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Attack on the Freedom of Press Journalist Jailed in Lebanon

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Our friend Rami Aysha just got released from jail. He’s a journalist, and Bureau Manager for Times Magazine Beirut. On August 30 he was investigating an arms smuggling story in the southern suburbs of Beirut when he got arrested by a local militia before handed over to the official intelligence that kept him for almost one month in various Lebanese prisons – without charge.

They didn’t treat him so well in jail. They broke his camera on his head, broke his finger, beat him up and shot bullets right next to his legs while he was blindfolded.

But Rami is a tough guy, and although he was a bit skinny after a month in prison, this incident will not shut him up. To bring a journalist like Rami on a jail tour of Lebanon is like throwing fuel on the fire.

As an advocate for press freedom in Lebanon Rami takes his arrest as an attack on everything that he believes in. When we told him to stay out of jail, he s... [more]

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Famous Bloggers in Beirut: They're All Hot!

We went to a Lebanese bloggers meeting organized by Lebanon Aggregator in AltCity to learn about networking. But fuck, the girls there were just too hot! We completely forgot about our initial mission, and only filmed the pretty girls. We’re awfully sorry about this, and we’ll be more professional next time…

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If any of the people that we were supposed to network with reads this, please send us a mail!

 Check out our new friends blogs! I Love Garlic Bread, Rita Kamel and Broffesional Review [more]

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