Walk of Causes
Walk of Causes Episode 5

For all the nomads – supported by Neo Galleri.

When you travel by foot, you sometimes have to trust the people you meet. Lebanon is no exception. This is usually part of the beauty when you travel like this, but sometimes it can go wrong… In the previous episode of Walk of Causes, we almost got our money and credit card stolen. But we were lucky this time. We got our stuff back, and ended our uncomfortable situation with a handshake.

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In this episode of Walk of Causes, we get lost in the mountains again, and meet a man that we have no choice but to trust.

Today it’s estimated to be around 30-40 million nomads left in the world. In Lebanon there are between 100-150.000 Bedouins. Most of these live in the Bekaa valley, and... [more]

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Walk of Causes Episode 4

For all the worried mothers

From having been lost in the lebanese mountains to have learnt the local body language, we started to feel real comfortable walking across this country. And when you are traveling by foot, you constantly find yourself in the situation where you have to trust strangers. This is usually part of the beauty when you travel like this, but sometimes it can go wrong…

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This day, Jørgen’s mother sent a message saying that she was worried about her son, and wanted us to walk for all the mothers that worry about their children around the world. She had no idea that we would run into trouble that very day.

Some dudes we met on our way

Another Lebanese man

Unfinished house = ... [more]

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Walk of Causes Episode 3

For all the refugees

After having spent a whole day trying to pronounce Arabic, we understood that we probably had to find another way to communicate with the local people. A big smile on your face can usually bring you quite far, (though it didn’t take us to Tacheaa), and body language can be pretty universal. Apparenty, Jørgen believes that he can translate from Arabic to English by reading face expressions! And sometimes that’s all you need to make a new FaceBook friend from the mountains of Lebanon.

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Due to the many conflicts around the world, millions of people have had to leave their homes. Many of these have found their way to Lebanon, which is the home to more than half a million refugees.

We could not find any sponsors for this episode, so we could not give Lina any mon... [more]

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Walk of Causes Episode 2

For the freedom of press.

Lost in a thick forest in the mountains of Lebanon, we ran out of water. It was getting late, and we didn’t bring any artificial light with us. So, guided by the moonlight, we were looking for a dry place to put our head. We had put in eight hours of walking that day, probably in circles, and we were deadly tired. We could sleep anywhere.

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One of the problems we expected to meet on our way was communication with the local people. We don’t speak arabic, and are pretty novice when it comes to body language. Despite that, we had conversations for hours, joked and made friends. We made friends everywhere.

This episode is dedicated to the freedom of press. According to Reporters Without Borders, 66 journalists have been killed in 2011, and 173 are in jail for telli... [more]

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Walk of Causes Episode 1

How do you prepare yourself for the longest march of your life?

Matias called Jørgen in the morning for the last checkup, “How did you manage to put all the stuff in your rucksack? There is too much camera gear!” We had to leave the tent behind, and we forgot to bring a map. We weren’t really prepared.

Getting from Beirut to Machta Hammoud, our starting point, was piece of cake. Three bus rides and we were there. The goal was to make it to El Qbaiyat before dark, but the rucksacks that felt so light when we tried them on at home, turned into led when we hit the road. After one hour we had to stop for a beer. That’s when we met Elias. He served us whiskey, and gave us a warm bed to sleep in. The next morning, with no proper map, no GPS and no compass, we embarked on a quest through the fog into the deep forrest.

The first episode of Walk of Causes is dedicated to Peace and Health. It’s sponsored by the Norwegian UNIFIL vetera... [more]

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