Adonis: The Band That Went From Virtual Fame to Success IRL

Interview, performance, and full podcast with Adonis & Restless Leg Syndrome
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May 2nd, 2014, Radio Beirut, in Beirut (yes).

We hosted Austrian DJ trio Restless Leg Syndrome and Adonis on our radio show. RLS gave us sneak peeks of their “flipped” tracks which were performed live the next day at Radio Beirut, then Adonis performed an extensive set and we got to know them more in depth.

Adonis is an Arabic pop/rock band that formed in 2011. Since then they have released two albums with a third one on the way. It’s already been a busy year with 3 concerts in Amman, Beirut Wave One, and at C U NXT SAT in Concrete 1994.

How did it start?Anthony: Joey and I met during college at AUB when we were both studying architecture. We were friends mostly because we liked the same type of music (Arabic), which was not a common music to like at the time, and still is not.

Define Arabic music.Anthony: good Arabic music, Joey is more fundam... [more]

By Christine Silly Goon
Interviews w/ Winner of TOB's Blog Award, Anthony Rahayel Founder of HELM the LGBT Org, Georges Azzi And Mo Juzu, Creator of The Next Big Thing!

Men in Power! Radio for Feb 7th and introducing brand new cohost, Jade!

New host, Jade NZ, makes her on-air debut with Paul!

Paul asks Anthony Rahayel from No Garlic No Onions and winner of TimeOut Beirut’s blog of choice award how he can survive in Beirut without eating any garlic or onions?! Plus Paul prods deep for Anthony’s best recommendations for each types of food ever available on earth (how is Anthony not fat?).

Jade cuts to the chase with Georges Azzi about the NGOs he founded: Helm which is fighting for LGBT rights in Lebanon, Marsa the sexual health center, and Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality (AFE), fighting to support body, gender and sexual rights activists in the Middle East.

Mo Juzu the founder of the production company Harmony HMP and the famous competition The Next Big Thing showed us his musical talents after his exciting interview.

... [more]
By Christine Silly Goon
The Torch Has Been Passed! Radio Jan 31 w/ November, DJ Racing Devil, Up and Coming Teenage Duo!

A couple of days before, our lovebirds Matias and Adrian left Beirut for Oslo and they passed the torch to a few of us to carry on the radio show. I was hosting that day along with Paul Gadala and Adrian The Man and we had to reach out to artists super last minute!

November played awesome covers, DJ Ernesto from The Beirut Groove Collective gave us a music class by enlightening us with musical genres I had never heard of, plus he played funk and RnB 45 tracks, his specialty.

Then Laurie and Camille, a super cute teenager duet, came as soon as they could despite being held in heavy traffic, and last but surely not least: I bumped into Karl and Halim from The Unplugged Poets and Multi Talented Legend Sultan by accident as soon as I arrived at Radio Beirut and they played at the show!

Anyway, let us know if Paul and Adrian sound awkward for their debut on air! (I still remember my first time [more]

By Christine Silly Goon
2Famous.TV Jam Sessions The Unplugged Poets and Edd Abbas NEW SHOW ON FRIDAY

Listen in on the 2Famous.TV Radio SHOW from Radio Beirut, Every Friday!

As you must have read on the news a few weeks ago, there was an awful bomb in Downtown Beirut, Lebanon, which killed innocents and a respectable politician. A few hours later, Matias and I were hosting’s weekly radio show.

The show turned out to be a great cheering up session to all of us, especially that 2 of our guests live-performed songs they had written that same day, expressing themselves about the situation: Edd Abbas, a very talented hip-hop singer and The Unplugged Poets, an upcoming band of 4 young Lebanese who sing rap and plays rock music.

From all the guests invited that day, The Unplugged Poets were my favorite crush. I loved their avant-guardiste genre and I was truly touched with that song entitled “Sometimes It’s Hard”. Its lyrics can be read below with the video performance. Also, and most importantly, the band started hip-hop jamming right after that song with Edd Abbas! That was so cool (you can l... [more]

By Christine Silly Goon
Awkward "ON AIR" interview with Serge from The Incompetents

Christine from does her second interview with Serge from the Incompetents on the 2Famous.TV RadioShow at Radio Beirut!

Last week, I interviewed Serge Yared from The Incompetents during’s weekly radio show. He spent the majority of the show singing and playing around with his guitar, except during the few minutes we exchanged rather awkward sentences (hey, I’m still new at this).

The Incompetents are made up of Lebanese duo Fadi Tabbal and Serge Yared playing punk/rock and psychedelic/folk songs with a unique rhythm, that they define on their website as “torture with style.”

To illustrate that previous point, here are my favorite tracks, which can be found on their SoundCloud and YouTube channels. My special crush is Cannibal Urinal, with very psychedelic beats. And of course, the podcast of the whole radio show is below.

“Bullets Gently Flying over my Head” (performed during the 2Famous.TV Radio Show backed up by Charlie Rayne)... [more]

By Christine Silly Goon
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