Matias Nordahl Carlsen

Matias is a professional global adventurer, and is one of the two founders of 2famous.TV. He has lived in Lebanon since 2009. You can find him on twitter at @mrmatias, on Instagram at @mrmatiasnc, or you can snap to him at Mr.Matias on Snapchat.

In addition to Walk of Causes Matias has also published a series called "Oh, Places you'll probably never go", where he shares his experiences of going to places that you'll probably won't go, such as the South Pole, in his beautiful photo stories.

Matias is the video editor of 2famous.TV
Extreme Rooftop Bus Riding In Nepal

– Its the most dangerous thing i have done in my whole life!

After celebrating a crazy and hectic festival in Kathmandu we needed to get out of the city to relax a bit! However getting out of the city would prove to be more hectic than we had thought. We bargained down the price for the local bus to Pokhara which meant we ended up holding on for our dear lives on the ROOFTOP for 8 hours.

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Episode 3 – Lady Parts

This week Layal and Adrian discuss: How they need to tone down saying FUCK all the time on radio, shocking photos from the Large Labia Project, boycotting Guns N Roses in Beirut (BDS), and figuring out who is a feminist.

Enjoy and leave us some fucking COMMENTS!

Music: Madonna – Sorry M.I.A – Come Around Pharrell & Snoop – Beautiful Petula Clark – Downtown Palestinian Nationalism Song Hauschka – Blue Bicycle

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Fights break out at one of Nepal's crazy festivals

Once we got the first taste of Tan, Hira made it his mission to keep serving it to us and invited the 2Famous crew to take part in one of his favorite festivals in Kathmandu!

We met up with the ultimate former boxing champion leader of the neighborhood gang who warned us about the impending danger we would face at the Ajima Jatra Festival. Then we got roped into carrying their chariot around the neighborhood and it was insanely tough.

Big thanks to our in-house music composer, Eivind Marum, who is keeping the 2Famous.TV soundtrack updated — now with DUBSTEP tracks!

Other Videos from Nepal:

Here is our first video where we get wasted on the local rice beer before Jorgen blows all his cash on the Love Goddess:

Here is our second Video From Nepal:

Here is our third Video from Nepal:

Here is our fourth Video from Nepal:

Here is our fifth video From Nepal:

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2famous.TV Goes to Nepal – Day 1: Jørgen Blows the Vacation Fund on Love Goddess

We at 2famous.TV weren’t really all that famous for stressing out, or having a job and all that stuff — until we started 2famous.TV. It’s kind of our first real job, and it’s been exhausting to our royally bloded bodies! In addition we’re seriously running out of cash – again – so we figured we’ll go somewhere cheaper for a while, while we craft a brilliant plan of making some good ol’ dollars. (We’re totally open for suggestions guys. Keep ’em coming.) So we went to Nepal to chill out in the Himalayas.

But don’t worry guys! The Beirut and U.A.E. offices are still operating, and we promise to keep you guys updated on our Eastern adventure with videos and stories. So stay tuned!

Here is our first video where we get wasted on the local rice beer before Jorgen blows all his cash on the Love Goddess:

Here is our second Video From Nepal:

Here is our third Video from Nepal:

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Dubai Police Get Lamborghinis

-2FamousTV is totally jealous!

Okay WOW!……hhhhookay. Seriously. We thought we were ballin’ in Beirut because most of the taxis are Mercedes. However, the Daily Star has reported that the Dubai police are to be outfitted with a fleet of Lamborghini Police cars. (See Daily Star Article)

I personally got excited when I saw a yellow Lamborghini parked at a mechanic’s shop near my house in Mar Mikhael. But this…..this just takes it to a whole new level. Would you run from a cop in Lamborghini? Does this mean the cops in Dubai are basically rock stars now? The Dubai police chief stated that the aim of the Lamborghinis is to, “…reflect the reputation of the Emirate [Dubai] and the high stature it has achieved.” Maybe the 2famous crew should relocate to Dubai and become cops ‘to reflect the high stature we have achi... [more]

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Breaking News: International Music Festival To Sweep the City

– The Biggest Festivals in Europe are coming to Beirut!

If the thought of summer ending before it even starts depresses you, let us be your Valium, as we have just received confirmation that an international music festival and conference will take place this September in Beirut. The attendees are none other than some of the biggest names in European festivals.

Get your asses to band practice local musicians, because The Beirut and Beyond International Music Festival will showcase local Lebanese talent alongside international headliners in various venues throughout Hamra.

25 of the biggest festival organizers in Europe and North Africa, including the organizers of the Roskilde festival in Denmark, Festival Timitar in Morocco, and Les Suds a Arles in France are expected to attending the conference. BBIMF’s goal is to promote, discover, and support independent and underground music from the Middle East and showcase it both in Lebanon and Europe.

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Skype, Whatsapp, Viber NOT ALLOWED!

– Saudi Arabia is cracking down on internet use!

A short while ago, 2famousTV published an article entitled, “Is Twitter Becoming to Serious for the Middle East.” The article discussed the imprisonment of Kuwaiti Nabeel Rajab for 5 years for a tweet that Kuwaiti leaders didn’t take too kindly to. As of this week, leading Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star published an article highlighting a similar battle that is surfacing in Saudi Arabia.

According to the Daily Star, the Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) of Saudi Arabia has announced that Voice over IP providers like Skype, Whatsapp, and Viber must stop circumventing Saudi communication laws or face a ban in the country. How exactly they are circumventing the laws was not specified, but the basic fact is that technologies like Skype are very hard to monitor when compared with regular cell phone communication. So, it’s very likely that the S... [more]
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Episode 2 – Radio Show

And they’re back! This week Layal and Adrian gleefully discuss the reasons behind Layal’s new eating disorder, the horror of photoshoots, scantily clad 16-year old horseback riders, and why YOU SHOULD HIRE US TO DJ YOUR PARTIES!

We hope you enjoy our 2Famous.TV Radio Show Episode 2!!

Music Credits: Queen – I’m Going Slightly Mad Lady Gaga – Paparazzi The Fugees – Cowboys Genuine – Pony Jill Scott – Watching Me Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance with Somebody Shannon – Let the Music Play

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Exclusive Interview: The Wanton Bishops Finally Some Fucking Rock'n Roll from Beirut

We’re probably not the only ones that’s been suffering from musical abstinence because of the rock’n roll absence in Lebanon. No big deal, really… but we’re incredibly pleased to see a good ol’ rnr band shooting out of Beirut. And if we are to believe the word on the street, we are looking at a band that’s going to shoot through the roof internationally. We believe it! These guys obviously knows what they are doing! They are already dominating in Turkey, and with a pretty impressive tour plan coming up, you might want to glue your eyes to these guys. They rock.

If you can get a ticket you can check them out tonight at Metro al Medina.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is an exclusive interview that radio superstar Jackson Allers did with them EXCLUSIVELY published here on 2famous.TV

Produced/Interviewed by: Jackson Allers Thanks to: Nader Mansour, Eddy Gh... [more]

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Episode 1 – 2famous.TV Launches RADIO SHOW!

As soon as 2Famous.TV rocked the in-studio interview with the Outpost’s (former) host, Layal, she and Adrian became inseparable — online and off. In fact, Layal invited Adrian to guest-appear on her audio show so often because of the on-air chemistry that listenership grew to unreachable heights. And just as they were toeing the line of mind-boggling fame, the show was put on hiatus.

Consider it a fortuitous setback because these two have re-emerged together– stronger, funnier, and way more scandalous on the weekly 2Famous.TV Radio Show!

Click here to download the radio show as an MP3 file!

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Adrian, The Man

Fan mails… just one of those things that you have to get used to if you’re living in the world of fame and glory. Most of the times we at 2famous.TV start our days by reading out loud all the love and hate that people have shared with us for the past 24h. It makes it easier for us to keep it real… Really.

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However, a while ago an email created full chaos at the headquarters, as a man called Adrian shared his unconditional love for us, and told us that he was planning to travel half across the world to hang out and be part of the 2famous.TV empire. Matias, that already has an Adrian, thought it would be awesome if Jorgen could get his very own Adrian too (though slightly missing... [more]

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Shatila Refugee Camp From the Eyes of Syrian Palestinian Kids

VIDEO: As if being born a Palestinian refugee weren’t difficult enough, these three cousins are now double refugees since they fled the war in Syria for Lebanon.

2famous.TV caught up with them to get an update on their living conditions in Shatila and realized how difficult the concept of ‘home’ is to each of them. Press captions for subtitles!

... [more]
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Palestine-Syria-Lebanon: Maya (10) Is Already a Double Refugee

Only 10 years old, Maya is already a refugee for the second time. Like thousands of Palestinians she and her family have fled the civil war in Syria and taken refuge in Lebanon. Here, they now live in poor and cramped conditions in the already overcrowded Palestinian refugee camps.

Maya lives in Shatila, one of the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, where Palestinians have taken shelter for over 60 years while waiting to return to their country. The area was supposed to house a few hundred refugees when it was built in 1948. Now it houses more than 20,000 people in the same space. The streets are narrow it is immediately obvious these buildings were only supposed to reach one or two stories, now standing five or more tall. We are on our way to see how Maya and her family live in their new home in the refugee camp.

“Our house in Syria had more rooms with a salon and two bedrooms. It... [more]
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The Backpacker's Guide to Lebanon

Only two years after Lebanon was Lonely Planet’s number one travel destination, it has been delisted completely because of the kidnappings, bombs, blocked roads etc that rocked the country. At the same time the Lebanese ministry of tourism obviously thinks Lebanon is safe enough to invite tourists on discounted air and hotel prices. Not even 2Famous.TV can say with absolute certainty whether this is the best time to visit. But whenever you feel Lebanon is ready to be visited, we have already prepared The Backpackers Guide for you.

See our Backpackers Guide to Beirut here.

This country may look small, but don’t let the maps fool you. Outside of Beirut, Lebanon has such a cultu... [more]

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The Search Words that Brought Readers to 2famous.TV in 2012

– Conclusion: You’re All Naughty

In the year 2012, we divulged a lot of personal information to our readers. We laid bare our awkward Valentine’s triple date, getting ruthlessly cut out of commercials, and facing homelessness, among other things. But now we’re going to turn the tables and expose you, our readers, by listing 2012’s top search terms and keywords that drove you to 2famous.TV.

How We Party In Beirut – An Epic Video By 2famous.TV from Matias Nordahl Carlsen on Vimeo.

Most Sexy:

Pubes/African pubes / Hairy pubes / Batman shaped pubes / Fashion lingerie pubes We don’t quite know what came to our minds when Matias decided to burn Jorgen’s pubes, but he seems to be ... [more]

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The Backpackers Guide to Beirut

Listen, before you let your family and friends dissuade you from travelling to the beautiful but slightly schizophrenic city that is Beirut, Lebanon, let us first give you a complete idea of what you’d be missing out on.

The tragic and tumultuous image is out there, yes, but it is something Lebanon struggles to rid itself of. We at 2famous have tried our best to normalize the otherwise stigmatized image that the Western media has fed us over the past decades.

When we first came here Beirut was listed as the No.1 travel destination by both New York Times and Lonely Planet. Now, three years later, with war in Syria a never ending “Spring” on every front and the occasional bomb, Beirut is not really the hottest destination for tourists anymore. That’s why the Lebanese government even launched a campaign [more]
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Bekaa Valley: Home of Syrian Refugee Children

Every day we read the news that violence in Syria is increasing. Reports of different war tactics, kidnappings, and who’s gaining ground flood the headlines. But hundreds of thousands of people have fled Syria and many of them have ended up in the Bekaa Valley. The Norwegian Refugee Council is one of the organizations providing help to these refugees and they run a Community Center in the Bekaa. Matias and Adrian were put in contact with, and joined the NRC to the Bekaa when they partnered with a Norwegian TV program to make a short story about the living conditions of Syrian refugee children.

Teacher and Children at the NRC Community Center in the Bekaa.

We arranged a ride with another Norwegian, Mads, who runs an NGO called the Norwegian Refugee Council and dropped us off in Zahle on his way to Hermel.

Mads gave us a short lesson on the hour-long dri... [more]

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In the international sensation “Africa for Norway,” Radi-Aid, tries to unite Africans to save Norwegians from dying of frostbite.

The popular music video has been very well received all over the world with now over a million hits on Youtube and has even been subtitled in Arabic by Rami Jawhar.

The plan for the campaign is to ship all the radiators collecting dust in Africa to Norway, and then distribute them to shivering Norwegians to share warmth, smiles, and happiness.

For us this campaign helps explain to our Lebanese friends why we moved from Norway to Lebanon. The situation is real; It is actually so frigid where we’re from that the Africans have started donating radiators. But at the same time we are realizing that Lebanon gets a bit cold as well. So if you feel like donating your radiators to save someone, you don’t have to ship them al... [more]

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2famous.TV One-Year Anniversary: The Successful and the Not-So-Successful Love Stories Revealed

Those of you who’ve been with us from the beginning have obviously noticed that 2famous.TV’s been around for a little more than a year now.

Since then we’ve been through several different phases, all the while receiving decent coverage in the Lebanese media. We have been invited to the popular TV show “Helwe Beirut” on LBCI not only once but twice. (Not to mention the time LBC Sat gave us a job offer live on TV). We also made our own little “show in the show” for Zaven of Future TV after he did a Lebanese version of [more]

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Fuck Yeah!

When an old friend of 2famous.TV asked us if we’d like to make a video commercial for their facial cream for men called “Bad Norwegian” we truly felt like acknowledged ambassadors for our Kingdom. We jumped on the project and asked our fans on the internet to submit some footage. And Oh Boy! did we get fuck tons of Bad Norwegian material to choose from or what? There is a lot of naughty people out there, so we ended up making a little campaign of 8 tiny videos.

Here is the playlist:

... [more]
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Black Lips Know How To Punk Rock the Middle East: Beer Pong in Beirut

VIDEO: When US Punk Rock Superstars Black Lips went on Middle East tour they finished off in Beirut. We at 2famous.TV might not be musicians, but we’re definitely rock stars, so we challenged the Punk Rock veterans for a game of Beer Pong! Beer Ping Pong Punk Rock! Or something like that…

Anyways, for those who don’t know the rules of this game, which happens to be the national game of North America by the way, it involves throwing ping pong balls into cups – and drinking beer, obviously. We’re pretty good at drinking beer, and Matias is a veteran Ping Pong champion, so we thought it would be a great way of bonding with these co-stars. We got wasted!

Thanks to the band Lazzy Lung for hooking us up! You should check them out 😉

... [more]
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How We Party in Beirut Epic Video By 2famous.TV

We’ve been invited to all these “last party of the summer” for more than a month now. And we don’t quite know if we’re being scared of missing out, or if it’s just another excuse to party, but we felt that we had to go to all of them. That’s not necessarily healthy, but it’s fuck tons of fun. We’ve been to beach parties, house parties, naked parties, you name it! We at 2famous.TV are sometimes 2much into partying!

However, the season is definitely coming to an end, so party your brains out over the weekend; it might be one of your last chances to dance half naked under the moon somewhere before the winter comes to bite you.

Here is a video we did with our friend Johnny. He invited us to one of his legendary PC parties basically because he knows that we can get a party started. And, well, this was no exception. Take a look at this super sexy Beirut beach party.

... [more]
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Coming out with a bang in the blogosphere only 3 months into our blogging career, 2famous compiled a list of the 40 most visited blogs in Lebanon which shot us to profound fame and credit. 7 months later, 2famous presents an even more in-depth survey of the 101 most popular blogs in Lebanon, complete with reviews and even three different ranking systems. We’ve spent days and nights researching, coding, compiling, and writing to make this list complete and flawless. While working, we noticed patterns we think are important. Here’s our take in a series of short points:

• Activists and political commentators dominate the Lebanese blogosphere. • Foodblogs as an entire group also dominate and have the tightest design, best writing, and most professional feel. • Humor, sarcasm, and entertaining writing are nowhere to be found in general with very few exceptions. • As opposed to the rest of the world, teenage blogs are pretty absent in Lebanon. &bul... [more]

By 2famousTV

When Matias hitch-hiked through Pakistan in 2005 it didn’t seem like place where people were too much into blogging. But that’s because he didn’t get to meet the then 7 year old Malala Yousufzai. She has been blogging her opinions since she was ten, and recently became way too famous for her activism. Gunmen stopped her school bus and shot her in the neck. Two other girls got injured as well before the bus driver managed to speed off. Luckily Malala survived the attempted child assassination. When Taliban wanted her dead they turned her into an international superstar instead. (Not meant to rhyme)

Basically Malala started to use the internet to speak out when the extreme islamists wanted to restrict female education in her town. So when Taliban is using fear and intimidation to restrict basic human freedom for women, Malala used a way more powerful tool to reach out to the world. This ... [more]
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2famous.TV is a Beirut based blog of all sorts of famous things, such as two Norwegian actors breaking through in the Middle East. It was founded by Matias Nordahl Carlsen and Jørgen Evil Ekvoll, but we are now expanding by inviting people to blog with us. The first ones out were Adrian and Meghan O, and there are more new interesting bloggers coming soon!

... [more]
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A Danish prisoner walked straight out of jail in Copenhagen wearing the burka of his visitor. The woman visiting the 30 year old man was stuck in jail after he walked out.

Arne Tornvig Christensen from Nyborg State Jail says to the Danish publication “Ekstra Bladet” that he isn’t interested in giving any details about how this could happen, except that they are investigating the embarrassing situation. The woman initially wearing the burka will not be kept in jail.

In some European countries the burka and the nikab have been criminalized while this simple piece of clothing has been taken advantage of by some criminals to commit their illegal activities.

In Manchester the outfit was used to rob jewelry shop earlier this summ... [more]

By 2famousTV

She’s beautiful, she’s sassy, and she’s going to make tears roll down your cheeks and a 6-pack form in your belly from laughing. Check out our newest beauty blogger Meghan O. on 2famous.TV!

“Hey, y’all. I’m Meghan O. and I’m proudly the newest member at 2Famous.TV!

I’ll be covering all your beauty and fashion needs that are sure to give your bank accounts a serious case of the ‘rhhoids. Find me on twitter @jlmeyersister and stay up to date with my tweeterings.”

... [more]
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Last night 2famous went to Coop D’Etat to hang out with some of the founders and hackers and random weirdos of the anticipated Share Beirut festival that kicks off tomorrow 5th of Oct. We’ve seen posters plastered on the street, watched videos floating on facebook, and even shared some info from Nasawiya’s public USB port, but we still didn’t quite know WHAT we were supposed to expect from this Share thing.

We got a bit wasted and chatted with some people.

It all started over a decade ago, quite 2famous style, with a totally epic beach party that lasted 100 days and pulled in thousands of people. The kids of Serbia were sick of the shit they were being put through and partied their way to revolution. From that the guys formed Exit Music Festival, and eventually they decided to add a greater intellectual and revolutionary flair (while keeping the party aspect) and Share was formed.

It’s about understanding and celebrating ... [more]

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Are we too Naked for the Middle East

VIDEO: Being super exited about the outfits our fans had chosen for us, we completely forgot to put on shirts when we went LIVE on LBC in front of hundreds of millions of people across the Middle East. “You are showing too much skin,” they told us, desperately finding a way to censor us. Guess it’s just too typical of 2famous to get too much into their fans, getting into last minute trouble before a major TV appearance.

Here is the actual interview as aired on LBC international.

... [more]
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2famous.TV get job offer LIVE on LBC International

VIDEO: Saturday night live – international TV – millions of viewers across the Middle East. First we get told that we’re showing too much skin, then we get offered a job in TV before we insult the famous chef and eat gold. Guess we’re super stars now. And we got it officially clarified that Jorgen is NOT an apple as well as giving a shout out to our colleague Haifa Wehbe. It doesn’t get better than this!

... [more]
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