Norway: The Spoiled Brat of the World?

Whats the point of being the richest country in the world when we are behaving as spoiled brats?

With all the problems the world faces you would think such a a country as rich as Norway would do its part in helping out. Think again. Here is an article written by, Jo Skårderud translated to English, that tells you why.

The spoiled brat of the world!

In one week the government banned begging, refused entry to injured Syrian refugees, and opened negotiations for the return of refugees to one of the world’s most repressive regimes. Norway is about to become the world’s answer to a spoiled brat.

Last week I started hating the new government. Not that I liked them before. I disliked the criticism towards farmers, lust for centralization, and attacks on the work environment law, but all this was as expected by the so called Blueblue (nickname for the right wing government). You can expect this kind of right policy from ... [more]

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Support Syrian Women Refugees With Music & Donations @ Yukunkun

-UN research shows women are affected the most in times of conflict
-Live performances by Leb’s best: Thursday, 20 February!

By now the Syrian civil war has raged for years. It pervades almost every news source as the devastating, bloody conflict and humanitarian crisis it is. Let’s put some “current” key facts in place:

But did you know in times of conflict the biggest sufferers are not the men and soldiers on the streets. Those who suffer the greatest are women. Below is an excerpt from

War has always impacted men and women in different ways, but possibly never more so than in contemporary conflicts. While women remain a minority of combatants and perpetrators of war, they increasingly suffer the greatest harm.

In contemporary conflicts, as much as 90 pe... [more]

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Meet The Boundary Pusher Danish/Palestinian Poet Yahya Hassan Is This Controversial Poet Fueling Racism?

– Danish poet in Beirut sums up everything you need to know about Palestinian Poet in Denmark

This is a text montage, a text-collage of articles on Yahya Hassan, a recent young literary phenomenon in Denmark. Everybody knows about him. I just left Denmark’s community of words, and then this fucking happens, someone stole my breakthrough. He is a Palestinian refugee from Lebanon lashing out on his own kind in the Muslim ghettos of Aarhus, Denmark where he grew up, blaming his parents for their lack of care towards their children. For that he got an enormous amount fame in Denmark, no poet/writer has ever accomplished such attention in that short time.

It ran in a Danish newspaper. I saw/listened to the recitation and while I did that, death threats were pouring into the comments section. And a fiery debate was going on. I was curious.

Translated into English:

“You don’t want pork meat, may Allah praise you for your eating habits, you want Friday prayer till the next Friday prayer, you want Rama... [more]

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Middle Eastern Artists Donate More Than $1.1 Million of Art To Help Syrian Refugee Children

Syri-Arts becomes Paddle8s most successful benefit auction!

More than 120 famous Middle Eastern artists like Mona Habtoun and Nabil Nahas donated pieces of art to be auctioned off during the Syri-Arts event that took place online and at Biel in Beirut. All of the money from the auction goes towards helping the growing number of Syrian refugee children.

Noura Jumblatt, one of the founders of Syri-Arts and wife of Lebanese MP Walid Jumblatt, can easily identify with the Syrian children as she also was exiled from Syria as a child.

“I do not think the world is aware that the minimum needs of these children aren’t being met,” she says.

The event was very successful noted Jumblatt, “The participation of artists was overwhelming and 150 artworks were donated and sold to benefit refuge children.”

Nicola Gitan, head of benefit auctions at Paddle8 says Syri-Arts is the most successful benefit auction Paddle8 has been part of.

– “Great artwork, great buyers, and a... [more]

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Live Radio Today w/ Guests Xriss Jor, Rhea Dally, Talar Demirdjian

New music from Leb and how to donate to refugees

Today’s show is jam packed with intergalactic star power! Drop by Radio Beirut from 6-7 for discounted drinks and bring your autograph book, Matias and Adrian have some celebrities in the studio. Or listen from remote locations LIVE online at

Joining us are:

Xriss Jor! Songstress, winner of Lebanon’s Voice competition, and recent winner of Dubai’s Music Week which landed her a production deal with Quincy Jones.

Rhea Dally! Our very own Lebanese chiptune artist. Dally is creating the artsiest music with old Gameboys, Nintendos, and other gaming consoles to the delight of artists and cool people everywhere.

Talar Demirdjian! Our favorite hip, funky youth who’s going to sc... [more]

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Shatila Refugee Camp From the Eyes of Syrian Palestinian Kids

VIDEO: As if being born a Palestinian refugee weren’t difficult enough, these three cousins are now double refugees since they fled the war in Syria for Lebanon.

2famous.TV caught up with them to get an update on their living conditions in Shatila and realized how difficult the concept of ‘home’ is to each of them. Press captions for subtitles!

... [more]
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Palestine-Syria-Lebanon: Maya (10) Is Already a Double Refugee

Only 10 years old, Maya is already a refugee for the second time. Like thousands of Palestinians she and her family have fled the civil war in Syria and taken refuge in Lebanon. Here, they now live in poor and cramped conditions in the already overcrowded Palestinian refugee camps.

Maya lives in Shatila, one of the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, where Palestinians have taken shelter for over 60 years while waiting to return to their country. The area was supposed to house a few hundred refugees when it was built in 1948. Now it houses more than 20,000 people in the same space. The streets are narrow it is immediately obvious these buildings were only supposed to reach one or two stories, now standing five or more tall. We are on our way to see how Maya and her family live in their new home in the refugee camp.

“Our house in Syria had more rooms with a salon and two bedrooms. It... [more]
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Bekaa Valley: Home of Syrian Refugee Children

Every day we read the news that violence in Syria is increasing. Reports of different war tactics, kidnappings, and who’s gaining ground flood the headlines. But hundreds of thousands of people have fled Syria and many of them have ended up in the Bekaa Valley. The Norwegian Refugee Council is one of the organizations providing help to these refugees and they run a Community Center in the Bekaa. Matias and Adrian were put in contact with, and joined the NRC to the Bekaa when they partnered with a Norwegian TV program to make a short story about the living conditions of Syrian refugee children.

Teacher and Children at the NRC Community Center in the Bekaa.

We arranged a ride with another Norwegian, Mads, who runs an NGO called the Norwegian Refugee Council and dropped us off in Zahle on his way to Hermel.

Mads gave us a short lesson on the hour-long dri... [more]

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Art 4 Humanity

Here are some snaps from the exhibition we did with Project Kahkaha in the prestigious Umam Hangar Gallery in the perhaps too famous neighborhood of Dahiyeh, Beirut. It was a smashing success where a lot of famous people of different fields took a break from their over scheduled lives in order to socialize with us over some fine art on a beautiful Saturday.

The exhibition was a summary of Lina Khoury’s work over the past five months in the Palestinian refugee camp Burj el Barajneh. Among the exhibits were a series of portraits by the Italian photographer Marco Pinarelli. The Polish artist Marta Bogdanska displayed a beautiful series of photographs from a recycling workshop that the famous designer [more]

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We are Exhibited in Beirut

Here is a drawing that we made with one of the kids from Burj el Barajneh, one of the Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut. Next saturday we will have an exhibition with Kahkaha Project that works to improve the quality of life for the children that lives in these camps. Please help us share, and spread the awareness!

... [more]
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