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Coming out with a bang in the blogosphere only 3 months into our blogging career, 2famous compiled a list of the 40 most visited blogs in Lebanon which shot us to profound fame and credit. 7 months later, 2famous presents an even more in-depth survey of the 101 most popular blogs in Lebanon, complete with reviews and even three different ranking systems. We’ve spent days and nights researching, coding, compiling, and writing to make this list complete and flawless. While working, we noticed patterns we think are important. Here’s our take in a series of short points:

• Activists and political commentators dominate the Lebanese blogosphere.
• Foodblogs as an entire group also dominate and have the tightest design, best writing, and most professional feel.
• Humor, sarcasm, and entertaining writing are nowhere to be found in general with very few exceptions.
• As opposed to the rest of the world, teenage blogs are pretty absent in Lebanon.
• More and more blogs are done by teams, like 2Famous.TV, Karl reMarks.com and Brofessional review.

When we went to Share Beirut we met Nadim Kobeissi, a Lebanese internet activist. He’s made an open source personal chatting system that encrypts messages making them totally private, unlike Facebook and other competitors. Together with the other internet superstars, Nadim was discusing internet activism and the battle about who should control the internet. Should it be a few people or should it be all of us?

That is why it’s absolutely necessary that everyone voices their opinions ON the internet, because without our voices, only a selected few will be heard. And those selected few are probably huge corporations or even governments. Below is a video of Nadim Kobeissi followed by other videos about freedom of speech, censorship, and activism.

In Lebanon the freedom of expression is constantly under pressure. We all remember when Zeid got locked up for days after one of his songs, telling General Suleiman to go home, and more recently when journalist Rami Aisha was held in jail for a month with no charges.

We at 2famous.TV think that it's important for people to get used to hear unfiltered and uncensored opinions from the people, and blogging is one of the most powerful tools for people to reach out with their ideas. We believe that a good blogging culture will stimulate democracy, and freedom of speech.

Therefore we are very pleased to have two new dedicated guest bloggers on our team, Adrian and Meghan O.! And we are currently looking for more people to contribute to our blog, so, if you are interested in writing stories from Lebanon, please contact us ;)

Anyways, the list… We have done our best to create a complete list of the best blogs in Lebanon, and to present them to you in a smooth looking way, that took us f**k tons of hours to make, so if you like what you see, like it!

(Read more about the grading methods here.)