Adonis: The Band That Went From Virtual Fame to Success IRL

Interview, performance, and full podcast with Adonis & Restless Leg Syndrome
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May 2nd, 2014, Radio Beirut, in Beirut (yes).

We hosted Austrian DJ trio Restless Leg Syndrome and Adonis on our radio show. RLS gave us sneak peeks of their “flipped” tracks which were performed live the next day at Radio Beirut, then Adonis performed an extensive set and we got to know them more in depth.

Adonis is an Arabic pop/rock band that formed in 2011. Since then they have released two albums with a third one on the way. It’s already been a busy year with 3 concerts in Amman, Beirut Wave One, and at C U NXT SAT in Concrete 1994.

How did it start?Anthony: Joey and I met during college at AUB when we were both studying architecture. We were friends mostly because we liked the same type of music (Arabic), which was not a common music to like at the time, and still is not.

Define Arabic music.Anthony: good Arabic music, Joey is more fundam... [more]

By Christine Silly Goon
Electronic Music Taking Lebanon By Storm! Brand New Etyen EP Release & Loopstache Music Video

-Interviews with the artists and what’s next for the music!

This week saw two wildly-anticipated releases in the Lebanese electronic music scene.

Producer and songwriter Etyen launched the EP “Happy New Year” and Beirut’s favorite indie-pop electro duo Loopstache released a music video for a cover of the Beatles’ hit Tomorrow Never Knows.

First I caught up with Samer “Etyen” Chami who is a frequent and beloved guest on our radio show to discuss the launch of the EP.

Congratulations on the launch! How is the album being received so far?

Thank you! It’s going really well; People in the industry are telling me they love it and my fans seem to enjoy it too. Most people are giving me tons of positive feedback on the first single “Autumn” which has vocals and ... [more]

By Adrian
Its Time to Raise The Lebanese Flag!

Guest post by Karl Metni from the Unplugged Poets.

2Famous.TV has always been open for guest bloggers who have something to say. This was written by rapper/musician/poet from the Unplugged Poets, Karl Metni, and originally posted on his Facebook wall after a downtown demonstration against the bomb in Ashrafieh in 2012. Since that shocking bomb, more than six have exploded in Beirut, killing politicians, innocent civilians, and destroying city structures.

OCTOBER 21, 2012

If you’re with the Lebanese Forces, or Aoun, or Hezb Allah, or the Future movement, or any other party you’re all the same, useless sheep following useless leaders. You can criticize the fact that I only express myself here on Facebook but trust me I’d rather be sitting at home than making a mockery out of my country on national television. You can all die for all I care. In the end this is the flag I’m raising, the Lebanese flag.

By Contributor
Lebanese Rapper Double A The Preacherman Arrested in Beirut MISTAKEN FOR A SUICIDE BOMBER

-Watch videos of the suspected terrorist hip hopper here!

Lebanese freestyle legend Double A the Preacherman aka H. A. Sharafeddine is said to be arrested on allegations that he is a terrorist. On the picture of his arrest Saida’s very own Preacherman is wearing a shirt with only the top buttoned, baggie shorts, socks to his knees and look a bit confused. Double A is one of the best freestylers in the Middle East not only for his hours of un-ending freestyles but also for often lashing out verbally against authorities, corruption, and power-hungry people. But although he is big, has long beard, comes from Saida and often identifies himself as a boxer in his raps, he has not been famous for having to many contacts in the suicide arena. (except for Chyno who made his own suicide rap)

Double A, hosts a regulated open mic session every Monday night at Radio Beirut, and has often been our guest at the Radio Show. We hope he can pass by on Friday to let us know what happened and set the record straight. Rumor has it he was mi... [more]

By @mrmatias
Rock and Roll Radio & Music Videos W/ Peter Chouchani, MTL Sultan & Nachaz!

New 2Famous.TV Radio Show every Friday from Radio Beirut!

Ah, coming back to the radio was like a breath of fresh air. I’d been listening from a remote location for five shows — which was the first time I’d ever NOT been on the show! During that, I gained a whole new perspective and my excitement for our project only expanded. January 10th we welcomed guests and musicians to keep us up to date on what’s going on these days in Lebanon. Wael Abi Faker, former sound engineer to the Layal and Adrian Show, revealed what it’s like to work as a professional musician in the Lebanese Orchestra. He’s an expert french horn player who carries around a ukelele, which he played while performing an original song!

We also welcomed the editor of Lebanese social media magazine, Cloud 961 who discussed the TechCrunch article that came out claiming that Silicon Valley is losing its mojo to innovation in Beirut.

Musical performances wooed the audience. First we had up and coming singer-songwriter Peter Choucha... [more]

By Adrian
"Maybe They Like Us?" Interview w/ JadaL, the Arabic Rock Band About Lebanon, Music, & Controversy

On the day of our most hectic radio show yet (at that time), we were surprised and honored to spontaneously welcome JadaL to our stage. As they set up their impromptu set I started to ask questions but the interview timing wasn’t right so I caught up with them after, with the questions below.

A renowned Arabic rock band from Jordan, Jadal has seen fame since 2003 with their alternative approach to music in the Arab world. Mahmoud Radeideh is the lead composer and writer while Ahmed Zou’bi is the voice of the group. I asked Radeideh a few questions about his band through email and this is what he had to say.

The name JadaL means “controversial” in Arabic — have you had any controversies as a band in the Middle East? Or anything get you guys in trouble?

The controversy was generally in the style of m... [more]

By Adrian
2Famous.TV Jam Sessions The Unplugged Poets and Edd Abbas NEW SHOW ON FRIDAY

Listen in on the 2Famous.TV Radio SHOW from Radio Beirut, Every Friday!

As you must have read on the news a few weeks ago, there was an awful bomb in Downtown Beirut, Lebanon, which killed innocents and a respectable politician. A few hours later, Matias and I were hosting’s weekly radio show.

The show turned out to be a great cheering up session to all of us, especially that 2 of our guests live-performed songs they had written that same day, expressing themselves about the situation: Edd Abbas, a very talented hip-hop singer and The Unplugged Poets, an upcoming band of 4 young Lebanese who sing rap and plays rock music.

From all the guests invited that day, The Unplugged Poets were my favorite crush. I loved their avant-guardiste genre and I was truly touched with that song entitled “Sometimes It’s Hard”. Its lyrics can be read below with the video performance. Also, and most importantly, the band started hip-hop jamming right after that song with Edd Abbas! That was so cool (you can l... [more]

By Christine Silly Goon
Awkward "ON AIR" interview with Serge from The Incompetents

Christine from does her second interview with Serge from the Incompetents on the 2Famous.TV RadioShow at Radio Beirut!

Last week, I interviewed Serge Yared from The Incompetents during’s weekly radio show. He spent the majority of the show singing and playing around with his guitar, except during the few minutes we exchanged rather awkward sentences (hey, I’m still new at this).

The Incompetents are made up of Lebanese duo Fadi Tabbal and Serge Yared playing punk/rock and psychedelic/folk songs with a unique rhythm, that they define on their website as “torture with style.”

To illustrate that previous point, here are my favorite tracks, which can be found on their SoundCloud and YouTube channels. My special crush is Cannibal Urinal, with very psychedelic beats. And of course, the podcast of the whole radio show is below.

“Bullets Gently Flying over my Head” (performed during the 2Famous.TV Radio Show backed up by Charlie Rayne)... [more]

By Christine Silly Goon
Catching Up W/ Eliz Murad Badass Frontwoman of Teleferik

French-Lebanese-Japanese rock n roll band in Paris!

French-Lebanese-Japanese rock and roll band Teleferik just released an EP last week to rave reviews in all of France. I caught up with the lead singer who lives in Paris and also writes all the lyrics, Eliz Murad, to pick her brain about fronting a multi-cultural group while bridging the gap between the Middle East and Europe.

Louve Garou is the track that contributed to the name of Teleferik’s second EP . Louve Garou is a legendary and mythological animal, which has the ability to shape shift into a wolf under the moonlight.

How much does Lebanese culture influence your work?

Both my parents are Lebanese. They speak Arabic and French at home. My mother used to listen to Majda El Roumi, Fairuz, and all the Lebanese divas on the radio. I was a Michael Jackson ,James Brown, and the gospel diva fan –all the music of black Americans. Later in high school I really discovered th... [more]

By Adrian
"Nothing's Changed and We Still in This Hell" The Unplugged Poets Sing About Downtown Beirut Bombing

-Weekly Radio show falls on the day of the Downtown bombing; Poly, Ed Abbas, Miles Stone talk about it

On the day of the Downtown Beirut Bomb we had invited Super Star Polly, Hip Hop Legend Edd Abbas, The Unplugged Poets and up and coming Lebanese/Canadian rock band, Miles Stone.

– “I don’t want to be a hostage to the situation, and if we were to cancel every time these things happened we would never get to perform,” Poly tells us.

Edd Abbas, who started with hip hop lyrics in Arabic in Lebanon, tells us that the Downtown Beirut Bomb makes him want to write music. Although everyday is somehow like this.

Most prepared of all guests were The Unplugged Poets who had wasted no time by writing a song about the bomb and the situation on the same day it happened!

The young rockers from Miles Stone live in Canada but tell us they want to came back to Lebanon and “make things right”!

The show was hosted by Matias and Christine and Super shout out to Khairy for Epic sound engineering under difficult conditions.

... [more]
By @mrmatias
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