Russell Brand Makes Fun of Rude TV Host Calls her a "Shaft Holder" LIVE on American TV

– 2Famous.TV colleague, Russel Brand, soon to come to Lebanon!

Superstar Standup Comedian and colleague actor Russel Brand recently recently used his fame to make fun of the whole MSBC TV News crew in a Live Interview.

2Famous.TV got a hold of the exclusive video where Brand challenges the hosts to talk about Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden and stuff that matters. It seemed like the hosts of the show had no idea who these iconic figures of our generation were. The subjects Brand wanted to talk about proved to be to difficult for the “journalists” who hadn´t even learned Russell Brand’s name before the interview.

But don’t worry, Russell Brand gets to call the main interviewer a “Shaft Holder” in the end of the show.

Coming to Lebanon? Our Colleague Russel Brand is reported to come to Lebanon during his up and coming world tour called the Messiah Complex, but we are still waiting for... [more]

By @mrmatias
Trailer Park Boys in the Middle East

Canadian low-budget TV superstars “The Trailer Park Boys” have a surprising following outside of their native Nova Scotia. No, I’m not talking about Moosomin, Saskatchewan or West Virgnia, I’m talking about Lebanon.

Much to my surprise I’ve been hearing these guys referenced by various people in Beirut. I’ve watched in amazement as some of my Lebanese friends laugh away at Bubbles, his cats, and his hookers. How far and wide this phenomenon has spread is anyone’s guess, but it’s here. Hopefully we’ll hear the song “Liquor and Whores” populate the Lebanese radio waves soon.

We’ve heard a rumor through some Lebanese-Canadian friends who claim to know the Boys that Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles might be visiting Beirut to upgrade their street credentials. We’ll keep you posted if we hear more on this…

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By Adrian, The Man
Are we too Naked for the Middle East

VIDEO: Being super exited about the outfits our fans had chosen for us, we completely forgot to put on shirts when we went LIVE on LBC in front of hundreds of millions of people across the Middle East. “You are showing too much skin,” they told us, desperately finding a way to censor us. Guess it’s just too typical of 2famous to get too much into their fans, getting into last minute trouble before a major TV appearance.

Here is the actual interview as aired on LBC international.

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What To Wear On Lebanese TV? VOTE NOW!!!

It’s always a problem to know what to wear when you’re going on TV. Many celebrities spend tons of money on their latest dress, that they will never wear twice in public. Other stars get sponsored by the big fashion houses to wear their latest outfits.

We don’t have any sponsors like that, yet, even if we frequent on the Lebanese TV quite a lot. On Saturday night we’re invited to a live talk show on LBC again, meaning that we’ve been on TV every six weeks since 2famous.TV was established in December 2011.

But what the fuck are we going to wear this time? We get a lot of comments on our outfits, so we thought we should let our readers decide what we’re going to wear this time. So, if you would like to have some influence on Lebanese TV, vote now!

[poll id=”5″] [poll id=”6″] [more]
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Jørgen Fired From Mohamed Mounir's Vodaphone Commercial – Matias Gets "Dream Job"!

VIDEO: Jørgen has a total break down while Matias got a part in Vodaphone’s commercial about the life of Egyptian Rock Star Mohamed Mounir. During the shoot Matias manages to learn about Vodaphone’s real intentions for using the old icon in their commercial. He is shocked to find out they wanted to use Mohamed Mounir (and Matias) to win back the trust of the Egyptian people after they closed down the network during the Egyptian revolution!This video is a follow up, click here to watch the previous video.

Matias has spent hundreds of hours trying to find his frame, but has not succeeded yet. Please let us know if you see him.

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Meeting turns to Party

We went to have a business meeting with the music producer that we met backstage on LBC. He invited us to his super classy club, Harbor 201. It was a totally awesome night as drinks were on Walid. Thanks bro! (We’re completely broke, as usual…)

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2famous Against Internet Censorship - Act Now

Usually, when we hear the word “censorship” we think of China. Words like “communism”, “fascism” and “dictatorship” come to our minds. It also reminds us of some of our most favorite literature, such as “1984”, “Fahrenheit 451” and “A Brave New World”.

That’s what we’ve been told to think: Since we live in a democracy, we allow the freedom of speech, and we don’t censor our media. Censorship is dangerous, and is the work of our Enemy, our TV told us, while showing us pictures of a different world of pain and horror, only to be abrupted by TV-commercials every once in a while.

And since these dictators, these beasts, would not allow their people to know the truth, it was our job to “free” these people from the horrible grip of their bloodthirsty animalistic leaders. If their people resisted our military invasions of their countries, it was only proo... [more]

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Backstage on LBC TV

So, as probably most of you already know, we were guests on this super famous Lebanese talk show yesterday. Slightly intimidated by all the beautiful women that surrounded us at any time, we still managed to control our shakiness to a moderate level. Here is a video from behind the scenes.

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