Exclusive Video: The Baby Rhino Chased us!

Can’t believe nobody got hurt!

Travelling in Nepal makes you experience so many wierd things you kind of get used to it. We often bumped into cows on the road and once during a motorcycle ride Adrian told Matias not to freak out, but that that they were being chased by a horse. You know, Nepal. It is weird and natural, and weird and natural stuff happens.

Still, it was a surprise for us when we got attacked by a baby Rihno. The Elephant in the end is the chillest one we have met so far.

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Pokhara, Nepal: The Mecca of Paragliding Flying above The Himalayas

– “I guess today is as good as any day to die.”

With the same consistency we hear construction blaring from our Beirut apartment every morning, we found that Pokhara also had something in the mornings for us to look forward to. This hippie/trekker heaven in Nepal attracts one more group of people: paragliders. In fact, Pokhara is one of the world’s most prominent spots to fly in the sky due to its prime thermal winds coming from the picture-perfect hills and the vast, flat valleys that make landings a breeze.

From our balcony we gazed toward the sky and saw tons of colorful parachutes gliding over the lake and valleys like eagles. There was NO way we were not going to do it, so we researched a bit to find the best, most famous company to take us up. It just so happens we were renting the apartment of the owner of Pokhara’s oldest paragliding company, Blue Sky, so we called up our landlord to strike a deal.

The next day we were up at 8 in the morning and strapping ourselves to some Nepali paragl... [more]

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Motorcycle Madness: Learning How to Drive In the Mountains of Nepal

Once we finally touched down in Nepal we managed to crash a traditional festival, surf on the roof of a bus, and party at a Rave in the Himalayas. However, the preferred way of Roadtriping around here seems to be by motorcycle. So when we decided to do a Nepali Road trip we had to learn how to ride first.

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Universal Religion 2013 Psychedelic Trance Party

Rave Party in the heart of the himalayas!
– Exclusive Video!

High up in the in the Himalayan mountains with a spectacular National Geographics view on both sides we found our way to a little Nepalese village called Bandipur. We wanted to find a quiet spot where people live a traditional life in stunning surroundings. And as we walked the streets of our new “secret” paradise, where no cars can go and the police hold hands (!), we started to run into more and more friends from Lebanon. At first we were a little puzzled, but it turned out that Paradise was the location for a massive psychedelic trance festival called Universal Religion 2013, where a few thousand people from all over the world come to party three days nonstop. Suddenly we had one hundred friends from Lebanon with us! It was almost like someone had thrown us a surprise party! So we had to kiss our “quiet getaway dream” goodbye and represent on the dance floor instead.

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Here is our first video where we get wast... [more]

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Extreme Rooftop Bus Riding In Nepal

– Its the most dangerous thing i have done in my whole life!

After celebrating a crazy and hectic festival in Kathmandu we needed to get out of the city to relax a bit! However getting out of the city would prove to be more hectic than we had thought. We bargained down the price for the local bus to Pokhara which meant we ended up holding on for our dear lives on the ROOFTOP for 8 hours.

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Fights break out at one of Nepal's crazy festivals

Once we got the first taste of Tan, Hira made it his mission to keep serving it to us and invited the 2Famous crew to take part in one of his favorite festivals in Kathmandu!

We met up with the ultimate former boxing champion leader of the neighborhood gang who warned us about the impending danger we would face at the Ajima Jatra Festival. Then we got roped into carrying their chariot around the neighborhood and it was insanely tough.

Big thanks to our in-house music composer, Eivind Marum, who is keeping the 2Famous.TV soundtrack updated — now with DUBSTEP tracks!

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Here is our first video where we get wasted on the local rice beer before Jorgen blows all his cash on the Love Goddess:

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Here is our fourth Video from Nepal:

Here is our fifth video From Nepal:

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Travel Diaries II

I flipped out — on the Norwegians!

II Flipping Out

If you’re reading this you already know that my 3 companions are Norwegian, men, and extremely well-traveled. Not like Euro-backpacking trip travelled. Like Matias has hitchhiked across the globe every which way (with no money), Jorgen has explored most of the Middle East and Asia, and Knut has taken 2000 km motorcycle trips in Southeast Asia (not to mention he came to Nepal with a bag smaller than many women’s purses) for example, and more.

So ok, I knew they were experts. But I started to freak out when the three of them would only converse in Norwegian for the first two days. For me, traveling to Nepal in and of itself was like being thrown into a whole new universe. As soon as we left the airport I was bombarded by endless dust and dirt coupled with the chaos of motorists, locals, peddlers, and beggars.

But when ... [more]

By Adrian
Travel Diaries

-My first real ADVENTURE (started off a shitshow)!

I First Impression

Here I am in Nepal! Although I’ve lived in Lebanon, Italy, and travelled around the US a bit, I still feel like I haven’t truly adventured and the concept of traveling for travelling’s sake has never been a part of me. So when Matias suggested our vacation of undetermined length be in his former host country of Nepal I was more than excited! I mean, it’s 3rd world, farther east than I’ve ever been, mega cheap, and full of the world’s most incredible natural wonders (hello Himalayas!).

Getting here was no problem, considering we spent a night in Dubai and hung out with MY internet best friend and our 2Famous Beauty Editor, Meghan O. for the first time IN REAL LIFE! She’s as badass as she is sweet and more beautiful than the midnight moon. Our friend Andrew (and my former coworker, yes I had a job once) hosted us. Let’s just say Andrew is the dream host and knows exactly how to make Dubai an exciting... [more]

By Adrian
Oh, The Places You'll Probably Never go: St. Helena

St. Helena is one of the most remote places on earth, located basically in the middle of nowhere, west of Angola in the South Atlantic. With no airport it is the perfect hide out if you need to be cut of from the world for a bit. However, it is still hard to get there.

How I got there:

I ended up on St. Helena accidentally. Some years ago I had hitchhiked to South Africa from the North of Norway (I’ll write more about that trip another time.) When I finished the journey I just hung out in Cape Town for a while. That’s where I met Mr. Dan, at an afterparty. He told me he was travelling on a sailboat due to cross the Atlantic as soon as they found an extra crew and since I was so tired of the road, I thought I’d join them and become a sailor. I wouldn’t have to see road for weeks!

The next day I didn’t even remember Dan’s nam... [more]

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