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Adrian's Obsessions Summer Scandi List

The first CD I ever listened to on repeat was Ace of Base’s Happy Nation/ The Sign when it came out and changed my little life at the age of 2. Since then I’ve had faith in the Scandinavian music scene although it disappeared on me for a couple decades. But! Now I’ve got a permanent Scandi in my home and that’s what I’ll chalk this compilation up to. Plus, now that we’re authorities on being hipsters or whatever, I might as well kick off the summer with an ironic twist.

1. Ane Brun – Do You Remember I’m a sucker for throbbing, tribal drums and this song nails the fun, poppy side of it. That coupled with Ane’s deep moaning throughout the tune and her obvious accent when she slides those S’s are priceless. (Norway)

2. Alina Devecerski – Flytta På Dej Three words: Crazy, fun, danceparty! (Sweden)

3. Blár Opal – Stattu Upp You know... [more]

By Adrian

Welcome back music maniacs! I took a long-ass break but I’ve returned from around the world with some auditory gems to kick off a beautiful new year. At least — the one’s I’m totally obsessed with. Here are my top five fav songs from the past weeks.

1. Say My Name: Destiny’s Child (Cyril Hahn Remix)

One lovely Beirut evening I was cruising to Bourj Hammoud to eat some late-night foul and feteh when my friends Tres and Joanna start blasting this song. I dug the beat and then I noticed I knew it! It’s a brilliant remix of the original sass-a-frass ‘Say My Name’ but with Beyonce’s voice lowered so that it resembles a man’s. Hungry for more, I checked out other CH remixes but none are as gold as this one.

2. The Mother We Share: Churches

This is one of the songs where my obsession started at the first 5 seconds. The sweetness of this girls voice is addictive and the chorus just kills it. This ... [more]

By Adrian
Adrian's Obsessions Weekly Music List 3

It’s great to be back on a Friday (even though every day is the same day now that I’m jobless). Anyways, last week was incessant party and going out every night till the break of dawn. I was exhausted so I made a promise to chill out a bit and my list this week reflects that…kind of. Enjoy some nice varied tunes to keep you going till next week.

1. At Home: Crystal Fighters OMG DO YOU KNOW WHY THIS SONG IS ON MY LIST THIS WEEK!? I finally bought my ticket home! First time to visit the ol’ USA in over a year! I was stressing about the ridiculously expensive ticket, trying to find a good time that will suit everybody (you seriously can’t please everybody, remember MOM is #1), and other things but all that worry is gone because now it’s just smooth sailing. Listen to feel the pleasure and warmth this song brings.

2. Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools: D E N A Ok I know I said I wasn’t going to... [more]

By Adrian
Adrian's Obsessions Weekly Music List 2

Guys! What’s going on with this weather? Remember four days ago when we had that insane dry desert wind and it was stifling hot even at night? Convection oven style. But dry weather doesn’t mean dry obsessions, in fact I’m gonna get juicy this week even if I’ve got to artificially create it, ‘knaw what I’m sayin. Here are some tunes that you’ll enjoy weather you’re wet or dry 😉

1. No Djarusu – Kayente from 2famous! Did everyone see the introduction to our international branch of 2famous crew in Suriname last week!? Ok I’ve listened to all of their songs and I listen to this song about 3 times a day. 2famous is totally kicking ass in Surniame, but this song is from their visit to NYC. It’s your reggae fix for the weekend. Let it get stuck in your head. PS Keyente is ... [more]

By Adrian
Adrian's Obsessions Weekly Music List 1

Admittedly, I am no expert in the field of music; I’ve never studied it and know nothing about how its composed or whatever. I have a very selfish relationship with it really, I use and abuse, I need it I crave it and it keeps me moving forward although I contribute nothing to the field. But I am ALWAYS listening to music and definitely always dancing. In fact I discover and become obsessed with a new song everyday. Once a self-proclaimed non-music enthusiast caught on and started asking me what ‘today’s song’ was and it inspired me to create a weekly blog post with the new songs I pick up that week. Here’s my first list: Listen, read, dance and give your feedback!!

1. Push and Shove: No Doubt This is the second single from ND’s new album. I heard it while walking around the city listening to the radio on my headphones, and I stopped dead in my tracks when the chorus came on. The combo of the epic music and Gwen’s su... [more]

By Adrian
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