Horny Dudes, Awkward Dancers, and Huge Headliners The HOVE Festival Has it All!

We’ve made it our mission to see what party people around the world are up to at music festivals — from Lebanon to Nepal, but it has taken 2famous.TV until now to see how Norwegian youth party their summers away.

On days 1 and 2 of the 5-day fest we’ve run into extremely horny boys, pretty awkward dancers, and fans feverishly awaiting big headliners like MIA! Check out the video

Currently we are reporting from Hove Festival, Norway’s 5-day international music and camping extravaganza on an island off the country’s southern coast. It is by far the youngest crowd we have partied with but that only means their energy is higher than we’ve ever seen.

M.I.A., Bastille, Foster the People, the 1975, Ellie Goulding, Azaelia Banks, SBTRKT, and Bleachers are among the bands playing at 3 stages to a crowd of up to 53,000. Norwegian bands we’re looking forward to are Highasakite, Lars Valular, and Admiral P but th... [more]

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AZIZA: YA MAZAG Watch The New Music Video From Beirut's Pop Princess

Featuring Beirut’s Motorcycle Gang, The Aref Naja Crew!

Last August, when Lebanese popstar Aziza was a guest on the 2famous.TV radio show, she announced that she was recording a new album. We waited in anticipation and the time has finally come!

Watch her video featuring the bad-ass motorcycle gang of Beirut, The Aref Naja Crew! She’s such a lady!

Aziza will be debuting her album on June 7th at Beirut’s Sporting Club. For details and tickets to the event, click here.

... [more]
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When Ailin Kissed Lars A Documentary about Kindergarteners in Love

Does this tiny love story reveal the true nature of men and women in relationships?

[SPOILER ALERT: watch video first!]

Norway’s most popular publication, VG, published a short documentary featuring the tumultuous tale of kindergarteners in love. At the most basic level it’s super cute, but the story unravels to reveal the sad and awkward reality of male-female views on dating, no matter the age.

The story opens in the Spring with four-year-old Ailin and five-year-old Lars explaining their budding relationship at an Oslo kindergarten. It’s a love story like many others. Girl likes boy. Boy has no clue what’s going on. Another boy feins interest in girl. Boy suddenly realizes he must have girl. Boy makes girl his girlfriend. They are in love. They talk about moving in together.

Suddenly, fate’s cruel hand whisks the boy away. He’s a year older than Ailin and must start First grade, leaving her behind in kindergarten. She still thinks about Lars fondly but manages to snag a new boyfriend. Lars on the o... [more]

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OMG I Miss Lebanon Beach Party Season Is Starting And I'm Not There!

And it’s not only because of these hot dudes…

It’s official. 4 of the 2famous.TV crew are now permanently settled in Norway just in time for sweater weather and midnight sun (meh). We were not missing Beirut too much when the MOST DISASTROUS storms of the century hit and were followed by the country’s most epic drought. We know what that would have meant for our tap water situation.

But now that summer is practically upon us people are Instagramming pictures of the beautiful Mediterranean beaches and gearing up for beach party season which officially starts with [more]

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Beach Culture for Snow People In Norway a Day of "Fun" in the Sun

-And yes, it includes scantily clad Scandis in the snow

Simply said, people don’t love Norway because it’s cold most of the year and sparsely populated. They love it because of its vast wealth, successful social system, and stunning natural beauty. While I had yet to witness the latter three since I moved here, last weekend I roadtripped with Fatstone.TV to cover the X2 Extreme Sports Festival in Volda and saw firsthand why everyone gets so googly about the topography.

Habitats breed particular patterns of behavior; a certain culture created through adaptation. I grew up in Florida with flip flops and lazy beach days, sweating my ass off in the sand and going for a dip in the ocean. Norway has no capacity for that, but the activities I always recognized as Beach Culture might be more universal than I presumed. No matter the climate, we all live under the same sun.

I was in new territory. An 8-hour car ride away from Oslo, Volda is a small town nestled between a fjord and mountains on the west coast of Norway.... [more]

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Something's Cooking in Beirut Pt. 2 Flamed Salmon Shrimp Tempura Maki W/ Salve Astano of Le Sushi Bar

Episode 2 of the 4-part sushi series at Le Sushi Bar revolves around Chef Salve’s skills with a flame thrower!

To make the salmon and shrimp tempura maki, Chef Salve flame fires strips of salmon with a blow torch to release a light charred flavor. Then she spreads rice on the nori and lays the salmon atop it.

When asked about the difficulties of being a woman in a male-dominated field, Chef Salve acknowledges that the professional kitchen is mostly full of men which has forced her to have to work like a man to fit in. Heavy labor, among other things, involves cutting up fish bigger than her petite frame.

In addition to working like a man, she also admits she has to ‘act like a man’ as well. Fortunately for her, ... [more]

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Something's Cooking in Beirut W/ Salve Astano of Le Sushi Bar

4-part video series on how to make LSB’s most delicious sushi rolls!

In my search for the best chefs in Lebanon, I rarely came across women — not to say there aren’t many great female chefs, but rather, they are scarce in professional kitchens. It was a breath of fresh air to discover Salve Astano, the Head Sushi Chef at Le Sushi Bar in Achrafieh.

Previously on SCIB, we ventured to the back of LSB’s kitchen with Chef Tom who showed us the newest menu celebrating the restaurant’s 15th Anniversary.

In this 4-part series, we remain up front in the sunshine with Chef Salve as she makes LSB’s most delicious sushi rolls. The first episode is of Chef Salve preparing a simple and fresh Amberjack Foldover.

Salve Astano was born and raised in the Philippines where she studied and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. In 2001 s... [more]

By Adrian
What Happened When Strangers Saw A Freezing Boy Alone in The Cold And What Does it Have To Do With Syria?

Who doesn’t need a sweet sweet morning cry every once in a while right? The Norwegians have a great ability of making awesome campaign videos whether they make you weep or ache with laughter, they’re on to something!

Yesterday a video circulated of a young boy in Oslo sitting at a bus stop without a jacket. It’s really cold here and without a coat you are essentially in danger. In the video adult strangers offer him their gloves, scarves, and jackets to make sure he’s warm. It’s unbelievably beautiful to watch, it’s a video that restores your faith in humanity — but it has a message.

The NGO SOS Barnebyer (SOS Children’s Villages) which has been operating in Syria since 1981, made this video to show how willing people actually are to help a poor freezing child — ... [more]

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"My Grandmother Did Not Die To Provide Cover For Israelis Murdering Palestinian Grandmothers"

Jewish British MP Sir Gerald Kaufman discussing the situation in Israel!

“Most of my parents’ families – because my parents came here as refugees – most of my parents families were murdered in the Holocaust. When the Germans came to the town from which my mother came in Poland, Stachov, they lined up all the Jews to march to the railway station to be put in cattle-wagons. But for those who were not well enough to march, they killed them on the spot.

And they killed my grandmother who was ill in bed by shooting her in her bed. My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israelis murdering Palestinian grandmothers.”

Sir Gerald Kaufman discussing the situation in Israel after pointing out that the Israelis are literally getting away with murder. Watch the rest of the interview here:

... [more]
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Its Time to Raise The Lebanese Flag!

Guest post by Karl Metni from the Unplugged Poets.

2Famous.TV has always been open for guest bloggers who have something to say. This was written by rapper/musician/poet from the Unplugged Poets, Karl Metni, and originally posted on his Facebook wall after a downtown demonstration against the bomb in Ashrafieh in 2012. Since that shocking bomb, more than six have exploded in Beirut, killing politicians, innocent civilians, and destroying city structures.

OCTOBER 21, 2012

If you’re with the Lebanese Forces, or Aoun, or Hezb Allah, or the Future movement, or any other party you’re all the same, useless sheep following useless leaders. You can criticize the fact that I only express myself here on Facebook but trust me I’d rather be sitting at home than making a mockery out of my country on national television. You can all die for all I care. In the end this is the flag I’m raising, the Lebanese flag.

By Contributor
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