Everybody is Spying on Me, and I'm Not Even Famous!

Not just advertisers — The Mukhabarat of the Free World is storing all your dirty secrets!

I must admit I’m terribly flattered.  I mean, here I am, enjoying what’s indubitably my last respite from Fame before she’s about to catch up with me too—when, lo and behold!, turns out I already have more stalkers obsessed with the intimate details of my life than swanky superstar Sylvia in La Dolce Vita ever had.  No mere Paparazzo chasing mugshots for this superstar—no siree!—I have a million digital paparazzis working round the clock recording every intimate detail of my fab life!

OK, so I’m not that special.  We all have our own private paparazzi these days, who follow us … err, whom we carry around ourselves in our smartphones and browsers and apps, with more exclusive access to our lives than Paparazzo had in his wettest dreams.

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By knutole
It's OK To Do Nothing Or: The Art of Chilling

Travel Diairies III – Step 2: Suntan my A**hole

Until I was 20, I had never left the United States of America (with one short trip to Antigua), so you can imagine how deeply embedded I was in my middle class educated American mentality, some of which includes the prescripted: graduating high school, going to college, getting internships, boosting your resume and getting a job. One thing I noticed after I had graduated college and left the US while living in Beirut for the first time was how difficult I found ‘doing nothing’ to be for me, what with all those summers not idling and those winter breaks squeezing in pointless museum internships.

It was summer and I only worked three nights a week. I found myself stressing on those four other days: “I have nothing to do and I don’t want to do anything particular at the same time” was my dilemma. Plus it was such a hot hot summer and hard to even move. A friend said to me “Adrian, it’s ok to do nothing sometimes. It’s called resti... [more]

By Adrian
Fuck Yeah!

When an old friend of 2famous.TV asked us if we’d like to make a video commercial for their facial cream for men called “Bad Norwegian” we truly felt like acknowledged ambassadors for our Kingdom. We jumped on the project and asked our fans on the internet to submit some footage. And Oh Boy! did we get fuck tons of Bad Norwegian material to choose from or what? There is a lot of naughty people out there, so we ended up making a little campaign of 8 tiny videos.

Here is the playlist:

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By 2famousTV

Last night 2famous went to Coop D’Etat to hang out with some of the founders and hackers and random weirdos of the anticipated Share Beirut festival that kicks off tomorrow 5th of Oct. We’ve seen posters plastered on the street, watched videos floating on facebook, and even shared some info from Nasawiya’s public USB port, but we still didn’t quite know WHAT we were supposed to expect from this Share thing.

We got a bit wasted and chatted with some people.

It all started over a decade ago, quite 2famous style, with a totally epic beach party that lasted 100 days and pulled in thousands of people. The kids of Serbia were sick of the shit they were being put through and partied their way to revolution. From that the guys formed Exit Music Festival, and eventually they decided to add a greater intellectual and revolutionary flair (while keeping the party aspect) and Share was formed.

It’s about understanding and celebrating ... [more]

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2famous Against Internet Censorship - Act Now

Usually, when we hear the word “censorship” we think of China. Words like “communism”, “fascism” and “dictatorship” come to our minds. It also reminds us of some of our most favorite literature, such as “1984”, “Fahrenheit 451” and “A Brave New World”.

That’s what we’ve been told to think: Since we live in a democracy, we allow the freedom of speech, and we don’t censor our media. Censorship is dangerous, and is the work of our Enemy, our TV told us, while showing us pictures of a different world of pain and horror, only to be abrupted by TV-commercials every once in a while.

And since these dictators, these beasts, would not allow their people to know the truth, it was our job to “free” these people from the horrible grip of their bloodthirsty animalistic leaders. If their people resisted our military invasions of their countries, it was only proo... [more]

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