Norwegian Festival Fashion: Box-Fresh Look Even While Camping

Take a look at the festival fashion at Hove!

As a recent immigrant to Oslo I can’t help but notice the strong Norwegian sense of style. Everyone walks around as if just getting off a Banana Republic-meets-Free People photo shoot, rocking box-fresh threads and highly styled looks. Being one of the world’s richest countries influences how people dress and they definitely dress like they are rich and care how they look.

Between us there is a sharp visual contrast; I, with my decades old tees (that were made decades ago and cost $1), dilapidated shoes, my aversion to makeup concealer, and dark curly hair versus the Norwegian current-season outfit, long flowing golden locks, lots of face concealer, and really clean looking shoes.

But as I prepared to camp in the woods at Hove for six nights I imagined a sort of fashion overlap. My laid-back grungy style just might mix perfectly with the relaxed atmosphere of camping, I thought. I just might look like I fit in here especially among the teens since my part... [more]

By Adrian
Say Hello To My Little Friend, The Diva Cup!

-Warning: Lots of talk about vaginas, blood, and other fun stuff

Christmas came early for yours truly this year. A sweet little lifesaver I’ve been scheming to get for ages is now my own. May I present in this blog post my newest friend, the Diva Cup!

Yep, I’m home — all warm and snuggly in beachy south Florida, tanning and making as many people I know jealous during the days, eating non-adventurous American food and going to sleep at like 11 at night. It’s totally a blast. Earlier this month I said, “Hey mom I really want this thing can you get it for me please?” and she said yes. They sell it at Whole Foods Market, five minutes away from the house so I’d have to pick it up myself.

Oh, what IS a Diva Cup you ask? Duh, according to SEO doctrine I should have answered that in the first line. But whatever. The Diva Cup is a silicone egg-shaped open cup that a lady sticks up her vag during her period in place of a tampon. The cup collects the blood and chunks (get over it) and only needs to be... [more]

By Adrian
Saving Lebanon One Tooth at the Time The Dental Awareness Campaign!

How one man can change the world for hundreds of children!

Like any dentist operating in Lebanon Abdalla Kassem noticed there are a lot of children who don’t receive proper dental care, let alone proper information regarding their dental hygiene. But unlike most dentists he decided to do something about it.

Kassem created the Dental Awareness Campaign to highlight the issue and educate kids in Lebanon about their teeth, especially the children who don’t even register in the “Lebanese health care system”. He gives group lectures and demonstrations teaching them how to brush teeth properly, what kind of foods cause cavities, what foods help build strong teeth, and ends with a fluoride application. He even brings a clown to paint faces and play with the kids during individual sessions. After the seminar everyone gets a child-friendly kit comprising a toothbrush, toothpaste, and other oral hygiene goodies. In this video Abdalla leads his second Dental Awareness Campaign for the children of domestic workers in L... [more]

By @mrmatias
Nars X Rodarte

New York Fashion Week has come and gone once again and one thing is for sure, I’m fucking happy about it! Seriously, if you guys only knew the cray cray amounts of bloggers pinning and tweeting and facebooking and google +ing, and so forth, about fashion week you would definitely want to gouge your eyeballs out with hot needles and wear a potato sack  and crocs for the rest of your life.

They should make a parody movie called “The Grinch Who Stole NYFW,” except with no conflict resolution at the end– the grinch wins and doesn’t have an enlarged heart. It’s an overdose, an assault to the senses; even for fashion fiends. Even the much beloved September issue of Vogue is taking on laughable proportions as demonstrated by the cashier I had when buying it.

“Do you want a bag for this? Or maybe you could just carry it as a weapon… LOL.” No, no lol. They charge you an extra dollar once a year for a “magazine&r... [more]

By Meghan O.
And Let Me Guide You To The Purple Rain -You gotta get ultra violet to go ultra blonde!

To get away from trashy brass, make it rain purple baby! Put simply: this is the guide to take you from tacky porno blonde to naturally Swedish. Häftigt!! So let’s get down to the brass tacks. (I’m going to fucking torture you with terrible brass puns.)

Now I know that this glamourous pose that RiRi is striking right now is going to make you say “I want brass hair!” but NO. You shut your dirty, shitty mouth right now. You are not RiRi, for she is queen of all that is fabulously scandalous– including making bad dye jobs look good. If you are ANY skin shade lighter than this and don’t glow bronze you are going to look washed out and ashy. If you’re as pale as me you can count on looking as bad as a cracked out Lindsay Lohan.

Maybe you’re saying... [more]

By Meghan O.
I Like My Eyebrows Like I Like My Gardens: Bushy. Grooming Tips For Ladies (And Gentlemen) Who Don't Pluck Good

OMFG where do I even start? Probably with the title, that makes sense, but who cares about logic?

To begin with, I said ma’a salama to the U.A.E. this past June and am settled in Connecticut. In case you don’t know what/where that is, it’s a tiny state in the U.S. right next to New York where lots of rich people live and wear fugly, puffy mountain climbing clothes in the winter because it’s colder than a witch’s titty. But you know, you can’t win ’em all.

Like our beloved Jorgo, while I’ve left the Middle East, this is not a goodbye. It’s hello from a new IP address! So enough about me and let’s get on with the show.

The divinity that is fashion designer Marc Jacobs has recently launched a 122-piece ... [more]

By Meghan O.
Chinese Fashion Can Help Lebanese Girls Stay Safe on the Beach

-And it´s not even a copy!

Overcrowded beaches, with hairy old men staring harassingly at women is a common sight in Lebanon. Seriously, freaks on the beach are getting out of control. In fact it is unusual for a girl not to be propositioned by some guy while shes enjoying her time in the sun.

Luckily the Chinese have a couple of priceless fashion Items that just might save the day!

A combination of the Face-kini and the anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings should turn most guys off, although it might be a better wintertime solution, but then again maybe its no warmer than the normal burka. The ninja look you get from the face-kini alone is scary enough to make most guys choose another beach.

It used to suck when you realized that youre newly purchased items were actually copies made in China! One of the biggest advantages wi... [more]

By @mrmatias
Summer Hair Report

How to get your own INSANE BABE HAIR!

Oh.My.Gawd. I can’t even tell you how much I loathe the line “…this product changed my life!” I mean, how much can something you buy at the store outside of food to keep you alive change your life? But I have a confession, the following products DID change my life. At least… my hair life. Major Tom to Ground Control: my hair is fucking fabulous.

I don’t care which catwalk is sporting sleeked out ballerina buns or 90’s wet looks. This Summer, you need to be focusing on two words and two words only: TEXTURE + VOLUME. Men & women rejoice because LUSH has you covered! (In case you don’t already have naturally insanely hot babe hair like our own beauty, Adrian.)

Just as in makeup, if you start with a shitty base, everything else is going to look equally terrible. So, let’s begin with shampoo- the first step to insane babe hair.


By Meghan O.
Do This Don't: Go Bare-face With Bold Lipstick

I know, I know. This may seem like crazy town to anyone who wears le maquillage on a regular basis, but I’m tellin’ ya– it’s kind of unexpectedly awesome.

Also, I’ve heard from MANY reliable sources as well as firsthand experience from living in Paris briefly myself, that this is a staple look for French girls! And who doesn’t want to look more French because, honestly, they’re classy as fuck.

So, take out your boldest, baddest, bitchin-est tube of lip color and slap that smooth baby over those luscious mouth pillows and give the big fat middle finger to your concealer!

I’m wearing my YSL Le Fuchsia which is basically the shit but if you’re on a budget try this great drugstore alternative: Revlon Just Bitten Kissing Balm Stain in L... [more]

By Meghan O.
Sexy Menstruation

Are Sexy Period Panties worth it?

Uuuuuummmmmm, the last time I checked ragging wasn’t sexy. Like ever. Nope. Just…no. As a woman who regularly periods, I can safely assure all of you that nothing about menstruating looks, feels, smells, or assumably tastes sexy. This brings me to my main point, why would anyone in their right mind ever ever ever associate having a stinky, bleeding crotch with sexiness- which is just what Dear Kate did.

Dear Kate is a company that sells expensive underwear specifically designed to make you feel sexy while on your period. In fact, Dear Kate was originally called “Sexy Period.”

Apart from its ridiculous name, no mention of their heinous prices, and dumb puns, this advertisement tells us next to nothing about these “sexy panties” other than they’re sexy and you can wear anything you want because they don’t leak. Also, can I just say I’ve never seen a person past the ag... [more]

By Meghan O.
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