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We would love to post good quality fame content from the whole Middle East, or the rest of the world if you like. Submit your content below, and we will review it and publish it if we think it fits our page. Send party pictures, videos, articles, essays or whatever you like.

But here are a few things that you need to know:

(1) Images cannot be larger than 1200 x 800 pixels. If they are larger than this, they will not upload, and no error appears on your screen, so you will think that you have uploaded the picture, while you actually haven’t.

(2) Allow some time for the pictures to upload when you click the submit button. There is no waiting symbol or any indicators for the uploading time, so just be patient.

(3) Max five images.

(4) The dimensions of embedded YouTube videos needs to be 670 x 440 pixels.

(5) When you submit the article, you will be redirected back to this page with a little “Submission Received” title at the top of the page. This means that your article was successfully submitted, and that we will take a look at it very soon.

(6) Start all over again if you’d like to post another article.


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