Shatila Refugee Camp From the Eyes of Syrian Palestinian Kids

VIDEO: As if being born a Palestinian refugee weren’t difficult enough, these three cousins are now double refugees since they fled the war in Syria for Lebanon.

2famous.TV caught up with them to get an update on their living conditions in Shatila and realized how difficult the concept of ‘home’ is to each of them. Press captions for subtitles!

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Oh, Places You'll Probably Never Go: South of Bangladesh

The Rohingya people are native to Myanmar but of a different ethnic group and therefore considered illegal immigrants. According to the UN they are one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. Many of them have to flee to neighboring Bangladesh where they live in Ghettos and Refugee Camps. I have always been very interested in refugees, and when I had to renew my visa when I lived in Nepal, I decided to check out the South of Bangladesh and a refugee situation I knew nothing about.

How I got there: I took a plane from Kathmandu to Dokha, and then I went by bus to Chittargong, which is the second biggest city in Bangladesh and is famous for its Shipwreckyard. My preferences for a holiday might seem a bit weird in retrospect, but I have always dreamed of going to the shipwreck yard. It’s a huge beach where they take apart the biggest ships in the world, by hand.... [more]
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Palestine-Syria-Lebanon: Maya (10) Is Already a Double Refugee

Only 10 years old, Maya is already a refugee for the second time. Like thousands of Palestinians she and her family have fled the civil war in Syria and taken refuge in Lebanon. Here, they now live in poor and cramped conditions in the already overcrowded Palestinian refugee camps.

Maya lives in Shatila, one of the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, where Palestinians have taken shelter for over 60 years while waiting to return to their country. The area was supposed to house a few hundred refugees when it was built in 1948. Now it houses more than 20,000 people in the same space. The streets are narrow it is immediately obvious these buildings were only supposed to reach one or two stories, now standing five or more tall. We are on our way to see how Maya and her family live in their new home in the refugee camp.

“Our house in Syria had more rooms with a salon and two bedrooms. It... [more]
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The Backpackers Guide to Beirut

Listen, before you let your family and friends dissuade you from travelling to the beautiful but slightly schizophrenic city that is Beirut, Lebanon, let us first give you a complete idea of what you’d be missing out on.

The tragic and tumultuous image is out there, yes, but it is something Lebanon struggles to rid itself of. We at 2famous have tried our best to normalize the otherwise stigmatized image that the Western media has fed us over the past decades.

When we first came here Beirut was listed as the No.1 travel destination by both New York Times and Lonely Planet. Now, three years later, with war in Syria a never ending “Spring” on every front and the occasional bomb, Beirut is not really the hottest destination for tourists anymore. That’s why the Lebanese government even launched a campaign [more]
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Educate Yourself #2 What would Jesus have Said?

– A tale from the mountains of Syria

“Holy Moly!” you may think. “Is 2famous.TV turning into some sort of a missionary project where their secret agenda of promoting Jesus Christ as the sole savior of the humankind really shining through!?!”

For those of you who got slightly excited about this: I can tell you right away that you’re on the wrong blog! (Though I do appreciate that you’ve been with us through un-Christian phases of pant pooping, pubic hair burning, butthole jokes, and our general genital obsession.)

But, really, what would Jesus have said about what’s going on in Syria today? We know he’d be kicking back with his mates on the streets of the Middle East (much like 2famousTV crew today) and chatting up girls in Aramaic, an ancient language that has almost ceased to exist. Only three small villages in the mountains of Syria managed to keep this linguistic tradition alive. Since we could... [more]

By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
Cock Checking Taboos, Vaginas, and General Genital Expertise

You girls! We’ve seen you going to the toilets together. You’re at a party, or a bar, and you take a timeout with a friend to take a piss and discuss who you are going to fuck that night. Yeah, you’re crazy like that, but that’s how you’re being put together, and it’s delightfully exotic for us men!

A couple a years ago I was at a bar in Beirut with a girl that I fancied, and as I tried to smooth talk her, a douche of a dude went for a piss, and my date went “Yalla, go to the toilet and check out his cock for me! Please! Please! Please!”. I was quite bummed out of course, as what I wanted the most was for her to check out my meat popsicle.

Dudes don’t go to the toilet together like women. We go alone, but we whip our meat sausage out in front of strangers in a line of urinals. And if you didn’t know (i.e. you’re a woman) there is a simple code of rules... [more]

By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll

A Danish prisoner walked straight out of jail in Copenhagen wearing the burka of his visitor. The woman visiting the 30 year old man was stuck in jail after he walked out.

Arne Tornvig Christensen from Nyborg State Jail says to the Danish publication “Ekstra Bladet” that he isn’t interested in giving any details about how this could happen, except that they are investigating the embarrassing situation. The woman initially wearing the burka will not be kept in jail.

In some European countries the burka and the nikab have been criminalized while this simple piece of clothing has been taken advantage of by some criminals to commit their illegal activities.

In Manchester the outfit was used to rob jewelry shop earlier this summ... [more]

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Last night 2famous went to Coop D’Etat to hang out with some of the founders and hackers and random weirdos of the anticipated Share Beirut festival that kicks off tomorrow 5th of Oct. We’ve seen posters plastered on the street, watched videos floating on facebook, and even shared some info from Nasawiya’s public USB port, but we still didn’t quite know WHAT we were supposed to expect from this Share thing.

We got a bit wasted and chatted with some people.

It all started over a decade ago, quite 2famous style, with a totally epic beach party that lasted 100 days and pulled in thousands of people. The kids of Serbia were sick of the shit they were being put through and partied their way to revolution. From that the guys formed Exit Music Festival, and eventually they decided to add a greater intellectual and revolutionary flair (while keeping the party aspect) and Share was formed.

It’s about understanding and celebrating ... [more]

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Attack on the Freedom of Press Journalist Jailed in Lebanon

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Our friend Rami Aysha just got released from jail. He’s a journalist, and Bureau Manager for Times Magazine Beirut. On August 30 he was investigating an arms smuggling story in the southern suburbs of Beirut when he got arrested by a local militia before handed over to the official intelligence that kept him for almost one month in various Lebanese prisons – without charge.

They didn’t treat him so well in jail. They broke his camera on his head, broke his finger, beat him up and shot bullets right next to his legs while he was blindfolded.

But Rami is a tough guy, and although he was a bit skinny after a month in prison, this incident will not shut him up. To bring a journalist like Rami on a jail tour of Lebanon is like throwing fuel on the fire.

As an advocate for press freedom in Lebanon Rami takes his arrest as an attack on everything that he believes in. When we told him to stay out of jail, he s... [more]

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Activist Mona Eltahawy Proves Racism is Legal While Anti-Racism is Illegal In The Good 'ol USA

BREAKING NEWS VIDEO: Anti-racist activist Mona Eltahawy was arrested in New York for expressing herself on the subway! Yesterday, Mona Eltahawy had enough of the racist and stigmatizing IDA posters on the New York Metro. And in a peaceful protest she starts spraying one of these posters… PINK.

Thanks for trying the peaceful protest Mona, we wish more people did the same, although it didn’t help you from staying out of jail.

Watch Mona’s expression of peaceful protest here:

The actual poster that lead Mona into this pink crusade against rasicm is (Just like that Mohammed movie) way too famous by now stating: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad.”

The ad first appeared in San Francisco last month and has made its way to New York. It is funded by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, a program stemming from the [more]

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