The Gays Know Where To Go: A New Club in Beirut

Maya is a Lebanese American raised in the Los Angeles area. She currently lives and works in Chicago as a dancer and a writer focusing on cultural communication and art.

Hidden in plain sight had never applied so perfectly to any experience. The best party in Beirut is on a rooftop. It’s not Sky Bar, White, or any other hype-driven lounge. It has the feel of a backyard function—a backyard that happens to be on top of a warehouse. This party bumps all night. Fueled by dance music and beautiful people, it made my pre-party experience at Pier 7 seem dreary. The name? I’ll get there. Let me elaborate and if you make it to the end, you will earn the name of my favorite frolicking location.

As a Lebanese American artist, I am drawn to glamorously gritty cities and clubs. In Beirut, my soul mate and soul sister happens to be the ambassador and empress of the gay community; he and I are beyond close. I am perfectly aware of the taboo that is homo... [more]

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Explaining Vomit to a 5-Year Old At a PsyTrance Festival In the Lebanese Mountains

Absurd tales from the toilet at the most underground party in the Middle East

Dad: Alright Honey, there is some vomit on the floor of that toilet so you don’t have to go in there.Daughter: What is vomit, Dad?Dad: Vomit is the stuff that comes out when you throw up.Daughter: (Thinking) Why does someone throw up?Dad: It happens when someone eats something or is sick and it hurts their stomach so they throw it up out of their mouth to get rid of it.Daughter: Ew, it’s gross and it smells bad.Dad: Yes, a bit. But if you just have to pee we can walk to the forest and you can do it there. Do you want to do that?Daughter: Yea, let’s go walk into the forest.

Bleary eyed, I stood in the line for the bathroom at a psytrance festival, Forest Frequencies, in the mountains of Lebanon when a Frenchman in his thirties walked up holding his 5-year old daughter’s hand. He was wearing sunglasses and a straw touri... [more]

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Best Club in Beirut Summer 2013 The Gärten by Überhaus

Finally we made it!

On our third try, 2famous.TV finally managed to capture an epic night at Uberhaus’ The Garten and partied until the sun came up. Every Saturday night throughout the summer, some of the world’s best house DJ’s will play in the club’s massive open-air dome while you chill out on some lounge chairs, dance your heart out, or drink yourself silly..just like we did!

Check out their schedule on Facebook.

This is a follow up story from when we tried to make a video two weeks ago, but got too wasted to film, and had to leave before the party started.

... [more]
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The making of: Überhaus THE GÄRTEN - Next Level Party Scene in Beirut

– We joined them build the Dome!
– See exclusive video here!!!

When we first came here in 2010 we didn’t really know much about Beirut. Well, we had some distorted ideas from the images that our TV screens had washed our brains with from early childhood, but that shit was just too fucked up to believe – so we suppressed those memories.

Apart from all that, one thing managed to penetrate the twisted image that the international media has created of this city: we knew it was the party capital of the Middle East. And on that level Beirut has not failed us. Over the years we’ve been to tons of house parties, pool parties, beach parties, rooftop parties, river parties, raves, and random street parties, but we have never EVER been to a dome party here.

And that’s a pretty good idea as the summer is about to hit this city on full blast, meaning that you’re going to like spending your summer nights outdoors and not in someones AC’d basement (thank God (or the government) for the smoke ban). <... [more]

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Jørgo and Stereo Club Nights Kicks off the Party Season!

— “OMG I am so happy to be back in Beirut!” ~ Jørgen Evil Ekvoll

After a month in Nepal Jørgo realised he missed Beirut and the Lebanese girls just too much!

To make a long story short: He went back to Lebanon just in time to get wasted before the season opening at the Sterio Club Nights at Solea V, and showed Beirut how cool he was 😉

Next Party This Saturday (8th of June)!!! Join us!

... [more]
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Win 2 Tickets To Underrated's Kickoff Party

“I might be in Nepal on Friday, but I’m sure as FUCK in Beirut on Saturday” — Jorgo

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of weeks, you are well aware of the kickoff party for Underrated’s Stereo Club Nights Saturday, May 11 at Solea V. It’s one of the most anticipated summer party series in Beirut, hell, even Jorgen took the next flight out of Kathmandu just to arrive in time for the bash. We’re so excited we want to spread the love (and save you $50) by giving away 2 pairs of tickets to the first party!

All you have to do is:

1) Go to and LIKE the page 2) Write on our wall one name of a Deep House DJ who will be playing any of the upcoming parties. 3) Wait and see if you won 2 tickets!

That’s not all!

At Saturday’s opening party, snap the best pic with any of the 3 of 2Famous.TV crew (Jorgen, Layal, and Adrian the Man) to enter to win 2 MORE TICKETS to the other Stereo Club Nights parties! Remember, the most creative, hilario... [more]

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Universal Religion 2013 Psychedelic Trance Party

Rave Party in the heart of the himalayas!
– Exclusive Video!

High up in the in the Himalayan mountains with a spectacular National Geographics view on both sides we found our way to a little Nepalese village called Bandipur. We wanted to find a quiet spot where people live a traditional life in stunning surroundings. And as we walked the streets of our new “secret” paradise, where no cars can go and the police hold hands (!), we started to run into more and more friends from Lebanon. At first we were a little puzzled, but it turned out that Paradise was the location for a massive psychedelic trance festival called Universal Religion 2013, where a few thousand people from all over the world come to party three days nonstop. Suddenly we had one hundred friends from Lebanon with us! It was almost like someone had thrown us a surprise party! So we had to kiss our “quiet getaway dream” goodbye and represent on the dance floor instead.

Here are our other videos from Nepal:

Here is our first video where we get wast... [more]

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How We Party in Beirut Epic Video By 2famous.TV

We’ve been invited to all these “last party of the summer” for more than a month now. And we don’t quite know if we’re being scared of missing out, or if it’s just another excuse to party, but we felt that we had to go to all of them. That’s not necessarily healthy, but it’s fuck tons of fun. We’ve been to beach parties, house parties, naked parties, you name it! We at 2famous.TV are sometimes 2much into partying!

However, the season is definitely coming to an end, so party your brains out over the weekend; it might be one of your last chances to dance half naked under the moon somewhere before the winter comes to bite you.

Here is a video we did with our friend Johnny. He invited us to one of his legendary PC parties basically because he knows that we can get a party started. And, well, this was no exception. Take a look at this super sexy Beirut beach party.

... [more]
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Launch Party!

To celebrate our new 2famous.TV member, Adrian, that has just started her very own blog on our site, we got Johnny, who is most famous for throwing the epic PC Parties in Beirut, to host a surprise party for her! With infinite amounts of alcohol, and the biggest gay scene of the middle east present, there was no way of not getting totally shitfaced. So that’s what we did.

Jørgen with a new hairstyle

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End of Summer Party at Sporting with Dj Lindstrøm

Last night was the last “Decks on the Beach” event that has been running every Friday at Sporting Beach Club in Beirut, and they decided to celebrate the finale by inviting Norwegian Super Star DJ Lindstrøm to play his tunes.

And it was refreshing for the 2famous.TV crew not to be the only Norwegian celebrities at a party for once. It was a killer party, and we will definitely miss those crazy nights down at the beach.

Lindstrøm playing in the beach of Beirut

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