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One Movie & 66 Pix from Route 66

Epic Roadtrip Movie Staring Webjørn Espeland from Nrk and Matias Nordahl Carlsen from 2Famous.TV

During the 6000 km road-trip along Route 66 we talked to homeless people, meet an ex-arsonist, pretended we were Lebanese working for Radio Lebanon, and shot big guns. America is just as crazy as I always thought it was. The roads are huge and there are plenty of burger joints. The beer is absolutely better than its reputation with microbrewery’s popping up almost anywhere. Even the criminals are friendly and welcoming and the police let us of with a warning when we were caught speeding. The media is crazy and the information people have about the Middle East is normally punchlines picked up from Fox News.

For me personally Hollywood was an enormous disappointment. When I went to Universal Studios to tell them I was ready to work, they wanted me to pay money to enter the area. God knows that would not have happened in Beirut. After that I tried to call Napoleon Dynamite’s Aunt. Twice. And she still didn’t pick up. But I did meet one of the most famous Leba... [more]

By @mrmatias

After 10 days and more than 2000 miles on the road we finally reached the Grand Canyon. The views are amazing and it is easy to understand why the site was considered holy by many Indian tribes in the area. The Canyon is so deep it is hard to spot the Colorado River in the bottom. During more than 17 million years this river has dug itself down and made the Canyon what it is today.

I put on my blue party suit and checked it out!

Everyone has their own pose while visiting the Grand Canyon.

On our way down from the Grand Canyon we saw some Indigenous People w... [more]

By @mrmatias

PHOTOS: One of our favorite Sunday activities is to gamble and get wasted at the horse races at the Beirut Hippodrome. We dont know anything about horses but the Almazas are 4000 LL so you have a good chance of making your money back if you partyed to hard during the weekend. Not knowing anything about horses we normally get advice from some of the oldtimers hanging out betting. The problem is that Arabic is so difficult sometimes we misunderstand and bet on the wrong horse anyway. But it doesen´t spoil the fun.

Here you can see some pictures from last Sunday at the Hippodrome!

Arabian Racehorse getting ready for the race in Beirut.

By @mrmatias

PHOTOS: The south of Lebanon has definitely had its share of regional problems and is often associated with occupation and political tension. But when you focus only on the negatives, the positives become overshadowed. So for us on a weekend getaway, it’s simply a historical beach paradise with friendly and welcoming people. Here is how we experience Sur (Tyre), Lebanon’s ancient coastal town and Phoenician Harbor.

Our own sea terrace (Tyre) Lebanon.

Sun rise over the port in Sur (Tyre) Lebanon.<... [more]

By @mrmatias

The bedouins of the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon don’t only make fantastic wine, they also look great!

The irony is that when the decadent high society of Beirut drink their expensive drops of wine, spending a fortune on European made fashion clothes, the people that actually pics the grapes that makes this wine can out fashion them any day of the week. And much like we layer up with clothes in Norway to protect ourselves from the cold, the bedouins of the Bekaa Valley layer up to protect themselves from the sun. But they look way cooler – and hotter!

Inspecting the wine grapes

While the women are picking the grapes, the men are carrying them on their backs!

Beautiful clothes and beautiful eyes

30 years ago these fields used to be full of hashish. Now they are making wine grapes.

Cooling down the grapes

By 2famousTV
Beirut Taxi

When we move around Beirut we move by Mercedes. This way we get many different drivers every day instead of only having one, like most famous people do. Our preference are the old automobiles from the 1960s, and we like to share our rides with other people going in the same direction. This way we get to save the environment a bit, at the same time as we get to meet many of our local fans in a humble and intimate setting inside of the spacious coupés.

A good old Mercedes


Lebanese Taxi driver

... [more]
By 2famousTV
Skiing in Lebanon

Now that it’s winter and super cold, we get reminded of the land where we learned to walk: The Kingdom of Norway. Even though we live far away from this frosty empire, we can always go the the Lebanese mountains when we feel homesick. Although it’s been fifteen years since the last time we had skis on our feet, we won all the competitions, obviously. The ski was invented by our ancestors.

A Lebanese military post in the snowy mountains

Skiing in the beautiful Lebanese mountains

Then the helicopters came

... [more]
By 2famousTV
Cairo + 25 January + 2011 = Revolution

Here are some pictures from when we revolutionized Egypt last year. It was totally awesome, except from all the killing, and that it’s still not quite over yet.

Now, there are so many revolutions happening all over the place that we lost track!

Man selling bread in revolution

... [more]
By 2famousTV

Not everybody made it across Lebanon…

... [more]
By 2famousTV
Nomads Lands

Nomads are really restless people that’s always on the move, a bit like us. We never sit still, and move from audition to audition, and from party to party. But sometimes we go and hang out with the real bedouins of Lebanon.

Some clothes drying in front of the temporary houses

There are between 100-150.000 bedouins in this country. They earn their living from helping out landowners with the crop, and they live in semi-postable tents. Some of the tents are made from billboard posters, which can turn a humble home into a Chanel fashion statement.

Most of the bedouins women wear kick-ass dresses in vivid colours, making them look like flowers when they work in the field. Little do they know that they are walking pieces of state-of-the-art fashion that could take the piss out of any 21st century couture designer. Isn’t that ironic? lol

But, as a paperless minority, they suffer several problems. Among other things, t... [more]

By 2famousTV
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