Hot Lebanese Model-Rapper: "It is about to be a great year!" Have We Found Our Summer Hit?

While Gaza is under attack and God only knows what is going down in Syria, Lebanese Rapper Kiki C released her single “The Mediterranean,” in which she raps “It’s about to be a great year!”

Cleverly enough Kiki C, the rapper who sounds like Ke$ha but still looks like an Arab porn popstar, avoids mentioning who this is ‘about to be a great year’ for. Upon closer listen it sounds like she’s referring to partying around the Mediterranean.

What do you think? Will this be the summer hit in Lebanon?

We couldn’t find any other songs by Kiki C but we did find this video on her youtube account:

And there is also these rhymes posted together with this picture on Facebook:

When my music get’s released, Im sure ya’ll will be amazed, I might look like a pretty face, But i make a living off my brai... [more]

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OMG I Miss Lebanon Beach Party Season Is Starting And I'm Not There!

And it’s not only because of these hot dudes…

It’s official. 4 of the 2famous.TV crew are now permanently settled in Norway just in time for sweater weather and midnight sun (meh). We were not missing Beirut too much when the MOST DISASTROUS storms of the century hit and were followed by the country’s most epic drought. We know what that would have meant for our tap water situation.

But now that summer is practically upon us people are Instagramming pictures of the beautiful Mediterranean beaches and gearing up for beach party season which officially starts with [more]

By Adrian
Support Syrian Women Refugees With Music & Donations @ Yukunkun

-UN research shows women are affected the most in times of conflict
-Live performances by Leb’s best: Thursday, 20 February!

By now the Syrian civil war has raged for years. It pervades almost every news source as the devastating, bloody conflict and humanitarian crisis it is. Let’s put some “current” key facts in place:

But did you know in times of conflict the biggest sufferers are not the men and soldiers on the streets. Those who suffer the greatest are women. Below is an excerpt from

War has always impacted men and women in different ways, but possibly never more so than in contemporary conflicts. While women remain a minority of combatants and perpetrators of war, they increasingly suffer the greatest harm.

In contemporary conflicts, as much as 90 pe... [more]

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Secret Walls Art Battle Tonight at Radio Beirut Im Acting in the promo video!

My first acting job for an Art Event, ever!

Art projects are a bit like acting jobs. They don´t grow on trees. Thats why i am really happy I got to act in the trailer for the super Secret Walls Art Battle that is taking place at Radio Beirut tonight!

My character was playing chess against a girl in my scene. My own name, Matias Carlsen, is very similar to the name of norwegian world champion of chess Magnus Carlsen, so it is easy to understand that I am typically been name cast for this role. To have a soft and understanding male playing chess probably reflects on how the scandinavian society is looked upon. I am sure my kind features was also important to the director.

I hope this gig can be a springboard to more important jobs in the future, but if you have any feedback on how I can improve my acting, let me know! Check the video and info about the event below:

Secret Walls is the World’s premier live art battle. Taki... [more]

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Aspiring Danish Gonzo Writer Goes to His First Lebanese Rave Does He Survive the Final Kaotik System Party?

Stefan is a Danish art student studying in Beirut this year. He’s also a writer and contacted 2Famous to contribute to our site. We liked his work and sent him on his first 2famous mission. If YOU want to contribute to 2famous, shoot us an email about yourself and a sample of your work and we’ll get back to you.

I went on this undercover mission for, going to this rave, the ten year anniversary of Kaotik System, in the Country club/resort of Baissour. School got postponed, school was out. I have been here in Lebanon for nearly two months, and this is my beginning. I wanted to get away from Denmark. I wanted to be a better writer. I wanted to get more comfortable with Lebanese culture. Well, this seemed like a good place to start. Or no? I’d have to find out:

Friday. We were going slowly out of Baissour. I was picked up in Beirut by this Swedish-Lebanese couple with their dog. Okay, they were Swedish, some ki... [more]

By Contributor
Party With a Pure Heart: 3-Day Kaotik System Festival Encourages You To Bring Toys To Donate

-It’s the very last Kaotik System party!

Join Kaotik System for one final party in Baysour and bring your toys — to donate to Syrian children.

Last Friday on our Radio Show Gayath Dakroub told us about the very last Kaotic System Festival taking place weekend Nov 1,2,3. For ten years KS has thrown crazy electronic music parties all over Lebanon in the mountains, under giant trees, on stairs, in haunted houses — you name it. This weekend marks the end of an electro-party era, hopefully taken up but someone else next.

Unlike other electronic music festivals in Lebanon, this one will be a daytime-festival meaning all the acts will finish by midnight. Well-known DJ’s will spin techno, Dub, IDM, Drum & Bass, Breakcore, Jungle, Hardcore and other genres in the absolutely beautiful valley of Baysour. We’ve partied here before — under the canopy of the forest with a crystal clear river winding up and d... [more]

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Lebanese Chiptune Artist Rhea Dally Performs A Song on her Gameboy

In a brand new Avant-Gard-one-take music video!

Rhea Dally graced our 2Famous.TV Radio show on Friday for an interview and the kind of performance we weren’t expecting.

She was born and raised in Lebanon but currently resides in South Africa where she is making more chiptune/8-bit connections and collaborations. Chiptune she says, is a type of electronic music made from old gaming consoles. In fact she requires hardly any equipment to produce super fun, super dancey music that makes the floor feel like a videogame world.

Wearing a pixelated Space Invaders hoodie, Dally only had to stand up from the bar and walk onto the stage to get ready. She began the song with her head down and fingers moving fast and stayed that way for the whole performance, all the while creating widly upbeat dance music. “I played video games my whole life like Mario Cart, Space Invaders, and RPG games like World of Warcraft,” she said and progressed... [more]

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Live Radio Today w/ Guests Xriss Jor, Rhea Dally, Talar Demirdjian

New music from Leb and how to donate to refugees

Today’s show is jam packed with intergalactic star power! Drop by Radio Beirut from 6-7 for discounted drinks and bring your autograph book, Matias and Adrian have some celebrities in the studio. Or listen from remote locations LIVE online at

Joining us are:

Xriss Jor! Songstress, winner of Lebanon’s Voice competition, and recent winner of Dubai’s Music Week which landed her a production deal with Quincy Jones.

Rhea Dally! Our very own Lebanese chiptune artist. Dally is creating the artsiest music with old Gameboys, Nintendos, and other gaming consoles to the delight of artists and cool people everywhere.

Talar Demirdjian! Our favorite hip, funky youth who’s going to sc... [more]

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Beirut, Summer 2013 All the Parties Weekly roundup # 4

Here I sit overlooking the rooftops of Oslo while it’s pouring down from the gray sky. It’s that time of the year where all you want to do is to sit inside and drink red wine while being melancholic. I daydream about Lebanon, though Beirut somehow feels like an oriental dream in the distance. It’s so different from where I am right now. It’s almost surreal. But I guess that’s why I fell in love with Lebanon in the first place, and that’s what kept me there for four years. You’re never alone in Beirut. You’re never bored in Beirut, and there’s always a new surprise waiting for you around every corner. While Norway is slow, stable and boring, Lebanon is fast, unpredictable and interesting. And there is always a new party.

One of the things Lebanon is so famous for is their parties, and even if “nothing’s going on” in Lebanon,... [more]
By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
72 hours of partying less than 72 minutes from Syria – Forest Frequencies Lebanon 2013

Exclusive Video from one of the most underground Raves in the Middle East!

This Summer in Lebanon has been hectic, with political turmoil spilling over from Syria causing car bombs to explode in Beirut and Tripoli, and US threats of bombing Syria have all taken the tension to new levels. This did not prevent hundreds of young Lebanese and foreigners from showing up at Forest Frequencies, an electronic music festival held in different natural locations every year in Lebanon.

-“Forest Frequencies is a way to bring all the musical tribes together in one place and party in Nature.” Anabel Gravel, Chai Shop Boss and FF Spokeswoman

– “Some years ago I played north of Hermel,” Theos from Cyprus says when we ask him if it’s his first time playing FF. This time the festival is taking place in Chahtoul, in the mountains a bit north of Beirut.”

– “This is the most beautiful festival I play at during the year”, says Tavarish who is half Lebanese and half Ukrainian.

– &ldqu... [more]

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