Best of Oslo: The Grønland Market In Pictures

The selection and preparation (and consumption) of food is an effort I take seriously. Making and sharing good food is a wonderful part of life.

After growing up in California for most of my life, living in Lebanon for the past few years changed my relationship to food markets. Hole in the wall fruit & vegetable shops, corner butchers and family-owned neighborhood mini-marts are preferred places to get daily ingredients. Despite the growing “green, organic, farmer’s market” movement in Southern California, massive chain stores still dominate grocery market options. There, red-tags flag the bargains of the day throughout the seemingly endless walls of stuff. The fruits and vegetables are waxed and shined imitations of themselves. They are tasteless, like the idea buying a sweatsuit, a bicycle and apples from the same place. The dull hum of the florescent lights serves as the soundtrack of the shopping experience. It’s not the tantalizing place por... [more]

By Layal
The Possibility of Warming Our Hearts An Interview with The Outpost's IBRAHIM NEHME

It’s easy to feel like the world is turning into a cold and terrible place. Just a quick look what’s happening in the Middle East is enough to dim even the brightest heart.

Since Fall 2012, Lebanon’s beautifully designed The Outpost magazine has been on a mission to incite a socio-cultural renaissance in the Middle East through the exploration of the possibilities of change.

Their previous issues have tackled the Possibility of Moving Forward, The Possibility of Living Here (in the Arab world), The Possibility of Rewriting Our Story and other monumental themes. The issues usually include a supplemental fiction text or a creative, interactive way of connecting the reader to the theme of the issue.

The latest issue – The Possibility of Warming Our Hearts – was created with the hope of making people feel a little better during these relatively unhappy times by showcasing happiness makers in the region. In the opener, The Outpost found... [more]

By Layal
Canadian Synthpop Through Lebanon's Lens An Interview w/ Director of Electric Youth's 'Runaway' Video

Electric Youth, cherished in my heart for their dreamy electro sound and renowned for their song ‘A Real Hero’ on the Drive soundtrack, just released a video for ‘Runaway’ which is directed by Noel Paul and cast and shot in Lebanon.

Noel as you remember, was our first famous guest on the Radio Show Layal and I hosted in Beirut, so I caught up with him via email to get some insight regarding the video.

He has directed music videos for Portugal the Man, Royksopp, Bat for Lashes, and now Electric Youth — but this is the first time he has ever shot a music video in Lebanon.

The band itself is Canadian, so the link between Batroun/Beirut and Toronto isn’t obvious. But it was Noel’s idea, he said in a [more]

By Adrian
From Radio Beirut to Radio Nova Our Norwegian FM Debut: Radio Bla Bla

“We’ve had to cut out a lot of shit to get here”-Adrian

Back when Layal and I started our own radio show we broadcast through a spotty Internet source at our favorite local beer joint in Beirut.

While hardly anyone in Lebanon had good enough Internet to stream the show, and those outside Lebanon couldn’t rely on the weak stream to listen either, we were lucky enough to have the space, equipment, and support to try our hands at something I had never even done before.

The idea of two audacious and liquored up ladies spouting off stories and erotic news was novel to all five-to-ten people drinking at that bar, and for that, we are grateful. With the “anything-goes”, “be as wild as you want” and “explore your creativity” spirit, we were able to grow, evolve, and get an idea how to become better entertainers.

Radio Beirut was awesome to us.

But then we moved to Norway and things got real. Because in Norway, the radio is a BIG DEAL. Like, almost 100% of the Norwegian popula... [more]

By Adrian
Lebanon's Wickerpark Music Festival 2014 Everything You Need to Know About The Beach Party Weekend

Camping, off-festival events, environtmentalism, and the biggest acts in Lebanon

“It doesn’t get better than Wickerpark.” says Philippe Manasseh, lead singer of last year’s Canadian-Lebanese headliner Wake Island, and recent member of How Sad, also part of the 2014 lineup.

For the fourth year in a row, Junior Daou and his family open their large swath of land for a day of music, art, and environmental awareness to the Lebanese people. It is the highly anticipated grassroots project that has turned into a proper annual event on the Batroun coastline: The Wickerpark Festival.

If you’ve been to the Wickerpark Festival before, don’t just expect another one-day concert. When Daou first started WP the goal was simply ‘To make a festival where local acts get to perform on a proper stage with proper sound and light.” This year’s festival has a couple of awesome events that mark a drastic expansion since its inception as well as a fresh new line... [more]

By Adrian
Iceland is about to blow the fuck up!

Is Iceland the REAL threat to Europe?

We’re obsessed with putting our eyes on islamofacists, islafists, salafists, and, well, you know, just muslims, but is this where the real threat is coming from?

Everybody: PANIC!

Just a few weeks ago our national security was at risk, as someone thought that someone potentially dangerous might be coming from Syria to Turkey to Norway! It could have been a dangerous scenario if the politicians hadn’t acted so fast and created a state of emergency, making sure that as much panic as possible spread across this Glorious Kingdom. Bold headlines like “How is your municipality protecting YOU!?!” covered the front pages of local newspapers in the most remote villages, while untrained terror police with weapons designed for war marched the streets of our largest cities. It was a great circus, where tons of “suspicious” muslims got ratte... [more]
By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
At Least Dubai Acknowledges Unconventional Beauty Kicks Tatted Man Out For "Black Magic" More Like He was Too Sexy!

-But Berlin DJ predictably denied into Lebanon for Israeli stamp

You know what, I’m glad the Middle Eastern Gulf region is taking into account all kinds of sexy when it comes to deporting men.

Because the most recent deportee is a 55-year old German man, Rolf Buccholz, internationally known for holding the Guinness World Record in having the most body piercings.

Buchholz flew to Dubai to party it up at Circque le Soir, a club that promises to bring out all the freaks and fantasy fetish stuff, as a paid appearance. But at the Dubai Airport he was denied entry into the Emirate on the account of possibly being a High Priest of the Dark Arts and a practitioner of Black Magic. Yes, that is why he was denied entry, because he looked as sexy as a Black Magic Priest. And yes, I would probably be wooed by him.

That’s why I’m q... [more]

By Adrian
Lofoten in All Its Glory My Summer Vacation in the North of Norway

Norwegians are the masters of understatement. When something is gargantuan, they’ll say ‘It’s a bit big’ and when something’s breathtakingly beautiful, they’ll say ‘It’s nice.’ If a friend made a $10 million profit on a business deal, they’d claim he made ‘a bit of money.’

I still don’t understand whether it’s humor or specific cultural brain wiring (for example: how different cultures understand time). But there is one thing that reassures me in all of this, a ray of hope that cuts through the vague cloudiness which always has me scratching my head asking “Is he/she joking…?” — and that is when a Norwegian talks about the Lofoten Islands.

Because they don’t understate anything about it. Any Norwegian will tell you how magical Lofoten is — how emotional it is to stand next to giant mountains that dive straight into the sea, or how disoriented one b... [more]

By Adrian
Jørgen & Matias Interviewed On Norwegian Extreme Sports Channel About Beirut Rooftop Workout Vids

Looks like Fatstone.TV, Norway’s first Extreme Sports TV Channel, was in need of hilarious ways to work out so they featured our very own Matias and Jorgen and their Beirut Rooftop Workout Workshop videos on their website!

Fatstone.TV conducted a hilarious interview with the guys about everything from staying sexy in Beirut to what they’re up in Norway now. The full interview is below the video:

F: Your workout tips are fantastic and locations are just as awesome! Why did you choose to make rooftops part of your workout videos?

M & J: We were on a mission to become famous in the Middle East, so we had to work out all the time to stay fit! And in order to give something back to our dedicated fans, we decided to give away some... [more]

By 2famousTV
Hot Lebanese Model-Rapper: "It is about to be a great year!" Have We Found Our Summer Hit?

While Gaza is under attack and God only knows what is going down in Syria, Lebanese Rapper Kiki C released her single “The Mediterranean,” in which she raps “It’s about to be a great year!”

Cleverly enough Kiki C, the rapper who sounds like Ke$ha but still looks like an Arab porn popstar, avoids mentioning who this is ‘about to be a great year’ for. Upon closer listen it sounds like she’s referring to partying around the Mediterranean.

What do you think? Will this be the summer hit in Lebanon?

We couldn’t find any other songs by Kiki C but we did find this video on her youtube account:

And there is also these rhymes posted together with this picture on Facebook:

When my music get’s released, Im sure ya’ll will be amazed, I might look like a pretty face, But i make a living off my brai... [more]

By @mrmatias
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