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Nude Lebanese Olympic Alpine Athlete Offered Asylum in Norway?

Watch the Video that is shocking the Arab World!

Unlike any Lebanese athletes before her, (excluding Pierre Gemayel, who as a member of Lebanon’s Football Team at the 1936 Olympics and was inspired by the efficient organization and disiplin of the Nazis, and not the ideology) Olympic skier Jackie Chamoun made a name for herself today. As a result, Lebanon is being recognized as a winter sports nation for the first time.


But no, she did not get famous for her skills as a master skistress, rather, for the almost-nude pictures and recently published video of Chamoun’s behind the scenes shoot in the beautiful snowy mountains of Lebanon. In fact, the viral video reached the homeland of skiing, Norway, today.

Baring it all in the conservative Middle East is apparently a huge problem, and lately with the rise of aggressive Islamist groups, it has become even more image-ta... [more]

By @mrmatias
Lebanese Rapper Double A The Preacherman Arrested in Beirut MISTAKEN FOR A SUICIDE BOMBER

-Watch videos of the suspected terrorist hip hopper here!

Lebanese freestyle legend Double A the Preacherman aka H. A. Sharafeddine is said to be arrested on allegations that he is a terrorist. On the picture of his arrest Saida’s very own Preacherman is wearing a shirt with only the top buttoned, baggie shorts, socks to his knees and look a bit confused. Double A is one of the best freestylers in the Middle East not only for his hours of un-ending freestyles but also for often lashing out verbally against authorities, corruption, and power-hungry people. But although he is big, has long beard, comes from Saida and often identifies himself as a boxer in his raps, he has not been famous for having to many contacts in the suicide arena. (except for Chyno who made his own suicide rap)

Double A, hosts a regulated open mic session every Monday night at Radio Beirut, and has often been our guest at the Radio Show. We hope he can pass by on Friday to let us know what happened and set the record straight. Rumor has it he was mi... [more]

By @mrmatias
Middle Eastern Artists Donate More Than $1.1 Million of Art To Help Syrian Refugee Children

Syri-Arts becomes Paddle8s most successful benefit auction!

More than 120 famous Middle Eastern artists like Mona Habtoun and Nabil Nahas donated pieces of art to be auctioned off during the Syri-Arts event that took place online and at Biel in Beirut. All of the money from the auction goes towards helping the growing number of Syrian refugee children.

Noura Jumblatt, one of the founders of Syri-Arts and wife of Lebanese MP Walid Jumblatt, can easily identify with the Syrian children as she also was exiled from Syria as a child.

“I do not think the world is aware that the minimum needs of these children aren’t being met,” she says.

The event was very successful noted Jumblatt, “The participation of artists was overwhelming and 150 artworks were donated and sold to benefit refuge children.”

Nicola Gitan, head of benefit auctions at Paddle8 says Syri-Arts is the most successful benefit auction Paddle8 has been part of.

– “Great artwork, great buyers, and a... [more]

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What is the Jewish Agency Paying $300 Million Annually to Hide? Israeli Apartheid!

You can find this outdying phenomenon only few kilometers South of Lebanon
Understandable infographics showing the consequences of the occupation.

The same week as Israel launched a program where they are giving scholarships to students who talk nice about Israel in Social Media, the Jewish Agency is reportedly developing its priciest campaign ever – aiming to promote Israels reputation abroad and to connect Jews with Israel. The Israeli Blog +972mag says the budget is expected to reach over 300 million dollars annually.

The Jewish Agency expects one third to be paid by the Israeli Government, aka the taxpayers. +972mag, who has been following the situation closely reports that the far more affordable and humane... [more]

By @mrmatias
Palestinian Hacked Zuckerbergs Personal Facebook account! - Forgot to mention the occupation!

But Facebook refuses to Pay Khalil their famous 500 dollar hackers reward!

Palestinian hacker and computer expert Khalil Shreateh just got famous last weekend after he hacked into Mark Zuckerberg’s personal Facebook account and posted messages regarding an apparent hole in the security system.

Khalil Shreateh, who by the way uses Edward Snowdens Photo as his Facebook avatar, says he was forced to tell Mark personally about the security problem. Why? Because he had previously informed Facebook’s security department about the error, and only got arrogant answers denying any mistakes.

Well they were wrong and Khalil told them by hacking Zuckerberg’s account and posting a status from it.

‘Sorry for breaking your privacy,’ he wrote in a since removed post to Zuckerberg, ‘I had no other choice…after all the reports I sent to Facebook team.’ [more]

By @mrmatias
Israel offers free education All you have to give away is your opinion! Promoting "Democracy" with bribes!

Israel plan to Bribe its own Students to get positive PR on Social Media

The day after Israel occupied even more of Palestine by approving another settlement in east Jerusalem—and a mere week after some Israeli soldiers crossed into Lebanon—the Israeli Government has decided it needs some good PR. How? By simply bribing student nationals with scholarships at its seven universities in exchange for the students making pro-Israel Facebook posts and Tweets targeted towards foreign audiences.

It is now possible to sell your opinions and get paid with education. Smooth. I guess when brainwashing your own people doesn’t work, paying them to promote scripted opinions is easier?


By @mrmatias
Uruguay Prez Mujico LEGALIZES Marijuana

The beginning of global drug legalization?

—We are doing this for the young people, because the traditional approach hasn’t worked.

It’s not every day you get to read good news, like say, political decisions that will lead to less violence and suffering. There aren’t many of those days around at all, it seems. BUT TODAY IS ONE OF THOSE DAYS!

Good morning world and be pleased to meet José “Pepe” Mujica (74)—a man who will be remembered by civilization for centuries, whose face will iconically decorate t-shirts, and whose last name will become the trending first name for newborns hipisters before the end of the decade. His name is Mujica, and he’s the president of the first country in the world to make marijuana completely legal.

Yes, the rumors are true: Uruguayan President José Mujica is about to become the biggest pot-dealer in the country, and picks up the ... [more]

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Zimbabwean Elections: Mugabe Has a Mole! Even Israeli Mercenaries Exposed!

Will the African Whistleblower lead Zimbabwe to democracy?

Dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe (89), has promised a reward of $300,000 to anyone who can provide the location of an anonymous blogger who’s been creating quite a stir in the country by exposing damaging details from high-level party meetings, allegations of voter fraud, and embarrassing gossip. He then gives private phone numbers for his fans to harass the officials in question. Now everyone wonders if the African Whistleblower will be able to effect the upcoming elections that are scheduled to be held at July 31st.

Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe with an iron fist for 33 years, and many expect him to delay or rig the elections or even stay in power if he loses.

Mugabe, who became poisoned by power very quickly, has lead the beautiful country to both disaster and bankruptcy. Financially he achieved a new world record in inflation when the Zim Dollar hit 132 million % inflation some years ... [more]

By @mrmatias
The real Law is #Fame

Thank God that #Marte is free!
But what about her less #Famous sisters?

#Marte flew safely back home today, and we are very happy for her. Thankfully her ordeal is over, at least the worst of it. Her case—when inspected beyond the screaming headlines—is much more interesting than it appears. This is not just about Marte, however—and a lot has already been said—but rather the media hysteria she got enveloped in. She became a veritabel #Superstar overnight – too Famous to jail, as it turns out, and that’s Famous with capital f!  We @2famousTV leave no stone unturned in our quest for #Fame—as we are changing the world for the better (or worse), one Like at a time!

Worldwide condemnation

A short recap: As the news of Marte’s conviction hit the fan, the Western world virtually exploded in [more]

By knutole
Norwegian Marte "got away" with rape in Dubai

– The Norwegian girl got “pardoned” by the Dubai authorities for being raped.

Marthe Dalelv(24) was sentenced to 16 months in jail for “sex outside marriage” when she got raped by her co-worker on a business trip to Dubai. Then she got fired by Janet Jackson’s husband for improper behavior (being raped).

That’s right. The Norwegian girl that got raped on a business trip to Dubai earlier this year finally got away with it, most likely due to international pressure. She was working for a Qatari company owned by billionaire Wissam Al Mana (the husband of Janet Jackson) when she got raped by one of her co-workers. When she reported this to the police the next day she was ridiculed by the officers working there, and was asked if she came to them because she didn’t like being raped. (Which brings me to think that the officers probably like getting raped, which is strange as homosexuality is just as illegal is getting raped. Must be a loophole in the law there…)

By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
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