Norway: The Spoiled Brat of the World?

Whats the point of being the richest country in the world when we are behaving as spoiled brats?

With all the problems the world faces you would think such a a country as rich as Norway would do its part in helping out. Think again. Here is an article written by, Jo Skårderud translated to English, that tells you why.

The spoiled brat of the world!

In one week the government banned begging, refused entry to injured Syrian refugees, and opened negotiations for the return of refugees to one of the world’s most repressive regimes. Norway is about to become the world’s answer to a spoiled brat.

Last week I started hating the new government. Not that I liked them before. I disliked the criticism towards farmers, lust for centralization, and attacks on the work environment law, but all this was as expected by the so called Blueblue (nickname for the right wing government). You can expect this kind of right policy from ... [more]

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Its Time to Raise The Lebanese Flag!

Guest post by Karl Metni from the Unplugged Poets.

2Famous.TV has always been open for guest bloggers who have something to say. This was written by rapper/musician/poet from the Unplugged Poets, Karl Metni, and originally posted on his Facebook wall after a downtown demonstration against the bomb in Ashrafieh in 2012. Since that shocking bomb, more than six have exploded in Beirut, killing politicians, innocent civilians, and destroying city structures.

OCTOBER 21, 2012

If you’re with the Lebanese Forces, or Aoun, or Hezb Allah, or the Future movement, or any other party you’re all the same, useless sheep following useless leaders. You can criticize the fact that I only express myself here on Facebook but trust me I’d rather be sitting at home than making a mockery out of my country on national television. You can all die for all I care. In the end this is the flag I’m raising, the Lebanese flag.

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"If There is a God, Then He Loves Everyone For He has Created Everyone, Equally" -Thoughts from a Gay Lebanese Teen in Australia

My name is Michael and I’m a gay teenager born and raised in Germany who lived the last 2 years in Lebanon. Currently, I am living in Australia to study. Living here has given me various perspectives about society, especially the Lebanese one.

In Lebanon, we judge others for the way they look and act. We suppress people and forbid them from living who they are. In Australia, no one cares about others. People are free to live and love and believe me, nothing makes me happier than seeing two dads going with their son to watch a movie or two moms shopping for their baby daughter. Today I watched “Prayers for Bobby”, a movie based on the true story of Bobby Griffith, a gay teenager who committed suicide because of his parents’ and society’s homophobia.

As I was watching “Prayers for Bobby”, the scene that broke everything down and made me cry was when the mothe... [more]

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Black Friday: The Day They Tried To Destroy Tripoli´s Spirit:

A young Tripolitan tells his story.

It was a Friday like any other. My friend and I were at a cafe chatting when suddenly we hear a loud explosion and the whole cafe moves. It was as if an earthquake had hit Tripoli. As we rushed outside to see what was going on, people started screaming that there was an explosion and I saw a big cloud rise over the buildings close to us. It was disastrous. People around me were all terrified and some were even frustrated of what has happened to the country. I remember someone praying as my friend directly drove off to check-up on his son.

I was so shocked I took my stuff and started running home. The city had changed in a matter of minutes. Armed men showed up in the streets, cars were driving like maniacs, ambulance sirens were heard everywhere, and wherever you looked, there were people running. Hell had broken loose in Tripoli. I remember seeing two women crying as I tried to call my mom but ther... [more]

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- Can this Phone be fixed? No problem for Adkom in Dora!

My phone works again!

Being an actor and blogger has proven difficult without a phone, but a few weeks ago I finally got one again! Thanks to Adkom I am back in business.

Coming from a proper first world country where cellphones seem to grow on trees, I still can’t remember having bought a phone, ever. Usually I get my Dads old phone once his new one arrives or a friend will have an extra lying around. Nokia even sponsored me when I hitchhiked to Africa with their half a kilo top model, The Communicator.

I never got into smartphones until I tweeted Haifa, begging her to give me her old iPhone. Haifa was too embarrassed to reply to my blunt request, but fortunately my sister heard my prayers, or perhaps read them on Twitter, and gave me hers. Family (Love)!

So that makes the summer of 2012 when I got my first Smartphone! (except the one that got stolen after a week). The phone she gave me had already been stolen, tracked by the police, and given back to her and it was a bit ... [more]

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The Search Words that Brought Readers to 2famous.TV in 2012

– Conclusion: You’re All Naughty

In the year 2012, we divulged a lot of personal information to our readers. We laid bare our awkward Valentine’s triple date, getting ruthlessly cut out of commercials, and facing homelessness, among other things. But now we’re going to turn the tables and expose you, our readers, by listing 2012’s top search terms and keywords that drove you to 2famous.TV.

How We Party In Beirut – An Epic Video By 2famous.TV from Matias Nordahl Carlsen on Vimeo.

Most Sexy:

Pubes/African pubes / Hairy pubes / Batman shaped pubes / Fashion lingerie pubes We don’t quite know what came to our minds when Matias decided to burn Jorgen’s pubes, but he seems to be ... [more]

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