Sick and Tired of Lebanon? But Can't Get a Visa Anywhere Cool? This Could be The Solution For You!

Sick and tired of Lebanon – But can’t get a visa? This could be the solution for you!

If it’s because of the slow internet, the lack of possibilities, the Syrian spillover or the never ending increasing danger of sectarian violence that makes you want to leave Lebanon, this alternative could be YOUR chance to get out of Lebanon and get a “fresh” start, somewhere completely new and different.

Actually this alternative is also an alternative for the people who want, not to just leave Lebanon, but also the whole shithole called Earth. And you’d get to be on TV, perhaps even get Famous.

Not sure if you have guessed it already, but you can go to Mars – the planet! All you have to do is to go into this website, and upload a video of yourself explaining why YOU should be the one to represent humanity in outer space colonization project.

So far only 3 dedi... [more]

By @mrmatias
Beach Culture for Snow People In Norway a Day of "Fun" in the Sun

-And yes, it includes scantily clad Scandis in the snow

Simply said, people don’t love Norway because it’s cold most of the year and sparsely populated. They love it because of its vast wealth, successful social system, and stunning natural beauty. While I had yet to witness the latter three since I moved here, last weekend I roadtripped with Fatstone.TV to cover the X2 Extreme Sports Festival in Volda and saw firsthand why everyone gets so googly about the topography.

Habitats breed particular patterns of behavior; a certain culture created through adaptation. I grew up in Florida with flip flops and lazy beach days, sweating my ass off in the sand and going for a dip in the ocean. Norway has no capacity for that, but the activities I always recognized as Beach Culture might be more universal than I presumed. No matter the climate, we all live under the same sun.

I was in new territory. An 8-hour car ride away from Oslo, Volda is a small town nestled between a fjord and mountains on the west coast of Norway.... [more]

By Adrian
Legend Jarl Formoe Surfs Norway As Radio Star Ken Wassenius-Nilsen Comments

-Watch an epic surf video made by Matias 10 years ago!

The coast of Norway is harsh and cold. Jumping into the sea seems like madness for most people, but for the Surfers it’s a part of life. In this epic road trip movie we follow the now famous Ken Wassenius-Nilsen and Legendary surfer Jarl Formoe on their hunt for waves on a stormy day on the west coast of Norway.

Jarl is so super stoked about the waves that he’s scared people will find out about this secret spot. Ken is trying to figure out why they have such a nice coffee shop in Fosnavågen.

At this point in time (2004) Ken Wassenius-Nilsen wasn’t even famous yet and this might be the first documentary the NRK superstar ever directed. Now Ken has his own radio show at the Norwegian National Brodcasting, NRK, and Jarl has a sailboat and a growing family.

The location is still a bit secret since Jarl only uses fake names in the video. Or does he?

Watch the epic video from early in my career with English subtitles here:


By @mrmatias
My First Trip to the Middle East Hitchhiking Through Syria!

– We probably waited less then 15 min crossing the whole country.

These are sad days in the Middle East. Everyone is just waiting for the Americans to hit Syria. And everyone is scared of what will happen then. My friends in Syria are probably the ones that are most scared of all, and I can not forget my first meeting with the middle east, when Syria was the best country I had ever hitchhiked through and Aleppo became my favorite city of all times.

In 2008 I was hitchhiking from the North of Norway to the South of Africa, and entered Syria from Turkey. I thought Eastern Europe and Turkey was amazing, but hitchhiking through Syria was a real pleasure, and I am pretty sure Obama would have been in a different opinion about bombing Syria if he had done the same. Not that I should be nominated for a Peace Prize, or anything, but I do understand it is easier to kill people with planes from far way than to shoot them in the face.

During this trip my friend Es... [more]

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Ohh, The Places you´ll Probably Never Go: Where Everything You Buy Comes From - Factory Hopping in China!

– How I forced the Norwegian Army to know where their uniforms are being made.

How I got there: Some years ago I got a phone call from Norwatch, an NGO investigating Norwegian investments abroad as well as their ethical responsibility towards the workers. Their mission was to go to China to research the factories where the Norwegian Army’s uniforms are made and they needed a photographer. Two weeks later I was on the infamous bullet train riding 400 km an hour into Shanghai alongside Erik who leads these investigations.

Our Misson: Our job was going to be to check up on the factories where they produced Norwegian Army uniforms and investigate the working conditions. Erik, the lead journalist on the investigation, had been working on this project for a while from Norway but had come to many dead ends. That’s why he decided he had to go to China and che... [more]

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Beaches, Meat Mafia

“Adventures” on the Mediterranean Island of Corsica

Corsica is one of those places that most people would never think to travel to. It’s an obscure island outpost of France in the Mediterranean Sea stereotyped for its fiercely independent people and militant separatist culture that routinely tells France to get fucked. It has the highest per-capita murder rate in Europe, has a severed head on its flag, and the mafia runs everything. It’s also relatively inaccessible and just doesn’t have the same fairytale reputation of Paris or Provence.

For me it felt like I was going somewhere obscure and unique. It was somewhere I would never have gone unless I had someone on the inside to hook me up. Let’s be honest, an isolated island in the Eurozone is not exactly a budget friendly destination. I didn’t know what to expect before going other than that the place is beautiful, drop-dead damn fucking beautiful. And people get shot the... [more]

By Adrian, The Man
Exclusive Video: The Baby Rhino Chased us!

Can’t believe nobody got hurt!

Travelling in Nepal makes you experience so many wierd things you kind of get used to it. We often bumped into cows on the road and once during a motorcycle ride Adrian told Matias not to freak out, but that that they were being chased by a horse. You know, Nepal. It is weird and natural, and weird and natural stuff happens.

Still, it was a surprise for us when we got attacked by a baby Rihno. The Elephant in the end is the chillest one we have met so far.

... [more]
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Pokhara, Nepal: The Mecca of Paragliding Flying above The Himalayas

– “I guess today is as good as any day to die.”

With the same consistency we hear construction blaring from our Beirut apartment every morning, we found that Pokhara also had something in the mornings for us to look forward to. This hippie/trekker heaven in Nepal attracts one more group of people: paragliders. In fact, Pokhara is one of the world’s most prominent spots to fly in the sky due to its prime thermal winds coming from the picture-perfect hills and the vast, flat valleys that make landings a breeze.

From our balcony we gazed toward the sky and saw tons of colorful parachutes gliding over the lake and valleys like eagles. There was NO way we were not going to do it, so we researched a bit to find the best, most famous company to take us up. It just so happens we were renting the apartment of the owner of Pokhara’s oldest paragliding company, Blue Sky, so we called up our landlord to strike a deal.

The next day we were up at 8 in the morning and strapping ourselves to some Nepali paragl... [more]

By 2famousTV
Motorcycle Madness: Learning How to Drive In the Mountains of Nepal

Once we finally touched down in Nepal we managed to crash a traditional festival, surf on the roof of a bus, and party at a Rave in the Himalayas. However, the preferred way of Roadtriping around here seems to be by motorcycle. So when we decided to do a Nepali Road trip we had to learn how to ride first.

Other Videos from Nepal:

Here is our first video where we get wasted on the local rice beer before Jorgen blows all his cash on the Love Goddess:<... [more]

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Universal Religion 2013 Psychedelic Trance Party

Rave Party in the heart of the himalayas!
– Exclusive Video!

High up in the in the Himalayan mountains with a spectacular National Geographics view on both sides we found our way to a little Nepalese village called Bandipur. We wanted to find a quiet spot where people live a traditional life in stunning surroundings. And as we walked the streets of our new “secret” paradise, where no cars can go and the police hold hands (!), we started to run into more and more friends from Lebanon. At first we were a little puzzled, but it turned out that Paradise was the location for a massive psychedelic trance festival called Universal Religion 2013, where a few thousand people from all over the world come to party three days nonstop. Suddenly we had one hundred friends from Lebanon with us! It was almost like someone had thrown us a surprise party! So we had to kiss our “quiet getaway dream” goodbye and represent on the dance floor instead.

Here are our other videos from Nepal:

Here is our first video where we get wast... [more]

By 2famousTV
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