Extreme Rooftop Bus Riding In Nepal

– Its the most dangerous thing i have done in my whole life!

After celebrating a crazy and hectic festival in Kathmandu we needed to get out of the city to relax a bit! However getting out of the city would prove to be more hectic than we had thought. We bargained down the price for the local bus to Pokhara which meant we ended up holding on for our dear lives on the ROOFTOP for 8 hours.

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Fights break out at one of Nepal's crazy festivals

Once we got the first taste of Tan, Hira made it his mission to keep serving it to us and invited the 2Famous crew to take part in one of his favorite festivals in Kathmandu!

We met up with the ultimate former boxing champion leader of the neighborhood gang who warned us about the impending danger we would face at the Ajima Jatra Festival. Then we got roped into carrying their chariot around the neighborhood and it was insanely tough.

Big thanks to our in-house music composer, Eivind Marum, who is keeping the 2Famous.TV soundtrack updated — now with DUBSTEP tracks!

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Here is our first video where we get wasted on the local rice beer before Jorgen blows all his cash on the Love Goddess:

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Here is our fifth video From Nepal:

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Travel Diaries II

I flipped out — on the Norwegians!

II Flipping Out

If you’re reading this you already know that my 3 companions are Norwegian, men, and extremely well-traveled. Not like Euro-backpacking trip travelled. Like Matias has hitchhiked across the globe every which way (with no money), Jorgen has explored most of the Middle East and Asia, and Knut has taken 2000 km motorcycle trips in Southeast Asia (not to mention he came to Nepal with a bag smaller than many women’s purses) for example, and more.

So ok, I knew they were experts. But I started to freak out when the three of them would only converse in Norwegian for the first two days. For me, traveling to Nepal in and of itself was like being thrown into a whole new universe. As soon as we left the airport I was bombarded by endless dust and dirt coupled with the chaos of motorists, locals, peddlers, and beggars.

But when ... [more]

By Adrian
Travel Diaries

-My first real ADVENTURE (started off a shitshow)!

I First Impression

Here I am in Nepal! Although I’ve lived in Lebanon, Italy, and travelled around the US a bit, I still feel like I haven’t truly adventured and the concept of traveling for travelling’s sake has never been a part of me. So when Matias suggested our vacation of undetermined length be in his former host country of Nepal I was more than excited! I mean, it’s 3rd world, farther east than I’ve ever been, mega cheap, and full of the world’s most incredible natural wonders (hello Himalayas!).

Getting here was no problem, considering we spent a night in Dubai and hung out with MY internet best friend and our 2Famous Beauty Editor, Meghan O. for the first time IN REAL LIFE! She’s as badass as she is sweet and more beautiful than the midnight moon. Our friend Andrew (and my former coworker, yes I had a job once) hosted us. Let’s just say Andrew is the dream host and knows exactly how to make Dubai an exciting... [more]

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Oh, The Places You'll Probably Never go: Western Sahara

– The last Colony in Africa.

– Where all young people have scars from the police.

While the rest of the Arab world has been speaking out against unjust dictators the past few years, the Occupied Saharawi people of Western Sahara continue to suffer in silence due to the iron fist of the Moroccan government.

But no matter how tenaciously the authorities portray Morocco as an ideal vacation spot, just south of the Bedouin towns and tourist beaches you will find the troubled occupied territories of Western Sahara. The highly underreported conflict is still ongoing and the UN released a special report about the human rights abuses done by the Moroccan government towards the indigenous people. I went there during Christmas some years ago, eager to figure out more about the occupation.

History: Morocco annexed most of Western Sahara in 1975, when Spanish occupiers retreated during Franco’s last years. ... [more]

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How to Buy Alcohol in Iran

There are two major stereotypes that exist about Iran today. One is the stereotype of the apocalyptic ‘merica hating Islamic Republic, which bears little or no semblance to reality. And the other is the stereotype of the binge drinking, designer drug using, sex crazed, %70 under the age of 30 atheist Iran, which bears way fucking more of a semblance to reality than the previous stereotype, even if it’s blown considerably out of proportion.

Like any other country there is a plethora of different lifestyles that exist in Iran, some more alcohol friendly than others. However, there is no question that a large slice of the Iranian population loves the sauce, the higher end the better (it is a country full of rock stars after all). The only problem is that alcohol is illegal in Iran. This makes life a little difficult, and expensive for Iran’s highly active party maniacs and casual Black Label conniseurs. So if you’re going to venture into Iran (which I h... [more]

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Oh, The Places You'll Probably Never go: South Georgia

I never thought I would end up in Antarctica protecting myself from Fur Seals and spotting Kayaks from a sailboat in one of the harshest climates in the world. However, I was the camera man of a Kayak expedition there, and while some became the first kayakers to circumnavigate the island unsupported, I became one of the leading Kayakspotters of the south Atlantic (someone who spots kayakers on the horizon).

How I got there: I was really broke after I’d lived in Lebanon for 10 months when I received an email from an old friend who told me he was supposed to go to South Georgia to film an expedition, but had to cancel since he got sick. Finding a replacement for a 6-week expedition is extremely difficult but since he knew I was a sailor on previous trips and always up for an unplanned adventure, (LINK) he asked me if I could replace him. I was still conf... [more]

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Oh, Places You'll Probably Never Go: South of Bangladesh

The Rohingya people are native to Myanmar but of a different ethnic group and therefore considered illegal immigrants. According to the UN they are one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. Many of them have to flee to neighboring Bangladesh where they live in Ghettos and Refugee Camps. I have always been very interested in refugees, and when I had to renew my visa when I lived in Nepal, I decided to check out the South of Bangladesh and a refugee situation I knew nothing about.

How I got there: I took a plane from Kathmandu to Dokha, and then I went by bus to Chittargong, which is the second biggest city in Bangladesh and is famous for its Shipwreckyard. My preferences for a holiday might seem a bit weird in retrospect, but I have always dreamed of going to the shipwreck yard. It’s a huge beach where they take apart the biggest ships in the world, by hand.... [more]
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Oh, The Places You'll Probably Never go: St. Helena

St. Helena is one of the most remote places on earth, located basically in the middle of nowhere, west of Angola in the South Atlantic. With no airport it is the perfect hide out if you need to be cut of from the world for a bit. However, it is still hard to get there.

How I got there:

I ended up on St. Helena accidentally. Some years ago I had hitchhiked to South Africa from the North of Norway (I’ll write more about that trip another time.) When I finished the journey I just hung out in Cape Town for a while. That’s where I met Mr. Dan, at an afterparty. He told me he was travelling on a sailboat due to cross the Atlantic as soon as they found an extra crew and since I was so tired of the road, I thought I’d join them and become a sailor. I wouldn’t have to see road for weeks!

The next day I didn’t even remember Dan’s nam... [more]

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The Backpacker's Guide to Lebanon

Only two years after Lebanon was Lonely Planet’s number one travel destination, it has been delisted completely because of the kidnappings, bombs, blocked roads etc that rocked the country. At the same time the Lebanese ministry of tourism obviously thinks Lebanon is safe enough to invite tourists on discounted air and hotel prices. Not even 2Famous.TV can say with absolute certainty whether this is the best time to visit. But whenever you feel Lebanon is ready to be visited, we have already prepared The Backpackers Guide for you.

See our Backpackers Guide to Beirut here.

This country may look small, but don’t let the maps fool you. Outside of Beirut, Lebanon has such a cultu... [more]

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