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- I did NOT have sexual relations with Justin Bieber

– Says Swedish Mom

Alleged Mother of Bieber’s Child Denies any Connection to the Pop Star.

Normally teenage girls go crazy In Justin Bieber’s presence, but the Canadian Teenage Super Star is not that popular in Sweden. Recently news outlets in Scandinavia spread a rumor that Justin Bieber has a lovechild with a Swedish woman, making Cecilia Forsblom (29) FAMOUS.

Cecilia, however, denies ever having had contact with Bieber, a claim that goes against the grain of Bieber’s previous falsely rumored pregnancies. For example, the teen dream once gave a DNA test to prove his innocence a few years back when Mariah Yeater claimed she had slept with him and bore their baby.

Scandinavian news sources say Cecilia hooked up with Bieber in Florida of 2010 supposedly spending a night with him and thus creating the baby in question. In Sweden it is a bit embarrassing for grown women to have relationships with younger boys so Cecilia went directly to the newspaper denying the c... [more]

By 2famousTV
Ranked by BuzzFeed: World Hipster No. 9 #sorry

– OMG! I’m destroying the world

I know that my fans are probably going, like, “WTF! He should be sorry about his long absence from our lives! Not for being the coolest guy of all times!” ~ and I’m sorry if my fan from BuzzFeed gets disappointed by my reaction after he put me as number 9 on his recent survey “The 22 Types Of Hipster You Encounter In London“.

Well, dear fans, don’t get me wrong! I am truly sorry for coming back from my hibernation being all sorry and all, and I know it must sound retarded, but I’m seriously sorry for having destroyed the lives of thousands and thousands of frustrated parents as they hopelessly watch their long lost children walk the streets like attention seeking freaks doing all sorts of alternative shit for the sake of alternativity.

When I started the trend I had no idea that I was going to be this influential, and I mig... [more]

By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
Backstage with Guns N Roses + The Wanton Bishops and Near Surface!

– Guns N Roses Concert + Exclusive Backstage Video!

“They didn’t play Civil War!” exclaimed a disappointed 2famousTV fan.

“You think they should’ve capitalized on the opportunity?” I asked.

“Well yeah! It’s relevant here [in Lebanon].”

My own intuition had me thinking that not playing the song Civil War was a courteous thing, but there were definitely some local fans (of Guns N Roses) who felt otherwise. I thought it was a much safer bet to bank on playing the Lebanese national anthem (which they did), than a song that relates to darker days in history. Ironically, however the loudest crowd sing-along of the night was not the Lebanese national anthem, or a Guns N Roses classic, it was Axl’s cover of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall.

Regardless of what songs people did or did not want to hear, Saturday’s show at the Forum de Beyrouth was surprisingly d... [more]
By Adrian, The Man
2famousTV Tests the Stage for Guns N' Roses

Like we’ve been telling you for the past week, Guns N Roses is playing in Beirut this Saturday, March 30th and we’re giving away 2 Golden Ring Tickets if you like the 2famousTV Facebook page (and you win the draw http://2famous.TV/). Officially called “The Appetite for Democracy Tour”, Guns is going to rip through a classic set list of songs about jungles, cities, and yes, democracy.

As we are 2famousTV we have premium access to this most epic of Rock shows (obviously) and all of its inner workings. On Wednesday the 2famous crew ventured down to the Forum de Beyrouth, where the concert is being held, to talk with our homeboy Jean Carl Saliba of JK58, the company which is producing and promoting the show.

Now our buddy Jean Carl, who is Lebanese himself and only 29 years old, is not new to the business of epic Rock n Roll glory. He’s been doing this kind of thing for 9 years, and as recently a... [more]

By Adrian, The Man
2famous.TV – How a Norwegian Blog Became Famous in the Middle East

The sharpest of you that’s been with 2famous.TV from the beginning would have noticed the phases that we’ve been through; From being an out-in-the-woods adventure site to a 100% self centered look-at-me-becoming-famous kind of video blog… to the cultural magazine we are today.

And apparently, from being complete internet retards, we must have done at least something right. Nope, we haven’t made a single dollar yet, and I’m not sure if we’re the international superstars we promised you that we would be a year ago, but still… we managed to turn a blog about ourselves to become a web magazine with six dedicated writers!

Anyways, about a year ago we wrote a post for an Indian blog called It’s among the one thousand most visited websites in the world, and we thought that writing an honest article about our very own website co... [more]

By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
From Activism to Roadtripping: Full-Length Interviews with Matias and Adrial

There are only so many ways we can say ‘we’ve made it’ so we’ll leave this one open-ended. Both Matias and Adrian have been selected for prime online interviews which are below.

Matias was discovered when a famous German blogger searched the internet for information about Route 66. She found Matias’ posts and then spent two days with her eyes glued to our site watching all of the Walk of Causes and reading articles. In her blog she did an entire feature on Matias’ trip as well as 2famous in general and translated the whole thing to German.

Adrian was featured in Blog covering activism in the Middle East. Adrian was scouted out by Anthony Aslou of Aswat, an uncensorced online space for Middle Eastern activists. They have interviewed big names in the MENA region with the likes of the ed Here is her interview talking about how she j... [more]
By Adrian
2famous.TV One-Year Anniversary: The Successful and the Not-So-Successful Love Stories Revealed

Those of you who’ve been with us from the beginning have obviously noticed that 2famous.TV’s been around for a little more than a year now.

Since then we’ve been through several different phases, all the while receiving decent coverage in the Lebanese media. We have been invited to the popular TV show “Helwe Beirut” on LBCI not only once but twice. (Not to mention the time LBC Sat gave us a job offer live on TV). We also made our own little “show in the show” for Zaven of Future TV after he did a Lebanese version of [more]

By 2famousTV
Fuck Yeah!

When an old friend of 2famous.TV asked us if we’d like to make a video commercial for their facial cream for men called “Bad Norwegian” we truly felt like acknowledged ambassadors for our Kingdom. We jumped on the project and asked our fans on the internet to submit some footage. And Oh Boy! did we get fuck tons of Bad Norwegian material to choose from or what? There is a lot of naughty people out there, so we ended up making a little campaign of 8 tiny videos.

Here is the playlist:

... [more]
By 2famousTV
Black Lips Know How To Punk Rock the Middle East: Beer Pong in Beirut

VIDEO: When US Punk Rock Superstars Black Lips went on Middle East tour they finished off in Beirut. We at 2famous.TV might not be musicians, but we’re definitely rock stars, so we challenged the Punk Rock veterans for a game of Beer Pong! Beer Ping Pong Punk Rock! Or something like that…

Anyways, for those who don’t know the rules of this game, which happens to be the national game of North America by the way, it involves throwing ping pong balls into cups – and drinking beer, obviously. We’re pretty good at drinking beer, and Matias is a veteran Ping Pong champion, so we thought it would be a great way of bonding with these co-stars. We got wasted!

Thanks to the band Lazzy Lung for hooking us up! You should check them out 😉

... [more]
By 2famousTV
How We Party in Beirut Epic Video By 2famous.TV

We’ve been invited to all these “last party of the summer” for more than a month now. And we don’t quite know if we’re being scared of missing out, or if it’s just another excuse to party, but we felt that we had to go to all of them. That’s not necessarily healthy, but it’s fuck tons of fun. We’ve been to beach parties, house parties, naked parties, you name it! We at 2famous.TV are sometimes 2much into partying!

However, the season is definitely coming to an end, so party your brains out over the weekend; it might be one of your last chances to dance half naked under the moon somewhere before the winter comes to bite you.

Here is a video we did with our friend Johnny. He invited us to one of his legendary PC parties basically because he knows that we can get a party started. And, well, this was no exception. Take a look at this super sexy Beirut beach party.

... [more]
By 2famousTV
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