Oh, Places You’ll Probably Never Go
Ohh, The Places you´ll Probably Never Go: Where Everything You Buy Comes From - Factory Hopping in China!

– How I forced the Norwegian Army to know where their uniforms are being made.

How I got there: Some years ago I got a phone call from Norwatch, an NGO investigating Norwegian investments abroad as well as their ethical responsibility towards the workers. Their mission was to go to China to research the factories where the Norwegian Army’s uniforms are made and they needed a photographer. Two weeks later I was on the infamous bullet train riding 400 km an hour into Shanghai alongside Erik who leads these investigations.

Our Misson: Our job was going to be to check up on the factories where they produced Norwegian Army uniforms and investigate the working conditions. Erik, the lead journalist on the investigation, had been working on this project for a while from Norway but had come to many dead ends. That’s why he decided he had to go to China and che... [more]

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Oh, The Places You'll Probably Never go: Western Sahara

– The last Colony in Africa.

– Where all young people have scars from the police.

While the rest of the Arab world has been speaking out against unjust dictators the past few years, the Occupied Saharawi people of Western Sahara continue to suffer in silence due to the iron fist of the Moroccan government.

But no matter how tenaciously the authorities portray Morocco as an ideal vacation spot, just south of the Bedouin towns and tourist beaches you will find the troubled occupied territories of Western Sahara. The highly underreported conflict is still ongoing and the UN released a special report about the human rights abuses done by the Moroccan government towards the indigenous people. I went there during Christmas some years ago, eager to figure out more about the occupation.

History: Morocco annexed most of Western Sahara in 1975, when Spanish occupiers retreated during Franco’s last years. ... [more]

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Oh, The Places You'll Probably Never go: South Georgia

I never thought I would end up in Antarctica protecting myself from Fur Seals and spotting Kayaks from a sailboat in one of the harshest climates in the world. However, I was the camera man of a Kayak expedition there, and while some became the first kayakers to circumnavigate the island unsupported, I became one of the leading Kayakspotters of the south Atlantic (someone who spots kayakers on the horizon).

How I got there: I was really broke after I’d lived in Lebanon for 10 months when I received an email from an old friend who told me he was supposed to go to South Georgia to film an expedition, but had to cancel since he got sick. Finding a replacement for a 6-week expedition is extremely difficult but since he knew I was a sailor on previous trips and always up for an unplanned adventure, (LINK) he asked me if I could replace him. I was still conf... [more]

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Oh, Places You'll Probably Never Go: South of Bangladesh

The Rohingya people are native to Myanmar but of a different ethnic group and therefore considered illegal immigrants. According to the UN they are one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. Many of them have to flee to neighboring Bangladesh where they live in Ghettos and Refugee Camps. I have always been very interested in refugees, and when I had to renew my visa when I lived in Nepal, I decided to check out the South of Bangladesh and a refugee situation I knew nothing about.

How I got there: I took a plane from Kathmandu to Dokha, and then I went by bus to Chittargong, which is the second biggest city in Bangladesh and is famous for its Shipwreckyard. My preferences for a holiday might seem a bit weird in retrospect, but I have always dreamed of going to the shipwreck yard. It’s a huge beach where they take apart the biggest ships in the world, by hand.... [more]
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