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At Least Dubai Acknowledges Unconventional Beauty Kicks Tatted Man Out For "Black Magic" More Like He was Too Sexy!

-But Berlin DJ predictably denied into Lebanon for Israeli stamp

You know what, I’m glad the Middle Eastern Gulf region is taking into account all kinds of sexy when it comes to deporting men.

Because the most recent deportee is a 55-year old German man, Rolf Buccholz, internationally known for holding the Guinness World Record in having the most body piercings.

Buchholz flew to Dubai to party it up at Circque le Soir, a club that promises to bring out all the freaks and fantasy fetish stuff, as a paid appearance. But at the Dubai Airport he was denied entry into the Emirate on the account of possibly being a High Priest of the Dark Arts and a practitioner of Black Magic. Yes, that is why he was denied entry, because he looked as sexy as a Black Magic Priest. And yes, I would probably be wooed by him.

That’s why I’m q... [more]

By Adrian
Thousands of Norwegians Almost Froze to Death After Accepting Hazardous Facebook Challenge Am I Next?

– How to get your blood pumping in the richest country in the world!

For the past few weeks, my Facebook feed has been flooded with videos of people from the North of Norway throwing themselves into super cold ice water.

The viral Facebook challenge to “Film yourself while you jump into the freezing water and challenge your friends to do the same” exploded causing thousands of people from the north of Norway to look death straight in the eyes as they jumped into the cold sea.

When you fling yourself into the arctic waters, you are entitled to challenge other people to do the same. If they decline the challenge, in most cases they have to buy you alcohol. Alcohol is pretty expensive in Norway, but is it motivation enough to risk your life?

Other challengers encourage the “losers” who don’t do it to donate money to charity. Consequently, it is said that cancer research received more than $30,000 last weekend alone!

The challenges started in the Ferøy Islands in mid April but soon migra... [more]

By @mrmatias
Sick and Tired of Lebanon? But Can't Get a Visa Anywhere Cool? This Could be The Solution For You!

Sick and tired of Lebanon – But can’t get a visa? This could be the solution for you!

If it’s because of the slow internet, the lack of possibilities, the Syrian spillover or the never ending increasing danger of sectarian violence that makes you want to leave Lebanon, this alternative could be YOUR chance to get out of Lebanon and get a “fresh” start, somewhere completely new and different.

Actually this alternative is also an alternative for the people who want, not to just leave Lebanon, but also the whole shithole called Earth. And you’d get to be on TV, perhaps even get Famous.

Not sure if you have guessed it already, but you can go to Mars – the planet! All you have to do is to go into this website, and upload a video of yourself explaining why YOU should be the one to represent humanity in outer space colonization project.

So far only 3 dedi... [more]

By @mrmatias
Lebanese Rapper Double A The Preacherman Arrested in Beirut MISTAKEN FOR A SUICIDE BOMBER

-Watch videos of the suspected terrorist hip hopper here!

Lebanese freestyle legend Double A the Preacherman aka H. A. Sharafeddine is said to be arrested on allegations that he is a terrorist. On the picture of his arrest Saida’s very own Preacherman is wearing a shirt with only the top buttoned, baggie shorts, socks to his knees and look a bit confused. Double A is one of the best freestylers in the Middle East not only for his hours of un-ending freestyles but also for often lashing out verbally against authorities, corruption, and power-hungry people. But although he is big, has long beard, comes from Saida and often identifies himself as a boxer in his raps, he has not been famous for having to many contacts in the suicide arena. (except for Chyno who made his own suicide rap)

Double A, hosts a regulated open mic session every Monday night at Radio Beirut, and has often been our guest at the Radio Show. We hope he can pass by on Friday to let us know what happened and set the record straight. Rumor has it he was mi... [more]

By @mrmatias
Uruguay Prez Mujico LEGALIZES Marijuana

The beginning of global drug legalization?

—We are doing this for the young people, because the traditional approach hasn’t worked.

It’s not every day you get to read good news, like say, political decisions that will lead to less violence and suffering. There aren’t many of those days around at all, it seems. BUT TODAY IS ONE OF THOSE DAYS!

Good morning world and be pleased to meet José “Pepe” Mujica (74)—a man who will be remembered by civilization for centuries, whose face will iconically decorate t-shirts, and whose last name will become the trending first name for newborns hipisters before the end of the decade. His name is Mujica, and he’s the president of the first country in the world to make marijuana completely legal.

Yes, the rumors are true: Uruguayan President José Mujica is about to become the biggest pot-dealer in the country, and picks up the ... [more]

By 2famousTV
Zimbabwean Elections: Mugabe Has a Mole! Even Israeli Mercenaries Exposed!

Will the African Whistleblower lead Zimbabwe to democracy?

Dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe (89), has promised a reward of $300,000 to anyone who can provide the location of an anonymous blogger who’s been creating quite a stir in the country by exposing damaging details from high-level party meetings, allegations of voter fraud, and embarrassing gossip. He then gives private phone numbers for his fans to harass the officials in question. Now everyone wonders if the African Whistleblower will be able to effect the upcoming elections that are scheduled to be held at July 31st.

Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe with an iron fist for 33 years, and many expect him to delay or rig the elections or even stay in power if he loses.

Mugabe, who became poisoned by power very quickly, has lead the beautiful country to both disaster and bankruptcy. Financially he achieved a new world record in inflation when the Zim Dollar hit 132 million % inflation some years ... [more]

By @mrmatias
Norwegian Girl Raped in Dubai: Sentenced to 16-Months Jail For Sex Outside Marriage

“Wannabe Modern” Dubai shows Stone-Age Mentality

The number one tourist destination in the Middle East, Dubai, hits the news again with a PR stunt that will definitely make women wanting to visit the luxurious city state think twice.

Marte(24), the rape victim, was sentenced to 16 months in jail by those whom she reported it to under the charge of ‘having sex outside of marriage.” This happens to under-represented migrant worker women all the time everyday, then again it’s probably never reported anyways. Needless to say, we at 2FamousTV recognize this isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime case but it shows that Dubai boldly breaks Human Rights laws even with Norwegian citizens.

At the end of a business trip in Dubai Marte woke up while she was being raped by a coworker on her Qatar-based company trip.

In Norway it is normal to report these things to the police and so she did, perhaps without knowing how this instituti... [more]

By @mrmatias
Chinese Fashion Can Help Lebanese Girls Stay Safe on the Beach

-And it´s not even a copy!

Overcrowded beaches, with hairy old men staring harassingly at women is a common sight in Lebanon. Seriously, freaks on the beach are getting out of control. In fact it is unusual for a girl not to be propositioned by some guy while shes enjoying her time in the sun.

Luckily the Chinese have a couple of priceless fashion Items that just might save the day!

A combination of the Face-kini and the anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings should turn most guys off, although it might be a better wintertime solution, but then again maybe its no warmer than the normal burka. The ninja look you get from the face-kini alone is scary enough to make most guys choose another beach.

It used to suck when you realized that youre newly purchased items were actually copies made in China! One of the biggest advantages wi... [more]

By @mrmatias
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Arrogant Saudi Princes and Breast Milk Lollipops…

If I Were a Billionaire…

Old money is so lame. When I first read that Prince AlWaleed bin Talel of Saudi Arabia, one of the ballin’est people on the planet, was suing Forbes magazine for claiming his worth to be about 20 billion dollars, 10 billion less than his personal estimate, I thought to myself, rich people have a lot to learn from rappers. New Money, Baby! Where are the gold teeth and chains? Where is the gold plated jacket?

Have you seen a picture of Wally? Of course Forbes is going to underestimate his wealth. He looks like a mix of the magician David Copperfield and your family’s shady accountant circa 1980. Why so serious? You have between 20 and 30 billion dollars!

Do you have any idea what the 2famous crew would look like with that kind of money?


By Layal
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