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Marte (24) from Norway Jailed in Dubai for being Raped - Fired by Janet Jackson's Husband

Qatari Billionaire Wissam Al Mana, Husband of Ms. Jackson, fired Marte for unacceptable and improper behavior – (being raped?)

Earlier this week Marthe Dalelv was sentenced to 16 months in jail after reporting her own rape on a business trip in Dubai. Now she is stuck in desert city with no passport and even got fired from her job, by no other than Janet Jacksons husband, Wissam Al Manna billionaire and owner of the Qatari business Al Mana interiors where Marte worked.

After Marte reported the Rape to the police, she contacted her employer who suggested she change her statement to say that she had sex voluntarily. This could cause the case to be dropped, they told her. Another speculation is that the company prefers to back up the male coworker who committed the ra... [more]

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Norwegian Girl Raped in Dubai: Sentenced to 16-Months Jail For Sex Outside Marriage

“Wannabe Modern” Dubai shows Stone-Age Mentality

The number one tourist destination in the Middle East, Dubai, hits the news again with a PR stunt that will definitely make women wanting to visit the luxurious city state think twice.

Marte(24), the rape victim, was sentenced to 16 months in jail by those whom she reported it to under the charge of ‘having sex outside of marriage.” This happens to under-represented migrant worker women all the time everyday, then again it’s probably never reported anyways. Needless to say, we at 2FamousTV recognize this isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime case but it shows that Dubai boldly breaks Human Rights laws even with Norwegian citizens.

At the end of a business trip in Dubai Marte woke up while she was being raped by a coworker on her Qatar-based company trip.

In Norway it is normal to report these things to the police and so she did, perhaps without knowing how this instituti... [more]

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Gunshots and Call to Prayer Deadly Clashes in Saida!

Lebanese Army moves to crush Sheikh Assir in Saida.

Deadly clashes that have cost the lives of more than 17 soldiers and 25 gunmen have been going on in Saida the last few days. And it seems like the fighting is still going on right now.

Our friend Gihda from Saida tweeted and posted facebook updates during the clashes.

Facebook Update: Clashes have been going on for 19 hours straight NONSTOP.. We have to electricity. No Tv. No phone lines. Snipers are everywhere on top of buildings shooting whoever moves on the streets.. People are stuck in their buildings crying for help or a way to get out. I live in Hilaliyye and it’s pretty intense here. However, this has spread to all of Saida. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. Not sure what can be done.

Gunshots and Prayers. Gihda also recorded this ironic soundclip of gunshots and prayers… [soundcloud url=” [more]

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Breaking News: International Music Festival To Sweep the City

– The Biggest Festivals in Europe are coming to Beirut!

If the thought of summer ending before it even starts depresses you, let us be your Valium, as we have just received confirmation that an international music festival and conference will take place this September in Beirut. The attendees are none other than some of the biggest names in European festivals.

Get your asses to band practice local musicians, because The Beirut and Beyond International Music Festival will showcase local Lebanese talent alongside international headliners in various venues throughout Hamra.

25 of the biggest festival organizers in Europe and North Africa, including the organizers of the Roskilde festival in Denmark, Festival Timitar in Morocco, and Les Suds a Arles in France are expected to attending the conference. BBIMF’s goal is to promote, discover, and support independent and underground music from the Middle East and showcase it both in Lebanon and Europe.

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