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Walk of Causes Complete Playlist

Here is the complete playlist for Walk of Causes, the web series in 14 episodes where we walked across Lebanon for a new cause every day. Each of the 14 episode comes with an album of photographs and a blog text to go with it. You can find links to all the episodes below this video.


Here is a complete list of all the 14 episodes with photo galleries and travel blogs:Episode 1 – For Peace and Health Episode 2 – For the Freedom of PressEpisode 3 – For all the Refugees [more]

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Walk of Causes Episode 14

Walking through Lebanon, from village to village in the mountains, took us no more than 18 days, but the experience will stay in our minds for the rest of our lives.

Why Lebanon!?!

That’s been a frequent question from our viewers throughout the screening of our web series. It’s a simple question that deserves more than a simple answer. Perhaps that is why we made this series in the first place: to show the world how Lebanon has treated us, and to show the world this beautiful country seen from our eyes. So, why Lebanon? The answer is our web series.

When we started this walk, we had some expectations about the nature and the hospitality of the Lebanese people, but in reality we had no idea. We are no athletes, and we definitely have no more experience in walking than the average city dweller. We started off with almost no preparations, no map and no tent, but it didn’t matter. Where there are people in this country, there is a place for a trav... [more]

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Walk of Causes Episode 13

Now that we’ve been on the road for quite a while, Matias’ body is finally about to give in. We expected more problems actually, as none of us have ever walked across a country before, nor exorcized. But the pain seemed to have been accumulating, and now it reached a point where we were forced to find a solution to the problem. And the solution was to sit down and rest while firing guns.

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Right after the first world war the armenian population of the ottoman empire was systematically destroyed. Their people where deported in forced marches under conditions designed to lead to the death of the deportees. Between 1 and 1,5 million people were murdered in this massacre, which is widely acknowledged to have been one of the first modern genocides.

However, due to pressure from Turkey, most coun... [more]

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Walk of Causes Episode 12

For all the orphans.

It was nice being able to wake up in a proper bed for a change, and we felt that the brothers and the sisters had taken good care of us. In this episode of Walk of Causes we enter the majestic Chouf region of the Lebanese mountains. This is the land of the Druze of Lebanon, a mystical religion that believe in reincarnation, among other things.

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There are no more than one million Druze in the world today. Two hundred and fifty thousand of these live in the Chouf, so we were really excited to meet these people.

This episode of Walk of Causes is dedicated to all the orphans in the world, and is supported by Acea.

A kid we gave a balloon

Us inside of the woman's section


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Walk of Causes Episode 11

For the rights of domestic workers

Our struggle to find a safe place to spend the night continues as we cannot sleet at the monastery where we asked for shelter. With no tent, and nothing to protect our camera equipment from rain with, our search continues.

But we were lucky and met Mr Charbel that wanted to help us in our search. Earlier that day he had been telling his children how it used to be in the villages, and how they used to welcome travelers into their homes, as you never know when it’s your turn to hit the road. The children were more than mildly surprised to see us, and wanted to offer us beds. But Mr Charbel had other plans for us.

This episode is dedicated to improve the rights for the domestic workers.

Charbel and his family showing us the way on the map

The view from the monastery where we spent the night

The orphans gathered


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Walk of Causes Episode 10

For all the homeless people.

As we’ve spent some time walking in this country by now, we realized a sport that seems to be pretty popular throughout the whole country. We never learned the official name for it, but it’s remarkable similar to one of the most famous winter activities in Norway: sledging. So, we’ve named this new kind of sport Summer Sledging. But, it turned out to be more dangerous than it first seemed.

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Finding a place to sleep had been quite easy so far on our trip, but now, as we were in the freezing mountains, with the threat of rain from the sky, and rumors of wild animals, we struggled to find a safe place to spend the night.

This episode of Walk of Causes is dedicated to all the homeless people.

A friendly man that we did n... [more]

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Walk of Causes Episode 9

As we’ve walked out of our financial problems, and Jørgen’s feet started to feel better, we met a man that told us what Lebanon used to be like during the war. We also met a woman that explained the concept of “cocktail villages”.

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Lebanon is one of the countries in the Middle East that has tasted war the most, and many regional conflicts has found their battleground on Lebanese soil. Therefore, this episode of Walk of Causes is against war.

An old man that showed us the directions

Engine, I will protect you

Trees & Jorgen



Here is a link to the complete playlist of all the 14 episodes: [more]

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Walk of Causes Episode 8

Against Poverty

Now that we’ve been on the road for quite some time, Jørgen is starting to feel it in his body. His $10 shoes seems to hold, but his feet are falling appart from the inside! And as each step is reminding him of this pain, we run out of money, which is problem that had to be dealt with urgently.

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This episode of Walk of Causes is dedicated to poverty. Fundamentally, poverty is a denial of choices and opportunities, a violation of human dignity.[1] Today, more than 1.7 billion people are estimated to live under absolute poverty, which means that they cannot afford basic human needs, such as clean water, proper nutrition, basic health care, clothes and shelter. Every day 17.000 children die fro... [more]

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Walk of Causes Episode 7

Against Discrimination – For Human Rights Watch

One of the problmes we faced in the beginning was the language barrier. We don’t speak Arabic, and Norwegian seems to be fairly useless, unless you are in Norway, of course. But now that we’ve been on the road for some time, we’ve started to master the art of body language, and have learnt how to socialize wordless without falling into awkward situations.

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This time, we walked over the magnificent mountains in Laqlouq, and ended up in Afqa.

This episode of Walk of Causes is dedicated to the fight against discrimination. We could not find any sponsors for this episode, but we support Human Rights Watch for the work they do, and would like to encourage everybody to the same.


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Walk of Causes Episode 6

Against Land Mines – Supported by Ferd

In our attempt of being true adventureres we believe that we cannot rest for too long, so after having spent the night with Nasser the Shepheard and his family we hit the road again.

We have now reached the magestic Qadisha valley, that carves its way through the mountains in the North of Lebanon. We passed popular attractions, such as the Cedars, Ehden and the village of Bcharre. But we had to keep our minds clear and not let ourselves being taken away by this beauty, as we were reaching soil infested with land mines.

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There are more than 300.000 land mines left in the lebanese soil since the civil war. In addition to this, Israel dropped more than four million cluster bombs of “leftover” ammunition over Lebanon in 2006, leaving up to 49 pe... [more]

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