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Sweden grants SYRIAN REFUGEES permanent residency

— as Nobel Prize winner Obama visits Stockholm beggin’ for Bombs For Peace

It seems no matter where 2famous.TV sets up HQ, our dear Syrian friends are hanging out in the neighbouring country.  While in Lebanon, we were delighted and rather humbled to have Syria and its beautiful land and people just an hour’s drive away across the Bekaa. Now, as some of us have relocated to Oslo, Norway, our Syrian brothers and sisters are being granted a second home in what’s undoubtedly the most hospitable country in Scandinavia: our neighbour Sweden. 


It is perhaps the greatest show of solidarity and friendship with the Syrian people displayed by any non-arab nation state since the beginning of the popular uprising against Bashar Assad—an uprising which has now completely deteriorated into a civil war and is on the brink of escalating to a potential World War III.

Sweden announced Tuesday that they will give Syrian asylum seekers perman... [more]

By knutole
Twitter, NYTimes HACKED by Assad's Electronic Army

Activists: Your Twitter login credentials are at risk! Beware & change your password!

So another reminder today—life online is dangerous and fragile.  Not only does the American Empire do everything in its power to read your innermost secrets online—today we are reminded that even small-time dictators and their obedient lapdogs can poke devastating holes in your security and privacy online.

The Syrian Electronic Army—a Syrian group of hackers, loyal to Bashir “Baby-Eater” Assad—has struck yet again, and this time it’s big, it’s global, and it’s bad news:  Websites that ha... [more]

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The real Law is #Fame

Thank God that #Marte is free!
But what about her less #Famous sisters?

#Marte flew safely back home today, and we are very happy for her. Thankfully her ordeal is over, at least the worst of it. Her case—when inspected beyond the screaming headlines—is much more interesting than it appears. This is not just about Marte, however—and a lot has already been said—but rather the media hysteria she got enveloped in. She became a veritabel #Superstar overnight – too Famous to jail, as it turns out, and that’s Famous with capital f!  We @2famousTV leave no stone unturned in our quest for #Fame—as we are changing the world for the better (or worse), one Like at a time!

Worldwide condemnation

A short recap: As the news of Marte’s conviction hit the fan, the Western world virtually exploded in [more]

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We are Legion rLOVEution So Please Expect Us

It’s still a demonstration even if it’s just YOU!

Disclaimer:  This text is part hyperbole, part propaganda, part outright lies; add a heavy color-corrected snap of reality and sprinkle with bits of truth—and you have the recipe for a political truth cake á la mode.  (It’s cooking at 2famous.TV!)

There was demo in the air today.  I clicked Join on a Facebook event to demonstrate for #Snowden and walked downtown.

#Snowden—to update you—is still in Moscow airport, now apparently granted political asylum by Venezuela. He’s having trouble finding a flight-path there, however, countries along the way threaten to force down any plane carrying Snowden if it crosses their airspace.  The King of Norway—or the ones below him in our constitutional hierarchy of governance—has threatened to do the same.  And then of course... [more]

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You heard it here first folks! #SNOWDEN CAUGHT in Twitter's GEO-FENCE!

—It’s a divide and conquer war against activists!
—Join the boiling debate on the internet right now!

It came to the attention of the ever vigilant 2famous.TV eye today that #Snowden—the NSA whistleblower that not even the NSA knows where is right now—is wholeheartedly trending on Twitter— but still DOES NOT SHOW UP in worldwide Twitter trends!

This has caused massive speculation online whether Twitter is deliberately censoring the #Snowden hashtag.  That sure is a juicy #conspiracy theory.  More likely, however, it’s ... [more]

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Whatever:  This post is a total late-nite ripoff from the Borowitz Report at the New Yorker—but it’s so good that who cares!  As we have tattooed to our brains here in 2famous.TV, “Good artists borrow, great artists steal!”  You know who said that?  Yeah, Picasso, that’s who! Read and weep!



WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—The United States government charged former intelligence analyst Edward Snowden with spying on Friday, apparently unaware that in doing so it had created a situation dripping with irony.

At a press conference to discuss the accusations, an N.S.A. spoke... [more]

By knutole
Everybody is Spying on Me, and I'm Not Even Famous!

Not just advertisers — The Mukhabarat of the Free World is storing all your dirty secrets!

I must admit I’m terribly flattered.  I mean, here I am, enjoying what’s indubitably my last respite from Fame before she’s about to catch up with me too—when, lo and behold!, turns out I already have more stalkers obsessed with the intimate details of my life than swanky superstar Sylvia in La Dolce Vita ever had.  No mere Paparazzo chasing mugshots for this superstar—no siree!—I have a million digital paparazzis working round the clock recording every intimate detail of my fab life!

OK, so I’m not that special.  We all have our own private paparazzi these days, who follow us … err, whom we carry around ourselves in our smartphones and browsers and apps, with more exclusive access to our lives than Paparazzo had in his wettest dreams.

It’s already a truis... [more]

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