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HOVE goes hardcore when L.A. rapper hits the stage

Earl Sweatshirt, who hails from my hometown adjacent city of Los Angeles (well, as you’ll see in the video, even if L.A. is the easiest point of reference on the international scene, if you grew up in the ‘burbs, never tell people who are actually from L.A. that you’re from there, because they will call your Orange County ass out so fast), shook the AMFI stage with some hard-as-fuck beats yesterday.

Small-scale hip hop shows are rarely good. When you’re just a guy with a mic and a DJ behind you, it’s hard to carry a show. It gets repetitive and boring unless you’re a fan or a live band is involved. When you’re a just a guy with a mic and a DJ behind you and you’re performing in front of a bunch of clueless drunken Scandi kids, it gets awkward. As I watched, I thought Earl was feeling the same way…that the audience was disconnected, despite his amped up performance.

As we tried to get backstage to interview MIA (I... [more]

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The Overlooked Crisis! The Downfall of Acting! Is It Because of the Situation?

Can the Lebanese Acting Industry be saved by Charity Acting?

It is easy to blame things on the “The Situation” when things are going wrong, but lately it has influenced my acting carere too much to shut up about it. Acting jobs were already so scarce that Jørgen went back to Norway to pursue his dreams there. I figured with him out of the way,I would be the only Norwegian here and acting jobs would come flying. Just like in the good old days. But I was wrong.

After being rejected from at least two castings (a bank and 7Up commercials) I figured something was wrong and I was forced to ask my agent about it. He told me production is down and actors are having a hard time getting butter on the table all over the Middle East. Auditions are crowded all over Beirut even for “Non-Speaking” roles, and if you want to get a “line”, even in a commercial, you totally need to talk Wasta (?) Which is reall... [more]

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Russell Brand Makes Fun of Rude TV Host Calls her a "Shaft Holder" LIVE on American TV

– 2Famous.TV colleague, Russel Brand, soon to come to Lebanon!

Superstar Standup Comedian and colleague actor Russel Brand recently recently used his fame to make fun of the whole MSBC TV News crew in a Live Interview.

2Famous.TV got a hold of the exclusive video where Brand challenges the hosts to talk about Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden and stuff that matters. It seemed like the hosts of the show had no idea who these iconic figures of our generation were. The subjects Brand wanted to talk about proved to be to difficult for the “journalists” who hadn´t even learned Russell Brand’s name before the interview.

But don’t worry, Russell Brand gets to call the main interviewer a “Shaft Holder” in the end of the show.

Coming to Lebanon? Our Colleague Russel Brand is reported to come to Lebanon during his up and coming world tour called the Messiah Complex, but we are still waiting for... [more]

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From Activism to Roadtripping: Full-Length Interviews with Matias and Adrial

There are only so many ways we can say ‘we’ve made it’ so we’ll leave this one open-ended. Both Matias and Adrian have been selected for prime online interviews which are below.

Matias was discovered when a famous German blogger searched the internet for information about Route 66. She found Matias’ posts and then spent two days with her eyes glued to our site watching all of the Walk of Causes and reading articles. In her blog she did an entire feature on Matias’ trip as well as 2famous in general and translated the whole thing to German.

Adrian was featured in Blog covering activism in the Middle East. Adrian was scouted out by Anthony Aslou of Aswat, an uncensorced online space for Middle Eastern activists. They have interviewed big names in the MENA region with the likes of the ed Here is her interview talking about how she j... [more]
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End of Summer Party at Sporting with Dj Lindstrøm

Last night was the last “Decks on the Beach” event that has been running every Friday at Sporting Beach Club in Beirut, and they decided to celebrate the finale by inviting Norwegian Super Star DJ Lindstrøm to play his tunes.

And it was refreshing for the 2famous.TV crew not to be the only Norwegian celebrities at a party for once. It was a killer party, and we will definitely miss those crazy nights down at the beach.

Lindstrøm playing in the beach of Beirut

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Famous People Walk for Lebanese Theater

Rumors had come to our ears that a lot of famous Lebanese actors was going to meet up to walk for a cause, so we felt obliged to support our colleagues – and perhaps get a spot in one the prestigious Lebanese gossip magazines. We also expected to be expected as we are the most famous walkers of the Lebanese internet society – we didn’t even need an invitation.

However, we didn’t quite know what we were supposed to walk for, but we were pleased, honored and flattered to see how the famous people of Lebanon are taking inspiration from us, and our Walk of Causes Project. Yesterday it turned out that we were walking to prevent the closing down of Masrah Beirut Theater.

One of the main clown organizers was no less than Abbas Bayram from the Walk for Laughter organization, and a large part of the Lebanese underground clowning... [more]

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Exclusive Interview: Slutterhouse

One of the benefits of being 2famous in Beirut is getting to hang out with the popstars… Here is our exclusive backstage interview with our friend Rabih from Slutterhouse for the premier performance for his brand new album. Pretty awesome times…

... [more]
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