What to do With my DVDs From Bourj Hammoud

I was never an at-home movie watcher except on Sundays in college when I was so hungover and depressed from the cold, that all I could do was cuddle with my roommates and watch Scott Pilgrim or something like that. But we had fast-ass internet in Massachusetts, USA, so we just downloaded or streamed them on the computer. Here in Lebanon I watch movies all the time but we have another phenomenon: pirated DVDs for LL1,000 ($0.66).

Once a week or so you, me, and everyone we know makes their way to Bourj Hammoud (the Armenian neighborhood) to browse through endless DVD movies and TV series. Stuff that’s still in the theaters is already at our fingertips and usually the quality is good.

But there’s a problem that emerges from endless and almost free DVD purchases: a buildup of old unmarked movies (assuming you never put them back in the plastic wrap, too). They start off in a bag behind the couch to collect dust, then the pile grows and quietly claims an enti... [more]

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2famous.TV the trailer

We’ve gone professional guys. Good bye to our old “wordpress.com” domain… It’s gonna be 2famous.TV from now on… To celebrate, we’ve put together this little trailer, just to show you what to expect in the next few weeks…

... [more]
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PAYDAY – at the agent's office

Yes, we’re still broke. We’ve been collecting coins from the gutter to buy bread and water.

And then, as we were begging strangers for change outside of a shop, Matias discovered his face on a TV-screen! A Pepsi commercial! Among all the jobs, it’s hard to remember which ones you’ve been in, and which ones you’ve been payed for. So we called our agent for a little meeting.

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OMG! It's on!

So, let us introduce ourselves. We are Jørgen Evil Ekvoll, and Matias Nordahl Carlsen. We’re both from the Kingdom of Norway, but have relocated to Beirut, Lebanon. That’s where we met, over a chicken on the streets. That’s where we live, and we live together.

Before that, Matias earned international fame through his documentaries, where he hitch-hiked around the world without a penny.

Jørgen has had international success as an artist, being represented at the most prestigious art fairs all over the world, without making a penny.

Always the stars at the school plays, acting became a way of surviving: We both learned at an early age that, if only temporarily, we could become whomever we wanted to be. Later we learned that this is called “method acting”. It’s simply in our blood.

Now that we’ve achieved our goals in the West, we figured it was about time to concur the Middle East with our acting talen... [more]

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