Something's Cooking in Beirut Ep. 1 in the Kitchen With Chef Tom

Making Duck Confit Salad for Le Sushi Bar’s 15th Anniversary!

I love food; I love shopping for it, preparing it, talking about it, experimenting with it, cooking it, eating it, and watching people eat or talk about it. In fact, while other people tell me they paint or sculpt or draw or make movies, I’ve always maintained that my art form was cooking. So you know what? I’m starting my own damn cooking show and I hope you guys will love it.

For my first ever episode, I wanted to go big so I went all the way to the top and that is in the kitchen with Chef Tom, a renowned professional chef in both Beirut and Dubai.

Tom is an exceptional dude, in fact, he’s down right badass! Born and raised in the Czech Republic, Tom decided he needed to get out and fled to England where started at the bottom of the kitchen rung working in Chinese restaurants as an illegal immigrant. Nine months in, Czech was finally admitted to the EU and Tom bec... [more]

By Adrian
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