See what I did there. Put two words together and BAM!– I’ve made a new word. Glamorspiration: glamorous inspiration.

I’m feeling yucky like a turd, guys. Recently I had a nasty allergic reaction to a mysterious agent that managed to grace my face this past week. Not hot and definitely NOT chic. Sadly, instead of my mod makeup tutorial I had planned I’ve had to look for beautiful things for you to stare at in it’s place. So what do you do when your eye bags look like fucking hamburger meat?? You find your dose of chicness elsewhere and I’m coming to you this week with a few of my tried and true sources for glamorspiration.

Starting off with a nice little ditty, this number is called “Das Me” by the enigmatic Brooke Candy. The song as well as the video are pretty much the best thing ever. (NSFW)

Bitch be FIERCE! The hair, the costumes, the dick wiggling– it’s an all inclusive package. Now that y... [more]

By Meghan O.
Should I Fix My Snaggletooth? Or Does it Give Me Character?

I have a rogue tooth. That bitch has been the bane of my existence for the last 8 years and I’ve recently come to the conclusion I must either accept it and rock it or fix it.

<- This is painful. Putting myself out there on a limb like that for all you #dark internet commenters to rip me a new one… Frankly, I had better close-ups than this photo which really doesn't do it justice, but I just looked like a soulless sex doll in them so that's all you get, sorry.

I've had snaggletooth since I was little. First with my crooked Bugs Bunny teeth that were corrected with FOUR YEARS of braces and a year of wearing a retainer. Then, guess what? I stopped wearing it because I thought I was "too cool"– well that and I was one lazy bitch. Then, a gap which had never been present before appeared betwe... [more]

By Meghan O.
I'm Taking a Break From Beauty To Tell You About My Undying Love For Jeff Bridges

You guys, I love me some Jeff Bridges. Jeff + Meghan O. 4eva! My mom will call me or text me internationally just to let me know if Jeff Bridges is on t.v. so I won’t miss a second of the awe-inducing piece of delicious man that is Jeff Bridges.

I don’t really remember when my infatuation initially blossomed for Jeff. (Yes, we’re on a first name basis.) Perhaps it goes back to the first time I watched “The Big Lebowski,” circa 2003. Perhaps it was residual, sub-consciously stored memories of “The Fabulous Baker Boys” that I honestly couldn’t tell you how long ago I watched.

Honestl... [more]

By Meghan O.
5 Answers To 5 Questions: 2famous.TV Fashion Poll

Get to know your favorite 2Famousers with an insider scoop to the fabulously fashionable 2Famous crew!


Mr. Matias, tell us a little bit about your favorite outfit of all time and why it has come to be your go-to getup.

“My favorite outfit is definitely my turquoise party suit that I designed myself and handmade from Nepali curtain fabrics. I have used this suit bungee jumping in the Himalayas as well as partying in Hollywood. It is VERY comfortable, as well as a lot of people get really happy when they see me in it.”

What do you most like to see the opposite sex wearing, apart from the ever obvious birthday suit?

“I always like it when the opposite sex looks good, and during my years in show biz I have reali... [more]

By Meghan O.
Lipstick Therapy: It's A Thing (That I Just Made Up)

The World Health Organization tells us that an estimated 121 million people throughout the globe suffer from depression. That’s a lot of 🙁 Also, I’ll just take this opportunity to say how much it irks me when people who live elsewhere tell me they’re “seasonally depressed” because it’s winter and cold and dark. Shut the front door and talk to me when you live in 40 degree (105 farenheit) weather. You’ll be loving those chilly days a lot more!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. People get sad, it’s a part of life. Whether you suffer from chronic depression, seasonal depression, blue days, or you’re just PMS’ing- we all have “those days.” And I say nay! Nay to days of pity parties and being a hot mess! The time has come to go head to head with the Mean Reds and get your shit together with a little something I like to ca... [more]
By Meghan O.
Santa Claus Is An Asshole, Buy Yourself "New Year's" Gifts

You can’t sit here and try to tell me that some fat old guy wearing a heinous red velvet suit and hat is hip to the fact that I want a See by Chloé bag or that new Naked palette from Urban Decay.

So, on that note, I’ve decided to create a new, after-Christmas holiday in which you indulge in your Christmas miracle gifts you got shafted on this past December.

1) Grace, A Memoir by Grace Coddington.

Yes I know reading is way fucking nerdy, but anyone who’s anyone is reading this book or already has read it (read it twice!!). Also, don’t even dare ask me who Grace Coddington is, save yourself the public embarrassment and watch The September Issue or Google it. Seriously.

2) [more]

By Meghan O.
Nothing Smells Sexier: Black Market Perfumes

That’s right, only suckers buy their signature scents at department stores– while the cool kids are over at the black market, violating the law in the name of smelling sexy.

I tend to hoard expensive perfumes as visitors to my crapper might gasp at the awe-inducing state of the collection of fancy scented waters. Did I mention I’m not rich? So how does one who is not Oprah rich afford these crazy ass perfumes you ask?? Well, I will tell you now, kiddies, my dirtiest of all dirty secrets.

At $68 (~AED 250) an ounce (that’s friggin’ TEENY), I scored a 3-ounce of BVLGARI’s Jasmin Noir Parfum for only AED 150!! I know, I know, that’s crazy talk. Now put on your leather and get your bro... [more]

By Meghan O.

Talking pubes is a hairy business, pun sort of intended. Its about time a lady spoke up on some issues that dictate her lady bits on a day to day basis– like her vagina and a woman’s right to pubes.

I get that PETA is trying to be all “save the animals” and what not, but they could do with being slightly less douchey about it. Seriously, stop being a douche, PETA.

In the majority of societies today throughout the world, its deemed unattractive, unkempt, and even unhygienic for a woman to not take some sort of measurements to protect her vaj from the dreaded pubic hair. There’s the classic razor, electric razor, scissors, depilator, hot and cold wax, and most recently laser removal where for a large sum of money you can pay a person to point a laser at your vagina and zap the living shit out of those pube... [more]

By Meghan O.

As much as I love luxurious beauty products, its hard to top a 16 oz.-sized cleanser with magical powers available at almost any store you walk into for only $10. I’m talking Cetaphil, yo! Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, to be exact.

Embarrassingly enough, I’ve only really gotten serious about skin care during the past year. I was one of the lucky ones to maintain a perfect complexion all through puberty and early twenties, managing to slip by with only a little water on the face now and then and some makeup remover. Now as I head into my mid-twenties, my skin has gone postal on my ass and my little bit ‘o’ water ain’t cutting it no more! Also, sunscreen. Apparently, [more]

By Meghan O.

For those of you living under a fucking rock, that title is a jeu de mots for the Chan Romero song “Hippy Hippy Shake.” (The one The Beatles & The Swinging Blue Jeans did a cover of.) Now on with the post!

It seems with the opening of Al Wahda Mall‘s new wing, the UK’s vegan cosmetics company that has swept the world has finally arrived in Abu Dhabi. Enter LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

Honestly, despite the video’s nearly 20-minute length, its definitely worth an attentive watch. I’ve tried out several companies that tout “natural” and “organic” and “cruelty-free” to only have their dirty laundry aired out for a public tongue-lashing, but I have yet to find one thing that has spa... [more]

By Meghan O.
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