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Naked Olympic Skier Made Lebanon Famous Censored by Facebook!

Jackie Chamun was TOO hot Facebook!

After our article last week about the now world famous Lebanese Olympian, Jackie Chamoun had been Liked more than 8.7K times, Facebook had enough of the hot Lebanese, and turned of the Like & Share button on the article. The move comes as a desperate attempt to censor the Internet and forbid the Western World from knowing how beautiful Lebanese skiers can be.

The reason behind the multibillion-dollar Social Network’s move against the non-profit blog 2Famous.TV which sprung out of Beirut a few years ago is still unknown, but speculations have started to spread.

For years the blog 2Famous.TV has advocated for freedom of speech from Lebanon, also blogging about [more]

By @mrmatias All you Need to Know about the Assassination of Assad the Assassin

– new website launched by 2famous.TV

I’m not going to talk too much about Syria now, as I kind of think that there is way too much talk about Syria anyways. Newspapers all over the world has been pouring out tons of truth, assumptions, and lies about what’s going on – and what’s going to happen. France and the UK are just dying to kill, while the UN is begging them to “give peace and diplomacy a chance”. All they are waiting for is to get a GO from the US, and they will be back in a battlefield their grandparents have medals from.

Whatever happens it’s going to be chaotic – basically because it’s already chaotic. That’s why we figured we should try to help you navigate in the information out there, so we put together a little aggregator that will bring you tweets and articles about #Syria and #Assad.

We’re also putting together a list of bloggers to put on this s... [more]

By 2famousTV
Twitter, NYTimes HACKED by Assad's Electronic Army

Activists: Your Twitter login credentials are at risk! Beware & change your password!

So another reminder today—life online is dangerous and fragile.  Not only does the American Empire do everything in its power to read your innermost secrets online—today we are reminded that even small-time dictators and their obedient lapdogs can poke devastating holes in your security and privacy online.

The Syrian Electronic Army—a Syrian group of hackers, loyal to Bashir “Baby-Eater” Assad—has struck yet again, and this time it’s big, it’s global, and it’s bad news:  Websites that ha... [more]

By knutole
Israel offers free education All you have to give away is your opinion! Promoting "Democracy" with bribes!

Israel plan to Bribe its own Students to get positive PR on Social Media

The day after Israel occupied even more of Palestine by approving another settlement in east Jerusalem—and a mere week after some Israeli soldiers crossed into Lebanon—the Israeli Government has decided it needs some good PR. How? By simply bribing student nationals with scholarships at its seven universities in exchange for the students making pro-Israel Facebook posts and Tweets targeted towards foreign audiences.

It is now possible to sell your opinions and get paid with education. Smooth. I guess when brainwashing your own people doesn’t work, paying them to promote scripted opinions is easier?


By @mrmatias
Zimbabwean Elections: Mugabe Has a Mole! Even Israeli Mercenaries Exposed!

Will the African Whistleblower lead Zimbabwe to democracy?

Dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe (89), has promised a reward of $300,000 to anyone who can provide the location of an anonymous blogger who’s been creating quite a stir in the country by exposing damaging details from high-level party meetings, allegations of voter fraud, and embarrassing gossip. He then gives private phone numbers for his fans to harass the officials in question. Now everyone wonders if the African Whistleblower will be able to effect the upcoming elections that are scheduled to be held at July 31st.

Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe with an iron fist for 33 years, and many expect him to delay or rig the elections or even stay in power if he loses.

Mugabe, who became poisoned by power very quickly, has lead the beautiful country to both disaster and bankruptcy. Financially he achieved a new world record in inflation when the Zim Dollar hit 132 million % inflation some years ... [more]

By @mrmatias
You heard it here first folks! #SNOWDEN CAUGHT in Twitter's GEO-FENCE!

—It’s a divide and conquer war against activists!
—Join the boiling debate on the internet right now!

It came to the attention of the ever vigilant 2famous.TV eye today that #Snowden—the NSA whistleblower that not even the NSA knows where is right now—is wholeheartedly trending on Twitter— but still DOES NOT SHOW UP in worldwide Twitter trends!

This has caused massive speculation online whether Twitter is deliberately censoring the #Snowden hashtag.  That sure is a juicy #conspiracy theory.  More likely, however, it’s ... [more]

By knutole
Skype, Whatsapp, Viber NOT ALLOWED!

– Saudi Arabia is cracking down on internet use!

A short while ago, 2famousTV published an article entitled, “Is Twitter Becoming to Serious for the Middle East.” The article discussed the imprisonment of Kuwaiti Nabeel Rajab for 5 years for a tweet that Kuwaiti leaders didn’t take too kindly to. As of this week, leading Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star published an article highlighting a similar battle that is surfacing in Saudi Arabia.

According to the Daily Star, the Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) of Saudi Arabia has announced that Voice over IP providers like Skype, Whatsapp, and Viber must stop circumventing Saudi communication laws or face a ban in the country. How exactly they are circumventing the laws was not specified, but the basic fact is that technologies like Skype are very hard to monitor when compared with regular cell phone communication. So, it’s very likely that the S... [more]
By 2famousTV
Is Twitter Becoming Too Serious for The Middle East

We used to tweet anything, and then laugh about it and just say: Haha it’s just twitter, it’s not like it’s going to get us in trouble or really make an impact… Well those days are over now that a man was sentenced to 5 years in prison in Kuwait for what must have been the most extremely insulting tweet of all times.

Although I haven’t seen the tweet, it is hard to believe that it could be so insulting it justifies 5 years behind bars. Let’s assume the tweet was fully loaded and contained all 140 characters. That would mean this very unlucky tweep got about 12.5 days in jail for every character. If he had written a letter he would have been gone for life!

Also, do you get longer sentences if you have many followers? Will the Emir pardon you if you have less than 30 followers? Not to mention how they are going to calculate sentences for re-tweets or favorite... [more]

By @mrmatias
Famous Bloggers in Beirut: They're All Hot!

We went to a Lebanese bloggers meeting organized by Lebanon Aggregator in AltCity to learn about networking. But fuck, the girls there were just too hot! We completely forgot about our initial mission, and only filmed the pretty girls. We’re awfully sorry about this, and we’ll be more professional next time…

(See also LEBANON’s 40 MOST VISITED BLOGS WITH REVIEWS from March 27, 2012)

If any of the people that we were supposed to network with reads this, please send us a mail!

 Check out our new friends blogs! I Love Garlic Bread, Rita Kamel and Broffesional Review [more]

By 2famousTV
2famous Against Internet Censorship - Act Now

Usually, when we hear the word “censorship” we think of China. Words like “communism”, “fascism” and “dictatorship” come to our minds. It also reminds us of some of our most favorite literature, such as “1984”, “Fahrenheit 451” and “A Brave New World”.

That’s what we’ve been told to think: Since we live in a democracy, we allow the freedom of speech, and we don’t censor our media. Censorship is dangerous, and is the work of our Enemy, our TV told us, while showing us pictures of a different world of pain and horror, only to be abrupted by TV-commercials every once in a while.

And since these dictators, these beasts, would not allow their people to know the truth, it was our job to “free” these people from the horrible grip of their bloodthirsty animalistic leaders. If their people resisted our military invasions of their countries, it was only proo... [more]

By 2famousTV
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