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Allan from Lazzy Lung Talks About New EP W/ Music Blogger Christine

All-new pop punk riffs and catchy chords — Lazzy Lung’s EP comes out with a bang!

We are happy to let you meet 2Famous.TV Radios new co-host, Christine Abi Assi. She will be helping us out with our RadioShow and she also has her own music blog; SillyGoon This is her first show where she, as our new co-host, interviews our old co-host, Allan from Lazzy Lung about their new EP.

[Christine] As you may have seen on Twitter and Facebook, I’ve just started contributing to‘s weekly radio show. The show is all about interacting with talented Lebanese and regional bands, and having them perform live and on the air.

My first interview was with Allan from Lazzy Lung, who was also co-host for the night. He and I met shortly before the start of the show. By the time the microphones had been turned on, we’d already talked about the band’s upcoming album “Sailor&rs... [more]

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Merry Christmas from 2Famous! Here Are Some Exclusive Never-Before-Seen Music Videos!!

-From Jadal, Charlie Rayne, Tanjeret Daghet and Zeid Hamdan!

While it’s still important to focus on news of our neighbors in the region, we at 2famous.TV want to brighten your holiday season with beautiful music. Merry Christmas everyone!

Our Christmas gifts to you are these never before seen videos (that Matias makes!) of superstar musicians performing on our weekly Radio Show.

Here is Charlie Rayne, young singer-songwriter, covering the poignant song I no Longer Hear the Music by The Libertines.

A few shows ago, we were blessed with an impromptu performance by world-famous Arabic rock band, Jadal. They literally touched down in Beirut and on their way to catch up with friends and grab a beer, gave us the gift of their raw beautiful music. Thing song is called Salma.

This song Jazira, by Zeid Hamdan was dedicated to all of the refugees. Thank you Zeid for your beautiful music and your touching lyrics. Not to mention the energy and love you brought to our show!

Syrian Rock star... [more]

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Syria's Best BeatBoxer: Sal G Is moving to America! Last Party Tonight at Radio Beirut

Syrian BeatBoxer Sal G, from Aleppo, is leaving to America to follow his dream of becoming a professional Beatboxer, sources close to the beatboxer tell 2Famous.TV.

Lately, Syria has not been famous for producing human beatboxers and Sal G is one of the first Arab ones to try to make it over in the US. He has been making beats for 2 years and ten months and regularly practices ten hours a day. During his stay in Lebanon Sal G has been very active in the local hip hop scene and will surely be missed by the community.

– “Tonight is going to be Sal G’s last party for a while at Radio Beirut before he goes international. The place is going to be on fire!” the Source told us.

Double A the Preacherman is hosting the show while all of Lebanon’s and Syria’s MCs are expected to attend.

Sal G BeatBoxing at the 2Famous.TV RadioShow!

Double A the Preacherman Freestyles over a Track by Allan before he is joined b... [more]

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Syrian - Filipino Hip Hop Artist, CHYNO Debuts in English With Rap About Suicide Bombing

“This is a first person narration of a suicide bomber. I wanted to humanize the situation. It is an extreme situation and nothing I condone, but I wanted to reflect the socio/political pressure that could lead one to do so. The video interprets this specific political problem in a broader everyday corporate life, correlating both situations to reveal human reaction to extreme pressure. I used to be a banker with an office job years ago and I quit my job. Pedros, the director, knew this and thought it was the best way to go to tackle such a sensitive issue,” says Nasser Shorbaji, AKA Chyno, when asked about his new song O.P.P.

The music Video is Directed by Pedros Temizian

Chyno is a Syrian-Filipino rapper, born in Manila, and raised in the Middle East. Now he resides in Barcelona and his upcoming album “Making Music to Feel at Home” is coming out in early 2014. We asked Chyno a couple of questions about his new song and upcoming album.

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Lebanese Chiptune Artist Rhea Dally Performs A Song on her Gameboy

In a brand new Avant-Gard-one-take music video!

Rhea Dally graced our 2Famous.TV Radio show on Friday for an interview and the kind of performance we weren’t expecting.

She was born and raised in Lebanon but currently resides in South Africa where she is making more chiptune/8-bit connections and collaborations. Chiptune she says, is a type of electronic music made from old gaming consoles. In fact she requires hardly any equipment to produce super fun, super dancey music that makes the floor feel like a videogame world.

Wearing a pixelated Space Invaders hoodie, Dally only had to stand up from the bar and walk onto the stage to get ready. She began the song with her head down and fingers moving fast and stayed that way for the whole performance, all the while creating widly upbeat dance music. “I played video games my whole life like Mario Cart, Space Invaders, and RPG games like World of Warcraft,” she said and progressed... [more]

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Wanton Rocks the Park, While The Incompetents are too Wicked for the masses!

Wicker Park: A Festival for both hot birds and music nerds

This past weekend, the 3rd annual Wickerpark Music festival took place on the shores of the turquoise beaches of Batroun. The festival is a yearly showcase of some of the top acts in Lebanese rock n roll, which seeks to promote Lebanese music along with environmental causes. While many festivals in Lebanon have been cancelled in recent weeks because of ongoing political bullshit, Wickerpark with its balls-out Lebanese line-up, wasn’t going to throw in the towel so easily. As a result, all of Mar Mikhael and Gemmayze migrated north for the weekend, reportedly emptying bars along the usually messy spillover outside Radio Beirut.

The festival showcased a variety of bands of varying musical tastes. Not all of the bands necessarily complemented each other well, but the diversity kept things interesting. Every band, and I mean EVERY BAND was good….(I am exempting Wake Island from this for the simple reason that I got lazy and went home before they played, like half e... [more]

By Adrian, The Man
Music From Lebanon Wicker Park Festival

– all the shooting stars of Lebanon in one place.

At a time where certain artists pull Lebanon out of their tour plan, and music festivals disappoint by canceling, the Wicker Park Festival in Batroun stand out as The happening event of the year for lovers of Lebanese music.

Junior Daou and his family have a nice piece of land right next to their house in Batroun overlooking the Mediterranean sea. So, Junior and his friends decided to use it to make a music festival featuring local Lebanese bands, turning his garden into the only real indie music festival of Lebanon, gathering the most prominent shooting stars of the ground.

– We wanted to make a festival where the local acts get to perform on a proper stage, with proper sound and light, and because we only have invited Lebanese artists no one has canceled, Junior says smiling just minutes before he opened the gates and started of the festival!

The bands playing were Jammit The Band, Postcards, Segundo Bloco, Near Surface, Wake Island, Charlie Rayne, The ... [more]

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Adrian's Obsessions Lebanese Music Edition

The coolest, newest indie music from Lebanon.

People all over the globe are secretly messaging me to send them awesome music coming out of Lebanon and now that I’ve gathered tons of juicy fresh tunes I’m ready to publish them here! Of course you can always check out the latest in local music on our Radio Show as well. Now let’s get to it.

1. This is one of the bands I’m most excited about. Loopstache! They are two incredibly talented guys, Carl and Salim, whom I see just about everywhere but want to HEAR more of!

2. Teleferik literally just popped up on my radar. Eliz, the lead singer and bassist, is born of Lebanese parents and lives in Paris. She describes the band as French-Lebanese-Japanese which is unique as hell (mostly just the Japanese part), but their sound is awesome! Eliz sings a couple songs in Arabic which you can catch on their ... [more]

By Adrian
New Lebanese Action Movie The Incompetents vs Deep Throat A Music Video by Gigi Roccati

We were supposed to act in it!

As actors in the Middle East we know better than anyone that acting jobs in Music Videos do not grow on trees. They are as hard to find as jellyfish in the desert, so when super famous movie director and artist colleague Gigi Rocatti headhunted the whole 2Famous.TV Crew to act in the new video of The Incompetents, I wouldn’t be exaggerating by saying he made our day.

Gigi already made Adrian famous in the music video he made for Zeid Hamdan’s viral hit, General Suleiman, and Matias and Jørgen too when they collaborated on the music video hit for the Beirut Marathon (under). The shoot for the new video got postponed and postponed again, and then when it finally happened we where working on another project in Nepal and missed it!

– If you have never missed a gig in favor of finding yourself on a small mountaintop in the Himalayas, you have never really acted, or at least, you won’t make it very far a [more]

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Backstage with Guns N Roses + The Wanton Bishops and Near Surface!

– Guns N Roses Concert + Exclusive Backstage Video!

“They didn’t play Civil War!” exclaimed a disappointed 2famousTV fan.

“You think they should’ve capitalized on the opportunity?” I asked.

“Well yeah! It’s relevant here [in Lebanon].”

My own intuition had me thinking that not playing the song Civil War was a courteous thing, but there were definitely some local fans (of Guns N Roses) who felt otherwise. I thought it was a much safer bet to bank on playing the Lebanese national anthem (which they did), than a song that relates to darker days in history. Ironically, however the loudest crowd sing-along of the night was not the Lebanese national anthem, or a Guns N Roses classic, it was Axl’s cover of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall.

Regardless of what songs people did or did not want to hear, Saturday’s show at the Forum de Beyrouth was surprisingly d... [more]
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