Saving Lebanon One Tooth at the Time The Dental Awareness Campaign!

How one man can change the world for hundreds of children!

Like any dentist operating in Lebanon Abdalla Kassem noticed there are a lot of children who don’t receive proper dental care, let alone proper information regarding their dental hygiene. But unlike most dentists he decided to do something about it.

Kassem created the Dental Awareness Campaign to highlight the issue and educate kids in Lebanon about their teeth, especially the children who don’t even register in the “Lebanese health care system”. He gives group lectures and demonstrations teaching them how to brush teeth properly, what kind of foods cause cavities, what foods help build strong teeth, and ends with a fluoride application. He even brings a clown to paint faces and play with the kids during individual sessions. After the seminar everyone gets a child-friendly kit comprising a toothbrush, toothpaste, and other oral hygiene goodies. In this video Abdalla leads his second Dental Awareness Campaign for the children of domestic workers in L... [more]

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Twitter, NYTimes HACKED by Assad's Electronic Army

Activists: Your Twitter login credentials are at risk! Beware & change your password!

So another reminder today—life online is dangerous and fragile.  Not only does the American Empire do everything in its power to read your innermost secrets online—today we are reminded that even small-time dictators and their obedient lapdogs can poke devastating holes in your security and privacy online.

The Syrian Electronic Army—a Syrian group of hackers, loyal to Bashir “Baby-Eater” Assad—has struck yet again, and this time it’s big, it’s global, and it’s bad news:  Websites that ha... [more]

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What is the Jewish Agency Paying $300 Million Annually to Hide? Israeli Apartheid!

You can find this outdying phenomenon only few kilometers South of Lebanon
Understandable infographics showing the consequences of the occupation.

The same week as Israel launched a program where they are giving scholarships to students who talk nice about Israel in Social Media, the Jewish Agency is reportedly developing its priciest campaign ever – aiming to promote Israels reputation abroad and to connect Jews with Israel. The Israeli Blog +972mag says the budget is expected to reach over 300 million dollars annually.

The Jewish Agency expects one third to be paid by the Israeli Government, aka the taxpayers. +972mag, who has been following the situation closely reports that the far more affordable and humane... [more]

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Everybody is Spying on Me, and I'm Not Even Famous!

Not just advertisers — The Mukhabarat of the Free World is storing all your dirty secrets!

I must admit I’m terribly flattered.  I mean, here I am, enjoying what’s indubitably my last respite from Fame before she’s about to catch up with me too—when, lo and behold!, turns out I already have more stalkers obsessed with the intimate details of my life than swanky superstar Sylvia in La Dolce Vita ever had.  No mere Paparazzo chasing mugshots for this superstar—no siree!—I have a million digital paparazzis working round the clock recording every intimate detail of my fab life!

OK, so I’m not that special.  We all have our own private paparazzi these days, who follow us … err, whom we carry around ourselves in our smartphones and browsers and apps, with more exclusive access to our lives than Paparazzo had in his wettest dreams.

It’s already a truis... [more]

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Syria in Better Times

A nostalgic homage to one of our favorite towns in the whole world

If you’re a foreigner who’s been living in Lebanon the chances are you have ventured to Syria at some point before the political situation descended into utter tragedy. For myself, and many people I know in Lebanon, Syria is not some far-flung wild country that is the center of everything wrong with humanity, no matter what people in Beirut try to tell us (history can be complicated). Instead it is a place many of us have built a lasting affection for as a beautiful, historic country with incredibly warm people. Canadian journalist Nahlah Ayed wrote in her recent book that Syria was viewed by many in the Arab world as the embodiment of hospitality and simplicity. While that may be quite generalizing (and not the case in Lebanon), I would have to agree that there is some truth in it.

During my time in Syria I paid a few visits to the village of Al-Bara, in Idlib province, about an hour outside of Aleppo. Al-Bara is home to one of the most intact of the “d... [more]

By Adrian, The Man
Istanbul Heart of The World on Fire

– Explaining how a demonstration to save a tree could turn into a national revolution

What started as a little demonstration to protect some trees in a park in the capital of Turkey has blown into a full-grown national public resistance against the government. The police brutality continues as hundreds of thousands of people gather in the streets to demand Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s Prime Minister, to leave his post. What’s happening is huge, so we decided to give our readers a quick-and-easy background and introduction to the current situation in Turkey.

All eyes are on Turkey. The very heart of one of the greatest cities in the world is being torn and turned upside down, and the riots that started in Istanbul are spreading fast across the country. Is this some kind of an “Arab Spring” in Turkey? Or is it more like the London and Paris riots that pop up every once in a while? The answer is NO! Turkey is very much doing its own thing... [more]

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2famous.TV Goes to Nepal – Day 1: Jørgen Blows the Vacation Fund on Love Goddess

We at 2famous.TV weren’t really all that famous for stressing out, or having a job and all that stuff — until we started 2famous.TV. It’s kind of our first real job, and it’s been exhausting to our royally bloded bodies! In addition we’re seriously running out of cash – again – so we figured we’ll go somewhere cheaper for a while, while we craft a brilliant plan of making some good ol’ dollars. (We’re totally open for suggestions guys. Keep ’em coming.) So we went to Nepal to chill out in the Himalayas.

But don’t worry guys! The Beirut and U.A.E. offices are still operating, and we promise to keep you guys updated on our Eastern adventure with videos and stories. So stay tuned!

Here is our first video where we get wasted on the local rice beer before Jorgen blows all his cash on the Love Goddess:

Here is our second Video From Nepal:

Here is our third Video from Nepal:

He... [more]

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Oh, The Places You'll Probably Never go: Western Sahara

– The last Colony in Africa.

– Where all young people have scars from the police.

While the rest of the Arab world has been speaking out against unjust dictators the past few years, the Occupied Saharawi people of Western Sahara continue to suffer in silence due to the iron fist of the Moroccan government.

But no matter how tenaciously the authorities portray Morocco as an ideal vacation spot, just south of the Bedouin towns and tourist beaches you will find the troubled occupied territories of Western Sahara. The highly underreported conflict is still ongoing and the UN released a special report about the human rights abuses done by the Moroccan government towards the indigenous people. I went there during Christmas some years ago, eager to figure out more about the occupation.

History: Morocco annexed most of Western Sahara in 1975, when Spanish occupiers retreated during Franco’s last years. ... [more]

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How to Buy Alcohol in Iran

There are two major stereotypes that exist about Iran today. One is the stereotype of the apocalyptic ‘merica hating Islamic Republic, which bears little or no semblance to reality. And the other is the stereotype of the binge drinking, designer drug using, sex crazed, %70 under the age of 30 atheist Iran, which bears way fucking more of a semblance to reality than the previous stereotype, even if it’s blown considerably out of proportion.

Like any other country there is a plethora of different lifestyles that exist in Iran, some more alcohol friendly than others. However, there is no question that a large slice of the Iranian population loves the sauce, the higher end the better (it is a country full of rock stars after all). The only problem is that alcohol is illegal in Iran. This makes life a little difficult, and expensive for Iran’s highly active party maniacs and casual Black Label conniseurs. So if you’re going to venture into Iran (which I h... [more]

By Adrian, The Man
Most Popular Search Terms for Porn in the Middle East

PornMD, the world’s leading resource on you guessed it, just published the results to a world-wide porn survey in a beautifully comprehensive and eye-catching interactive map. They compiled the top 10 search words that people plug into porn sites, country by country.

As we all know, production and distribution of porn in Lebanon is illegal. But despite painfully slow internet speeds, people’s sticky-fingers still find their naughty pleasures online (Although I know porn and other ‘racy’ sites are blocked from AUB, sorry kids). Before I checked out the map I confidently assumed “feet” would be on the list since 2famous.TV gets over 50 hits on searches for feet a day (thanks foot-fetishers!) What I found out was very different.

Now let’s get analytical.

#1. Quite creative and, personally speaking, ... [more]

By Adrian
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