Allan from Lazzy Lung Talks About New EP W/ Music Blogger Christine

All-new pop punk riffs and catchy chords — Lazzy Lung’s EP comes out with a bang!

We are happy to let you meet 2Famous.TV Radios new co-host, Christine Abi Assi. She will be helping us out with our RadioShow and she also has her own music blog; SillyGoon This is her first show where she, as our new co-host, interviews our old co-host, Allan from Lazzy Lung about their new EP.

[Christine] As you may have seen on Twitter and Facebook, I’ve just started contributing to‘s weekly radio show. The show is all about interacting with talented Lebanese and regional bands, and having them perform live and on the air.

My first interview was with Allan from Lazzy Lung, who was also co-host for the night. He and I met shortly before the start of the show. By the time the microphones had been turned on, we’d already talked about the band’s upcoming album “Sailor&rs... [more]

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Syria's Best BeatBoxer: Sal G Is moving to America! Last Party Tonight at Radio Beirut

Syrian BeatBoxer Sal G, from Aleppo, is leaving to America to follow his dream of becoming a professional Beatboxer, sources close to the beatboxer tell 2Famous.TV.

Lately, Syria has not been famous for producing human beatboxers and Sal G is one of the first Arab ones to try to make it over in the US. He has been making beats for 2 years and ten months and regularly practices ten hours a day. During his stay in Lebanon Sal G has been very active in the local hip hop scene and will surely be missed by the community.

– “Tonight is going to be Sal G’s last party for a while at Radio Beirut before he goes international. The place is going to be on fire!” the Source told us.

Double A the Preacherman is hosting the show while all of Lebanon’s and Syria’s MCs are expected to attend.

Sal G BeatBoxing at the 2Famous.TV RadioShow!

Double A the Preacherman Freestyles over a Track by Allan before he is joined b... [more]

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Secret Walls Art Battle Tonight at Radio Beirut Im Acting in the promo video!

My first acting job for an Art Event, ever!

Art projects are a bit like acting jobs. They don´t grow on trees. Thats why i am really happy I got to act in the trailer for the super Secret Walls Art Battle that is taking place at Radio Beirut tonight!

My character was playing chess against a girl in my scene. My own name, Matias Carlsen, is very similar to the name of norwegian world champion of chess Magnus Carlsen, so it is easy to understand that I am typically been name cast for this role. To have a soft and understanding male playing chess probably reflects on how the scandinavian society is looked upon. I am sure my kind features was also important to the director.

I hope this gig can be a springboard to more important jobs in the future, but if you have any feedback on how I can improve my acting, let me know! Check the video and info about the event below:

Secret Walls is the World’s premier live art battle. Taki... [more]

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Too Small to Save the World

-Or just donate blood in Beirut

I woke up late; It was past noon. The electricity wouldn’t be back until 12 and I was alone because Matias went on a mission to Tripoli, so I slept — pretty well for a morning filled with jackhammers and never-ending machine groans. I opened my computer to a hauntingly familiar news jolt. Beirut’s been bombed. Again. This is something like the fourth bomb since moving here two years ago. And as usual, Twitter and Facebook were flooded with sarcastic, pissed off, disillusioned comments; despair for the situation; sympathy for victims and families; and the ever-present blood donating debacle.

Since it was past noon, it was time to work. So I started checking what there was to do. And in between clocking casualty numbers and who did what, I’d write a line or two of silliness about bamboo massages (they seem re... [more]

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The Overlooked Crisis! The Downfall of Acting! Is It Because of the Situation?

Can the Lebanese Acting Industry be saved by Charity Acting?

It is easy to blame things on the “The Situation” when things are going wrong, but lately it has influenced my acting carere too much to shut up about it. Acting jobs were already so scarce that Jørgen went back to Norway to pursue his dreams there. I figured with him out of the way,I would be the only Norwegian here and acting jobs would come flying. Just like in the good old days. But I was wrong.

After being rejected from at least two castings (a bank and 7Up commercials) I figured something was wrong and I was forced to ask my agent about it. He told me production is down and actors are having a hard time getting butter on the table all over the Middle East. Auditions are crowded all over Beirut even for “Non-Speaking” roles, and if you want to get a “line”, even in a commercial, you totally need to talk Wasta (?) Which is reall... [more]

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Aspiring Danish Gonzo Writer Goes to His First Lebanese Rave Does He Survive the Final Kaotik System Party?

Stefan is a Danish art student studying in Beirut this year. He’s also a writer and contacted 2Famous to contribute to our site. We liked his work and sent him on his first 2famous mission. If YOU want to contribute to 2famous, shoot us an email about yourself and a sample of your work and we’ll get back to you.

I went on this undercover mission for, going to this rave, the ten year anniversary of Kaotik System, in the Country club/resort of Baissour. School got postponed, school was out. I have been here in Lebanon for nearly two months, and this is my beginning. I wanted to get away from Denmark. I wanted to be a better writer. I wanted to get more comfortable with Lebanese culture. Well, this seemed like a good place to start. Or no? I’d have to find out:

Friday. We were going slowly out of Baissour. I was picked up in Beirut by this Swedish-Lebanese couple with their dog. Okay, they were Swedish, some ki... [more]

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Middle Eastern Artists Donate More Than $1.1 Million of Art To Help Syrian Refugee Children

Syri-Arts becomes Paddle8s most successful benefit auction!

More than 120 famous Middle Eastern artists like Mona Habtoun and Nabil Nahas donated pieces of art to be auctioned off during the Syri-Arts event that took place online and at Biel in Beirut. All of the money from the auction goes towards helping the growing number of Syrian refugee children.

Noura Jumblatt, one of the founders of Syri-Arts and wife of Lebanese MP Walid Jumblatt, can easily identify with the Syrian children as she also was exiled from Syria as a child.

“I do not think the world is aware that the minimum needs of these children aren’t being met,” she says.

The event was very successful noted Jumblatt, “The participation of artists was overwhelming and 150 artworks were donated and sold to benefit refuge children.”

Nicola Gitan, head of benefit auctions at Paddle8 says Syri-Arts is the most successful benefit auction Paddle8 has been part of.

– “Great artwork, great buyers, and a... [more]

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2Famous Finally Makes The Cut: Nominated for TimeOut's Readers Choice Awards VOTE FOR US!

Sometimes I sit on my couch and chat with Matias about how exciting it is to do what we do for 2famous. And how lucky I feel that I have such an epic platform to explore my own creativity and am surrounded by geniuses bursting with innovation and talent. Seriously, even for my own sake, this project makes me better every day.

And sometimes we get feedback from the community about what we do which is so exciting, not to mention fulfilling. But it just so happens that we never make the cut for contests determining the coolest blogs in Lebanon. When I was on Twitter yesterday, I saw people mentioning TimeOut Beirut’s 2013 Readers Choice Awards and noticed there was a blog section. But once again we were not on it. It’s not the first time this has slipped our grip, and I wasn’t going to sit aside and wait for it. Because if I’ve learned anything, it’s that taking the first s... [more]

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Postcards & Alan's Trio Perform Live on 2FamousTV Radio Plus New Show Today!

Listen to the Podcast and watch Postcards “Oh, the places we will go”

This week Matias and Adrian welcome two spectacular Beiruti bands into their studio: Postcards and Alan’s Trio, in addition to Nour Sobh who explained his newest invention, the foldable, recycled CYCLOPSE bicycle which you can support on Zoomal!

Both Postcards and Alan’s Trio have only been performing for less than a year, yet possess a depth of sound and lyrical strength like veterans!

Alan’s Trio performed as a duo with their laid-back bluesy style and are currently competing in The Next Big thing contest. Listen to their interview and performance and check them out this weekend at The Quadrangle in Hazmiyeh! *Anyone going to this show, please inform Adrian as she still needs to pick up her payment from her dubbing performance.

Postcards, fronted by Julia Sabra, is a full-bo... [more]

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Listen to the Radio Show With Xriss Jor & Rhea Dally Interviews, Performances, and Videos!

Our weekly radio show every Friday from 6-7 streaming live from Beirut

This week Adrian and Matias invite three women wielding special unique talents to their bar in Beirut. Talar, a savvy 19 year old, pops by to school us on the do’s and don’ts of navigating Beirut’s bedrooms and the rules of FWB relationships.

Musician Rhea Dally explains what chiptune music is. It’s like computer game music on MDMA. Then she performs one of her songs live on a gameboy!

And superstar Xriss Jor rounds out the show by letting us know whether or not Quincy Jones is a creepy old man and if Will.I.Am actually demands you call him Will.I.Am. PLUS she sings Etta James’ classic “At Last” leaving the live audience crying and creaming their pants.

You can tune into our sh... [more]

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