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Best of Oslo: The Grønland Market In Pictures

The selection and preparation (and consumption) of food is an effort I take seriously. Making and sharing good food is a wonderful part of life.

After growing up in California for most of my life, living in Lebanon for the past few years changed my relationship to food markets. Hole in the wall fruit & vegetable shops, corner butchers and family-owned neighborhood mini-marts are preferred places to get daily ingredients. Despite the growing “green, organic, farmer’s market” movement in Southern California, massive chain stores still dominate grocery market options. There, red-tags flag the bargains of the day throughout the seemingly endless walls of stuff. The fruits and vegetables are waxed and shined imitations of themselves. They are tasteless, like the idea buying a sweatsuit, a bicycle and apples from the same place. The dull hum of the florescent lights serves as the soundtrack of the shopping experience. It’s not the tantalizing place por... [more]

By Layal
The Possibility of Warming Our Hearts An Interview with The Outpost's IBRAHIM NEHME

It’s easy to feel like the world is turning into a cold and terrible place. Just a quick look what’s happening in the Middle East is enough to dim even the brightest heart.

Since Fall 2012, Lebanon’s beautifully designed The Outpost magazine has been on a mission to incite a socio-cultural renaissance in the Middle East through the exploration of the possibilities of change.

Their previous issues have tackled the Possibility of Moving Forward, The Possibility of Living Here (in the Arab world), The Possibility of Rewriting Our Story and other monumental themes. The issues usually include a supplemental fiction text or a creative, interactive way of connecting the reader to the theme of the issue.

The latest issue – The Possibility of Warming Our Hearts – was created with the hope of making people feel a little better during these relatively unhappy times by showcasing happiness makers in the region. In the opener, The Outpost found... [more]

By Layal
WHO'S THE ANTI-SEMITE? All Palestinians are Semites And Most Israelis Are Non-Semitic Jews, maybe...

So, hating on Israel just makes you an anti-anti-semite?

We all remember the bitter Arab/Israeli wars. The record battles, the name-calling. First Israel tried to take hummus. Then it was tabbouleh, shawarmah and baklava. But was it all a cover up for the most controversial thing they took? Anti-semitism.

The fact is, Palestinians are semites! So, what’s the deal yo?

Let’s get one thing out of the way. The theories I’m about to throw down are controversial, which mostly means that no one knows for certain what they’re talking about and sometimes people lie to advance their theory, even when it’s super important to tell the truth.

One theory, the Khazar theory, states that European Jews do not have semitic origins. Arthur Koestler, a Jewish historian, published a book about the history of the Ashkenazi Jews (the ones ... [more]

By Layal
An Imaginary Interview With Bleachers! After an Intimate Concert at a Huge Festival in Norway

-I was the only dancer and they noticed

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It All Started With Lena Dunham

In March my sister, Margaux, sent me a Youtube video with a perfectly succinct message: “This is Lena Dunham’s boyfriend. She directed the video.” Dunham’s boyfriend is the guitarist of Fun and started the band Bleachers as a solo project. Loved Lena’s video, died for her boyfriend’s song, “I Wanna Get Better!”

Admittedly Margaux knew how to pique my interest with the reference, but that day I became a Bleachers fan too. The thick riffs did what they wanted to my body, the lyrics “I didn’t know I was lonely till I saw your face” literally made (makes) me cry; I played the song on repeat and told my boyfriend to dance at a distance in case I exploded into a rainbow — it was that wonderful.

Slowly more singles like &ldq... [more]

By Adrian
Still got it: Being famous at HOVE

Being down with the kids

When the 2famous.TV crew rolled up in our red Mercedes at this beautiful island in the south of Norway, we pretty much felt like stars. I mean, festivals are usually the place where we can show (and prove to ourselves) that we still got it; that we’re still down with the kids, despite the fact that most of our crew is twice the age of the average population at this festival.

Sure, with age comes wisdom, so we decided not to pin our tent in the middle of the youth camp, where wasted kids give out free hugs, kisses, and whatever to whomever crosses their path, before they collapse in or on the nearest tent that looks vaguely familiar. When they wake up in the afternoon they repeat the previous days’ pattern with impressive precision.

At Hove everybody gets wasted from the moment they wake up, and since no one remembers who they bonded with the previous day, the winning strategy seems to be down with everyone ... [more]

By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
Leila for Syria A (Brief) Interview with the Band's Frontman HAMED SINNO

Watch them in concert this Saturday
…and don’t forget your life jacket!

Ich was going to become famous by solving a world problem! But which one? Clooney’s got Darfur, Sting’s got the Amazon, and Bono’s got AIDS! Luckily, there was still one shithole left to fix: the Middle Earth. – Brüno

You know you’re a superstar when you’re asked to publicize world issues like the war in Syria. Angelina Jolie recently visited the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Kim Kardashian tweeted about Kassab, and tomorrow the Lebanese indie-pop band Mashrou’ Leila will perform at a fundraising event to raise money for Syrian refugees. Superstar status!

The Middle East is not a shithole, but there are some pretty shitty ... [more]

By Layal
Norwegian Culture Shock! Don't Drink if You're Going Drinking

-I have to prove myself every time I go out to a bar here

Heading out to the bar on a Friday night in Oslo? Plan on doing a pub-crawl with your friends? Or just hitting up one or two drinking destinations after a group hangout? Well you better be damned sober if you want to do any of that. Or you better feign soberness as best as you can. And never ever bring up your Beirut days. In Oslo where any beer now costs $15, every single bar has a bouncer, male or female (go equality!) who literally scans you up and down and decides whether you are looking straight and narrow enough to enter.

Let me be clear, I’ve mentioned before that people here get totally sloshed before 9pm on the weekends and I understand this is a way to weed out the waste cases so that the bar is not serving any visibly drunk people. That is smart and socially responsible and probably the law.

But I find it is taken to the extreme here. So much so that hitting... [more]

By Adrian
#lebaneseselfie Watch the Satirical Music Video Featuring Olga Habre

2famous’ers might recognize Olga Habre’s voice from Adrian and Layal’s Radio Show! OK, fine, you might actually recognize her voice because she is the co-host of one of the most listened to morning radio shows in Lebanon, but her star shone brightest on our radio show! We swear it.

Now, she’s put her talking talents to good use in the Lebanese version of a satirical song, to make fun of the posh side of the Beirut nightlife!

We love her and now you do too!

#lebaneseselfie #alwaysgowithvalencia #forgetrami

... [more]
By Layal
Can You Make It? Redbull Challenges Students to Make it to Berlin With No Money

Were they inspired by 2famous’ Matias Nordahl Carlsen?

When I first met Matias, one of the founders of 2famous.TV, I learned that he used to make documentaries of himself hitchhiking across the world. It sounded awesome until I realized he was traveling without a krone, or dollar, in his pocket! Then I thought he was nuts!

See, here’s a clip of Matias’ documentary Cape to Cape, where he hitchhiked from the North of Norway to South Africa!

And this is him making his way from Norway to China…

People and companies are always copying superstars and Matias is no exception. The documentaries of his travels are quite popular and traveling without money has become rather mainstream…I mean, his documentaries were even televised!

Now, maybe because they were inspired by our very own Siddhartha, or at least inspired by someone who was inspired by Matias, who knows, Red Bull is challenging 100 teams to make it a... [more]

By Layal
An American in Oslo: Some Facts and Observations After One Month

-$40 for a takeaway pizza, um ok!?

Once again I’m an expat and this time I’m living in one of the most northern, well-organized, and richest countries on the globe: Norway. My earliest memory of Norway’s existence is from my 6th grade Geography class with Mrs. Lockard. She quizzed us on the world’s capitals and the one that stuck out in my mind was Oslo because it just had such a funny ring to it. Oslo. My hipster radar was already on point even before I hit puberty.

That’s where my knowledge of Norway ended until I met the “Norwegians” who taught me more about their homeland than I knew about my own. Now that I live here, I’ve picked up on even more facts and have formed some observations:

It’s an extremely rich country with one of the lowest wealth gaps in the world. In 1969 the Norwegians struck oil in the sea off their coast and since the 80’s have been living lavishly off it. Not Arab style though, nothing here is too os... [more]

By Adrian
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