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Best of Oslo: The Grønland Market In Pictures
The selection and preparation (and consumption) of food is an effort I take seriously. Making and sharing good food is a wonderful part of life. After growing up in California for most of my life, living in Lebanon for the past few years changed my relationship to food markets. Hole in the wall fruit & vegetable shops, corner butchers and family-... more
By Layal
The Possibility of Warming Our Hearts An Interview with The Outpost's IBRAHIM NEHME
It's easy to feel like the world is turning into a cold and terrible place. Just a quick look what's happening in the Middle East is enough to dim even the brightest heart. Since Fall 2012, Lebanon's beautifully designed The Outpost magazine has been on a mission to incite a socio-cultural renaissance in the Middle East through the exploration of ... more
By Layal
Canadian Synthpop Through Lebanon's Lens An Interview w/ Director of Electric Youth's 'Runaway' Video
Electric Youth, cherished in my heart for their dreamy electro sound and renowned for their song 'A Real Hero' on the Drive soundtrack, just released a video for 'Runaway' which is directed by Noel Paul and cast and shot in Lebanon. Noel as you remember, was our ... more
By Adrian
From Radio Beirut to Radio Nova Our Norwegian FM Debut: Radio Bla Bla

“We’ve had to cut out a lot of shit to get here”-Adrian

Back when Layal and I started our own radio show we broadcast through a spotty Internet source at our favorite local beer joint in Beirut. While hardly anyone in Lebanon had good enough Internet to stream the show, and those outside Lebanon couldn't rely on the weak stream to listen either, we were lucky enough to have the space, equipment, and ... more
By Adrian
WHO'S THE ANTI-SEMITE? All Palestinians are Semites And Most Israelis Are Non-Semitic Jews, maybe...

So, hating on Israel just makes you an anti-anti-semite?

We all remember the bitter Arab/Israeli wars. The record battles, the name-calling. First Israel tried to take hummus. Then it was tabbouleh, shawarmah and baklava. But was it all a cover up for the most controversial thing they took? Anti-semitism. The fac... more
By Layal
Lebanon's Wickerpark Music Festival 2014 Everything You Need to Know About The Beach Party Weekend

Camping, off-festival events, environtmentalism, and the biggest acts in Lebanon

“It doesn’t get better than Wickerpark.” says Philippe Manasseh, lead singer of last year’s Canadian-Lebanese headliner Wake Island, and recent member of How Sad, also part of the 2014 lineup. For the fourth year in a row, Junior Daou and his family open their large swath of land fo... more
By Adrian
Iceland is about to blow the fuck up!

Is Iceland the REAL threat to Europe?

We’re obsessed with putting our eyes on islamofacists, islafists, salafists, and, well, you know, just muslims, but is this where the real threat is coming from? Everybody: PANIC! ... more
By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
At Least Dubai Acknowledges Unconventional Beauty Kicks Tatted Man Out For "Black Magic" More Like He was Too Sexy!

-But Berlin DJ predictably denied into Lebanon for Israeli stamp

You know what, I'm glad the Middle Eastern Gulf region is taking into account all kinds of sexy when it comes to deporting men. Because the most recent deportee is a 55-year old German man, Rolf Buccholz, internationally known for holding the Guinness World Record in having the most body piercings. Buchholz flew to Dubai to party it up at Circ... more
By Adrian
Lofoten in All Its Glory My Summer Vacation in the North of Norway
Norwegians are the masters of understatement. When something is gargantuan, they'll say 'It's a bit big' and when something's breathtakingly beautiful, they'll say 'It's nice.' If a friend made a $10 million profit on a business deal, they'd claim he made 'a bit of money.' I still don't understand whether it's humor or specific cultural brain wir... more
By Adrian
Jørgen & Matias Interviewed On Norwegian Extreme Sports Channel About Beirut Rooftop Workout Vids
Looks like Fatstone.TV, Norway's first Extreme Sports TV Channel, was in need of hilarious ways to work out so they featured our very own Matias and Jorgen and their Beirut Rooftop Workout Workshop videos on their website! Fatstone.TV ... more
By 2famousTV
Hot Lebanese Model-Rapper: "It is about to be a great year!" Have We Found Our Summer Hit?
While Gaza is under attack and God only knows what is going down in Syria, Lebanese Rapper Kiki C released her single "The Mediterranean," in which she raps "It's about to be a great year!" Cleverly enough Kiki C, the rapper who sounds like Ke$ha but still looks like an Arab porn popstar, avoids ment... more
By @mrmatias
Admiral P, Store P or ONKLP? Who is the Original P in Norwegian Music?

An ivestegatory video report about who is the Original P of Norwegian Music!

Since moving back to Norway after 4 years in Lebanon, a lot has happened on the music front. Before I had only heard about one P in Norwegian music and that was ONKLP. Nowadays we also have Admiral P and Store P (there is actually a guy called Tande P too but he has gone missing), so it is bit complicated to find out who is the Original P. We made... more
By @mrmatias
An Imaginary Interview With Bleachers! After an Intimate Concert at a Huge Festival in Norway

-I was the only dancer and they noticed

.viddid_thumb { overflow: hidden; } It All Started With Lena Dunham In March my sister, Margaux, sent me a Youtube video with a perfectly succi... more
By Adrian
In-Depth With Example On Making Positive Music The Branding of EDM & His New Album

– Full-length interview with the producer of this summer’s biggest hits.
– BONUS VIDEO! Crowd Cam from Example’s performance at Hove!!!

Today marks the UK release of Live Life Living, the fifth album of Brit musician Example. Sure we had never heard of him before despite his whopping 2 million followers on Twitter and 25 million listens on Spotify, but Example already knows that. “In Norway people know my songs more than my name, when I tell them I’m Ex... more
By 2famousTV

– Catch the show tonight so he doesn’t have to

“We'll be stage diving and shit, so hopefully I won't break my knee or neck, I don't want to die. Ok, If I could choose to die I'd rather die on stage then somewhere else...” Rapper Arif told 2famous.TV, as we discussed being a local superstar, what festivals like HOVE mean to Norwegian artists and what we should expect from his show tonight. ... more
By 2famousTV
Highlight from Hove, Bastille crowd camera video

– The kids went mental!

Some of the artists at the Hove festival OWNED the audience, and Bastille was definitely one of the highlights. With complete crowd control they moved thousands of Norwegian teenagers to synchronized madness. It was one of those experiences that will live for ever on hundreds of Instagram accounts. (Most of the kids here says that they don't re... more
By 2famousTV
Norwegian Festival Fashion: Box-Fresh Look Even While Camping

Take a look at the festival fashion at Hove!

As a recent immigrant to Oslo I can't help but notice the strong Norwegian sense of style. Everyone walks around as if just getting off a Banana Republic-meets-Free People photo shoot, rocking box-fresh threads and highly styled looks. Being one of the world's richest countries influences how people dress and they definitely dress like they are ric... more
By Adrian

HOVE goes hardcore when L.A. rapper hits the stage

Earl Sweatshirt, who hails from my hometown adjacent city of Los Angeles (well, as you'll see in the video, even if L.A. is the easiest point of reference on the international scene, if you grew up in the 'burbs, never tell people who are actually from L.A. that you're from there, because they will call your Orange County ass out so fast), shook th... more
By 2famousTV
As the 2famous crew sat on the beach, contemplating life and looking out onto the horizon, distant tribal beats were calling our names. We had to get to where ever that music was coming from. The 20-minute journey from the beach to the stage was playing was dramatic...we were walking fast in fear that ... more
By 2famousTV
Still got it: Being famous at HOVE
Being down with the kids When the 2famous.TV crew rolled up in our red Mercedes at this beautiful island in the south of Norway, we pretty much felt like stars. I mean, festivals are usually the place where we can show (and prove to ourselves) that we still got it; that we’re still down with the kids, despite the fact that most of our cr... more
By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
Horny Dudes, Awkward Dancers, and Huge Headliners The HOVE Festival Has it All!
We’ve made it our mission to see what party people around the world are up to at music festivals -- from Lebanon to Nepal, but it has taken 2famous.TV until now to see how Norwegian youth party their summers away. On days 1 and 2 of the 5-day fest we've run into extremely horny boys, pretty awkward dancers, and fans feverishly awaiting big head... more
By 2famousTV
I'm Taking Makeup To The Hospital When I Deliver- But Please Don't Judge Me!
Having a baby is rough, like rougher than that one time in college you got so drunk you passed out in a hallway at a stranger's house and woke up with dried barf on yourself rough. Imagine that. Imagine squeezing a watermelon out of a lemon-sized opening, then let's talk. I'm not one for frivolity when I need to Get.Shit.Done. and makeup usually d... more
By Meghan O.
Norway: The Spoiled Brat of the World?

Whats the point of being the richest country in the world when we are behaving as spoiled brats?

With all the problems the world faces you would think such a a country as rich as Norway would do its part in helping out. Think again. Here is an article written by, Jo Skårderud translated to English, that tells you why. The sp... more
By Contributor
Becoming European: I Love the World Cup!

-But Team USA is the best

I have been living in Norway for about four months now and it dawned on me that while I am very distinctly American over here, slowly but surely I am growing more into a European. Not EU European, Norway’s not part of the EU, I guess more like European Economic Area (EEA) European. I watched every performance of this year's Eurovision and regu... more
By Adrian
Norway's Most Scandalous Cheese: The Facts, Myths, and Controversies of Brunost
What Is Brown Cheese? “I just thought the Norwegians packaged peanut butter in a different way, you know, instead of spooning it out of a jar they served it in a block that you slice with a cheese cutter. It still tasted like peanut butter and I ate it on bread with jelly but I didn’t find out it wasn’t even peanut butter un... more
By Adrian
AZIZA: YA MAZAG Watch The New Music Video From Beirut's Pop Princess

Featuring Beirut’s Motorcycle Gang, The Aref Naja Crew!

Last August, when Lebanese popstar Aziza was a guest on the 2famous.TV radio show, she announced that she was recording a new album. We waited in anticipation and the time has finally come! Watch her video featuring the bad-ass motorcycle gang of Beirut,... more
By Layal
Top 10 Weirdest Things That Occurred While Gestating (So Far)
How fast does time fly when I'm reading a stinking urine-soaked plastic device that tells me I've got one in the oven to 7 weeks till blast off?? I don't know and it's scary as fuck and confusing as fuck and people are freaking me out because they keep asking who's coming to help us when she's born. Resounding answer: NO ONE REALLY. I can't be wor... more
By Meghan O.
When Ailin Kissed Lars A Documentary about Kindergarteners in Love

Does this tiny love story reveal the true nature of men and women in relationships?

[SPOILER ALERT: watch video first!] Norway’s most popular publication, VG, published a short documentary featuring the tumultuous tale of kindergarteners in love. At the most basic level it’s super cute, but th... more
By Layal
Adonis: The Band That Went From Virtual Fame to Success IRL

Interview, performance, and full podcast with Adonis & Restless Leg Syndrome
Tune in LIVE every Friday!

May 2nd, 2014, Radio Beirut, in Beirut (yes). We hosted Austrian DJ trio Restless Leg Syndrome and Adonis on our radio show. RLS gave us sneak peeks of their "flipped" tracks which were performed live the next day at Radio Beirut, then Adonis performed an extensive set and we got to know them more in depth. ... more
By Christine Silly Goon
Thousands of Norwegians Almost Froze to Death After Accepting Hazardous Facebook Challenge Am I Next?

– How to get your blood pumping in the richest country in the world!

For the past few weeks, my Facebook feed has been flooded with videos of people from the North of Norway throwing themselves into super cold ice water. The viral Facebook challenge to "Film yourself while you jump into the freezing water and challenge your friends to do the same" exploded causing thousands of people from the north of Norway to l... more
By @mrmatias
Sick and Tired of Lebanon? But Can't Get a Visa Anywhere Cool? This Could be The Solution For You!
Sick and tired of Lebanon - But can't get a visa? This could be the solution for you! If it's because of the slow internet, the lack of possibilities, the Syrian spillover or the never ending increasing danger of sectarian violence that makes you want to leave Lebanon, this alternative could be YOUR chance to get out of Lebanon and get a “fresh... more
By @mrmatias
OMG I Miss Lebanon Beach Party Season Is Starting And I'm Not There!

And it’s not only because of these hot dudes…

It’s official. 4 of the 2famous.TV crew are now permanently settled in Norway just in time for sweater weather and midnight sun (meh). We were not missing Beirut too much when the MOST DISASTR... more
By Adrian
EXPENSIVE SHIT Get rich on poop in Norway

– No work visa required

If you live in a shithole, you should come to Norway and join the shitfest! There is a loophole in the strict Norwegian job market, and that loophole can be found right between a grizzlys genitals and it’s tale (also known as its butthole). Thanks to the low population and the large oil reserves Norway may be the richest country in th... more
By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
Beach Culture for Snow People In Norway a Day of "Fun" in the Sun

-And yes, it includes scantily clad Scandis in the snow

Simply said, people don’t love Norway because it’s cold most of the year and sparsely populated. They love it because of its vast wealth, successful social system, and stunning natural beauty. While I had yet to witness the latter three since I moved here, last weekend I roadtripped with Fatstone.TV to cover the X2 Extreme Sports Festival in Vo... more
By Adrian
Leila for Syria A (Brief) Interview with the Band's Frontman HAMED SINNO

Watch them in concert this Saturday
…and don’t forget your life jacket!

Ich was going to become famous by solving a world problem! But which one? Clooney's got Darfur, Sting's got the Amazon, and Bono's got AIDS! Luckily, there was still one shithole left to fix: the Middle Earth. - Brüno You know you're a superstar when you're asked to publicize world issues like the war in Syria. Angelina Jolie rec... more
By Layal
Norwegian Culture Shock! Don't Drink if You're Going Drinking

-I have to prove myself every time I go out to a bar here

Heading out to the bar on a Friday night in Oslo? Plan on doing a pub-crawl with your friends? Or just hitting up one or two drinking destinations after a group hangout? Well you better be damned sober if you want to do any of that. Or you better feign soberness as best as you can. And never ever bring up your Beirut days. In Oslo where any beer no... more
By Adrian
#lebaneseselfie Watch the Satirical Music Video Featuring Olga Habre
2famous'ers might recognize Olga Habre's voice from Adrian and Layal's Radio Show! OK, fine, you might actually recognize her voice because she is the co-host of one of the most listened to morning radio shows in Lebanon, but her star shone brightest on our r... more
By Layal
Electronic Music Taking Lebanon By Storm! Brand New Etyen EP Release & Loopstache Music Video

-Interviews with the artists and what’s next for the music!

This week saw two wildly-anticipated releases in the Lebanese electronic music scene. Producer and songwriter Etyen launched the EP "Happy New Year" and Beirut's favorite indie-pop electro duo ... more
By Adrian
Interviews w/ Winner of TOB's Blog Award, Anthony Rahayel Founder of HELM the LGBT Org, Georges Azzi And Mo Juzu, Creator of The Next Big Thing!

Men in Power! Radio for Feb 7th and introducing brand new cohost, Jade!

New host, Jade NZ, makes her on-air debut with Paul! Paul asks Anthony Rahayel from No Garlic No Oni... more
By Christine Silly Goon
The Torch Has Been Passed! Radio Jan 31 w/ November, DJ Racing Devil, Up and Coming Teenage Duo!
A couple of days before, our lovebirds Matias and Adrian left Beirut for Oslo and they passed the torch to a few of us to carry on the radio show. I was hosting that day along with Paul Gadala and Adrian The Man and we had to reach out to artists super last minute! ... more
By Christine Silly Goon
Why So Proud? Lebanese Commentary on a Shocking Video from Beirut

-How do the Lebanese react to incoming refugees from Syria vs. Ukraine?

Over the weekend I had the privilege of meeting a Syrian refugee staying at the brand new Hostel Beirut before he leaves to Paris on a university scholarship this Wednesday. I asked him if he had any concerns about travelling for the first time or moving to a non-English or Arabic speaking country. His response was “I don’t mean to be offensi... more
By Contributor
Something's Cooking in Beirut Chef Salve Astano of Le Sushi Bar Pt. 3 Special Foie Gras Maki!
SCIB's 3rd episode with Chef Salve Astano showcases fusion cuisine at its finest. Here, the head sushi chef of Le Sushi Bar prepares a foie gras tempura maki roll combining a luxurious French delicacy with traditional Japanese maki-making. ... more
By Adrian
Can You Make It? Redbull Challenges Students to Make it to Berlin With No Money

Were they inspired by 2famous’ Matias Nordahl Carlsen?

When I first met Matias, one of the founders of 2famous.TV, I learned that he used to make documentaries of himself hitchhiking across the world. It sounded awesome until I realized he was traveling without a krone, or dollar, in his pocket! Then I thought he was nuts! See, here's a clip of Matias' documentary Cape to Cape, where he hitchhiked fro... more
By Layal
Pregnancy Week 21 Feeling Better And Lubing Up
I'm SO happy to report that almost all of the misery of the first trimester has finally fallen behind me. My energy is back and with no nausea, I'm feeling myself again....just pregnant-er. It's a girl! She's really teeny and moves a lot and likes to kick me which I hope is not a sign that she's goi... more
By Meghan O.
An American in Oslo: Some Facts and Observations After One Month

-$40 for a takeaway pizza, um ok!?

Once again I’m an expat and this time I’m living in one of the most northern, well-organized, and richest countries on the globe: Norway. My earliest memory of Norway’s existence is from my 6th grade Geography class with Mrs. Lockard. She quizzed us on the world’s capitals and the one that stuck out in my mind was Oslo because it just had s... more
By Adrian
Something's Cooking in Beirut Pt. 2 Flamed Salmon Shrimp Tempura Maki W/ Salve Astano of Le Sushi Bar
Episode 2 of the 4-part sushi series at Le Sushi Bar revolves around Chef Salve's skills with a flame thrower! To make the salmon and shrimp tempura maki, Chef Salve flame fires ... more
By Adrian
Something's Cooking in Beirut W/ Salve Astano of Le Sushi Bar

4-part video series on how to make LSB’s most delicious sushi rolls!

In my search for the best chefs in Lebanon, I rarely came across women -- not to say there aren't many great female chefs, but rather, they are scarce in professional kitchens. It was a breath of fresh air to discover Salve Astano, the Head Sushi Chef at Le Sushi Bar in Achrafieh. Previousl... more
By Adrian
Beirut Art in Oslo

-A Norwegian’s art exhibit from her time in Beirut; A Lebanese artist & Kurdish artist.

Back in Beirut I met an artist friend of Matias' from Norway who has been visiting Lebanon since 2008: Mari Meen Halsøy. At the time I didn't know what kind of art she did, and I still wouldn't know until I moved here. But first I found out how awesome she is! I learned a lesson carrying a lot of the Lebanese bounty I had just acquired selling m... more
By Adrian
What Happened When Strangers Saw A Freezing Boy Alone in The Cold And What Does it Have To Do With Syria?
Who doesn't need a sweet sweet morning cry every once in a while right? The Norwegians have a great ability of making awesome campaign videos whether they make you weep or ache with laughter, they're on to something! Yesterday a video circulated of a young boy in Oslo sitt... more
By Adrian
1 K Migrant Workers DEAD Building the Qatar World Cup! How Important Is Football?

The Qatari Government says this is normal…?

The Guardian reported a few days ago that 500 Indian workers have died while building the World Cup stadium in set for 2022 in Qatar. A few weeks ago they reported that more than ... more
By @mrmatias
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