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Secret Walls Art Battle Tonight at Radio Beirut Im Acting in the promo video!

My first acting job for an Art Event, ever!

Art projects are a bit like acting jobs. They don´t grow on trees. Thats why i am really happy I got to act in the trailer for the super Secret Walls Art Battle that is taking place at Radio Beirut tonight!

My character was playing chess against a girl in my scene. My own name, Matias Carlsen, is very similar to the name of norwegian world champion of chess Magnus Carlsen, so it is easy to understand that I am typically been name cast for this role. To have a soft and understanding male playing chess probably reflects on how the scandinavian society is looked upon. I am sure my kind features was also important to the director.

I hope this gig can be a springboard to more important jobs in the future, but if you have any feedback on how I can improve my acting, let me know! Check the video and info about the event below:

Secret Walls is the World’s premier live art battle. Taki... [more]

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The Overlooked Crisis! The Downfall of Acting! Is It Because of the Situation?

Can the Lebanese Acting Industry be saved by Charity Acting?

It is easy to blame things on the “The Situation” when things are going wrong, but lately it has influenced my acting carere too much to shut up about it. Acting jobs were already so scarce that Jørgen went back to Norway to pursue his dreams there. I figured with him out of the way,I would be the only Norwegian here and acting jobs would come flying. Just like in the good old days. But I was wrong.

After being rejected from at least two castings (a bank and 7Up commercials) I figured something was wrong and I was forced to ask my agent about it. He told me production is down and actors are having a hard time getting butter on the table all over the Middle East. Auditions are crowded all over Beirut even for “Non-Speaking” roles, and if you want to get a “line”, even in a commercial, you totally need to talk Wasta (?) Which is reall... [more]

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My First Trip to the Middle East Hitchhiking Through Syria!

– We probably waited less then 15 min crossing the whole country.

These are sad days in the Middle East. Everyone is just waiting for the Americans to hit Syria. And everyone is scared of what will happen then. My friends in Syria are probably the ones that are most scared of all, and I can not forget my first meeting with the middle east, when Syria was the best country I had ever hitchhiked through and Aleppo became my favorite city of all times.

In 2008 I was hitchhiking from the North of Norway to the South of Africa, and entered Syria from Turkey. I thought Eastern Europe and Turkey was amazing, but hitchhiking through Syria was a real pleasure, and I am pretty sure Obama would have been in a different opinion about bombing Syria if he had done the same. Not that I should be nominated for a Peace Prize, or anything, but I do understand it is easier to kill people with planes from far way than to shoot them in the face.

During this trip my friend Es... [more]

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- Can this Phone be fixed? No problem for Adkom in Dora!

My phone works again!

Being an actor and blogger has proven difficult without a phone, but a few weeks ago I finally got one again! Thanks to Adkom I am back in business.

Coming from a proper first world country where cellphones seem to grow on trees, I still can’t remember having bought a phone, ever. Usually I get my Dads old phone once his new one arrives or a friend will have an extra lying around. Nokia even sponsored me when I hitchhiked to Africa with their half a kilo top model, The Communicator.

I never got into smartphones until I tweeted Haifa, begging her to give me her old iPhone. Haifa was too embarrassed to reply to my blunt request, but fortunately my sister heard my prayers, or perhaps read them on Twitter, and gave me hers. Family (Love)!

So that makes the summer of 2012 when I got my first Smartphone! (except the one that got stolen after a week). The phone she gave me had already been stolen, tracked by the police, and given back to her and it was a bit ... [more]

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Chinese Fashion Can Help Lebanese Girls Stay Safe on the Beach

-And it´s not even a copy!

Overcrowded beaches, with hairy old men staring harassingly at women is a common sight in Lebanon. Seriously, freaks on the beach are getting out of control. In fact it is unusual for a girl not to be propositioned by some guy while shes enjoying her time in the sun.

Luckily the Chinese have a couple of priceless fashion Items that just might save the day!

A combination of the Face-kini and the anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings should turn most guys off, although it might be a better wintertime solution, but then again maybe its no warmer than the normal burka. The ninja look you get from the face-kini alone is scary enough to make most guys choose another beach.

It used to suck when you realized that youre newly purchased items were actually copies made in China! One of the biggest advantages wi... [more]

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My Dad Launched an Extreme Sports TV Channel!! Was He Inspired by 2Famous.TV?

OMG my dad is too cool for school!

A few months ago I got a phone call from my dad who was a bit more excited than usual. – “I am starting a TV-Channel,” he told me, “Just like you guys and 2Famous.TV! It’s an extreme sports channel on cable called FatStone!”

Oh my god, my dad is just too cool, I thought.

Basically, my dad, Even, has been keeping up with 2Famous.TV and acknowledged how cost effective it is to run a TV-Channel, so he teamed up with his childhood buddy, entrepreneur and extreme sport guru Kjell Vagle to establish Fatstone.TV.

FATSTONE TV – 30SEC EDIT from Fatstone TV on Vimeo.

It is the first new TV channel to hit Norwegian television in 6 years, and they will focus on extreme sports such a... [more]

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Motorcycle Madness: Learning How to Drive In the Mountains of Nepal

Once we finally touched down in Nepal we managed to crash a traditional festival, surf on the roof of a bus, and party at a Rave in the Himalayas. However, the preferred way of Roadtriping around here seems to be by motorcycle. So when we decided to do a Nepali Road trip we had to learn how to ride first.

Other Videos from Nepal:

Here is our first video where we get wasted on the local rice beer before Jorgen blows all his cash on the Love Goddess:<... [more]

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Oh, The Places You'll Probably Never go: Western Sahara

– The last Colony in Africa.

– Where all young people have scars from the police.

While the rest of the Arab world has been speaking out against unjust dictators the past few years, the Occupied Saharawi people of Western Sahara continue to suffer in silence due to the iron fist of the Moroccan government.

But no matter how tenaciously the authorities portray Morocco as an ideal vacation spot, just south of the Bedouin towns and tourist beaches you will find the troubled occupied territories of Western Sahara. The highly underreported conflict is still ongoing and the UN released a special report about the human rights abuses done by the Moroccan government towards the indigenous people. I went there during Christmas some years ago, eager to figure out more about the occupation.

History: Morocco annexed most of Western Sahara in 1975, when Spanish occupiers retreated during Franco’s last years. ... [more]

By @mrmatias
Goodbye Grandma Superstar!

One of the disadvantages of living abroad is that you are far away when your grandparents get sick. When my grandfather died, I was living in Nepal. My mum called me just as I was signing the papers to rent a Motorcycle for the first time in my life. I got angry I wasn’t there and I screamed “FEEEEEETTTAAAA” out loud as I’m known to do when things don’t go my way.

The guy renting the bike to me was a bit nervous after my outcry, but I already had the key in my hand. His fears were confirmed when he realized I had no idea how to ride a motorcycle and crashed it into three different people before I had even reached the road.

Last week my dad called and told me my grandmother was sick. Really sick. In fact she was dying. Laila was my favorite. Not only as a grandmother, but as a person in general. She was so nice to everyone, she made saints look like sinners, and me... [more]
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Oh, Places You'll Probably Never Go: South of Bangladesh

The Rohingya people are native to Myanmar but of a different ethnic group and therefore considered illegal immigrants. According to the UN they are one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. Many of them have to flee to neighboring Bangladesh where they live in Ghettos and Refugee Camps. I have always been very interested in refugees, and when I had to renew my visa when I lived in Nepal, I decided to check out the South of Bangladesh and a refugee situation I knew nothing about.

How I got there: I took a plane from Kathmandu to Dokha, and then I went by bus to Chittargong, which is the second biggest city in Bangladesh and is famous for its Shipwreckyard. My preferences for a holiday might seem a bit weird in retrospect, but I have always dreamed of going to the shipwreck yard. It’s a huge beach where they take apart the biggest ships in the world, by hand.... [more]
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