Jørgen & Matias Interviewed On Norwegian Extreme Sports Channel About Beirut Rooftop Workout Vids

Looks like Fatstone.TV, Norway’s first Extreme Sports TV Channel, was in need of hilarious ways to work out so they featured our very own Matias and Jorgen and their Beirut Rooftop Workout Workshop videos on their website!

Fatstone.TV conducted a hilarious interview with the guys about everything from staying sexy in Beirut to what they’re up in Norway now. The full interview is below the video:

F: Your workout tips are fantastic and locations are just as awesome! Why did you choose to make rooftops part of your workout videos?

M & J: We were on a mission to become famous in the Middle East, so we had to work out all the time to stay fit! And in order to give something back to our dedicated fans, we decided to give away some... [more]

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Hot Lebanese Model-Rapper: "It is about to be a great year!" Have We Found Our Summer Hit?

While Gaza is under attack and God only knows what is going down in Syria, Lebanese Rapper Kiki C released her single “The Mediterranean,” in which she raps “It’s about to be a great year!”

Cleverly enough Kiki C, the rapper who sounds like Ke$ha but still looks like an Arab porn popstar, avoids mentioning who this is ‘about to be a great year’ for. Upon closer listen it sounds like she’s referring to partying around the Mediterranean.

What do you think? Will this be the summer hit in Lebanon?

We couldn’t find any other songs by Kiki C but we did find this video on her youtube account:

And there is also these rhymes posted together with this picture on Facebook:

When my music get’s released, Im sure ya’ll will be amazed, I might look like a pretty face, But i make a living off my brai... [more]

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Admiral P, Store P or ONKLP? Who is the Original P in Norwegian Music?

An ivestegatory video report about who is the Original P of Norwegian Music!

Since moving back to Norway after 4 years in Lebanon, a lot has happened on the music front. Before I had only heard about one P in Norwegian music and that was ONKLP. Nowadays we also have Admiral P and Store P (there is actually a guy called Tande P too but he has gone missing), so it is bit complicated to find out who is the Original P. We made a mini documentary to find out!

In this important mission I tried my best to not discriminate against age or not to ask to leading questions and after a few hours of investigations the Original P actually found me and clerified the whole situation about who is the Original P once and for all.

Here is a playlist of all the videos we made at Hove.

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An Imaginary Interview With Bleachers! After an Intimate Concert at a Huge Festival in Norway

-I was the only dancer and they noticed

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It All Started With Lena Dunham

In March my sister, Margaux, sent me a Youtube video with a perfectly succinct message: “This is Lena Dunham’s boyfriend. She directed the video.” Dunham’s boyfriend is the guitarist of Fun and started the band Bleachers as a solo project. Loved Lena’s video, died for her boyfriend’s song, “I Wanna Get Better!”

Admittedly Margaux knew how to pique my interest with the reference, but that day I became a Bleachers fan too. The thick riffs did what they wanted to my body, the lyrics “I didn’t know I was lonely till I saw your face” literally made (makes) me cry; I played the song on repeat and told my boyfriend to dance at a distance in case I exploded into a rainbow — it was that wonderful.

Slowly more singles like &ldq... [more]

By Adrian
In-Depth With Example On Making Positive Music The Branding of EDM & His New Album

– Full-length interview with the producer of this summer’s biggest hits.
– BONUS VIDEO! Crowd Cam from Example’s performance at Hove!!!

Today marks the UK release of Live Life Living, the fifth album of Brit musician Example. Sure we had never heard of him before despite his whopping 2 million followers on Twitter and 25 million listens on Spotify, but Example already knows that.

“In Norway people know my songs more than my name, when I tell them I’m Example they’re like ‘Who?’ and then I sing 3-4 songs and they’re like ‘Oh! I love that song!,” Example told 2famous.TV in an interview at the Hove Festival.

It’s true, some of his hits we find ourselves humming while we pack our pusas (Norwegian for plastic bag) at the grocery store. Hits like Changed the Way You Kissed Me (from 2011), Kids Again, All the Wrong Places, and We’ll Be Coming Back. However, 2famous can instantly spot a superstar in real life and this guy topped the ranks.

That being said, it is always a bummer when a superstar calls... [more]

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– Catch the show tonight so he doesn’t have to

“We’ll be stage diving and shit, so hopefully I won’t break my knee or neck, I don’t want to die. Ok, If I could choose to die I’d rather die on stage then somewhere else…” Rapper Arif told 2famous.TV, as we discussed being a local superstar, what festivals like HOVE mean to Norwegian artists and what we should expect from his show tonight.

Yesterday, Dagbladet reported that ‘aspiring Norwegian artists were playing several songs with almost no audience in front of the stage before some of the passersby was lured by the sound.’

Arif will be playing on the Kasino stage tonight at 22:15. Be there to to catch the show…and the rapper. He’s too young and talented to die.

Check out our playlist from Hove here:

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Highlight from Hove, Bastille crowd camera video

– The kids went mental!

Some of the artists at the Hove festival OWNED the audience, and Bastille was definitely one of the highlights. With complete crowd control they moved thousands of Norwegian teenagers to synchronized madness. It was one of those experiences that will live for ever on hundreds of Instagram accounts. (Most of the kids here says that they don’t remember the festival from day to day).

We at 2famous.TV joined the audience in this point of view crowd camera video.(Check out our playlist from Hove):

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Norwegian Festival Fashion: Box-Fresh Look Even While Camping

Take a look at the festival fashion at Hove!

As a recent immigrant to Oslo I can’t help but notice the strong Norwegian sense of style. Everyone walks around as if just getting off a Banana Republic-meets-Free People photo shoot, rocking box-fresh threads and highly styled looks. Being one of the world’s richest countries influences how people dress and they definitely dress like they are rich and care how they look.

Between us there is a sharp visual contrast; I, with my decades old tees (that were made decades ago and cost $1), dilapidated shoes, my aversion to makeup concealer, and dark curly hair versus the Norwegian current-season outfit, long flowing golden locks, lots of face concealer, and really clean looking shoes.

But as I prepared to camp in the woods at Hove for six nights I imagined a sort of fashion overlap. My laid-back grungy style just might mix perfectly with the relaxed atmosphere of camping, I thought. I just might look like I fit in here especially among the teens since my part... [more]

By Adrian

HOVE goes hardcore when L.A. rapper hits the stage

Earl Sweatshirt, who hails from my hometown adjacent city of Los Angeles (well, as you’ll see in the video, even if L.A. is the easiest point of reference on the international scene, if you grew up in the ‘burbs, never tell people who are actually from L.A. that you’re from there, because they will call your Orange County ass out so fast), shook the AMFI stage with some hard-as-fuck beats yesterday.

Small-scale hip hop shows are rarely good. When you’re just a guy with a mic and a DJ behind you, it’s hard to carry a show. It gets repetitive and boring unless you’re a fan or a live band is involved. When you’re a just a guy with a mic and a DJ behind you and you’re performing in front of a bunch of clueless drunken Scandi kids, it gets awkward. As I watched, I thought Earl was feeling the same way…that the audience was disconnected, despite his amped up performance.

As we tried to get backstage to interview MIA (I... [more]

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As the 2famous crew sat on the beach, contemplating life and looking out onto the horizon, distant tribal beats were calling our names. We had to get to where ever that music was coming from. The 20-minute journey from the beach to the stage was playing was dramatic…we were walking fast in fear that The Busy Twist would finish their set and we would miss out on an epic dance party. There were distractions and pit stops along the way, but the music was still playing, so we were hopeful. Fuck, we’re almost there! One more corner and we made it! Hurry, hurry! And, in an ultra anti-climax, just as we turned the corner toward the stage the music stopped and we looked onto an completely empty dance floor. The huge dance party we imagined we were missing out on turned out to be a small crowd of 20 music lovers. It was as if we stepped into the twilight zone. What the fuck happened?

The Busy Twist... [more]

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