Allan from Lazzy Lung Talks About New EP W/ Music Blogger Christine

All-new pop punk riffs and catchy chords — Lazzy Lung’s EP comes out with a bang!

We are happy to let you meet 2Famous.TV Radios new co-host, Christine Abi Assi. She will be helping us out with our RadioShow and she also has her own music blog; SillyGoon This is her first show where she, as our new co-host, interviews our old co-host, Allan from Lazzy Lung about their new EP.

[Christine] As you may have seen on Twitter and Facebook, I’ve just started contributing to‘s weekly radio show. The show is all about interacting with talented Lebanese and regional bands, and having them perform live and on the air.

My first interview was with Allan from Lazzy Lung, who was also co-host for the night. He and I met shortly before the start of the show. By the time the microphones had been turned on, we’d already talked about the band’s upcoming album “Sailor&rs... [more]

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Syria's Best BeatBoxer: Sal G Is moving to America! Last Party Tonight at Radio Beirut

Syrian BeatBoxer Sal G, from Aleppo, is leaving to America to follow his dream of becoming a professional Beatboxer, sources close to the beatboxer tell 2Famous.TV.

Lately, Syria has not been famous for producing human beatboxers and Sal G is one of the first Arab ones to try to make it over in the US. He has been making beats for 2 years and ten months and regularly practices ten hours a day. During his stay in Lebanon Sal G has been very active in the local hip hop scene and will surely be missed by the community.

– “Tonight is going to be Sal G’s last party for a while at Radio Beirut before he goes international. The place is going to be on fire!” the Source told us.

Double A the Preacherman is hosting the show while all of Lebanon’s and Syria’s MCs are expected to attend.

Sal G BeatBoxing at the 2Famous.TV RadioShow!

Double A the Preacherman Freestyles over a Track by Allan before he is joined b... [more]

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Tanjaret Daghet, Double A the Preacher Man, And Sal G Perform Live on the Radio!

Listen to the interviews and watch the performances!

The 2Famous.TV Radio Show (YES, this blog has its own radio show) has lately turned into start of the weekend music and culture festival! An opportunity for locals to listen to amazing music, learn from incredible people, and drink deeply discounted beer. Other people in the rest of the world can stream live on the Internet!

In a time where independent media is almost non-existent we think it is important to make a completely independent radio show for you guys.

So with no hidden agendas, apart from giving you guys a good time, we are always searching for the best Lebanese and regional bands, artists, bloggers, and interesting people to stream to you directly.

Adrian is still on vacation, so in this episode Matias is joined by Allan, the lead vocalist of Lazzy Lung. Other musical guests and cohosts include freestyle machine Double A the Preacherman, Syrian rock band Tanjaret Daghet, and beatboxer Sal G from Aleppo.

Young and promising, Tanjaret... [more]

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Another Bomb In Beirut: Hear The Artists' Perspectives Musicians Chyno & Kameh Perform on Radio (22 Nov)

-Plus Investigative journo Habib Battah, NYC artist Molly Crabapple, & Wamda editor Reine Farhat

This week had its ups and downs with the most obvious being the latter, a twin-suicide attack on the Iranian Embassy in Beirut. We brought in guests to inform us about it as well as give us a robust range in perspectives on the matter, from rapper Chyno who just released a song about suicide-bombing to Molly Crabapple, a visiting American artist. On the bright side, Adrian and Matias tested out brand new vintage mics flown in from Sweden in their Radio Beirut studio.

First we welcomed Habib Battah, investigative journalist and author of, who informed us about the Iranian embassy bombing this past week. The twin suicide-bomb that demolished the embassy killing 23 people and leaving 146 injured, is one of the first recent tragedies that has spawned an actual investigation by the country. This is an important sign to notice, as other bombings in Lebanon have been swept under the... [more]

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The Civil War Made Them Leave Syria Now They Make Music in Beirut Performances & Interviews w/ 3 Syrian Musicians

From guitar-backed hip hop, to Tarab-laced trip hop: Meet LaTlateh & Hello, Psychaleppo!

On November 15th our radio show focused on artists from Syria with interviews and performances shedding light on what it is to be a refugee — or not — and influences from the homeland.

Our first performance came from LaTlateh, a band comprised of our show’s own sound engineer Khairy, alongside bandmate Darwish, and Bou Kalthoum — who was absent. Young prodigy, Hello, Psychaleppo! also took to the stage after an illuminating chat in the studio.

Khairy from Damascus and Darwish from Homs moved to Beirut eight and twelve months before we met them, respectively, having uprooted everything because of the Syrian war whose end is still nowhere in sight. They formed LaTlateh with one more musician, Bou Khalthoum, making a trio and a play on words: In Arabic, latlateh means gossip. Insert a pause and add a different emphas... [more]

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Postcards & Alan's Trio Perform Live on 2FamousTV Radio Plus New Show Today!

Listen to the Podcast and watch Postcards “Oh, the places we will go”

This week Matias and Adrian welcome two spectacular Beiruti bands into their studio: Postcards and Alan’s Trio, in addition to Nour Sobh who explained his newest invention, the foldable, recycled CYCLOPSE bicycle which you can support on Zoomal!

Both Postcards and Alan’s Trio have only been performing for less than a year, yet possess a depth of sound and lyrical strength like veterans!

Alan’s Trio performed as a duo with their laid-back bluesy style and are currently competing in The Next Big thing contest. Listen to their interview and performance and check them out this weekend at The Quadrangle in Hazmiyeh! *Anyone going to this show, please inform Adrian as she still needs to pick up her payment from her dubbing performance.

Postcards, fronted by Julia Sabra, is a full-bo... [more]

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Listen to the Radio Show With Xriss Jor & Rhea Dally Interviews, Performances, and Videos!

Our weekly radio show every Friday from 6-7 streaming live from Beirut

This week Adrian and Matias invite three women wielding special unique talents to their bar in Beirut. Talar, a savvy 19 year old, pops by to school us on the do’s and don’ts of navigating Beirut’s bedrooms and the rules of FWB relationships.

Musician Rhea Dally explains what chiptune music is. It’s like computer game music on MDMA. Then she performs one of her songs live on a gameboy!

And superstar Xriss Jor rounds out the show by letting us know whether or not Quincy Jones is a creepy old man and if Will.I.Am actually demands you call him Will.I.Am. PLUS she sings Etta James’ classic “At Last” leaving the live audience crying and creaming their pants.

You can tune into our sh... [more]

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My Inner Dialogue (Freakout) During Our Radio Show is Normal But This Time Celebs & Legends Put Me Over the Edge

Plus: Videos of Loopstache & Zeid Hamdan inside!

Our weekly radio show has never been something I just coast through, despite what it might sound like with the awkward silences or music mess ups or fumbling with content. That all happens with my trying REALLY hard. And whoa, two weeks ago was the most intense show to date. We had three scheduled musical performances plus interviews and one regular interview, and one tentative interview to fit into one entertaining hour spiced up with funny news stories and anecdotes, plus a TOTALLY unexpected musical performance twist.

Bold is my brain chatter.

-30.00 It’s early and the sound engineer actually shows up on time! Today is going to be flawless, action-packed, and incredible. Samer ‘Etyen’ Chami is debuting his potentially viral new song. He needs a mic for himself and for his backup singer. Two mics and a small mic for the ukelele. 3 Mics onstage. At least one extra in the studio.

-10.00 Loopstache sho... [more]

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Xriss Jor Singing At Last by Etta James For the 2Famous.TV Radio

After winning Dubai Music Week, Xriss Jor and her brand new puppy Molly, rushed straight to the 2Famous.TV Radio Studio to announce that not only has she signed a deal with Quincy Jones to produce her first single, but to also drop the news that she was just signed with a management company! Not to mention she’s on a first name basis with Will.I.Am, who was one of her judges.

Xriss Jor started her career at 19 as a karaoke hostess and was encouraged to take part in different singing competitions by her friends and co-workers. With her charm and powerful voice she took the audience and competitions by storm reaching the quarter finals of the Lebanese Voice before she won the Dubai Contest some weeks ago.

In addition to the interview, which you can hear soon, she performed her favorite go-to cover, At Last by Etta James, acapella.

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Lebanese Chiptune Artist Rhea Dally Performs A Song on her Gameboy

In a brand new Avant-Gard-one-take music video!

Rhea Dally graced our 2Famous.TV Radio show on Friday for an interview and the kind of performance we weren’t expecting.

She was born and raised in Lebanon but currently resides in South Africa where she is making more chiptune/8-bit connections and collaborations. Chiptune she says, is a type of electronic music made from old gaming consoles. In fact she requires hardly any equipment to produce super fun, super dancey music that makes the floor feel like a videogame world.

Wearing a pixelated Space Invaders hoodie, Dally only had to stand up from the bar and walk onto the stage to get ready. She began the song with her head down and fingers moving fast and stayed that way for the whole performance, all the while creating widly upbeat dance music. “I played video games my whole life like Mario Cart, Space Invaders, and RPG games like World of Warcraft,” she said and progressed... [more]

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