"If There is a God, Then He Loves Everyone For He has Created Everyone, Equally" -Thoughts from a Gay Lebanese Teen in Australia

My name is Michael and I’m a gay teenager born and raised in Germany who lived the last 2 years in Lebanon. Currently, I am living in Australia to study. Living here has given me various perspectives about society, especially the Lebanese one.

In Lebanon, we judge others for the way they look and act. We suppress people and forbid them from living who they are. In Australia, no one cares about others. People are free to live and love and believe me, nothing makes me happier than seeing two dads going with their son to watch a movie or two moms shopping for their baby daughter. Today I watched “Prayers for Bobby”, a movie based on the true story of Bobby Griffith, a gay teenager who committed suicide because of his parents’ and society’s homophobia.

As I was watching “Prayers for Bobby”, the scene that broke everything down and made me cry was when the mothe... [more]

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I Am Rural Chic

Are you ‘Educated’ or ‘Uneducated?’

A unique feature I’ve found when searching the profiles on Manjam (the love/sex/relationship site for men) that is just as common as ‘Role’ is to mention whether you are ‘Educated’ or ‘Uneducated’

At first I didn’t think about it, but after awhile I wondered: What does that really mean? And why is everybody “Well educated” or even “Very well educated” looking for the same? I mean, how many adjectives can you put before educated?

So I asked an older friend who has been around the Beirut gay scene forever, since I trust he knows what’s up. He said it is like a filtering system between one Lebanese and another — a system of basically picking out the good apples from the bad. Then he added with a wink: “ If you fuck a truck driver then you’re a whore”.

Wow, my childhood in Sweden with Marx and Che Guevara decorating the walls started to call my name and I felt ... [more]

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Bottoms Are More Democratic

When I browse online and interact with the profiles on the “man to man sex/date/love platforms” like Manjam, Grindr, Scruff and Growler, the conversations usually look the same no matter who you talk to.

The most common question is simply: Role? Just like that, one word and a question mark. For you non male to male lovers, that means: Do you take dick up your ass or not?

The names we use are: Top — which means that you like to put your dick up a man’s ass; and Bottom — which means that you would like to have a dick up your male ass. Before all that should come something like: What is your name? Where are you from? Are you a psychopath? A serial killer? But, realistically the most common conversation looks like this:

-Hey -H r u? ( How are you) -Role?

Sometimes I write: “Dramatic, humoristic, what role do you want me to be?” to... [more]

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Send Your Ass/Cock Pics On Snapchat

The most integral part of getting laid on Internet “fuck facilitating” apps and “gay sites” like Manjam, Grindr, and Scruff, is the exchange of the obligatory cock/ass pic.

The cock or ass pic is usually the deciding factor in whether you’ll get some lustful activity or not. But the problem with it is a copyright issue. While you most definitely have to send the pic to ensure some action, you have no control over it once it’s sent into cyberspace. The world can share as it sees fit.

And usually after the initial interactions on the fuck facilitating site you move on to more intimate modes of communication, namely WhatsApp, the super popular free messenger service for smartphones.

The problem with WhatsApp is that all the cock/ass pics sent to me are automatically stored in my phone’s photo library. So when I’m scrolling through my camera roll hoping to Instagram a picture of the Hariri Mosque, I stumble upon som... [more]

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Sugar Boys & Poor Daddies

Who am I?

I’m a middle-aged Fine Art School dropout from Sweden who became a N.Y.C. Club Kid in the early 90’s. My life of born-again club kidness has made me work the club scene for 25 years now. And why am I telling you this? Well I want you to understand that I’m a punk — a fabulous lowlife with lots of creativity but no economy. I live my life as an outdoor cat and my family gave up a long time ago waiting for me to change.

But something funny happened the other day to this old and scruffy cat while browsing and chatting on the very popular gay website here in Lebanon called Manjam. All of a sudden a 22-year old Saudi guy visiting Beirut started to show interest in me. A funny conversation began.

After the usual sexy intro he wanted a pic of my dick. In my same-sex male culture, dick pics are a normal commodity, something we share globally no matter where you’re from. So when he asked for my pic I didn’... [more]

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Professor Faggot

My name is Apollo De Azizi A.K.A. Professor Faggot. I suck cock and then I have a conversation about it. I will add some academic lustful filth to 2famous.TV about my adventures in the Middle East. But first a little introduction to how I ended up in this specific academic branch.

In 2009 I studied Arabic in Syria for eight months. For the first three months I made a show of “oral chronicles” on the national radio in Sweden called “The Reality”. I reported undercover in the Damascus gay scene and called myself “A of Arabia.” For my show (and for me, of course) I went on dates in unofficial gay bars and secret gay parties reporting back on a weekly basis about what I had been through.

So now I’m back but this time out of my undercover closet and proud as Professor Faggot.

... [more]
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