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Norway's Most Scandalous Cheese: The Facts, Myths, and Controversies of Brunost

What Is Brown Cheese?

“I just thought the Norwegians packaged peanut butter in a different way, you know, instead of spooning it out of a jar they served it in a block that you slice with a cheese cutter. It still tasted like peanut butter and I ate it on bread with jelly but I didn’t find out it wasn’t even peanut butter until much later.”

Babs, an American expat in Norway chuckled as she told me about her first encounters with Norwegian brunost (brown cheese). She and her Norwegian husband met in Lebanon decades ago where, at the time, he would ship in a huge box of brown cheese to satisfy his homestyle hunger.

Americans compare it to peanut butter; Brits compare it to Marmite; Many others compare it to dulce de leche. But it is none of them.

Norwegian brown cheese is not essentially cheese — it’s made with goat milk, whey, and cream — and boiled for so long that the sugar in the mixture cara... [more]

By Adrian
When Ailin Kissed Lars A Documentary about Kindergarteners in Love

Does this tiny love story reveal the true nature of men and women in relationships?

[SPOILER ALERT: watch video first!]

Norway’s most popular publication, VG, published a short documentary featuring the tumultuous tale of kindergarteners in love. At the most basic level it’s super cute, but the story unravels to reveal the sad and awkward reality of male-female views on dating, no matter the age.

The story opens in the Spring with four-year-old Ailin and five-year-old Lars explaining their budding relationship at an Oslo kindergarten. It’s a love story like many others. Girl likes boy. Boy has no clue what’s going on. Another boy feins interest in girl. Boy suddenly realizes he must have girl. Boy makes girl his girlfriend. They are in love. They talk about moving in together.

Suddenly, fate’s cruel hand whisks the boy away. He’s a year older than Ailin and must start First grade, leaving her behind in kindergarten. She still thinks about Lars fondly but manages to snag a new boyfriend. Lars on the o... [more]

By Layal
Thousands of Norwegians Almost Froze to Death After Accepting Hazardous Facebook Challenge Am I Next?

– How to get your blood pumping in the richest country in the world!

For the past few weeks, my Facebook feed has been flooded with videos of people from the North of Norway throwing themselves into super cold ice water.

The viral Facebook challenge to “Film yourself while you jump into the freezing water and challenge your friends to do the same” exploded causing thousands of people from the north of Norway to look death straight in the eyes as they jumped into the cold sea.

When you fling yourself into the arctic waters, you are entitled to challenge other people to do the same. If they decline the challenge, in most cases they have to buy you alcohol. Alcohol is pretty expensive in Norway, but is it motivation enough to risk your life?

Other challengers encourage the “losers” who don’t do it to donate money to charity. Consequently, it is said that cancer research received more than $30,000 last weekend alone!

The challenges started in the Ferøy Islands in mid April but soon migra... [more]

By @mrmatias
EXPENSIVE SHIT Get rich on poop in Norway

– No work visa required

If you live in a shithole, you should come to Norway and join the shitfest!

There is a loophole in the strict Norwegian job market, and that loophole can be found right between a grizzlys genitals and it’s tale (also known as its butthole).

Thanks to the low population and the large oil reserves Norway may be the richest country in the world, but if you’re not from Europe and want to earn some of those oil-backed crowns, you either need to have some crazy skills that makes you exceptional on the job market, or you need to go to the forest and put your hands in lukewarm excrements.

Despite the shitty weather a ton of southern europeans come to Norway every year to pick strawberries in the fields or to beg on the streets, but it seems like they might not be informed about the goldmine coming out of the king of the forrest’s asshole: the Norwegian government will pay ... [more]

By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
Weekly roundup # 3 Non-topics of Norwegian politics

It’s election on Monday, and no one is talking about how much the “Peace Nation” Norway sucks for everyone that’s not in Norway.

I wish I could have talked about something that had something to do with the real world, but I have been living in an isolated bubble for the past week. It’s not my lack of access to the internet that has cut me off, nor is it that I’ve been occupied with setting up the 2famous.TV HQ in Oslo with Knut and Liza. True, I’ve been stressing around decorating my new room so that it will look decent till my woman arrives in 16 days (and 13 hours), but that’s not what’s kept my eyes off the world either.

To tell you the truth, I have been engulfed with senseless political propaganda and nifty slogans such as “For a better future”, “For the People” and “Vote for New Ideas”, in some kind of delusional Orwell-ish reality. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, this was the last week before the grand election in Norway, which overshadows everything in this country. No one here even knows that Obama went to Sweden on his wa... [more]

By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
Ohh, The Places you´ll Probably Never Go: Where Everything You Buy Comes From - Factory Hopping in China!

– How I forced the Norwegian Army to know where their uniforms are being made.

How I got there: Some years ago I got a phone call from Norwatch, an NGO investigating Norwegian investments abroad as well as their ethical responsibility towards the workers. Their mission was to go to China to research the factories where the Norwegian Army’s uniforms are made and they needed a photographer. Two weeks later I was on the infamous bullet train riding 400 km an hour into Shanghai alongside Erik who leads these investigations.

Our Misson: Our job was going to be to check up on the factories where they produced Norwegian Army uniforms and investigate the working conditions. Erik, the lead journalist on the investigation, had been working on this project for a while from Norway but had come to many dead ends. That’s why he decided he had to go to China and che... [more]

By @mrmatias
The Con Kid Who Sold False Information to Assad And got Hired by Secret Intelligence

– Risky business, you may say. Other say extreme Bored White Man Syndrome.

Safe, stable, and boring lives, filled to the rim with paperwork (yawn), have caused white males to set off to challenge themselves and do stuff — such as climbing the highest mountains, trekking across our frosty poles in bitter solitude, or go beer hunting with their bare hands — just to confirm to their egos that Yes! I am a Man!, and life behind the boring desk can be a little more manageable. Personally I ended up crossing our oceans after I had hitch-hiked from the most northern tip of Europe to the southernmost creak of Africa.

I am not alone in my unorthodox quest for kicks. A Polish friend of mine went on holiday in Somalia, not to mention my two buddies who rode a moped from LA to Buenos Aires. People have even been jumping down from space. Now that the Asians have joined in on the trend, ... [more]
By @mrmatias
The real Law is #Fame

Thank God that #Marte is free!
But what about her less #Famous sisters?

#Marte flew safely back home today, and we are very happy for her. Thankfully her ordeal is over, at least the worst of it. Her case—when inspected beyond the screaming headlines—is much more interesting than it appears. This is not just about Marte, however—and a lot has already been said—but rather the media hysteria she got enveloped in. She became a veritabel #Superstar overnight – too Famous to jail, as it turns out, and that’s Famous with capital f!  We @2famousTV leave no stone unturned in our quest for #Fame—as we are changing the world for the better (or worse), one Like at a time!

Worldwide condemnation

A short recap: As the news of Marte’s conviction hit the fan, the Western world virtually exploded in [more]

By knutole
Norwegian Girl Raped in Dubai: Sentenced to 16-Months Jail For Sex Outside Marriage

“Wannabe Modern” Dubai shows Stone-Age Mentality

The number one tourist destination in the Middle East, Dubai, hits the news again with a PR stunt that will definitely make women wanting to visit the luxurious city state think twice.

Marte(24), the rape victim, was sentenced to 16 months in jail by those whom she reported it to under the charge of ‘having sex outside of marriage.” This happens to under-represented migrant worker women all the time everyday, then again it’s probably never reported anyways. Needless to say, we at 2FamousTV recognize this isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime case but it shows that Dubai boldly breaks Human Rights laws even with Norwegian citizens.

At the end of a business trip in Dubai Marte woke up while she was being raped by a coworker on her Qatar-based company trip.

In Norway it is normal to report these things to the police and so she did, perhaps without knowing how this instituti... [more]

By @mrmatias


A purple wallet and two mobile phones disappeared from a shop in the city of Lilletrøm Sunday afternoon. A person known to the police was observed in the area before the items disappeared, but no one managed to stop him before the possible crime might have been committed by the potential criminal, says operational leader Terje Skaftnes.

The suspect is a man in his 50s, and “He is our main suspect for having stolen the items, and we are now looking for him”, the operational leader says.



The police has lost count…

The police stopped the man driving in the distriction of Åråsen monday aftern... [more]

By 2famousTV
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