — Jorgo

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of weeks, you are well aware of the kickoff party for Underrated’s Stereo Club Nights Saturday, May 11 at Solea V. It’s one of the most anticipated summer party series in Beirut, hell, even Jorgen took the next flight out of Kathmandu just to arrive in time for the bash. We’re so excited we want to spread the love (and save you $50) by giving away 2 pairs of tickets to the first party!

All you have to do is:

1) Go to and LIKE the page 2) Write on our wall one name of a Deep House DJ who will be playing any of the upcoming parties. 3) Wait and see if you won 2 tickets!

That’s not all!

At Saturday’s opening party, snap the best pic with any of the 3 of 2Famous.TV crew (Jorgen, Layal, and Adrian the Man) to enter to win 2 MORE TICKETS to the other Stereo Club Nights parties! Remember, the most creative, hilario... [more]

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Universal Religion 2013 Psychedelic Trance Party

Rave Party in the heart of the himalayas!
– Exclusive Video!

High up in the in the Himalayan mountains with a spectacular National Geographics view on both sides we found our way to a little Nepalese village called Bandipur. We wanted to find a quiet spot where people live a traditional life in stunning surroundings. And as we walked the streets of our new “secret” paradise, where no cars can go and the police hold hands (!), we started to run into more and more friends from Lebanon. At first we were a little puzzled, but it turned out that Paradise was the location for a massive psychedelic trance festival called Universal Religion 2013, where a few thousand people from all over the world come to party three days nonstop. Suddenly we had one hundred friends from Lebanon with us! It was almost like someone had thrown us a surprise party! So we had to kiss our “quiet getaway dream” goodbye and represent on the dance floor instead.

Here are our other videos from Nepal:

Here is our first video where we get wast... [more]

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