Nude Lebanese Olympic Alpine Athlete Offered Asylum in Norway?

Watch the Video that is shocking the Arab World!

Unlike any Lebanese athletes before her, (excluding Pierre Gemayel, who as a member of Lebanon’s Football Team at the 1936 Olympics and was inspired by the efficient organization and disiplin of the Nazis, and not the ideology) Olympic skier Jackie Chamoun made a name for herself today. As a result, Lebanon is being recognized as a winter sports nation for the first time.


But no, she did not get famous for her skills as a master skistress, rather, for the almost-nude pictures and recently published video of Chamoun’s behind the scenes shoot in the beautiful snowy mountains of Lebanon. In fact, the viral video reached the homeland of skiing, Norway, today.

Baring it all in the conservative Middle East is apparently a huge problem, and lately with the rise of aggressive Islamist groups, it has become even more image-ta... [more]

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Lebanese Rapper Double A The Preacherman Arrested in Beirut MISTAKEN FOR A SUICIDE BOMBER

-Watch videos of the suspected terrorist hip hopper here!

Lebanese freestyle legend Double A the Preacherman aka H. A. Sharafeddine is said to be arrested on allegations that he is a terrorist. On the picture of his arrest Saida’s very own Preacherman is wearing a shirt with only the top buttoned, baggie shorts, socks to his knees and look a bit confused. Double A is one of the best freestylers in the Middle East not only for his hours of un-ending freestyles but also for often lashing out verbally against authorities, corruption, and power-hungry people. But although he is big, has long beard, comes from Saida and often identifies himself as a boxer in his raps, he has not been famous for having to many contacts in the suicide arena. (except for Chyno who made his own suicide rap)

Double A, hosts a regulated open mic session every Monday night at Radio Beirut, and has often been our guest at the Radio Show. We hope he can pass by on Friday to let us know what happened and set the record straight. Rumor has it he was mi... [more]

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2nd Beirut Bomb in 1 Week How Does Twitter React?

Yesterday a second bomb in the past week exploded in Beirut, once again killing innocent civilians, ruining structures, and re-inciting fear and rage in the country. Is this chaos? Is it war? Are people stung and upset or numb or strong or what? I grazed through Twitter to find some opinions.

Some details:

Building was residential, Al Manar reports, just like previous 2 attacks in south Beirut.

— Habib Battah (@habib_b) January 2, 2014

Hariri and others quickly blamed Hezbollah for Chatah assassination. Might be back to tit-for-tat bombings like we saw in August.

— Josh Wood (@woodenbeirut) January 2, 2014

Holiday bombings in vogue. Last #Beirut bombing came two days after Christmas. Today's bombing com... [more]

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Middle Eastern Artists Donate More Than $1.1 Million of Art To Help Syrian Refugee Children

Syri-Arts becomes Paddle8s most successful benefit auction!

More than 120 famous Middle Eastern artists like Mona Habtoun and Nabil Nahas donated pieces of art to be auctioned off during the Syri-Arts event that took place online and at Biel in Beirut. All of the money from the auction goes towards helping the growing number of Syrian refugee children.

Noura Jumblatt, one of the founders of Syri-Arts and wife of Lebanese MP Walid Jumblatt, can easily identify with the Syrian children as she also was exiled from Syria as a child.

“I do not think the world is aware that the minimum needs of these children aren’t being met,” she says.

The event was very successful noted Jumblatt, “The participation of artists was overwhelming and 150 artworks were donated and sold to benefit refuge children.”

Nicola Gitan, head of benefit auctions at Paddle8 says Syri-Arts is the most successful benefit auction Paddle8 has been part of.

– “Great artwork, great buyers, and a... [more]

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We found Aliens, a cure for cancer and world peace!

– a roundup of week 38

Not only did the Britons establish contact with aliens from outer space, or at least sample some of their DNA, and scientists from Lebanon finally found a cure for cancer, or at least for a certain kind of Leukemia, maybe, but it also turned out that global warming was just another scam from the Left! It turned out that the climate changes we are experiencing are just part of a natural cycle, though the communist minded anti-capitalist liberals are [more]

By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
Americans Protest Against Obama On the eve of the President's speech: Anti-war demonstrators take to the streets.

Once the golden child of global politics, President Obama has seemingly fallen from grace for his “I reserve the right and responsibility to act” statement he made recently regarding the vote put to congress to allow the U.S. military to strike Syria. Many Americans have called for their representatives to block the president’s pro-war agenda and have condemned the administration for what is thought of as ulterior motives in a move against Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad and his alleged use of chemical weapons against his own people.

Even in small towns like New Haven, Connecticut, home to the prestigious Yale University, peaceful demonstrators have taken to the streets to protest the President’s pushes for Syrian intervention. With my savvy tech skills (yeah right!), I managed to get a few interviews on my iPhone from a few of the demonstrators at Sunday evening’s gathering.

We asked Imad J., a local resident and Syrian-American, h... [more]

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Weekly roundup # 3 Non-topics of Norwegian politics

It’s election on Monday, and no one is talking about how much the “Peace Nation” Norway sucks for everyone that’s not in Norway.

I wish I could have talked about something that had something to do with the real world, but I have been living in an isolated bubble for the past week. It’s not my lack of access to the internet that has cut me off, nor is it that I’ve been occupied with setting up the 2famous.TV HQ in Oslo with Knut and Liza. True, I’ve been stressing around decorating my new room so that it will look decent till my woman arrives in 16 days (and 13 hours), but that’s not what’s kept my eyes off the world either.

To tell you the truth, I have been engulfed with senseless political propaganda and nifty slogans such as “For a better future”, “For the People” and “Vote for New Ideas”, in some kind of delusional Orwell-ish reality. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, this was the last week before the grand election in Norway, which overshadows everything in this country. No one here even knows that Obama went to Sweden on his wa... [more]

By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
Sweden grants SYRIAN REFUGEES permanent residency

— as Nobel Prize winner Obama visits Stockholm beggin’ for Bombs For Peace

It seems no matter where 2famous.TV sets up HQ, our dear Syrian friends are hanging out in the neighbouring country.  While in Lebanon, we were delighted and rather humbled to have Syria and its beautiful land and people just an hour’s drive away across the Bekaa. Now, as some of us have relocated to Oslo, Norway, our Syrian brothers and sisters are being granted a second home in what’s undoubtedly the most hospitable country in Scandinavia: our neighbour Sweden. 


It is perhaps the greatest show of solidarity and friendship with the Syrian people displayed by any non-arab nation state since the beginning of the popular uprising against Bashar Assad—an uprising which has now completely deteriorated into a civil war and is on the brink of escalating to a potential World War III.

Sweden announced Tuesday that they will give Syrian asylum seekers perman... [more]

By knutole All you Need to Know about the Assassination of Assad the Assassin

– new website launched by 2famous.TV

I’m not going to talk too much about Syria now, as I kind of think that there is way too much talk about Syria anyways. Newspapers all over the world has been pouring out tons of truth, assumptions, and lies about what’s going on – and what’s going to happen. France and the UK are just dying to kill, while the UN is begging them to “give peace and diplomacy a chance”. All they are waiting for is to get a GO from the US, and they will be back in a battlefield their grandparents have medals from.

Whatever happens it’s going to be chaotic – basically because it’s already chaotic. That’s why we figured we should try to help you navigate in the information out there, so we put together a little aggregator that will bring you tweets and articles about #Syria and #Assad.

We’re also putting together a list of bloggers to put on this s... [more]

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Black Friday: The Day They Tried To Destroy Tripoli´s Spirit:

A young Tripolitan tells his story.

It was a Friday like any other. My friend and I were at a cafe chatting when suddenly we hear a loud explosion and the whole cafe moves. It was as if an earthquake had hit Tripoli. As we rushed outside to see what was going on, people started screaming that there was an explosion and I saw a big cloud rise over the buildings close to us. It was disastrous. People around me were all terrified and some were even frustrated of what has happened to the country. I remember someone praying as my friend directly drove off to check-up on his son.

I was so shocked I took my stuff and started running home. The city had changed in a matter of minutes. Armed men showed up in the streets, cars were driving like maniacs, ambulance sirens were heard everywhere, and wherever you looked, there were people running. Hell had broken loose in Tripoli. I remember seeing two women crying as I tried to call my mom but ther... [more]

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