Best of Oslo: The Grønland Market In Pictures

The selection and preparation (and consumption) of food is an effort I take seriously. Making and sharing good food is a wonderful part of life.

After growing up in California for most of my life, living in Lebanon for the past few years changed my relationship to food markets. Hole in the wall fruit & vegetable shops, corner butchers and family-owned neighborhood mini-marts are preferred places to get daily ingredients. Despite the growing “green, organic, farmer’s market” movement in Southern California, massive chain stores still dominate grocery market options. There, red-tags flag the bargains of the day throughout the seemingly endless walls of stuff. The fruits and vegetables are waxed and shined imitations of themselves. They are tasteless, like the idea buying a sweatsuit, a bicycle and apples from the same place. The dull hum of the florescent lights serves as the soundtrack of the shopping experience. It’s not the tantalizing place por... [more]

By Layal
The Possibility of Warming Our Hearts An Interview with The Outpost's IBRAHIM NEHME

It’s easy to feel like the world is turning into a cold and terrible place. Just a quick look what’s happening in the Middle East is enough to dim even the brightest heart.

Since Fall 2012, Lebanon’s beautifully designed The Outpost magazine has been on a mission to incite a socio-cultural renaissance in the Middle East through the exploration of the possibilities of change.

Their previous issues have tackled the Possibility of Moving Forward, The Possibility of Living Here (in the Arab world), The Possibility of Rewriting Our Story and other monumental themes. The issues usually include a supplemental fiction text or a creative, interactive way of connecting the reader to the theme of the issue.

The latest issue – The Possibility of Warming Our Hearts – was created with the hope of making people feel a little better during these relatively unhappy times by showcasing happiness makers in the region. In the opener, The Outpost found... [more]

By Layal
Canadian Synthpop Through Lebanon's Lens An Interview w/ Director of Electric Youth's 'Runaway' Video

Electric Youth, cherished in my heart for their dreamy electro sound and renowned for their song ‘A Real Hero’ on the Drive soundtrack, just released a video for ‘Runaway’ which is directed by Noel Paul and cast and shot in Lebanon.

Noel as you remember, was our first famous guest on the Radio Show Layal and I hosted in Beirut, so I caught up with him via email to get some insight regarding the video.

He has directed music videos for Portugal the Man, Royksopp, Bat for Lashes, and now Electric Youth — but this is the first time he has ever shot a music video in Lebanon.

The band itself is Canadian, so the link between Batroun/Beirut and Toronto isn’t obvious. But it was Noel’s idea, he said in a [more]

By Adrian
From Radio Beirut to Radio Nova Our Norwegian FM Debut: Radio Bla Bla

“We’ve had to cut out a lot of shit to get here”-Adrian

Back when Layal and I started our own radio show we broadcast through a spotty Internet source at our favorite local beer joint in Beirut.

While hardly anyone in Lebanon had good enough Internet to stream the show, and those outside Lebanon couldn’t rely on the weak stream to listen either, we were lucky enough to have the space, equipment, and support to try our hands at something I had never even done before.

The idea of two audacious and liquored up ladies spouting off stories and erotic news was novel to all five-to-ten people drinking at that bar, and for that, we are grateful. With the “anything-goes”, “be as wild as you want” and “explore your creativity” spirit, we were able to grow, evolve, and get an idea how to become better entertainers.

Radio Beirut was awesome to us.

But then we moved to Norway and things got real. Because in Norway, the radio is a BIG DEAL. Like, almost 100% of the Norwegian popula... [more]

By Adrian
Lebanon's Wickerpark Music Festival 2014 Everything You Need to Know About The Beach Party Weekend

Camping, off-festival events, environtmentalism, and the biggest acts in Lebanon

“It doesn’t get better than Wickerpark.” says Philippe Manasseh, lead singer of last year’s Canadian-Lebanese headliner Wake Island, and recent member of How Sad, also part of the 2014 lineup.

For the fourth year in a row, Junior Daou and his family open their large swath of land for a day of music, art, and environmental awareness to the Lebanese people. It is the highly anticipated grassroots project that has turned into a proper annual event on the Batroun coastline: The Wickerpark Festival.

If you’ve been to the Wickerpark Festival before, don’t just expect another one-day concert. When Daou first started WP the goal was simply ‘To make a festival where local acts get to perform on a proper stage with proper sound and light.” This year’s festival has a couple of awesome events that mark a drastic expansion since its inception as well as a fresh new line... [more]

By Adrian
Iceland is about to blow the fuck up!

Is Iceland the REAL threat to Europe?

We’re obsessed with putting our eyes on islamofacists, islafists, salafists, and, well, you know, just muslims, but is this where the real threat is coming from?

Everybody: PANIC!

Just a few weeks ago our national security was at risk, as someone thought that someone potentially dangerous might be coming from Syria to Turkey to Norway! It could have been a dangerous scenario if the politicians hadn’t acted so fast and created a state of emergency, making sure that as much panic as possible spread across this Glorious Kingdom. Bold headlines like “How is your municipality protecting YOU!?!” covered the front pages of local newspapers in the most remote villages, while untrained terror police with weapons designed for war marched the streets of our largest cities. It was a great circus, where tons of “suspicious” muslims got ratte... [more]
By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
At Least Dubai Acknowledges Unconventional Beauty Kicks Tatted Man Out For "Black Magic" More Like He was Too Sexy!

-But Berlin DJ predictably denied into Lebanon for Israeli stamp

You know what, I’m glad the Middle Eastern Gulf region is taking into account all kinds of sexy when it comes to deporting men.

Because the most recent deportee is a 55-year old German man, Rolf Buccholz, internationally known for holding the Guinness World Record in having the most body piercings.

Buchholz flew to Dubai to party it up at Circque le Soir, a club that promises to bring out all the freaks and fantasy fetish stuff, as a paid appearance. But at the Dubai Airport he was denied entry into the Emirate on the account of possibly being a High Priest of the Dark Arts and a practitioner of Black Magic. Yes, that is why he was denied entry, because he looked as sexy as a Black Magic Priest. And yes, I would probably be wooed by him.

That’s why I’m q... [more]

By Adrian
Lofoten in All Its Glory My Summer Vacation in the North of Norway

Norwegians are the masters of understatement. When something is gargantuan, they’ll say ‘It’s a bit big’ and when something’s breathtakingly beautiful, they’ll say ‘It’s nice.’ If a friend made a $10 million profit on a business deal, they’d claim he made ‘a bit of money.’

I still don’t understand whether it’s humor or specific cultural brain wiring (for example: how different cultures understand time). But there is one thing that reassures me in all of this, a ray of hope that cuts through the vague cloudiness which always has me scratching my head asking “Is he/she joking…?” — and that is when a Norwegian talks about the Lofoten Islands.

Because they don’t understate anything about it. Any Norwegian will tell you how magical Lofoten is — how emotional it is to stand next to giant mountains that dive straight into the sea, or how disoriented one b... [more]

By Adrian
Jørgen & Matias Interviewed On Norwegian Extreme Sports Channel About Beirut Rooftop Workout Vids

Looks like Fatstone.TV, Norway’s first Extreme Sports TV Channel, was in need of hilarious ways to work out so they featured our very own Matias and Jorgen and their Beirut Rooftop Workout Workshop videos on their website!

Fatstone.TV conducted a hilarious interview with the guys about everything from staying sexy in Beirut to what they’re up in Norway now. The full interview is below the video:

F: Your workout tips are fantastic and locations are just as awesome! Why did you choose to make rooftops part of your workout videos?

M & J: We were on a mission to become famous in the Middle East, so we had to work out all the time to stay fit! And in order to give something back to our dedicated fans, we decided to give away some... [more]

By 2famousTV
Hot Lebanese Model-Rapper: "It is about to be a great year!" Have We Found Our Summer Hit?

While Gaza is under attack and God only knows what is going down in Syria, Lebanese Rapper Kiki C released her single “The Mediterranean,” in which she raps “It’s about to be a great year!”

Cleverly enough Kiki C, the rapper who sounds like Ke$ha but still looks like an Arab porn popstar, avoids mentioning who this is ‘about to be a great year’ for. Upon closer listen it sounds like she’s referring to partying around the Mediterranean.

What do you think? Will this be the summer hit in Lebanon?

We couldn’t find any other songs by Kiki C but we did find this video on her youtube account:

And there is also these rhymes posted together with this picture on Facebook:

When my music get’s released, Im sure ya’ll will be amazed, I might look like a pretty face, But i make a living off my brai... [more]

By @mrmatias
Admiral P, Store P or ONKLP? Who is the Original P in Norwegian Music?

An ivestegatory video report about who is the Original P of Norwegian Music!

Since moving back to Norway after 4 years in Lebanon, a lot has happened on the music front. Before I had only heard about one P in Norwegian music and that was ONKLP. Nowadays we also have Admiral P and Store P (there is actually a guy called Tande P too but he has gone missing), so it is bit complicated to find out who is the Original P. We made a mini documentary to find out!

In this important mission I tried my best to not discriminate against age or not to ask to leading questions and after a few hours of investigations the Original P actually found me and clerified the whole situation about who is the Original P once and for all.

Here is a playlist of all the videos we made at Hove.

.viddid_thumb { overflow: hidden; } ... [more]
By @mrmatias

– Catch the show tonight so he doesn’t have to

“We’ll be stage diving and shit, so hopefully I won’t break my knee or neck, I don’t want to die. Ok, If I could choose to die I’d rather die on stage then somewhere else…” Rapper Arif told 2famous.TV, as we discussed being a local superstar, what festivals like HOVE mean to Norwegian artists and what we should expect from his show tonight.

Yesterday, Dagbladet reported that ‘aspiring Norwegian artists were playing several songs with almost no audience in front of the stage before some of the passersby was lured by the sound.’

Arif will be playing on the Kasino stage tonight at 22:15. Be there to to catch the show…and the rapper. He’s too young and talented to die.

Check out our playlist from Hove here:

.viddid_thumb { overflow: hidden; } ... [more]
By 2famousTV
Norwegian Festival Fashion: Box-Fresh Look Even While Camping

Take a look at the festival fashion at Hove!

As a recent immigrant to Oslo I can’t help but notice the strong Norwegian sense of style. Everyone walks around as if just getting off a Banana Republic-meets-Free People photo shoot, rocking box-fresh threads and highly styled looks. Being one of the world’s richest countries influences how people dress and they definitely dress like they are rich and care how they look.

Between us there is a sharp visual contrast; I, with my decades old tees (that were made decades ago and cost $1), dilapidated shoes, my aversion to makeup concealer, and dark curly hair versus the Norwegian current-season outfit, long flowing golden locks, lots of face concealer, and really clean looking shoes.

But as I prepared to camp in the woods at Hove for six nights I imagined a sort of fashion overlap. My laid-back grungy style just might mix perfectly with the relaxed atmosphere of camping, I thought. I just might look like I fit in here especially among the teens since my part... [more]

By Adrian

HOVE goes hardcore when L.A. rapper hits the stage

Earl Sweatshirt, who hails from my hometown adjacent city of Los Angeles (well, as you’ll see in the video, even if L.A. is the easiest point of reference on the international scene, if you grew up in the ‘burbs, never tell people who are actually from L.A. that you’re from there, because they will call your Orange County ass out so fast), shook the AMFI stage with some hard-as-fuck beats yesterday.

Small-scale hip hop shows are rarely good. When you’re just a guy with a mic and a DJ behind you, it’s hard to carry a show. It gets repetitive and boring unless you’re a fan or a live band is involved. When you’re a just a guy with a mic and a DJ behind you and you’re performing in front of a bunch of clueless drunken Scandi kids, it gets awkward. As I watched, I thought Earl was feeling the same way…that the audience was disconnected, despite his amped up performance.

As we tried to get backstage to interview MIA (I... [more]

By 2famousTV

As the 2famous crew sat on the beach, contemplating life and looking out onto the horizon, distant tribal beats were calling our names. We had to get to where ever that music was coming from. The 20-minute journey from the beach to the stage was playing was dramatic…we were walking fast in fear that The Busy Twist would finish their set and we would miss out on an epic dance party. There were distractions and pit stops along the way, but the music was still playing, so we were hopeful. Fuck, we’re almost there! One more corner and we made it! Hurry, hurry! And, in an ultra anti-climax, just as we turned the corner toward the stage the music stopped and we looked onto an completely empty dance floor. The huge dance party we imagined we were missing out on turned out to be a small crowd of 20 music lovers. It was as if we stepped into the twilight zone. What the fuck happened?

The Busy Twist... [more]

By 2famousTV
Horny Dudes, Awkward Dancers, and Huge Headliners The HOVE Festival Has it All!

We’ve made it our mission to see what party people around the world are up to at music festivals — from Lebanon to Nepal, but it has taken 2famous.TV until now to see how Norwegian youth party their summers away.

On days 1 and 2 of the 5-day fest we’ve run into extremely horny boys, pretty awkward dancers, and fans feverishly awaiting big headliners like MIA! Check out the video

Currently we are reporting from Hove Festival, Norway’s 5-day international music and camping extravaganza on an island off the country’s southern coast. It is by far the youngest crowd we have partied with but that only means their energy is higher than we’ve ever seen.

M.I.A., Bastille, Foster the People, the 1975, Ellie Goulding, Azaelia Banks, SBTRKT, and Bleachers are among the bands playing at 3 stages to a crowd of up to 53,000. Norwegian bands we’re looking forward to are Highasakite, Lars Valular, and Admiral P but th... [more]

By 2famousTV
I'm Taking Makeup To The Hospital When I Deliver- But Please Don't Judge Me!

Having a baby is rough, like rougher than that one time in college you got so drunk you passed out in a hallway at a stranger’s house and woke up with dried barf on yourself rough. Imagine that. Imagine squeezing a watermelon out of a lemon-sized opening, then let’s talk.

I’m not one for frivolity when I need to Get.Shit.Done. and makeup usually doesn’t make the cut for heavy duty activities, but I’ve got some reasoning behind my bringing makeup into the maternity ward. (Not that I plan on being a glamour puss the moment she pops out of my womb).

Pictures, people! Yes, indeed. The first photographs of mother and babe happen right there at the hospital. Family and visitors want to come and coo over your new bundle and congratulate you while blasting your face area with everlasting evidence of the auspicious occasion. And let’s just say I don’t do hi-def unless I’ve got some warpaint ready. Call me vain, but I just want to... [more]

By Meghan O.
Becoming European: I Love the World Cup!

-But Team USA is the best

I have been living in Norway for about four months now and it dawned on me that while I am very distinctly American over here, slowly but surely I am growing more into a European. Not EU European, Norway’s not part of the EU, I guess more like European Economic Area (EEA) European.

I watched every performance of this year’s Eurovision and regularly have to walk up to an hour just to get somewhere, but the biggest Europeanization is my unusual interest for the World Cup this year!

My admission may be revoked when I continue to still call it soccer, but I can’t believe how taken I am with watching a game, especially when my favorite team, the USA is playing. Yes, I know, traditionally my country isn’t the biggest supporter of the sport and you make fun of our football, but we can pretty much hold our own in soccer and we are proving it.

My knowledge has progressed rapidly: I’ve picked up on the rules and can spot an off-sides or p... [more]

By Adrian
Top 10 Weirdest Things That Occurred While Gestating (So Far)

How fast does time fly when I’m reading a stinking urine-soaked plastic device that tells me I’ve got one in the oven to 7 weeks till blast off?? I don’t know and it’s scary as fuck and confusing as fuck and people are freaking me out because they keep asking who’s coming to help us when she’s born. Resounding answer: NO ONE REALLY.

I can’t be worrying about that, I need to get back to losing sleep over whether the pink curtains I’m putting in her room are going to infect her tiny mound of mush brain with some archaic, color-coded sexist philosophy my gender has worked so hard to overcome. And moisturizing my nipples adequately.

But I digress…

1) I leak pee on myself. Like on the reg. Please give a nobel prize to person who invented panty liners…

2) M... [more]

By Meghan O.
When Ailin Kissed Lars A Documentary about Kindergarteners in Love

Does this tiny love story reveal the true nature of men and women in relationships?

[SPOILER ALERT: watch video first!]

Norway’s most popular publication, VG, published a short documentary featuring the tumultuous tale of kindergarteners in love. At the most basic level it’s super cute, but the story unravels to reveal the sad and awkward reality of male-female views on dating, no matter the age.

The story opens in the Spring with four-year-old Ailin and five-year-old Lars explaining their budding relationship at an Oslo kindergarten. It’s a love story like many others. Girl likes boy. Boy has no clue what’s going on. Another boy feins interest in girl. Boy suddenly realizes he must have girl. Boy makes girl his girlfriend. They are in love. They talk about moving in together.

Suddenly, fate’s cruel hand whisks the boy away. He’s a year older than Ailin and must start First grade, leaving her behind in kindergarten. She still thinks about Lars fondly but manages to snag a new boyfriend. Lars on the o... [more]

By Layal
Adonis: The Band That Went From Virtual Fame to Success IRL

Interview, performance, and full podcast with Adonis & Restless Leg Syndrome
Tune in LIVE every Friday!

May 2nd, 2014, Radio Beirut, in Beirut (yes).

We hosted Austrian DJ trio Restless Leg Syndrome and Adonis on our radio show. RLS gave us sneak peeks of their “flipped” tracks which were performed live the next day at Radio Beirut, then Adonis performed an extensive set and we got to know them more in depth.

Adonis is an Arabic pop/rock band that formed in 2011. Since then they have released two albums with a third one on the way. It’s already been a busy year with 3 concerts in Amman, Beirut Wave One, and at C U NXT SAT in Concrete 1994.

How did it start?Anthony: Joey and I met during college at AUB when we were both studying architecture. We were friends mostly because we liked the same type of music (Arabic), which was not a common music to like at the time, and still is not.

Define Arabic music.Anthony: good Arabic music, Joey is more fundam... [more]

By Christine Silly Goon
Thousands of Norwegians Almost Froze to Death After Accepting Hazardous Facebook Challenge Am I Next?

– How to get your blood pumping in the richest country in the world!

For the past few weeks, my Facebook feed has been flooded with videos of people from the North of Norway throwing themselves into super cold ice water.

The viral Facebook challenge to “Film yourself while you jump into the freezing water and challenge your friends to do the same” exploded causing thousands of people from the north of Norway to look death straight in the eyes as they jumped into the cold sea.

When you fling yourself into the arctic waters, you are entitled to challenge other people to do the same. If they decline the challenge, in most cases they have to buy you alcohol. Alcohol is pretty expensive in Norway, but is it motivation enough to risk your life?

Other challengers encourage the “losers” who don’t do it to donate money to charity. Consequently, it is said that cancer research received more than $30,000 last weekend alone!

The challenges started in the Ferøy Islands in mid April but soon migra... [more]

By @mrmatias
Sick and Tired of Lebanon? But Can't Get a Visa Anywhere Cool? This Could be The Solution For You!

Sick and tired of Lebanon – But can’t get a visa? This could be the solution for you!

If it’s because of the slow internet, the lack of possibilities, the Syrian spillover or the never ending increasing danger of sectarian violence that makes you want to leave Lebanon, this alternative could be YOUR chance to get out of Lebanon and get a “fresh” start, somewhere completely new and different.

Actually this alternative is also an alternative for the people who want, not to just leave Lebanon, but also the whole shithole called Earth. And you’d get to be on TV, perhaps even get Famous.

Not sure if you have guessed it already, but you can go to Mars – the planet! All you have to do is to go into this website, and upload a video of yourself explaining why YOU should be the one to represent humanity in outer space colonization project.

So far only 3 dedi... [more]

By @mrmatias
EXPENSIVE SHIT Get rich on poop in Norway

– No work visa required

If you live in a shithole, you should come to Norway and join the shitfest!

There is a loophole in the strict Norwegian job market, and that loophole can be found right between a grizzlys genitals and it’s tale (also known as its butthole).

Thanks to the low population and the large oil reserves Norway may be the richest country in the world, but if you’re not from Europe and want to earn some of those oil-backed crowns, you either need to have some crazy skills that makes you exceptional on the job market, or you need to go to the forest and put your hands in lukewarm excrements.

Despite the shitty weather a ton of southern europeans come to Norway every year to pick strawberries in the fields or to beg on the streets, but it seems like they might not be informed about the goldmine coming out of the king of the forrest’s asshole: the Norwegian government will pay ... [more]

By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
Norwegian Culture Shock! Don't Drink if You're Going Drinking

-I have to prove myself every time I go out to a bar here

Heading out to the bar on a Friday night in Oslo? Plan on doing a pub-crawl with your friends? Or just hitting up one or two drinking destinations after a group hangout? Well you better be damned sober if you want to do any of that. Or you better feign soberness as best as you can. And never ever bring up your Beirut days. In Oslo where any beer now costs $15, every single bar has a bouncer, male or female (go equality!) who literally scans you up and down and decides whether you are looking straight and narrow enough to enter.

Let me be clear, I’ve mentioned before that people here get totally sloshed before 9pm on the weekends and I understand this is a way to weed out the waste cases so that the bar is not serving any visibly drunk people. That is smart and socially responsible and probably the law.

But I find it is taken to the extreme here. So much so that hitting... [more]

By Adrian
Why So Proud? Lebanese Commentary on a Shocking Video from Beirut

-How do the Lebanese react to incoming refugees from Syria vs. Ukraine?

Over the weekend I had the privilege of meeting a Syrian refugee staying at the brand new Hostel Beirut before he leaves to Paris on a university scholarship this Wednesday.

I asked him if he had any concerns about travelling for the first time or moving to a non-English or Arabic speaking country. His response was “I don’t mean to be offensive, but anywhere but here is good. I am tired of being harassed!” I couldn’t help but feel a lump in my throat, not out of sorrow and not out of sympathy, but out of guilt.

Moving to Beirut in mid-2012, I witnessed the initial stages of the Syrian migration into Lebanon. Who can blame them? These people are literally fleeing war, leaving everything behind and moving to Lebanon with a suitcase and an uncertain future.

So why do I feel guilty? During the war between Lebanon and Israel in 2006, many Lebanese fled to Syria. Renowned for their hospitality, Syrian people welcomed Lebanese, dare I say &lsqu... [more]

By Contributor
Something's Cooking in Beirut Chef Salve Astano of Le Sushi Bar Pt. 3 Special Foie Gras Maki!

SCIB’s 3rd episode with Chef Salve Astano showcases fusion cuisine at its finest. Here, the head sushi chef of Le Sushi Bar prepares a foie gras tempura maki roll combining a luxurious French delicacy with traditional Japanese maki-making.

Filipina chef Salve Astano is an inspiring person whose story and rise to fame in Lebanon are as rare as they come. Born and raised in the Phillipines, Astano studied Literature and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree before making the big move to Lebanon to pursue career opportunities. Like most migrant workers in the country, she landed a low-level job working as a waitress in a restaurant alongside her sister.


By Adrian
Can You Make It? Redbull Challenges Students to Make it to Berlin With No Money

Were they inspired by 2famous’ Matias Nordahl Carlsen?

When I first met Matias, one of the founders of 2famous.TV, I learned that he used to make documentaries of himself hitchhiking across the world. It sounded awesome until I realized he was traveling without a krone, or dollar, in his pocket! Then I thought he was nuts!

See, here’s a clip of Matias’ documentary Cape to Cape, where he hitchhiked from the North of Norway to South Africa!

And this is him making his way from Norway to China…

People and companies are always copying superstars and Matias is no exception. The documentaries of his travels are quite popular and traveling without money has become rather mainstream…I mean, his documentaries were even televised!

Now, maybe because they were inspired by our very own Siddhartha, or at least inspired by someone who was inspired by Matias, who knows, Red Bull is challenging 100 teams to make it a... [more]

By Layal
Pregnancy Week 21 Feeling Better And Lubing Up

I’m SO happy to report that almost all of the misery of the first trimester has finally fallen behind me. My energy is back and with no nausea, I’m feeling myself again….just pregnant-er.

It’s a girl! She’s really teeny and moves a lot and likes to kick me which I hope is not a sign that she’s going to be a huge asshole baby- I can say that, it’s my kid. Though she’s really small now- she’s only going to get bigger, which means a bigger belly. Which means lots ‘o’ stretching! If you find yourself with a bun in the oven now or in the future, here are some top tips to help your skin not give you the fat middle finger:

Sweet Almond Oil

This is probably the best thing you can put on your skin during pregnancy, it’s emollient nature make for high potency penetration into the skin while protecting i... [more]

By Meghan O.
An American in Oslo: Some Facts and Observations After One Month

-$40 for a takeaway pizza, um ok!?

Once again I’m an expat and this time I’m living in one of the most northern, well-organized, and richest countries on the globe: Norway. My earliest memory of Norway’s existence is from my 6th grade Geography class with Mrs. Lockard. She quizzed us on the world’s capitals and the one that stuck out in my mind was Oslo because it just had such a funny ring to it. Oslo. My hipster radar was already on point even before I hit puberty.

That’s where my knowledge of Norway ended until I met the “Norwegians” who taught me more about their homeland than I knew about my own. Now that I live here, I’ve picked up on even more facts and have formed some observations:

It’s an extremely rich country with one of the lowest wealth gaps in the world. In 1969 the Norwegians struck oil in the sea off their coast and since the 80’s have been living lavishly off it. Not Arab style though, nothing here is too os... [more]

By Adrian
Beirut Art in Oslo

-A Norwegian’s art exhibit from her time in Beirut; A Lebanese artist & Kurdish artist.

Back in Beirut I met an artist friend of Matias’ from Norway who has been visiting Lebanon since 2008: Mari Meen Halsøy. At the time I didn’t know what kind of art she did, and I still wouldn’t know until I moved here. But first I found out how awesome she is!

I learned a lesson carrying a lot of the Lebanese bounty I had just acquired selling my stuff with me OUT of Lebanon. Don’t do it. No exchanges were willing to take Lebanese liras. Afghani and Syrian ones are fine though. Mari, who will be visiting Lebanon in April or May offered to help us out and exchange our cash at a super hip party in Oslo. It was a win win.

She’s the reason I could buy our groceries for the next week, but she’s also one of the very few people I actually know here. So on a day when I was sitting around the apartment she invited me to her current ... [more]

By Adrian
1 K Migrant Workers DEAD Building the Qatar World Cup! How Important Is Football?

The Qatari Government says this is normal…?

The Guardian reported a few days ago that 500 Indian workers have died while building the World Cup stadium in set for 2022 in Qatar. A few weeks ago they reported that more than 400 Nepali migrant workers have died while making the World Cup possible in the Middle Eastern Emirate. With almost 1000 dead workers from 2 countries, you might ask how many have actually already died if you included the migrant workers from other places, for example Pakistan, the Philippines and Sri Lanka, who make up more than 30% of the workforce.

If these workers were football players, then more than 90 full teams would have already died. That is 3 times as many players who will be starting the World Cup in Brazil this year.

By @mrmatias
Introducing Me To European Nudity

-The neurotic journey of moving to Europe and taking all my clothes off in Germany

Growing up as an American you hear a few generalizations about Europeans and some of those generalizations are true. They don’t tip, they’re more open sexually, and they are generally comfortable with nudity — whether watching it on TV and movies, or simply taking it all off when things get too warm.

Regarding the latter, I saw it when I came to Oslo during a chilly summer and noticed ass cheeks flapping and side boob swaying in the breeze on the first day of sunshine.

I knew moving to Norway would mean I’d have to cozy up to the idea of splaying my American-grade naked body for all to see at some point. In the future. The far future. But my big reveal came way earlier than I could have mentally prepared for. Not that mentally preparing would have helped.


On a weekend wedding layover in Germany, Matias and I strolled the bone-chilling streets of Berlin and spotted a Finnish sauna. It was so cold outside and a sauna sounded so... [more]

By Adrian
Support Syrian Women Refugees With Music & Donations @ Yukunkun

-UN research shows women are affected the most in times of conflict
-Live performances by Leb’s best: Thursday, 20 February!

By now the Syrian civil war has raged for years. It pervades almost every news source as the devastating, bloody conflict and humanitarian crisis it is. Let’s put some “current” key facts in place:

But did you know in times of conflict the biggest sufferers are not the men and soldiers on the streets. Those who suffer the greatest are women. Below is an excerpt from

War has always impacted men and women in different ways, but possibly never more so than in contemporary conflicts. While women remain a minority of combatants and perpetrators of war, they increasingly suffer the greatest harm.

In contemporary conflicts, as much as 90 pe... [more]

By Adrian
"My Grandmother Did Not Die To Provide Cover For Israelis Murdering Palestinian Grandmothers"

Jewish British MP Sir Gerald Kaufman discussing the situation in Israel!

“Most of my parents’ families – because my parents came here as refugees – most of my parents families were murdered in the Holocaust. When the Germans came to the town from which my mother came in Poland, Stachov, they lined up all the Jews to march to the railway station to be put in cattle-wagons. But for those who were not well enough to march, they killed them on the spot.

And they killed my grandmother who was ill in bed by shooting her in her bed. My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israelis murdering Palestinian grandmothers.”

Sir Gerald Kaufman discussing the situation in Israel after pointing out that the Israelis are literally getting away with murder. Watch the rest of the interview here:

... [more]
By @mrmatias
Disabled Journalist Forbidden Entry On MEA Plane Because She Did Not Have a Companion

-She has been travelling independently w/ MEA for years!
-With commentary from a new guest poster!

Anything to Declare? Nuts, Fruit, Wheelchairs?

It is not the first time that I’m outraged when tuning into my favorite Arabic soap opera. No, I am not referring to the Syrian-Arabic dubbed Turkish series that have invaded Middle Eastern televisions and Lebanese women’s hearts. In this case, I am referring to the ‘News’.

Living in Lebanon for the past two years, I learned the local way of turning the blind eye to, in a nutshell, bullcrap. To name a few: Former Minister of Youth and Sports calling to investigate Swiss-born Lebanese Jacki Chamoun’s leaked topless photo shoot (three years ago) “because nudity is a misrepresentation of Lebanon;” job advertisements requesting certain genders of certain religions; multiple suicide bombings in Beirut; or even the [more]

By Contributor
Naked Olympic Skier Made Lebanon Famous Censored by Facebook!

Jackie Chamun was TOO hot Facebook!

After our article last week about the now world famous Lebanese Olympian, Jackie Chamoun had been Liked more than 8.7K times, Facebook had enough of the hot Lebanese, and turned of the Like & Share button on the article. The move comes as a desperate attempt to censor the Internet and forbid the Western World from knowing how beautiful Lebanese skiers can be.

The reason behind the multibillion-dollar Social Network’s move against the non-profit blog 2Famous.TV which sprung out of Beirut a few years ago is still unknown, but speculations have started to spread.

For years the blog 2Famous.TV has advocated for freedom of speech from Lebanon, also blogging about [more]

By @mrmatias
Nude Lebanese Olympic Alpine Athlete Offered Asylum in Norway?

Watch the Video that is shocking the Arab World!

Unlike any Lebanese athletes before her, (excluding Pierre Gemayel, who as a member of Lebanon’s Football Team at the 1936 Olympics and was inspired by the efficient organization and disiplin of the Nazis, and not the ideology) Olympic skier Jackie Chamoun made a name for herself today. As a result, Lebanon is being recognized as a winter sports nation for the first time.


But no, she did not get famous for her skills as a master skistress, rather, for the almost-nude pictures and recently published video of Chamoun’s behind the scenes shoot in the beautiful snowy mountains of Lebanon. In fact, the viral video reached the homeland of skiing, Norway, today.

Baring it all in the conservative Middle East is apparently a huge problem, and lately with the rise of aggressive Islamist groups, it has become even more image-ta... [more]

By @mrmatias
Living La Vida Lebanon Was The Best Thing in My Life Thank You and Goodbye!

As soon as I moved to Lebanon, people inside and out asked me when I would leave. “How long are you here for?” locals prodded. I’d shrug my shoulders and tell them I didn’t know. “I guess I’ll leave when it feels right…?”

Well, I guess now feels right, or, greater opportunities have arisen. I moved with my boyfriend Matias to his home country of Norway.

It’s not how I came to Lebanon — following my love that is. Remember, I came here with “no money, no plan, no man” and full of confidence because of it.

The months leading up to college graduation in 2011, everyone nervously asked each other “What are you going to do after college?” I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but ... [more]

By Adrian
Lebanese Rapper Double A The Preacherman Arrested in Beirut MISTAKEN FOR A SUICIDE BOMBER

-Watch videos of the suspected terrorist hip hopper here!

Lebanese freestyle legend Double A the Preacherman aka H. A. Sharafeddine is said to be arrested on allegations that he is a terrorist. On the picture of his arrest Saida’s very own Preacherman is wearing a shirt with only the top buttoned, baggie shorts, socks to his knees and look a bit confused. Double A is one of the best freestylers in the Middle East not only for his hours of un-ending freestyles but also for often lashing out verbally against authorities, corruption, and power-hungry people. But although he is big, has long beard, comes from Saida and often identifies himself as a boxer in his raps, he has not been famous for having to many contacts in the suicide arena. (except for Chyno who made his own suicide rap)

Double A, hosts a regulated open mic session every Monday night at Radio Beirut, and has often been our guest at the Radio Show. We hope he can pass by on Friday to let us know what happened and set the record straight. Rumor has it he was mi... [more]

By @mrmatias
Pregnancy Week 15 Judgey Wudgey Was A Bear

Being pregnant is fucking hard for a lot women. Whether it’s the physical changes your body endures daily or the mental and emotional hurdles that will blindside you at the drop of a hat, this is a crucial time when life can seem surreal at best. Here’s a quick list of my physical and mental symptoms I’ve experienced so far:

-nausea accompanied by vomiting and heightened gag reflex -heightened sense of smell making everything smell like a dead donkey butthole -dizziness and faintness when moving or standing at a normal pace -fatigue that induces at least 2 death naps per day -itchy, dry raisin skin -shortness of breath when doing the most basic of tasks (i.e. walking normally) -memory loss -congestion during sleep coupled with daily morning nasal draining which causes more nausea (snot on an empty stomach= YUM) -constipation (what I wouldn’t do to take a shit right now, it’s been three days so far) -constant feeling of dehydration despite chugging ... [more]
By Meghan O.
Rock and Roll Radio & Music Videos W/ Peter Chouchani, MTL Sultan & Nachaz!

New 2Famous.TV Radio Show every Friday from Radio Beirut!

Ah, coming back to the radio was like a breath of fresh air. I’d been listening from a remote location for five shows — which was the first time I’d ever NOT been on the show! During that, I gained a whole new perspective and my excitement for our project only expanded. January 10th we welcomed guests and musicians to keep us up to date on what’s going on these days in Lebanon. Wael Abi Faker, former sound engineer to the Layal and Adrian Show, revealed what it’s like to work as a professional musician in the Lebanese Orchestra. He’s an expert french horn player who carries around a ukelele, which he played while performing an original song!

We also welcomed the editor of Lebanese social media magazine, Cloud 961 who discussed the TechCrunch article that came out claiming that Silicon Valley is losing its mojo to innovation in Beirut.

Musical performances wooed the audience. First we had up and coming singer-songwriter Peter Choucha... [more]

By Adrian
Meghan O. Is Preggo! So I got knocked up...

As evident by the title, there is human life stirring within my bowels. Imagine that. Now try and sleep.

In all seriousness (sort of), I’m officially 14 weeks and two days pregnant and just into my second trimester. Pregnancy is split into trimesters, with a full-term pregnancy at 40 weeks. The first trimester is often the most difficult, not to mention the most uncertain time of pregnancy….and how it has been difficult!

Dear readers, I have essentially been horizontal for two months because being pregnant isn’t all about glowing and eating and being happy. No. Not for everyone. For the unlucky bastards such as myself, every day is a living hell filled with vomiting, constipation, nasal congestion, cramping, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, headaches, constant need to sleep, among other fun facts that I’m too polite to mention here just yet.

While I am FINALLY starting to feel better and get some relief, it’s been a long road. I&rsqu... [more]

By Meghan O.
"Maybe They Like Us?" Interview w/ JadaL, the Arabic Rock Band About Lebanon, Music, & Controversy

On the day of our most hectic radio show yet (at that time), we were surprised and honored to spontaneously welcome JadaL to our stage. As they set up their impromptu set I started to ask questions but the interview timing wasn’t right so I caught up with them after, with the questions below.

A renowned Arabic rock band from Jordan, Jadal has seen fame since 2003 with their alternative approach to music in the Arab world. Mahmoud Radeideh is the lead composer and writer while Ahmed Zou’bi is the voice of the group. I asked Radeideh a few questions about his band through email and this is what he had to say.

The name JadaL means “controversial” in Arabic — have you had any controversies as a band in the Middle East? Or anything get you guys in trouble?

The controversy was generally in the style of m... [more]

By Adrian
Jorgo and Layal #WorldFamousHipster + #notamartyr = The Internet's Newest Power Odd Couple

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, Jack White and Renee Zellweger, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito; Opposites attract, and we (Jorgo and Layal) are no exception. We’re like day (he has hair like the golden sun) and night (that’s what my name means), Evil (it’s his legal middle name) and good (I’m internet famous without a sex tape!). We’re the internet’s newest power odd couple and I’m about to ‘splain why.

Sometime last year, Jorgo was featured in Buzzfeed as one of the types of hipsters you’d likely to encounter in London. Proud/embarrassed, he posted an article apologizing to the world for starting the hipster movement, thus perpetuating the destruction of the world. Today, I found out that I was listed on Buzzfeed’s [more]

By Layal
2Famous.TV Jam Sessions The Unplugged Poets and Edd Abbas NEW SHOW ON FRIDAY

Listen in on the 2Famous.TV Radio SHOW from Radio Beirut, Every Friday!

As you must have read on the news a few weeks ago, there was an awful bomb in Downtown Beirut, Lebanon, which killed innocents and a respectable politician. A few hours later, Matias and I were hosting’s weekly radio show.

The show turned out to be a great cheering up session to all of us, especially that 2 of our guests live-performed songs they had written that same day, expressing themselves about the situation: Edd Abbas, a very talented hip-hop singer and The Unplugged Poets, an upcoming band of 4 young Lebanese who sing rap and plays rock music.

From all the guests invited that day, The Unplugged Poets were my favorite crush. I loved their avant-guardiste genre and I was truly touched with that song entitled “Sometimes It’s Hard”. Its lyrics can be read below with the video performance. Also, and most importantly, the band started hip-hop jamming right after that song with Edd Abbas! That was so cool (you can l... [more]

By Christine Silly Goon
2nd Beirut Bomb in 1 Week How Does Twitter React?

Yesterday a second bomb in the past week exploded in Beirut, once again killing innocent civilians, ruining structures, and re-inciting fear and rage in the country. Is this chaos? Is it war? Are people stung and upset or numb or strong or what? I grazed through Twitter to find some opinions.

Some details:

Building was residential, Al Manar reports, just like previous 2 attacks in south Beirut.

— Habib Battah (@habib_b) January 2, 2014

Hariri and others quickly blamed Hezbollah for Chatah assassination. Might be back to tit-for-tat bombings like we saw in August.

— Josh Wood (@woodenbeirut) January 2, 2014

Holiday bombings in vogue. Last #Beirut bombing came two days after Christmas. Today's bombing com... [more]

By Adrian
Catching Up W/ Eliz Murad Badass Frontwoman of Teleferik

French-Lebanese-Japanese rock n roll band in Paris!

French-Lebanese-Japanese rock and roll band Teleferik just released an EP last week to rave reviews in all of France. I caught up with the lead singer who lives in Paris and also writes all the lyrics, Eliz Murad, to pick her brain about fronting a multi-cultural group while bridging the gap between the Middle East and Europe.

Louve Garou is the track that contributed to the name of Teleferik’s second EP . Louve Garou is a legendary and mythological animal, which has the ability to shape shift into a wolf under the moonlight.

How much does Lebanese culture influence your work?

Both my parents are Lebanese. They speak Arabic and French at home. My mother used to listen to Majda El Roumi, Fairuz, and all the Lebanese divas on the radio. I was a Michael Jackson ,James Brown, and the gospel diva fan –all the music of black Americans. Later in high school I really discovered th... [more]

By Adrian
2famous.TV highlights of 2013

– see our best stories, videos and podcasts, and read about our personal experiences from the year that passed.

As we’re reaching the end of the most exciting and most productive year in 2famous.TV’s two-year-old history, we figured it was about time for a little roundup of our most glorious moments of the year.

Overview We went to Nepal, we covered the Beirut party scene for the summer of 2013 with the most epic videos, we started our own cooking show AND we hosted our very own radio show in collaboration with Radio Beirut where well-established indie bands, as well as some of the most exciting up-and-coming sounds from Lebanon and Syria, could express themselves to our audience in small intimate concerts, broadcasted live.

Here’s a playlist of 25 intimate musical performances for 2famous.TV RadioShow

It’s been a great year. The website has ... [more]

By 2famousTV
"Nothing's Changed and We Still in This Hell" The Unplugged Poets Sing About Downtown Beirut Bombing

-Weekly Radio show falls on the day of the Downtown bombing; Poly, Ed Abbas, Miles Stone talk about it

On the day of the Downtown Beirut Bomb we had invited Super Star Polly, Hip Hop Legend Edd Abbas, The Unplugged Poets and up and coming Lebanese/Canadian rock band, Miles Stone.

– “I don’t want to be a hostage to the situation, and if we were to cancel every time these things happened we would never get to perform,” Poly tells us.

Edd Abbas, who started with hip hop lyrics in Arabic in Lebanon, tells us that the Downtown Beirut Bomb makes him want to write music. Although everyday is somehow like this.

Most prepared of all guests were The Unplugged Poets who had wasted no time by writing a song about the bomb and the situation on the same day it happened!

The young rockers from Miles Stone live in Canada but tell us they want to came back to Lebanon and “make things right”!

The show was hosted by Matias and Christine and Super shout out to Khairy for Epic sound engineering under difficult conditions.

... [more]
By @mrmatias
New Co-Host, Rockstars and Beirut's Only Openly Gay Blogger 2Famous.TV Radio

Interview + performances by Allan from Lazzy Lung, Serge from the Incompetents and Charly Rayne,

In this 2Famous.TV Radio production you get to meet new 2Famous.TVs co-host, Christine Abi Assi, who also has her own music blog:

She interviews Allan from Lazzy Lung and Serge from the Incompetents. Then we talk to Raja from the blog, who is, perhaps, the only openly gay blogger in Lebanon. Later, up and coming singer songwriter Charlie Rayne comes all the way from Berlin to Perform a song for us!

Here is a video of Serge from the Incompetents doing one of his own songs, backed up by Charlie Rayne.

Charlie Rayne performs, “I no longer hear the music” by the Libertines

... [more]
By @mrmatias
Kidnapped by Hezbollah, Jailed by the Army Fighting for Freedom without Wasta Interview with Journalist Rami Aysha

2Famous.TV Radio also features Moe Kabbara, Habib Batha, Chady Abusleiman and Edd Abbas.

In this Live 2Famous.TV Radio Production from Radio Beirut we start off meeting young Lebanese/Canadian musician Moe Kabbara who is in town and plays for us.

Then we get to meet journalist Rami Aysha who has been working on cases that have gotten him trouble with the authorities. He was kidnapped by a military organization in South Beirut when working on a story about arms dealing and later handed over to the military who kept him for one month without pressing charges. He tells us about his case and how the situation for freedom of press is in Lebanon right now.

He is joined by Habib Batha from who also have been assaulted while working as a journalist.

Chady Abusleiman drops by and tells us about the Secret Walls Art Project happening also in Beirut these days!

Then, Edd Abbas of Fari2 Al Atrash, introduces us to his Latest Album, Tripnol.

The Show is Hosted by Matias... [more]

By @mrmatias
Allan from Lazzy Lung Talks About New EP W/ Music Blogger Christine

All-new pop punk riffs and catchy chords — Lazzy Lung’s EP comes out with a bang!

We are happy to let you meet 2Famous.TV Radios new co-host, Christine Abi Assi. She will be helping us out with our RadioShow and she also has her own music blog; SillyGoon This is her first show where she, as our new co-host, interviews our old co-host, Allan from Lazzy Lung about their new EP.

[Christine] As you may have seen on Twitter and Facebook, I’ve just started contributing to‘s weekly radio show. The show is all about interacting with talented Lebanese and regional bands, and having them perform live and on the air.

My first interview was with Allan from Lazzy Lung, who was also co-host for the night. He and I met shortly before the start of the show. By the time the microphones had been turned on, we’d already talked about the band’s upcoming album “Sailor&rs... [more]

By Contributor
Merry Christmas from 2Famous! Here Are Some Exclusive Never-Before-Seen Music Videos!!

-From Jadal, Charlie Rayne, Tanjeret Daghet and Zeid Hamdan!

While it’s still important to focus on news of our neighbors in the region, we at 2famous.TV want to brighten your holiday season with beautiful music. Merry Christmas everyone!

Our Christmas gifts to you are these never before seen videos (that Matias makes!) of superstar musicians performing on our weekly Radio Show.

Here is Charlie Rayne, young singer-songwriter, covering the poignant song I no Longer Hear the Music by The Libertines.

A few shows ago, we were blessed with an impromptu performance by world-famous Arabic rock band, Jadal. They literally touched down in Beirut and on their way to catch up with friends and grab a beer, gave us the gift of their raw beautiful music. Thing song is called Salma.

This song Jazira, by Zeid Hamdan was dedicated to all of the refugees. Thank you Zeid for your beautiful music and your touching lyrics. Not to mention the energy and love you brought to our show!

Syrian Rock star... [more]

By 2famousTV
Syria's Best BeatBoxer: Sal G Is moving to America! Last Party Tonight at Radio Beirut

Syrian BeatBoxer Sal G, from Aleppo, is leaving to America to follow his dream of becoming a professional Beatboxer, sources close to the beatboxer tell 2Famous.TV.

Lately, Syria has not been famous for producing human beatboxers and Sal G is one of the first Arab ones to try to make it over in the US. He has been making beats for 2 years and ten months and regularly practices ten hours a day. During his stay in Lebanon Sal G has been very active in the local hip hop scene and will surely be missed by the community.

– “Tonight is going to be Sal G’s last party for a while at Radio Beirut before he goes international. The place is going to be on fire!” the Source told us.

Double A the Preacherman is hosting the show while all of Lebanon’s and Syria’s MCs are expected to attend.

Sal G BeatBoxing at the 2Famous.TV RadioShow!

Double A the Preacherman Freestyles over a Track by Allan before he is joined b... [more]

By @mrmatias
Tanjaret Daghet, Double A the Preacher Man, And Sal G Perform Live on the Radio!

Listen to the interviews and watch the performances!

The 2Famous.TV Radio Show (YES, this blog has its own radio show) has lately turned into start of the weekend music and culture festival! An opportunity for locals to listen to amazing music, learn from incredible people, and drink deeply discounted beer. Other people in the rest of the world can stream live on the Internet!

In a time where independent media is almost non-existent we think it is important to make a completely independent radio show for you guys.

So with no hidden agendas, apart from giving you guys a good time, we are always searching for the best Lebanese and regional bands, artists, bloggers, and interesting people to stream to you directly.

Adrian is still on vacation, so in this episode Matias is joined by Allan, the lead vocalist of Lazzy Lung. Other musical guests and cohosts include freestyle machine Double A the Preacherman, Syrian rock band Tanjaret Daghet, and beatboxer Sal G from Aleppo.

Young and promising, Tanjaret... [more]

By @mrmatias
Legend Jarl Formoe Surfs Norway As Radio Star Ken Wassenius-Nilsen Comments

-Watch an epic surf video made by Matias 10 years ago!

The coast of Norway is harsh and cold. Jumping into the sea seems like madness for most people, but for the Surfers it’s a part of life. In this epic road trip movie we follow the now famous Ken Wassenius-Nilsen and Legendary surfer Jarl Formoe on their hunt for waves on a stormy day on the west coast of Norway.

Jarl is so super stoked about the waves that he’s scared people will find out about this secret spot. Ken is trying to figure out why they have such a nice coffee shop in Fosnavågen.

At this point in time (2004) Ken Wassenius-Nilsen wasn’t even famous yet and this might be the first documentary the NRK superstar ever directed. Now Ken has his own radio show at the Norwegian National Brodcasting, NRK, and Jarl has a sailboat and a growing family.

The location is still a bit secret since Jarl only uses fake names in the video. Or does he?

Watch the epic video from early in my career with English subtitles here:


By @mrmatias
Secret Walls Art Battle Tonight at Radio Beirut Im Acting in the promo video!

My first acting job for an Art Event, ever!

Art projects are a bit like acting jobs. They don´t grow on trees. Thats why i am really happy I got to act in the trailer for the super Secret Walls Art Battle that is taking place at Radio Beirut tonight!

My character was playing chess against a girl in my scene. My own name, Matias Carlsen, is very similar to the name of norwegian world champion of chess Magnus Carlsen, so it is easy to understand that I am typically been name cast for this role. To have a soft and understanding male playing chess probably reflects on how the scandinavian society is looked upon. I am sure my kind features was also important to the director.

I hope this gig can be a springboard to more important jobs in the future, but if you have any feedback on how I can improve my acting, let me know! Check the video and info about the event below:

Secret Walls is the World’s premier live art battle. Taki... [more]

By @mrmatias
Meet The Boundary Pusher Danish/Palestinian Poet Yahya Hassan Is This Controversial Poet Fueling Racism?

– Danish poet in Beirut sums up everything you need to know about Palestinian Poet in Denmark

This is a text montage, a text-collage of articles on Yahya Hassan, a recent young literary phenomenon in Denmark. Everybody knows about him. I just left Denmark’s community of words, and then this fucking happens, someone stole my breakthrough. He is a Palestinian refugee from Lebanon lashing out on his own kind in the Muslim ghettos of Aarhus, Denmark where he grew up, blaming his parents for their lack of care towards their children. For that he got an enormous amount fame in Denmark, no poet/writer has ever accomplished such attention in that short time.

It ran in a Danish newspaper. I saw/listened to the recitation and while I did that, death threats were pouring into the comments section. And a fiery debate was going on. I was curious.

Translated into English:

“You don’t want pork meat, may Allah praise you for your eating habits, you want Friday prayer till the next Friday prayer, you want Rama... [more]

By Contributor
Another Bomb In Beirut: Hear The Artists' Perspectives Musicians Chyno & Kameh Perform on Radio (22 Nov)

-Plus Investigative journo Habib Battah, NYC artist Molly Crabapple, & Wamda editor Reine Farhat

This week had its ups and downs with the most obvious being the latter, a twin-suicide attack on the Iranian Embassy in Beirut. We brought in guests to inform us about it as well as give us a robust range in perspectives on the matter, from rapper Chyno who just released a song about suicide-bombing to Molly Crabapple, a visiting American artist. On the bright side, Adrian and Matias tested out brand new vintage mics flown in from Sweden in their Radio Beirut studio.

First we welcomed Habib Battah, investigative journalist and author of, who informed us about the Iranian embassy bombing this past week. The twin suicide-bomb that demolished the embassy killing 23 people and leaving 146 injured, is one of the first recent tragedies that has spawned an actual investigation by the country. This is an important sign to notice, as other bombings in Lebanon have been swept under the... [more]

By Adrian
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