Norway: The Spoiled Brat of the World?

Whats the point of being the richest country in the world when we are behaving as spoiled brats?

With all the problems the world faces you would think such a a country as rich as Norway would do its part in helping out. Think again. Here is an article written by, Jo Skårderud translated to English, that tells you why.

The spoiled brat of the world!

In one week the government banned begging, refused entry to injured Syrian refugees, and opened negotiations for the return of refugees to one of the world’s most repressive regimes. Norway is about to become the world’s answer to a spoiled brat.

Last week I started hating the new government. Not that I liked them before. I disliked the criticism towards farmers, lust for centralization, and attacks on the work environment law, but all this was as expected by the so called Blueblue (nickname for the right wing government). You can expect this kind of right policy from ... [more]

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Beach Culture for Snow People In Norway a Day of "Fun" in the Sun

-And yes, it includes scantily clad Scandis in the snow

Simply said, people don’t love Norway because it’s cold most of the year and sparsely populated. They love it because of its vast wealth, successful social system, and stunning natural beauty. While I had yet to witness the latter three since I moved here, last weekend I roadtripped with Fatstone.TV to cover the X2 Extreme Sports Festival in Volda and saw firsthand why everyone gets so googly about the topography.

Habitats breed particular patterns of behavior; a certain culture created through adaptation. I grew up in Florida with flip flops and lazy beach days, sweating my ass off in the sand and going for a dip in the ocean. Norway has no capacity for that, but the activities I always recognized as Beach Culture might be more universal than I presumed. No matter the climate, we all live under the same sun.

I was in new territory. An 8-hour car ride away from Oslo, Volda is a small town nestled between a fjord and mountains on the west coast of Norway.... [more]

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1 K Migrant Workers DEAD Building the Qatar World Cup! How Important Is Football?

The Qatari Government says this is normal…?

The Guardian reported a few days ago that 500 Indian workers have died while building the World Cup stadium in set for 2022 in Qatar. A few weeks ago they reported that more than 400 Nepali migrant workers have died while making the World Cup possible in the Middle Eastern Emirate. With almost 1000 dead workers from 2 countries, you might ask how many have actually already died if you included the migrant workers from other places, for example Pakistan, the Philippines and Sri Lanka, who make up more than 30% of the workforce.

If these workers were football players, then more than 90 full teams would have already died. That is 3 times as many players who will be starting the World Cup in Brazil this year.

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"My Grandmother Did Not Die To Provide Cover For Israelis Murdering Palestinian Grandmothers"

Jewish British MP Sir Gerald Kaufman discussing the situation in Israel!

“Most of my parents’ families – because my parents came here as refugees – most of my parents families were murdered in the Holocaust. When the Germans came to the town from which my mother came in Poland, Stachov, they lined up all the Jews to march to the railway station to be put in cattle-wagons. But for those who were not well enough to march, they killed them on the spot.

And they killed my grandmother who was ill in bed by shooting her in her bed. My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israelis murdering Palestinian grandmothers.”

Sir Gerald Kaufman discussing the situation in Israel after pointing out that the Israelis are literally getting away with murder. Watch the rest of the interview here:

... [more]
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Saving Lebanon One Tooth at the Time The Dental Awareness Campaign!

How one man can change the world for hundreds of children!

Like any dentist operating in Lebanon Abdalla Kassem noticed there are a lot of children who don’t receive proper dental care, let alone proper information regarding their dental hygiene. But unlike most dentists he decided to do something about it.

Kassem created the Dental Awareness Campaign to highlight the issue and educate kids in Lebanon about their teeth, especially the children who don’t even register in the “Lebanese health care system”. He gives group lectures and demonstrations teaching them how to brush teeth properly, what kind of foods cause cavities, what foods help build strong teeth, and ends with a fluoride application. He even brings a clown to paint faces and play with the kids during individual sessions. After the seminar everyone gets a child-friendly kit comprising a toothbrush, toothpaste, and other oral hygiene goodies. In this video Abdalla leads his second Dental Awareness Campaign for the children of domestic workers in L... [more]

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Travel Warning: Don´t Go to the Free Beach In TYRE! Very Dangerous Waves!

First Anti-Charter Tourist Video in Lebanon!

Tyre is undoubtedly one of the most charming cities on the Mediterranean. It has been a favorite beachtown since Alexander the Great and his crew left Greece and its poor beaches behind, mostly to hang out on the infamous beach in Sur (Tyre). The city has lately been protected from the biggest hoards of Tourists, mostly due to its location within shooting range from the Holy Land and the local politicians being labelled as terrorists – abroad.

South of Sur there is a beautiful, huge, not too populated sandy beach that you can enter for free. The problem is that this is one of the best beaches in all of the Mediterranean and if we don’t do something it probably will get overfilled with Northern European charter tourists. And if there is one thing that makes Lebanon special as a Mediterranean Country, it is probably its lack of charter tourists.

This summer the cha... [more]

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What is the Jewish Agency Paying $300 Million Annually to Hide? Israeli Apartheid!

You can find this outdying phenomenon only few kilometers South of Lebanon
Understandable infographics showing the consequences of the occupation.

The same week as Israel launched a program where they are giving scholarships to students who talk nice about Israel in Social Media, the Jewish Agency is reportedly developing its priciest campaign ever – aiming to promote Israels reputation abroad and to connect Jews with Israel. The Israeli Blog +972mag says the budget is expected to reach over 300 million dollars annually.

The Jewish Agency expects one third to be paid by the Israeli Government, aka the taxpayers. +972mag, who has been following the situation closely reports that the far more affordable and humane... [more]

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Famous People Walk for Lebanese Theater

Rumors had come to our ears that a lot of famous Lebanese actors was going to meet up to walk for a cause, so we felt obliged to support our colleagues – and perhaps get a spot in one the prestigious Lebanese gossip magazines. We also expected to be expected as we are the most famous walkers of the Lebanese internet society – we didn’t even need an invitation.

However, we didn’t quite know what we were supposed to walk for, but we were pleased, honored and flattered to see how the famous people of Lebanon are taking inspiration from us, and our Walk of Causes Project. Yesterday it turned out that we were walking to prevent the closing down of Masrah Beirut Theater.

One of the main clown organizers was no less than Abbas Bayram from the Walk for Laughter organization, and a large part of the Lebanese underground clowning... [more]

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Cairo + 25 January + 2011 = Revolution

Here are some pictures from when we revolutionized Egypt last year. It was totally awesome, except from all the killing, and that it’s still not quite over yet.

Now, there are so many revolutions happening all over the place that we lost track!

Man selling bread in revolution

... [more]
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Land Mines

After the civil war, that lasted from 1975 till 1990, Israel kept half of Lebanon occupied as some sort of “security zone”. In this “security area”, that they controlled from 1982 till 2000, they left behind several hundred thousand land mines in the Lebanese soil.

In 2006, Israel dropped an additional 4 million cluster bombs of “leftover” ammunition over Lebanon, leaving up to 49 percent bombs unexploded for children and farmers to discover in the future.

The result of the 2006 war left parts of the country in ruins, and more than 1200 people dead. Why? Because two Israeli soldiers were detained by Hezbollah, in hope of exchanging them with some of the many, many lebanese people illegally arrested by Israel. You do the math!

Salam is one of our many friends in the South. She is from Palestine, but has never been in her home country because it still is occupied by Israel. Instead she lives in one of the many refugee camps... [more]

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