To Hell And Back: My XO Jane Redemption
Michael Jackson

It Happened to Me: I was published XO Jane and wanted to die but now I just want to be a better writer.

I originally brainstormed my redemption with a cloud of doom hanging over me. I had just been published as a contestant on XO Jane’s It Happened to Me Contest and before I knew it I was doubled over in pain and shame as a result of the comments my submission created. You MUST have noticed an absence in my writing, right fans? Here’s why.

It all started when I was reading my daily dose of said women’s lifestyle website when a blaring yellow highlighter at the top of the page burned my eyes. It Happened To Me Contest – Win $1000!

Contest? Money? IHTM!? I loved all of those things! In my pre-publishing happiness and bliss, I scoured my brain for stories tha... more

By Adrian
American Girls Are Dirty
Dirty American Girls: The Myth

Growing up an immigrant kid in the United States wasn’t really that hard, especially if you were an Arab kid in the 90’s.

First, there was all the room in the world to play outside instead of being confined to riding your bike in the halls of your apartment building. The fast food and candy tasted awesome when you could get your hands on them, and Nintendo was starting to get some real competition from Sony, so both companies were stepping up their game up.

But it wasn’t all lollipops and Sonic the Hedgehog; making friends was a different story. Most girls throughout the 6th grades of America understood the hierarchical system of cliques. Though complicated and intricate, no matter where you fell on the spectrum, you could be sure you’d have a friend to hang around the mall with on Saturdays. Unfortunately for my 12-year-old self, going to the mall with your family was well-known as social suicide for a pre-teen, and I didn’t get that mem... more

By Layal
Send Your Ass/Cock Pics On Snapchat
Professor Faggot Snapchat

The most integral part of getting laid on Internet “fuck facilitating” apps and “gay sites” like Manjam, Grindr, and Scruff, is the exchange of the obligatory cock/ass pic.

The cock or ass pic is usually the deciding factor in whether you’ll get some lustful activity or not. But the problem with it is a copyright issue. While you most definitely have to send the pic to ensure some action, you have no control over it once it’s sent into cyberspace. The world can share as it sees fit.

And usually after the initial interactions on the fuck facilitating site you move on to more intimate modes of communication, namely WhatsApp, the super popular free messenger service for smartphones.

The problem with WhatsApp is that all the cock/ass pics sent to me are automatically stored in my phone’s photo library. So when I’m scrolling through my camera roll hoping to Instagram a picture of the Hariri Mosque, I stumble upon som... more

By Professor Faggot
Sugar Boys & Poor Daddies
Apollo Beirut Club

Who am I?

I’m a middle-aged Fine Art School dropout from Sweden who became a N.Y.C. Club Kid in the early 90’s. My life of born-again club kidness has made me work the club scene for 25 years now. And why am I telling you this? Well I want you to understand that I’m a punk — a fabulous lowlife with lots of creativity but no economy. I live my life as an outdoor cat and my family gave up a long time ago waiting for me to change.

But something funny happened the other day to this old and scruffy cat while browsing and chatting on the very popular gay website here in Lebanon called Manjam. All of a sudden a 22-year old Saudi guy visiting Beirut started to show interest in me. A funny conversation began.

After the usual sexy intro he wanted a pic of my dick. In my same-sex male culture, dick pics are a normal commodity, something we share globally no matter where you’re from. So when he asked for my pic I didn’... more

By Professor Faggot
Beirut Shootout: How I Almost Got Shot
The scene of the crime

Last Thursday:

“Adrian, when you come to the mountain we will go shooting,” Ramzi assured me, as we blasted through the narrow streets of Beirut at a casual 90km/h. “I have a few guns, some for fun, some for hunting, you will see.”

I’m not the biggest fan of guns, but the idea of going to a mountain in Lebanon and shooting shit just had a different ring to it than say, going up a mountain in the Rockies and shooting shotguns at trees, cans, and elk.

“But, Adrian!” Ramzi continued, “be sure to remind me to invest in some bullets!”

“Sure,” I replied. “But, you wouldn’t say ‘invest’ in bullets, you would just ‘buy’ bullets,” obliging his request that I correct his English.

“But no man! Buying bullets is an investment now! It’s a time of war (in neighboring Syria). One bullet costs you $1!”

“One bullet, one dolla... more

By Adrian, The Man
Episode 2 – Radio Show
2famous.TV's Radio show with Adrian & Layal!

And they’re back! This week Layal and Adrian gleefully discuss the reasons behind Layal’s new eating disorder, the horror of photoshoots, scantily clad 16-year old horseback riders, and why YOU SHOULD HIRE US TO DJ YOUR PARTIES!

We hope you enjoy our 2Famous.TV Radio Show Episode 2!!

Music Credits: Queen – I’m Going Slightly Mad Lady Gaga – Paparazzi The Fugees – Cowboys Genuine – Pony Jill Scott – Watching Me Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance with Somebody Shannon – Let the Music Play

... more
By 2famousTV
Professor Faggot
Professor Faggot for 2Famous.TV

My name is Apollo De Azizi A.K.A. Professor Faggot. I suck cock and then I have a conversation about it. I will add some academic lustful filth to 2famous.TV about my adventures in the Middle East. But first a little introduction to how I ended up in this specific academic branch.

In 2009 I studied Arabic in Syria for eight months. For the first three months I made a show of “oral chronicles” on the national radio in Sweden called “The Reality”. I reported undercover in the Damascus gay scene and called myself “A of Arabia.” For my show (and for me, of course) I went on dates in unofficial gay bars and secret gay parties reporting back on a weekly basis about what I had been through.

So now I’m back but this time out of my undercover closet and proud as Professor Faggot.

... more
By Professor Faggot
Exclusive Interview: The Wanton Bishops Finally Some Fucking Rock'n Roll from Beirut
The Wanton Bishops

We’re probably not the only ones that’s been suffering from musical abstinence because of the rock’n roll absence in Lebanon. No big deal, really… but we’re incredibly pleased to see a good ol’ rnr band shooting out of Beirut. And if we are to believe the word on the street, we are looking at a band that’s going to shoot through the roof internationally. We believe it! These guys obviously knows what they are doing! They are already dominating in Turkey, and with a pretty impressive tour plan coming up, you might want to glue your eyes to these guys. They rock.

If you can get a ticket you can check them out tonight at Metro al Medina.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is an exclusive interview that radio superstar Jackson Allers did with them EXCLUSIVELY published here on 2famous.TV

Produced/Interviewed by: Jackson Allers Thanks to: Nader Mansour, Eddy Gh... more

By 2famousTV
New Kid on the Blog -- Layal --
When Jørgen – the official hipster of Beirut – met someone even hipper than him he could not not fall in love.

In 1991, while the United States was carefully packing up its military equipment on cargo ships and heading off for ‘Desert Storm’, my family was packing up our belongings in preparation for our big move to the United States from Abu Dhabi. My Lebanese parents sent my brother and I a few months ahead with our grandmother, my mother’s mother. I can’t vouch for any tantrums I might have thrown as a baby, but the crying scene at the airport when we were leaving might be the hardest I have ever cried in my life. It was snot dripping-onto-my-upper-lip-licking-its-saltiness ugly.

Fresh off the airboat, we landed at Los Angeles International Airport with puffy eyes and somber looks and were taken to the home of my mother’s brother; my Khalo. It was there that I discovered the joys of Teddy Graham crackers. Mom and Dad who? You’re telling me that I can eat endless snacks and dance like the kids in the commercial if I just bought a pair of pi... more

By Layal
Should I Fix My Snaggletooth? Or Does it Give Me Character?

I have a rogue tooth. That bitch has been the bane of my existence for the last 8 years and I’ve recently come to the conclusion I must either accept it and rock it or fix it.

<- This is painful. Putting myself out there on a limb like that for all you #dark internet commenters to rip me a new one… Frankly, I had better close-ups than this photo which really doesn't do it justice, but I just looked like a soulless sex doll in them so that's all you get, sorry.

I've had snaggletooth since I was little. First with my crooked Bugs Bunny teeth that were corrected with FOUR YEARS of braces and a year of wearing a retainer. Then, guess what? I stopped wearing it because I thought I was "too cool"– well that and I was one lazy bitch. Then, a gap which had never been present before appeared betwe... more

By Meghan O.
2famous.TV – How a Norwegian Blog Became Famous in the Middle East
Matias & Jørgen – two super stars

The sharpest of you that’s been with 2famous.TV from the beginning would have noticed the phases that we’ve been through; From being an out-in-the-woods adventure site to a 100% self centered look-at-me-becoming-famous kind of video blog… to the cultural magazine we are today.

And apparently, from being complete internet retards, we must have done at least something right. Nope, we haven’t made a single dollar yet, and I’m not sure if we’re the international superstars we promised you that we would be a year ago, but still… we managed to turn a blog about ourselves to become a web magazine with six dedicated writers!

Anyways, about a year ago we wrote a post for an Indian blog called It’s among the one thousand most visited websites in the world, and we thought that writing an honest article about our very own website co... more

By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
Most Popular Search Terms for Porn in the Middle East
Statistics over google search terms that brings people to porn sites in Lebanon

PornMD, the world’s leading resource on you guessed it, just published the results to a world-wide porn survey in a beautifully comprehensive and eye-catching interactive map. They compiled the top 10 search words that people plug into porn sites, country by country.

As we all know, production and distribution of porn in Lebanon is illegal. But despite painfully slow internet speeds, people’s sticky-fingers still find their naughty pleasures online (Although I know porn and other ‘racy’ sites are blocked from AUB, sorry kids). Before I checked out the map I confidently assumed “feet” would be on the list since 2famous.TV gets over 50 hits on searches for feet a day (thanks foot-fetishers!) What I found out was very different.

Now let’s get analytical.

#1. Quite creative and, personally speaking, ... more

By Adrian
I'm Taking a Break From Beauty To Tell You About My Undying Love For Jeff Bridges

You guys, I love me some Jeff Bridges. Jeff + Meghan O. 4eva! My mom will call me or text me internationally just to let me know if Jeff Bridges is on t.v. so I won’t miss a second of the awe-inducing piece of delicious man that is Jeff Bridges.

I don’t really remember when my infatuation initially blossomed for Jeff. (Yes, we’re on a first name basis.) Perhaps it goes back to the first time I watched “The Big Lebowski,” circa 2003. Perhaps it was residual, sub-consciously stored memories of “The Fabulous Baker Boys” that I honestly couldn’t tell you how long ago I watched.

Honestl... more

By Meghan O.
My LivingSocial Slimming Massage Or: Ass Torture from Hell at 50%-Off!
The ass they want you to have

After my incredible LivingSocial Morrocan Bath experience, I’clicked buy’ on a deal of 4 slimming massage sessions each for a famous friend, Rana (aka Aziza), and me to get together at O De Gamme Slimming Maison in Sodeco. I’m a sucker for massages; she’s a popstar, so she’s probably into ass-fat blasting, and I just figured this would be a win-win bonding situation. I even wrote the copy for this deal so I had more insider information about it than anyone out there, right? Wrong!

Cut to when we arrived to the building and that smile was slapped right off my face. Rana decided to get her ass massaged first (she’s busy, you know) while... more

By Adrian
Shatila Refugee Camp From the Eyes of Syrian Palestinian Kids
Marwa, a Palestinian refuge now living i Lebanon

VIDEO: As if being born a Palestinian refugee weren’t difficult enough, these three cousins are now double refugees since they fled the war in Syria for Lebanon.

2famous.TV caught up with them to get an update on their living conditions in Shatila and realized how difficult the concept of ‘home’ is to each of them. Press captions for subtitles!

... more
By 2famousTV
The Night I Learned to Separate My Tampons From My Water Bottles
Trash in Beirut

I spent some time Tweeting the organizers of a fancy open food/open drink event to try to get in for free, but when they totally ignored me I distracted myself with some chores. On my way to wash my clothes at Layal‘s house, she said she was going to that exact event to cover a story for her audio show and had an unfilled +1. Naturally she’d have to bring me along.

Tawlet, Beirut’s pricey organic and local farm-to-table restaurant, hosts an open beer, wine, and food event every first Thursday of the month. I had managed to get in for free, now I had to find out what the event was for. But first,I warmed up to a big fancy glass of red wine and chatted with the chef du jour.

I managed to spend the first two-thirds of the evening swilling back red drink while Layal shmoozed, so the cause of Tawlet’s event was still unclear to me . ... more

By Adrian
5 Answers To 5 Questions: 2famous.TV Fashion Poll

Get to know your favorite 2Famousers with an insider scoop to the fabulously fashionable 2Famous crew!


Mr. Matias, tell us a little bit about your favorite outfit of all time and why it has come to be your go-to getup.

“My favorite outfit is definitely my turquoise party suit that I designed myself and handmade from Nepali curtain fabrics. I have used this suit bungee jumping in the Himalayas as well as partying in Hollywood. It is VERY comfortable, as well as a lot of people get really happy when they see me in it.”

What do you most like to see the opposite sex wearing, apart from the ever obvious birthday suit?

“I always like it when the opposite sex looks good, and during my years in show biz I have reali... more

By Meghan O.
Is Twitter Becoming Too Serious for The Middle East
The Emir of Kuwait was so insulted in Twitter he sendt a guy to 3 years in Jail, for a tweet.

We used to tweet anything, and then laugh about it and just say: Haha it’s just twitter, it’s not like it’s going to get us in trouble or really make an impact… Well those days are over now that a man was sentenced to 5 years in prison in Kuwait for what must have been the most extremely insulting tweet of all times.

Although I haven’t seen the tweet, it is hard to believe that it could be so insulting it justifies 5 years behind bars. Let’s assume the tweet was fully loaded and contained all 140 characters. That would mean this very unlucky tweep got about 12.5 days in jail for every character. If he had written a letter he would have been gone for life!

Also, do you get longer sentences if you have many followers? Will the Emir pardon you if you have less than 30 followers? Not to mention how they are going to calculate sentences for re-tweets or favorite... more

By @mrmatias
Costco in Beirut Has Almond Milk and Other Impossibly Hard to Find American Treats!
Costco in Beirut

Yesterday I was diligently practicing my next karaoke routine when Layal called me and said “Get ready, we’re taking a trip to Costco — and YES, there is a Costco” With only a few breathless squeaks I dropped my Nokia and put away my hairspray microphone.

Before I left the house I found that people have indeed already blogged about the Costco, so everyone knows it’s out there, but NO ONE is really giving the true detailed and beautiful information about this place. I don’t care about directions and opening hours, I care about what’s inside. And with expectations that probably couldn’t be shattered anyways I discovered what might possibly be my ticket to staying in Lebanon even longer.

In we walked and to our right was an entire mountain of Almond Breeze almond milk. I must admit, this alone already blew my mind and everything afterwards would be an extra special bonus. I’m not a fan of dairy but I do love cereal so... more

By Adrian
Palestine-Syria-Lebanon: Maya (10) Is Already a Double Refugee
Maya with here family in Shatila Refuge camp, Lebanon, Beirut.

Only 10 years old, Maya is already a refugee for the second time. Like thousands of Palestinians she and her family have fled the civil war in Syria and taken refuge in Lebanon. Here, they now live in poor and cramped conditions in the already overcrowded Palestinian refugee camps.

Maya lives in Shatila, one of the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, where Palestinians have taken shelter for over 60 years while waiting to return to their country. The area was supposed to house a few hundred refugees when it was built in 1948. Now it houses more than 20,000 people in the same space. The streets are narrow it is immediately obvious these buildings were only supposed to reach one or two stories, now standing five or more tall. We are on our way to see how Maya and her family live in their new home in the refugee camp.

“Our house in Syria had more rooms with a salon and two bedrooms. It... more
By 2famousTV
I Went to Meet Some Hackers and Ended up Hypnotized
Adrian Hypnotize (1 of 2)

One night I was at Lamba Labs hanging out with some nerds and two nights later I found myself sweating in a hypnotist’s chair forcing my brain to move up a mountain.

We checked out our neighborhood hacker space to observe the geeks in their natural state i.e. building awesome shit, when we came upon two guys designing a hypnotizing machine. Nour is a designer and builder of things and Youssef is a certified hypnotherapist. Together, they want to create a machine or app that you can buy and hypnotize yourself with.

Fortunately we were with our friend, Layal, the director of the Outpost’s Audio Show who was researching for her next story. Recently Layal’s been indulging me in some audio show spotlight so she agreed to my suggestion of getting hypnotized and would record it for her show. Two days later Layal with her recorder, Matias with his camera, and I with my open mind, set off .

I came up wit... more

By Adrian
The Backpacker's Guide to Lebanon
A woman in a bombed house, Lebanon

Only two years after Lebanon was Lonely Planet’s number one travel destination, it has been delisted completely because of the kidnappings, bombs, blocked roads etc that rocked the country. At the same time the Lebanese ministry of tourism obviously thinks Lebanon is safe enough to invite tourists on discounted air and hotel prices. Not even 2Famous.TV can say with absolute certainty whether this is the best time to visit. But whenever you feel Lebanon is ready to be visited, we have already prepared The Backpackers Guide for you.

See our Backpackers Guide to Beirut here.

This country may look small, but don’t let the maps fool you. Outside of Beirut, Lebanon has such a cultu... more

By 2famousTV
Mustache Implants for Men in the Middle East are a Huge Thing Now!
Sefl-proclaimed biggest mustache holder in Northern Lebanon

In the Middle East, training girls how to erase all traces of hair on their bodies practically starts in the womb.That’s why the market is so saturated with products, services, and advertisements reflecting that. But for men the opposite seems to be true, namely, hair is good! In fact it’s on the rise with a particularly bizarre aesthetic procedure. Recently, CNN and the Huffington Post featured articles about the new phenomenon that’s all the rage in our region: Men’s surgical mustache implants.

That’s right, while women are lasering hair follicles, stretching sugar wax, and waiting for the electricity to come back on to use the epilator machine, men are going straight to the surgeon to surgically implant hairs onto the upper lip creating a thicker, fuller, and undoubtedly sexier mustache.

Th... more

By Adrian
When I started Modeling, skinny was hip, now its illegal in Israel...

It was already almost impossible for us at 2Famous.TV to get modeling jobs in Israel due to the lack of transportation and political problems between these places. And with the new rules against skinny models, it seems like the last air was drawn out of that balloon. At least for me.

The Israelis have banned models with a BMI index lower than 18.5 in a national campaign to end models starving themselves and promote extremely unhealthy physiques. After a hard year of acting, with roles like a prophet and a kidnapped hostage, I have managed a light weight, but my BMI has therefore sunk down to somewhere between 18.1 and 18.4.

Jobs from Israel haven’t been an issue so far in my career and if this trend doesn’t, against all odds, spread north I will be untouched by the new rules. I mean if Israel is the first country to implement it, then we can be sure Lebanon will be the last, right? G... more

By @mrmatias
People Are Flipping the Fuck Out While Beirut Storm RAGES
Water in Lebnan

This monster of a storm is undeniably something epic. Retina-blinding lightning, torrential flooding, and ear-peircing thunder wreaks havoc on Lebanon and we’ve summed up people’s reactions by posting a small selection of Tweets from Beirut.


By Adrian
The Search Words that Brought Readers to 2famous.TV in 2012

– Conclusion: You’re All Naughty

naughty old woman surfing the internet

In the year 2012, we divulged a lot of personal information to our readers. We laid bare our awkward Valentine’s triple date, getting ruthlessly cut out of commercials, and facing homelessness, among other things. But now we’re going to turn the tables and expose you, our readers, by listing 2012’s top search terms and keywords that drove you to 2famous.TV.

How We Party In Beirut – An Epic Video By 2famous.TV from Matias Nordahl Carlsen on Vimeo.

Most Sexy:

Pubes/African pubes / Hairy pubes / Batman shaped pubes / Fashion lingerie pubes We don’t quite know what came to our minds when Matias decided to burn Jorgen’s pubes, but he seems to be i... more

By 2famousTV
How Mona Abu Hamze's Feet Introduced us to Lebanon's Foot Fetish Club
Some of the pics are of pro models licking other girls toes. Probably not from Lebanon.

Even if the Lebanese are among the most beautiful people on earth, Lebanon has long been famous for boob jobs and plastic surgerys.

That doesn’t mean that we are not surprised to see that more and more people are discovering 2famous.TV with the search term “Mona Abou Hamzes feet”. And after some research we found out that Monas’ feet are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Lebanese foot fetish.

For every year that 2famous graces the spaces of the internet, we publish a list of the most bizaare and surprising keywords people type into search engines and land on our website. This year the terms you searched for on Google astounded us a bit but took us to corners of the internet we had yet to explore. In fact, many of our readers fell upon us by searching for Mona Abu Hamze’s feet – a phrase we could not ignore.

Mona was fea... more

By @mrmatias
The Backpackers Guide to Beirut
The Stairs in Mar Mikhael, Beirut.

Listen, before you let your family and friends dissuade you from travelling to the beautiful but slightly schizophrenic city that is Beirut, Lebanon, let us first give you a complete idea of what you’d be missing out on.

The tragic and tumultuous image is out there, yes, but it is something Lebanon struggles to rid itself of. We at 2famous have tried our best to normalize the otherwise stigmatized image that the Western media has fed us over the past decades.

When we first came here Beirut was listed as the No.1 travel destination by both New York Times and Lonely Planet. Now, three years later, with war in Syria a never ending “Spring” on every front and the occasional bomb, Beirut is not really the hottest destination for tourists anymore. That’s why the Lebanese government even launched a campaign more
By 2famousTV
Nothing Smells Sexier: Black Market Perfumes
Black Market Babies, 1945 Noir

That’s right, only suckers buy their signature scents at department stores– while the cool kids are over at the black market, violating the law in the name of smelling sexy.

I tend to hoard expensive perfumes as visitors to my crapper might gasp at the awe-inducing state of the collection of fancy scented waters. Did I mention I’m not rich? So how does one who is not Oprah rich afford these crazy ass perfumes you ask?? Well, I will tell you now, kiddies, my dirtiest of all dirty secrets.

At $68 (~AED 250) an ounce (that’s friggin’ TEENY), I scored a 3-ounce of BVLGARI’s Jasmin Noir Parfum for only AED 150!! I know, I know, that’s crazy talk. Now put on your leather and get your bro... more

By Meghan O.
Bekaa Valley: Home of Syrian Refugee Children
Syrian Girl by the wall. The wall is stuffed with plastic bags and ruggs to keep the wind out.

Every day we read the news that violence in Syria is increasing. Reports of different war tactics, kidnappings, and who’s gaining ground flood the headlines. But hundreds of thousands of people have fled Syria and many of them have ended up in the Bekaa Valley. The Norwegian Refugee Council is one of the organizations providing help to these refugees and they run a Community Center in the Bekaa. Matias and Adrian were put in contact with, and joined the NRC to the Bekaa when they partnered with a Norwegian TV program to make a short story about the living conditions of Syrian refugee children.

Teacher and Children at the NRC Community Center in the Bekaa.

We arranged a ride with another Norwegian, Mads, who runs an NGO called the Norwegian Refugee Council and dropped us off in Zahle on his way to Hermel.

Mads gave us a short lesson on the hour-long dri... more

By 2famousTV

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