I Was the Only Girl in a Boy Gang And I Wondered "Where All My Girls At?"

Travel Diaries V — Many of them are in the Middle East

Women in Nepal wearing traditional clothes

Being the only girl on the trip is definitely a ‘thing’ and it’s not because I point it out all the time, it seems to be in line with the way society here rolls. Our third day in Kathmandu we joined Hira and his friends to celebrate a local festival in their village and out of 25+ guys at most times, I was the only female.

On our way to the festival, I wobblingly demounted the bike high from the ride, and walked into a small room packed with 15 guys chatting and smoking and preparing for the festival. They all shook my hand and acknowledged me like the other guys and I am pleased and impressed to get the same respect and acknowldgement as everyone else. That doesn’t always happen in Lebanon, fyi.

Hira tells us fights will most likely break out but not to worry, because we’re foreigner... more

By Adrian
It's OK To Do Nothing Or: The Art of Chilling

Travel Diairies III – Step 2: Suntan my A**hole


Until I was 20, I had never left the United States of America (with one short trip to Antigua), so you can imagine how deeply embedded I was in my middle class educated American mentality, some of which includes the prescripted: graduating high school, going to college, getting internships, boosting your resume and getting a job. One thing I noticed after I had graduated college and left the US while living in Beirut for the first time was how difficult I found ‘doing nothing’ to be for me, what with all those summers not idling and those winter breaks squeezing in pointless museum internships.

It was summer and I only worked three nights a week. I found myself stressing on those four other days: “I have nothing to do and I don’t want to do anything particular at the same time” was my dilemma. Plus it was such a hot hot summer and hard to even move. A friend said to me “Adrian, it’s ok to do nothing sometimes. It’s called resti... more

By Adrian
961 2famous.TV Sex, Beer and Rock’n Roll

- I’m super nervous

961 2famous.TV

I left Beirut for a month and came back as a superstar.

Nepal was awesome as fuck, and I got my spiritual healing from my buddies in the Himalayan Mountains. And to be honest, though it might sound superficial and stupid, in reality I had the vague hope of being turned into a God. No one really has the count of how many Gods there are, and I thought there might have been just a tiny little chance for me becoming one. Instead the local gangsters ended up calling me ’Baba’, which I guess is already half way there.

Back in Beirut, with a soul clean as a Kleenex, I realized that the city was shaking off its last bit of spring before it’s going to leap into a party inferno of a summer. So when 961 wanted me to hold the microphone for the Block Party they are having this Saturday I realized that my spiritual healing in the East had paid off. How much karma do you actually need to get invited by the best beer brand in a country to introduce the best bands ... more

By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
Win 2 Tickets To Underrated's Kickoff Party

“I might be in Nepal on Friday, but I’m sure as FUCK in Beirut on Saturday” — Jorgo


Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of weeks, you are well aware of the kickoff party for Underrated’s Stereo Club Nights Saturday, May 11 at Solea V. It’s one of the most anticipated summer party series in Beirut, hell, even Jorgen took the next flight out of Kathmandu just to arrive in time for the bash. We’re so excited we want to spread the love (and save you $50) by giving away 2 pairs of tickets to the first party!

All you have to do is:

1) Go to Facebook.com/2Famoustv and LIKE the page 2) Write on our wall one name of a Deep House DJ who will be playing any of the upcoming parties. 3) Wait and see if you won 2 tickets!

That’s not all!

At Saturday’s opening party, snap the best pic with any of the 3 of 2Famous.TV crew (Jorgen, Layal, and Adrian the Man) to enter to win 2 MORE TICKETS to the other Stereo Club Nights parties! Remember, the most creative, hilario... more

By 2famousTV
The DO's and DON'Ts of Friends With Benefits

By Taylor — our Lebanese dating expert

Friends with benefits Justin and Mila pic

“Friends with benefits.”

This phrase has been the topic of many discussions among my friends and me, not to mention that various movies and articles have been dedicated to it. It even has its own abbreviation: FWBs.

However pervasive, the notion of friends with benefits is quite intricate– one with many layers and, at times, complications.

Thus, I shall list a small guideline to choosing a proper counterpart for this type of relationship and how to deal with the relationship itself.

1) Choose someone you don’t want to date.

I know this might sound odd, but you cannot get into a “no strings attached” relationship with someone who you could possibly see yourself dating in the future. Things will get messy.

2) Don’t be FWBs with the hope of turning it to a relationship.

This happens a lot. You think, ‘Ow he’ll like me more once he gets to know me better, I can change his way... more

By Contributor
Universal Religion 2013 Psychedelic Trance Party

Rave Party in the heart of the himalayas!
- Exclusive Video!

Hot chick dancing in Nepal

High up in the in the Himalayan mountains with a spectacular National Geographics view on both sides we found our way to a little Nepalese village called Bandipur. We wanted to find a quiet spot where people live a traditional life in stunning surroundings. And as we walked the streets of our new “secret” paradise, where no cars can go and the police hold hands (!), we started to run into more and more friends from Lebanon. At first we were a little puzzled, but it turned out that Paradise was the location for a massive psychedelic trance festival called Universal Religion 2013, where a few thousand people from all over the world come to party three days nonstop. Suddenly we had one hundred friends from Lebanon with us! It was almost like someone had thrown us a surprise party! So we had to kiss our “quiet getaway dream” goodbye and represent on the dance floor instead.

Here are our other videos from Nepal:

Here is our first video where we get wast... more

By 2famousTV
Episode 3 – Lady Parts
2famous.TV's Radio show with Adrian & Layal!

This week Layal and Adrian discuss: How they need to tone down saying FUCK all the time on radio, shocking photos from the Large Labia Project, boycotting Guns N Roses in Beirut (BDS), and figuring out who is a feminist.

Enjoy and leave us some fucking COMMENTS!

Music: Madonna – Sorry M.I.A – Come Around Pharrell & Snoop – Beautiful Petula Clark – Downtown Palestinian Nationalism Song Hauschka – Blue Bicycle

... more
By 2famousTV
Ranked by BuzzFeed: World Hipster No. 9 #sorry

– OMG! I’m destroying the world

In London I Was A Total Hipster

I know that my fans are probably going, like, “WTF! He should be sorry about his long absence from our lives! Not for being the coolest guy of all times!” ~ and I’m sorry if my fan from BuzzFeed gets disappointed by my reaction after he put me as number 9 on his recent survey “The 22 Types Of Hipster You Encounter In London“.

Well, dear fans, don’t get me wrong! I am truly sorry for coming back from my hibernation being all sorry and all, and I know it must sound retarded, but I’m seriously sorry for having destroyed the lives of thousands and thousands of frustrated parents as they hopelessly watch their long lost children walk the streets like attention seeking freaks doing all sorts of alternative shit for the sake of alternativity.

When I started the trend I had no idea that I was going to be this influential, and I mig... more

By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
Interview with Mr. PARTY Cyril of Underrated

A few weeks back, Cyril from Underrated productions approached 2famousTV. He told us about a new party concept he and his crew were creating and promoting called “Stereo Club Nights.” Basically, they are the uber cool, refined, and dare I say classy club parties with an emphasis on Deep House music.They are being held on May 11, 18, 25 and June 1 at Solea V Rooftop in Beirut.

As a part of their concept they wanted to collaborate with the coolest websites, blogs, and artists in Beirut to make the parties happen. Naturally they asked 2famousTV to join the project. However, Cyril was in LA promoting parties, (yeah, he takes his shit seriously) so he wasn’t able to meet with us. Instead, he sent his two bombshell co-workers Leia and Jessica to work with us, which we were completely okay with. We finally found the time to chat with Cyril about who he is and what his vision for the Beirut music scene is.

Adrian: Who is Cyril Bitar AKA Mr. Overtime?... more

By Adrian, The Man
Dubai Police Get Lamborghinis

-2FamousTV is totally jealous!


Okay WOW!……hhhhookay. Seriously. We thought we were ballin’ in Beirut because most of the taxis are Mercedes. However, the Daily Star has reported that the Dubai police are to be outfitted with a fleet of Lamborghini Police cars. (See Daily Star Article)

I personally got excited when I saw a yellow Lamborghini parked at a mechanic’s shop near my house in Mar Mikhael. But this…..this just takes it to a whole new level. Would you run from a cop in Lamborghini? Does this mean the cops in Dubai are basically rock stars now? The Dubai police chief stated that the aim of the Lamborghinis is to, “…reflect the reputation of the Emirate [Dubai] and the high stature it has achieved.” Maybe the 2famous crew should relocate to Dubai and become cops ‘to reflect the high stature we have achi... more

By 2famousTV
I Am Rural Chic

Are you ‘Educated’ or ‘Uneducated?’


A unique feature I’ve found when searching the profiles on Manjam (the love/sex/relationship site for men) that is just as common as ‘Role’ is to mention whether you are ‘Educated’ or ‘Uneducated’

At first I didn’t think about it, but after awhile I wondered: What does that really mean? And why is everybody “Well educated” or even “Very well educated” looking for the same? I mean, how many adjectives can you put before educated?

So I asked an older friend who has been around the Beirut gay scene forever, since I trust he knows what’s up. He said it is like a filtering system between one Lebanese and another — a system of basically picking out the good apples from the bad. Then he added with a wink: “ If you fuck a truck driver then you’re a whore”.

Wow, my childhood in Sweden with Marx and Che Guevara decorating the walls started to call my name and I felt ... more

By Professor Faggot
Breaking News: International Music Festival To Sweep the City

- The Biggest Festivals in Europe are coming to Beirut!

Festival in Beirut

If the thought of summer ending before it even starts depresses you, let us be your Valium, as we have just received confirmation that an international music festival and conference will take place this September in Beirut. The attendees are none other than some of the biggest names in European festivals.

Get your asses to band practice local musicians, because The Beirut and Beyond International Music Festival will showcase local Lebanese talent alongside international headliners in various venues throughout Hamra.

25 of the biggest festival organizers in Europe and North Africa, including the organizers of the Roskilde festival in Denmark, Festival Timitar in Morocco, and Les Suds a Arles in France are expected to attending the conference. BBIMF’s goal is to promote, discover, and support independent and underground music from the Middle East and showcase it both in Lebanon and Europe.

By 2famousTV
Sexy Menstruation

Are Sexy Period Panties worth it?


Uuuuuummmmmm, the last time I checked ragging wasn’t sexy. Like ever. Nope. Just…no. As a woman who regularly periods, I can safely assure all of you that nothing about menstruating looks, feels, smells, or assumably tastes sexy. This brings me to my main point, why would anyone in their right mind ever ever ever associate having a stinky, bleeding crotch with sexiness- which is just what Dear Kate did.

Dear Kate is a company that sells expensive underwear specifically designed to make you feel sexy while on your period. In fact, Dear Kate was originally called “Sexy Period.”

Apart from its ridiculous name, no mention of their heinous prices, and dumb puns, this advertisement tells us next to nothing about these “sexy panties” other than they’re sexy and you can wear anything you want because they don’t leak. Also, can I just say I’ve never seen a person past the ag... more

By Meghan O.
Bottoms Are More Democratic
Beirut Fashion on Matias and Jørgen in Lebanon.

When I browse online and interact with the profiles on the “man to man sex/date/love platforms” like Manjam, Grindr, Scruff and Growler, the conversations usually look the same no matter who you talk to.

The most common question is simply: Role? Just like that, one word and a question mark. For you non male to male lovers, that means: Do you take dick up your ass or not?

The names we use are: Top — which means that you like to put your dick up a man’s ass; and Bottom — which means that you would like to have a dick up your male ass. Before all that should come something like: What is your name? Where are you from? Are you a psychopath? A serial killer? But, realistically the most common conversation looks like this:

-Hey -H r u? ( How are you) -Role?

Sometimes I write: “Dramatic, humoristic, what role do you want me to be?” to... more

By Professor Faggot
Backstage with Guns N Roses + The Wanton Bishops and Near Surface!

- Guns N Roses Concert + Exclusive Backstage Video!

Axl Rose live in Concert in Beirut

“They didn’t play Civil War!” exclaimed a disappointed 2famousTV fan.

“You think they should’ve capitalized on the opportunity?” I asked.

“Well yeah! It’s relevant here [in Lebanon].”

My own intuition had me thinking that not playing the song Civil War was a courteous thing, but there were definitely some local fans (of Guns N Roses) who felt otherwise. I thought it was a much safer bet to bank on playing the Lebanese national anthem (which they did), than a song that relates to darker days in history. Ironically, however the loudest crowd sing-along of the night was not the Lebanese national anthem, or a Guns N Roses classic, it was Axl’s cover of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall.

Regardless of what songs people did or did not want to hear, Saturday’s show at the Forum de Beyrouth was surprisingly d... more
By Adrian, The Man
An Open Letter to Beirut The Band

- LIKE and lets make Beirut come to Beirut!


Dear Beirut the band,

I am writing you from the city to which you owe your name. I am also writing you as a fan. As a fan of Beirut the band who lives in Beirut the city I feel it is long overdue that you bring your lovely music to this lovely town. In fact, I feel it is something you owe Beirut the city because you have been able to capitalize on all the images of beauty, culture, and romantic discord that Beirut the city conjures up. I actually feel you have chosen one of the coolest and vivid band names in history. However, the reason that name is so cool is because of what Beirut the city is. Therefore I repeat, you owe Beirut the city a little visit.

Another reason why you owe Beirut a visit is that you, Beirut the band, have Google eclipsed Beirut the city. If I Google “Beirut” almost all of the top search results have nothing to do with Beirut the city and everything to do ... more

By Adrian, The Man
Trailer Park Boys in the Middle East

Canadian low-budget TV superstars “The Trailer Park Boys” have a surprising following outside of their native Nova Scotia. No, I’m not talking about Moosomin, Saskatchewan or West Virgnia, I’m talking about Lebanon.

Much to my surprise I’ve been hearing these guys referenced by various people in Beirut. I’ve watched in amazement as some of my Lebanese friends laugh away at Bubbles, his cats, and his hookers. How far and wide this phenomenon has spread is anyone’s guess, but it’s here. Hopefully we’ll hear the song “Liquor and Whores” populate the Lebanese radio waves soon.

We’ve heard a rumor through some Lebanese-Canadian friends who claim to know the Boys that Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles might be visiting Beirut to upgrade their street credentials. We’ll keep you posted if we hear more on this…

... more
By Adrian, The Man

See what I did there. Put two words together and BAM!– I’ve made a new word. Glamorspiration: glamorous inspiration.

I’m feeling yucky like a turd, guys. Recently I had a nasty allergic reaction to a mysterious agent that managed to grace my face this past week. Not hot and definitely NOT chic. Sadly, instead of my mod makeup tutorial I had planned I’ve had to look for beautiful things for you to stare at in it’s place. So what do you do when your eye bags look like fucking hamburger meat?? You find your dose of chicness elsewhere and I’m coming to you this week with a few of my tried and true sources for glamorspiration.

Starting off with a nice little ditty, this number is called “Das Me” by the enigmatic Brooke Candy. The song as well as the video are pretty much the best thing ever. (NSFW)

Bitch be FIERCE! The hair, the costumes, the dick wiggling– it’s an all inclusive package. Now that y... more

By Meghan O.
To Hell And Back: My XO Jane Redemption
Michael Jackson

It Happened to Me: I was published XO Jane and wanted to die but now I just want to be a better writer.

I originally brainstormed my redemption with a cloud of doom hanging over me. I had just been published as a contestant on XO Jane’s It Happened to Me Contest and before I knew it I was doubled over in pain and shame as a result of the comments my submission created. You MUST have noticed an absence in my writing, right fans? Here’s why.

It all started when I was reading my daily dose of said women’s lifestyle website when a blaring yellow highlighter at the top of the page burned my eyes. It Happened To Me Contest – Win $1000!

Contest? Money? IHTM!? I loved all of those things! In my pre-publishing happiness and bliss, I scoured my brain for stories tha... more

By Adrian
Camels in the Middle of Beirut!?! An Interview with Noel Keserwany

Michelle and Noel Keserwany are two highly intelligent young musicians, and sisters (if I believe what they tell me), who became overnight Youtube sensations in Lebanon. Before they had ever played their first serious gig, they had over 300 000 views on their Youtube page and were being invited on major Lebanese television stations. Basically they were stars in the making. This led us to wonder what the hell their PR strategy was and how we could follow in their footsteps. I met with the Noel half of the group at an unnamed coffee shop in Kaslik to ask for her advice and talk to her about other cool things.

Following the success of their first video Jagal el Usek (2011), Michelle and Noel decided to one up themselves with their next video/song/really cool stunt called 3al Jamal bi Wasat Beirut (On a Camel in the Middle of Beirut). They went up to Baalbek to find what are probably the only two camels in all of Lebanon, and then take them down to Beirut and f... more

By Adrian, The Man
Send Your Ass/Cock Pics On Snapchat
Professor Faggot Snapchat

The most integral part of getting laid on Internet “fuck facilitating” apps and “gay sites” like Manjam, Grindr, and Scruff, is the exchange of the obligatory cock/ass pic.

The cock or ass pic is usually the deciding factor in whether you’ll get some lustful activity or not. But the problem with it is a copyright issue. While you most definitely have to send the pic to ensure some action, you have no control over it once it’s sent into cyberspace. The world can share as it sees fit.

And usually after the initial interactions on the fuck facilitating site you move on to more intimate modes of communication, namely WhatsApp, the super popular free messenger service for smartphones.

The problem with WhatsApp is that all the cock/ass pics sent to me are automatically stored in my phone’s photo library. So when I’m scrolling through my camera roll hoping to Instagram a picture of the Hariri Mosque, I stumble upon som... more

By Professor Faggot
Sugar Boys & Poor Daddies
Apollo Beirut Club

Who am I?

I’m a middle-aged Fine Art School dropout from Sweden who became a N.Y.C. Club Kid in the early 90’s. My life of born-again club kidness has made me work the club scene for 25 years now. And why am I telling you this? Well I want you to understand that I’m a punk — a fabulous lowlife with lots of creativity but no economy. I live my life as an outdoor cat and my family gave up a long time ago waiting for me to change.

But something funny happened the other day to this old and scruffy cat while browsing and chatting on the very popular gay website here in Lebanon called Manjam. All of a sudden a 22-year old Saudi guy visiting Beirut started to show interest in me. A funny conversation began.

After the usual sexy intro he wanted a pic of my dick. In my same-sex male culture, dick pics are a normal commodity, something we share globally no matter where you’re from. So when he asked for my pic I didn’... more

By Professor Faggot
Beirut Shootout: How I Almost Got Shot
The scene of the crime

Last Thursday:

“Adrian, when you come to the mountain we will go shooting,” Ramzi assured me, as we blasted through the narrow streets of Beirut at a casual 90km/h. “I have a few guns, some for fun, some for hunting, you will see.”

I’m not the biggest fan of guns, but the idea of going to a mountain in Lebanon and shooting shit just had a different ring to it than say, going up a mountain in the Rockies and shooting shotguns at trees, cans, and elk.

“But, Adrian!” Ramzi continued, “be sure to remind me to invest in some bullets!”

“Sure,” I replied. “But, you wouldn’t say ‘invest’ in bullets, you would just ‘buy’ bullets,” obliging his request that I correct his English.

“But no man! Buying bullets is an investment now! It’s a time of war (in neighboring Syria). One bullet costs you $1!”

“One bullet, one dolla... more

By Adrian, The Man
Episode 2 – Radio Show
2famous.TV's Radio show with Adrian & Layal!

And they’re back! This week Layal and Adrian gleefully discuss the reasons behind Layal’s new eating disorder, the horror of photoshoots, scantily clad 16-year old horseback riders, and why YOU SHOULD HIRE US TO DJ YOUR PARTIES!

We hope you enjoy our 2Famous.TV Radio Show Episode 2!!

Music Credits: Queen – I’m Going Slightly Mad Lady Gaga – Paparazzi The Fugees – Cowboys Genuine – Pony Jill Scott – Watching Me Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance with Somebody Shannon – Let the Music Play

... more
By 2famousTV
Professor Faggot
Professor Faggot for 2Famous.TV

My name is Apollo De Azizi A.K.A. Professor Faggot. I suck cock and then I have a conversation about it. I will add some academic lustful filth to 2famous.TV about my adventures in the Middle East. But first a little introduction to how I ended up in this specific academic branch.

In 2009 I studied Arabic in Syria for eight months. For the first three months I made a show of “oral chronicles” on the national radio in Sweden called “The Reality”. I reported undercover in the Damascus gay scene and called myself “A of Arabia.” For my show (and for me, of course) I went on dates in unofficial gay bars and secret gay parties reporting back on a weekly basis about what I had been through.

So now I’m back but this time out of my undercover closet and proud as Professor Faggot.

... more
By Professor Faggot
Exclusive Interview: The Wanton Bishops Finally Some Fucking Rock'n Roll from Beirut
The Wanton Bishops

We’re probably not the only ones that’s been suffering from musical abstinence because of the rock’n roll absence in Lebanon. No big deal, really… but we’re incredibly pleased to see a good ol’ rnr band shooting out of Beirut. And if we are to believe the word on the street, we are looking at a band that’s going to shoot through the roof internationally. We believe it! These guys obviously knows what they are doing! They are already dominating in Turkey, and with a pretty impressive tour plan coming up, you might want to glue your eyes to these guys. They rock.

If you can get a ticket you can check them out tonight at Metro al Medina.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is an exclusive interview that radio superstar Jackson Allers did with them EXCLUSIVELY published here on 2famous.TV

Produced/Interviewed by: Jackson Allers Thanks to: Nader Mansour, Eddy Gh... more

By 2famousTV
New Kid on the Blog -- Layal --
When Jørgen – the official hipster of Beirut – met someone even hipper than him he could not not fall in love.

In 1991, while the United States was carefully packing up its military equipment on cargo ships and heading off for ‘Desert Storm’, my family was packing up our belongings in preparation for our big move to the United States from Abu Dhabi. My Lebanese parents sent my brother and I a few months ahead with our grandmother, my mother’s mother. I can’t vouch for any tantrums I might have thrown as a baby, but the crying scene at the airport when we were leaving might be the hardest I have ever cried in my life. It was snot dripping-onto-my-upper-lip-licking-its-saltiness ugly.

Fresh off the airboat, we landed at Los Angeles International Airport with puffy eyes and somber looks and were taken to the home of my mother’s brother; my Khalo. It was there that I discovered the joys of Teddy Graham crackers. Mom and Dad who? You’re telling me that I can eat endless snacks and dance like the kids in the commercial if I just bought a pair of pi... more

By Layal
I'm Taking a Break From Beauty To Tell You About My Undying Love For Jeff Bridges

You guys, I love me some Jeff Bridges. Jeff + Meghan O. 4eva! My mom will call me or text me internationally just to let me know if Jeff Bridges is on t.v. so I won’t miss a second of the awe-inducing piece of delicious man that is Jeff Bridges.

I don’t really remember when my infatuation initially blossomed for Jeff. (Yes, we’re on a first name basis.) Perhaps it goes back to the first time I watched “The Big Lebowski,” circa 2003. Perhaps it was residual, sub-consciously stored memories of “The Fabulous Baker Boys” that I honestly couldn’t tell you how long ago I watched.

Honestl... more

By Meghan O.
My LivingSocial Slimming Massage Or: Ass Torture from Hell at 50%-Off!
The ass they want you to have

After my incredible LivingSocial Morrocan Bath experience, I’clicked buy’ on a deal of 4 slimming massage sessions each for a famous friend, Rana (aka Aziza), and me to get together at O De Gamme Slimming Maison in Sodeco. I’m a sucker for massages; she’s a popstar, so she’s probably into ass-fat blasting, and I just figured this would be a win-win bonding situation. I even wrote the copy for this deal so I had more insider information about it than anyone out there, right? Wrong!

Cut to when we arrived to the building and that smile was slapped right off my face. Rana decided to get her ass massaged first (she’s busy, you know) while... more

By Adrian
Shatila Refugee Camp From the Eyes of Syrian Palestinian Kids
Marwa, a Palestinian refuge now living i Lebanon

VIDEO: As if being born a Palestinian refugee weren’t difficult enough, these three cousins are now double refugees since they fled the war in Syria for Lebanon.

2famous.TV caught up with them to get an update on their living conditions in Shatila and realized how difficult the concept of ‘home’ is to each of them. Press captions for subtitles!

... more
By 2famousTV

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